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For Lisa-nee! Card Story - Episode

Bravely Watching Over


Hazawa Coffee
Rinko: Phew... Now... where is Ako-chan?
Ako: Ah, Rin-rin~! Over here! I saved a seat for you~.
Rinko: Thanks, Ako-chan... You must've been waiting long... I'm sorry...
Ako: Not at all. I just got here, too. You came at the perfect time!
Ako: Wowie~. Is that whole bag filled with books?! Incredible! That's so very you, Rin-rin.
Ako: So, what kind did you bring?
Rinko: These here are... biographies of musicians... artists... and poets... I tried to gather a bunch of famous ones...
Ako: Awesome~! What about these?
Rinko: They're... art books, I guess... And this is-
Ako: Oh~! The NFO art book! This is great!
Rinko: Yes... The world-building in NFO is impressive... I was thinking that looking at the art... might spur some creativity.
Rinko: What about you, Ako-chan...? What kind did you bring?
Ako: Fufufu. My recommendations are... Ta-da! Books about myths and black magic that exist in different cultures. I use these all the time to come up with cool lines and phrases~.
Ako: But anyway, why are you suddenly doing all of this, Rin-rin? You haven't told me anything except to bring some books that might spark ideas.
Rinko: That's right... Sorry about that... But, to be honest... I'm not too sure myself.
Rinko: Imai-san asked me to... lend or recommend her some books that spark creativity...
Rinko: I... have many books I could lend her... but the problem is I have too many and couldn't pick which ones... That's why I wanted your help.
Ako: Lisa-nee asked you...? It does seem like she's been struggling with something lately.
Rinko: So you think so too... Ako-chan...
Rinko: I didn't get all the details... but from what I could gather... she's working on something new. Something that... will be a step forward for her...
Rinko: By lending her these books... I'm hoping it'll convey the message that we're here... supporting her...
Ako: Yeah, absolutely! I feel the exact same way!
Ako: Alrighty, then! We have to pick carefully for Lisa-nee! Hopefully, it'll lift her spirits~!
Rinko: Fufu... Yes. Let's do that, Ako-chan.

A Few Minutes Later
Ako: Uh-huh... Whoa... Hey, Rin-rin! These books you brought are so fascinating!
Rinko: A-Ako-chan... If you start reading them... we're never going to have enough time to choose...
Ako: Oh! Sorry... They're just so interesting I got really into them!
Rinko: Hmm, were you reading the... musician biographies?
Ako: Yup. Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart and stuff. I've only heard of those names from music class, but their lives are so impressive.
Ako: All the famous musicians went through so much. Yet they were able to compose hundreds of songs! That's crazy...
Rinko: That must prove how devoted they are to music... When you love something... you work hard on it even if it's difficult...
Ako: Work hard even if it's difficult, huh...?
Ako: I really hope Lisa-nee can get back to being her perky self again soon.
Rinko: Ako-chan...
Ako: I wonder what she's been struggling with. If only she'd talk to me about it, maybe I could help.
Rinko: Right. But I think Imai-san... wants to overcome this on her own...
Rinko: She's keeping her thoughts from us... not because she doesn't trust us...
Rinko: But... especially because she has faith in us. That's why... she's putting forth so much effort on her own...
Rinko: So, we need to return the favor and trust in her... I know she'll be able to find the answer on her own... We just need to be here to support her...!
Ako: Ohhh... I know what you're trying to say, Rin-rin, but is there really nothing I can do to help?
Ako: Oh! I know! What do you think of writing letters and sandwiching them into the books?
Ako: That way, when Lisa-nee reads them, she'll find the letters and feel encouraged!
Rinko: ... Ako-chan... That's a wonderful idea...! I'm sure Imai-san... will be delighted...
Ako: Right~? That settles it! Once we've decided on the books, let's head to the shopping mall!
Ako: This'll be so much fun~. I know just the place to get awesome message cards to use! It's a stationary store I came across the other day.
Ako: Within the ruins of the building dwells the dark... letter set...? Anyway, let's go with that!
Rinko: Ako-chan... We still need to... decide on the books.
Ako: Oh, that's right... Ehehe, sorry. Very well! Let's find the best ones!

For Lisa-nee! Card Story - Special Episode

The Best Performance!


Ako: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~.
Ako: Listen to this! We'll be competing in a contest that doubles as an audition to a festival!
Ako: That's right, Future World Fes! Lisa-nee sent in our application the other day~.
Ako: All of us in Roselia have had our hearts set on being a part of it. Now, I'm super excited because it feels like it's within our grasp!
Ako: It's almost as if... the gods have finally shone a light on the Demon Lord's castle, which had been sealed away by a veil of darkness... Uhm, yeah, something like that!
Ako: I was a little worried that we weren't going to compete this year. I mean, for a while there, Yukina-san hadn't mentioned anything about the contest at all.
Ako: But then she said that it was so obvious we'd enter, she didn't think she needed to say anything.
Ako: I was so relieved to hear her say that~.
Ako: And I wasn't the only one wondering about it. Lisa-nee was too. We're talking about Lisa-nee, here! The one who knows Yukina-san the most!
Ako: I wonder if that's why Lisa-nee seemed like she had a lot on her mind and was kinda down.
Ako: But everything's fine now! She's revived and her health bar is back to full!
Ako: And the thing is, she even wrote us lyrics to a new song~. I have to tell you, the song is super duper cool!
Ako: I mean, Yukina-san writes cool lyrics too, of course, but these lyrics that Lisa-nee wrote... are just different!
Ako: How do I put it? ... They're cool, but with a side of warm and sweet!
Ako: And somehow the lyrics have a sense of nostalgia, maybe?
Ako: Anyway, the point is that I love it so much!
Ako: I love all of Roselia's songs, but this one is special!
Ako: It almost feels like Lisa-nee turned into a song! There's no way I wouldn't love it!
Ako: I absolutely can't wait to perform it live~!
Ako: It's full of this new kind of Roselia charm! The audience is going to be blown away!
Ako: Fufu~. From the look on your face, you can't wait to hear this song either, BanG Dreamer-san.
Ako: But no can do!
Ako: No~, I'm not trying to be mean. I, of all people, want everyone to hear it as soon as possible!
Ako: But we only just polished off the song. It's still too early to be showing it to anyone. We have to practice it much more so that we can bring everyone the best performance!
Ako: I mean, Lisa-nee pushed herself hard to write these lyrics! All of us want to perform it as perfectly as possible for her!
Ako: We're making a lot of progress with it...It probably won't be long before we can show it to others... I think...
Ako: Don't worry! When the time comes I'll let you know! You gotta listen to it! I wanna hear all your thoughts!
Ako: Mhm, it's a promise! Alrighty, I'm gonna give it my all during practice today~.
Ako: Bye, BanG Dreamer-san! You better stay excited about the song~.