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For My Sister Card Story - Episode

New-Year Board-Game Tourney!


Udagawa Residence

Ako: Okay, Sis's group is already hooked on that board game over there, so let's play this one!
Ran: I've never played before. Is it like Snakes and Ladders?
Arisa: Yeah, we all choose a profession, and then we spin the wheel to decide how many spaces we move each turn, right?
Ako: Pretty much. It's a race to see who is the luckiest before reaching the goal!
Sayo: The luckiest? How do we determine that?
Kanon: Ah, there are numbers written on each square.
Sayo: I see. So you add together the numbers of the spaces that you stop at.
Ako: Bingo, Sayo-san! Add up all the numbers from the spaces you land on, and the one with the highest total is the 'luckiest'. Oh, but trying to reach the goal first is still important, so watch out!
Ako: First, let's decide our jobs~! I'll go first! Give the wheel a spin, and... Okay, I got... blue six!
Sayo: Blue six is... a professional sports player. Okay, I will go next...
Sayo: It looks like I am a farmer. I wonder what kind of crops I grow.
Arisa: You seem pretty into this, Sayo-senpai...
Sayo: I don't intend to hold back.
Arisa: Oh, it's my turn. Let's see~... Urgh... A slacker?! Why am I stuck starting out at the bottom?!
Ran: Hmmm, looks like I'm a ninja.
Ako: Oh, that's so cool, Ran-chan~! Tear through the darkness with grace and beauty... and, you know, wham bam!
Kanon: I guess that just leaves me. Here goes... Um, red one, I think?
Ako: Wow, you're the grand sorceress of evil! I always try for that one but never get it~.
Arisa: Hold up, these aren't jobs from any planet I know...
Kanon: Wh-what does a sorceress do, anyway...?
Arisa: Alright, let's get started. Um, I got a five, so... Oh, "Promoted to Part-Time Manager". But it's just a fifty-yen raise~...
Ran: Nice one.
Arisa: Not all that exciting, is it? I hope I get something nicer down the road~.
Ako: Um, I move forward three spaces, and... Wow, a new record for the hundred-meter sprint! "Move Forward Another Three Spaces"~! Yay~!
Sayo: I will need to catch up before falling too far behind. Okay, time to give the wheel a spin...!
Ran: That's a one.
Sayo: "Apply Fertilizer to Crops..."
Arisa: Welcome to the Loser's Club...
Kanon: Ah, I got a one too~. Um, "Recharge Your Magic: Lose One Turn" What~?
Sayo: The differences in abilities and realism make for a rather interesting game.
Ako: Sayo-san, you're up next~.
Sayo: Very well... Four. Oh?
Ako: Wow! "Selective Breeding: Huge Success"! Great job, Sayo-san!
Ran: She leaves her mark even when playing a game...
Arisa: That means it's my turn again. Not that I'm expecting much... Move forward three spaces, and... Huh?!
Ako: What is it?! Arisa!
Arisa: I-it says I won the lottery... and that I... became an overnight celebrity...
Ako: Oh! Going from rags to riches is as lucky as it gets!
Ran: Look at all those luck points she's getting.
Sayo: This is not good. Ichigaya-san is on her way to gaining a tremendous lead.
Arisa: Yesss! All I need to do now is reach the goal, and I'll be first place for sure!
Kanon: Ah... Sorry, everyone...
Ako: Hm? What's wrong?
Kanon: Mine says: "Unleash Your Magic: Opponents Only Move 1 Space"...
Arisa & Ako: What~?!
Arisa: The world is an unforgiving place~...
Ako: Huh? Wait, where is Ran-chan's character? Have you not been moving much?
Ran: I'm right here. I found the hidden Tokugawa treasure and built a castle.
Sayo: Well, Mitake-san is a ninja, after all...
Kanon: I wonder if Ran-chan getting her own castle means she can become a shogun...
Arisa: Whoa, get a load of those points... This is going to be close!
Ako: I'd better step up my game too!
Arisa: Phew~! Finally reached the goal~! I guess I'm the last one... but my luck points should pull me through!
Sayo: When valuing luck points and goal order together, Ichigaya-san seems to be in second place.
Arisa: Huh?! Who got first, then...?
Ako: That's me~!
Arisa: Huh~?! Ako-chan?! But why?
Ran: I may have found that treasure, but it wasn't even close to you winning the lottery...
Ako: Let's see. I was the coach's top pick, then I got to practice with my rival player~. Each space wasn't worth much on its own, but when you add them all up, I really hit it big!
Arisa: You know, that does sound pretty realistic... Maybe this game is deeper than I thought.
Ako: Hey, hey! Let's play again! And this time, I want to be the evil sorceress!
Ran: Sure, I don't see why not. But I'm going to win this one.
Ako: You don't have a chance~! Okay, you spin the wheel first, Ran-chan~!

For My Sister Card Story - Special Episode

Dream to Reality


CiRCLE - Lobby

Ako: Next reservation, please~!
Marina: Good job, Ako-chan! Another day of working toward Future World Fes.
Ako: You bet~! We are aiming for the top, you know!
Marina: You have a lot of reservations lined up, though. Don't overdo it, okay?
Ako: Hey, no sweat! I'm all rested up from New Year's!
Ako: Ah, that reminds me! So, did either of you have your first dream of the year yet? Mine was really awesome!
Marina: Oh, I didn't know you were interested in New Year's dreams~. As for me, mine was about eating mandarins.
Ako: Mandarins! They taste even better in dreams, for some reason. But yeah, mine was super awesome too! So like, there was this rockin' celebration, and... um, it was ultra cool and stuff!
Marina: Fufufu, I bet it was a very exciting celebration, if that description is anything to go by.
Ako: Yep! And the best part is that it came true! That 'celebration' turned out to be Sis's taiko performance! Isn't that just the best?!
Marina: Huh? Your dream came true? That does sound nice! Maybe it's a sign of good fortune or something.
Ako: Hehehe, good fortune. I sure hope so~.
Ako: At first, I was so sure that it was a sign of Future World Fes going well!
Ako: I mean, Sayo-san said she also had a dream where she climbed up a mountain and saw a bunch of people cheering for her.
Marina: Yeah, I can see how both of you having those kinds of dreams would make you think that.
Ako: I know, right? So I was a little disappointed at first when I realized that wasn't the case, but then I was happy it was about the taiko show!
Ako: Because yeah, I had been hoping that the performance would go well. That, and Future World Fes isn't something made from just dreams!
Ako: No, you can't rely on wishes, only lots of hard work...! Well, that's what Sayo-san said, anyway. Hehehe...
Marina: Fufu, I see. Roselia has certainly been working hard and aiming for Future World Fes this entire time.
Ako: Uh-huh! Even if we don't get any kind of good fortune, it won't stop us from playing our hearts out!
Marina: Fufu, that's what Roselia is all about! And why it's worth cheering you guys on... Ahem...
Ako: Hm? Are you okay, Marina-san? Here, have one of my cough drops. You too, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Ah, sorry about that. Thanks. Ako-chan. You and the others should take care as well!
Ako: Thanks, we will! See you later!
Marina: Fufu... Huh?
Marina: Hey, BanG Dreamer-san. Look. This cough drop is mandarin flavored.