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For the Smiles! Card Story - Episode

How I Can Help



Hagumi: Thanks for waiting, Kaoru-kun!
Kaoru: Oh, but I didn't. I've only just arrived. What a great number of croquettes you have.
Hagumi: Ehehe. Well, we're gonna be working really hard today, so I thought I should bring a bunch for us to eat!
Hagumi: Hm? Where's Kano-chan-senpai and the others?
Kaoru: It would seem that Misaki and Kokoro are unable to make it today. Kanon mentioned running late.
Hagumi: ... Oh.
Kaoru: You're concerned about Misaki?
Hagumi: Just a little... She didn't look very happy...
Hagumi: But it's okay! I decided I would focus on doing everything I can for the show and the park! That's what I can do to help Mii-kun!
Kaoru: Fufu, a befitting and fantastic way of thinking, Hagumi. I shall lend you all of my strength!

Hanasakigawa Smile Land

Hagumi: So, where should we start?
Kaoru: I suppose... the merry-go-round would be a well-enough place to begin, would it not?
Hagumi: Okay, let's do that! If you look... you can see the paint peeling off of the horses...
Kaoru: Indeed. I feel as if they're conveying misery through their expressions...
Hagumi: You know, I rode this when I was a kid. And my dad took pictures for me too. It was so much fun!
Kaoru: Fufu, a glorious memory, I'm sure. Now then, let us revive the merry-go-round of your childhood!
Hagumi: Yeah. We can start by painting the horseys! 'Kay, this little guy is gonna be white, and this one is gonna be pink!
Kaoru: Ahh... A magnificent choice. Take a look. The glimmer in their eyes is making its return.
Hagumi: It is?! Oh, I know. I bet the ride will be even funnier if there are horseys of a bunch of different colors! We'll make this one blue... And this one'll be gold~!
Kaoru: A rainbow of stallions and mares rotating in unison... Undoubtedly, a fleeting sight to behold.
Hagumi: Here we go~, time for some serious painting~!

Hagumi: All done!
Kaoru: A job exceptionally done...! It is as if the horses could take off at any moment...!
Hagumi: The white horse you painted last is very pretty, Kaoru-kun!
Kaoru: What an honor it is to receive such a compliment. Well? Is it reminiscent of the merry-go-round of your memories?
Hagumi: Yep! It looks fun! But I think people would enjoy it even more if we drew more pictures and decorated!
Kaoru: Certainly... While they are marvelous without the decorations, I feel they can only become more fleeting with them.
Hagumi: Ehehe, I wonder what the others would choose. I know Kokoron would draw something out of this world!
Kaoru: Yes, for she is so free-spirited, the possibilities goes beyond what my imagination is capable of. It will surely be a design we cannot even fathom.
Hagumi: And I think Kano-chan-senpai would go with something easygoing like a jellyfish!
Kaoru: And what manner of fleetingness would Misaki and Michelle come up with? I wonder.
Hagumi: Ahaha! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!
Hagumi: Okay, what should we paint next?!
Kaoru: Oh? Are our merry-go-round-painting duties done for the day?
Hagumi: Mhm, 'cause I wanna do the rest when everyone else is here!
Hagumi: Kokoron, Mii-kun, Michelle, Kano-chan-senpai, you and I, all working as a team to decorate the horseys!
Hagumi: We'll be able to make it an even better merry-go-round that way!
Hagumi: Maybe making a really fun ride will even get Mii-kun to smile.
Kaoru: Fufu, indeed. It can only result in the most wonderful of smiles.
Hagumi: Hey, and when we're all done, we should have a croquette party with them! I'll bring another batch like today's!
Kaoru: A thrilling prospect. Now I, too, cannot wait for the completion of this job.
Hagumi: Ehehe, just thinking about everyone has me even more fired up!
Kaoru: A greater enthusiasm than before? The flames of passion within you know no limit, it seems...!
Hagumi: Ehehe, we gotta paint the coffee cups next! C'mon, Kaoru-kun!

For the Smiles! Card Story - Special Episode

The Cycle of Joy Goes On


CiRCLE - Lobby

Hagumi: BanG Dreamer-san~, Marina-san~! Check this out~.
Marina: Hey there, Hagumi-chan! What are we checking out? Your phone?
Hagumi: Yep! Come, take a look!
Marina: Wow, what a fun-looking picture! Did you draw this at the amusement park?
Hagumi: Yeah! We drew a bunch of stuff on this big ol' wall as a group!
Marina: Fufu. Oh, okay. I had heard you all were helping out at Smile Land. I'm guessing this was part of that?
Hagumi: Mhm! And we did some repainting, some decorating, and last but not least, we had a parade during our concert!
Marina: A parade and a concert? Just hearing you talk about it makes it sound like a pretty good time.
Hagumi: You know, during the show, I could see a kid all the way in the back sitting on someone's shoulders!
Hagumi: That really surprised me because it reminded me of me when I was little!
Hagumi: I went to play at that amusement park when I was a kid too.
Hagumi: But when the parade started, I couldn't see anything, so I started crying.
Hagumi: Then my dad picked me up and put me on his shoulders. I remember everything being so sparkly and shiny. It was just so pretty~.
Hagumi: I wonder if that kid thought the same about our parade.
Marina: Fufu, I'm sure they did.
Hagumi: Ehehe, I hope so...
Hagumi: There were a lot of other children too. Ones that ran out of line because they were afraid to get on the roller coaster, ones that did way too much spinning on the coffee cups...!
Hagumi: Just seeing all of them made me really happy!
Marina: Interesting. Why's that?
Hagumi: It was like the amusement park I enjoyed as a kid had finally returned!
Marina: Fufu, I see. You're kinda making me wanna go too!
Hagumi: I am?! And you do too, BanG Dreamer-san?! Awesome~!
Hagumi: Alright, why don't we get everyone to come?! Kaa-kun, Saaya, you know, the whole gang!
Hagumi: marina
Hagumi: Yay~! 'Kay, I'm gonna go tell them then!
Hagumi: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, I'll be right back!