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Forest Filtered Sunlight Card Story - Episode

A Comforting Presence


Park - Handicrafts Event

Misaki: Sigh... It goes without saying, but man, is it crowded today.
Aya: Yeah. We'll never find Chisato-chan and Kanon-chan with all these people around~.
Misaki: Honestly, I get the feeling that they're not even here anymore.
Misaki: Let's rest for a minute.
Aya: Good idea. Kaoru-san doesn't seem like she'll be moving from there anytime soon.
Misaki: She's still being smothered in that swarm of swooning fans~. It'd be nice if she hurried up and gave us a hand...
Aya: Hahaha... You do have to commend her, though, politely responding to and speaking with each and every fan individually.
Aya: I feel like that's something I can really learn from.
Misaki: She certainly is something else, that's for sure...
Aya: By the way, Misaki-chan, didn't you originally plan on coming to this event today?
Misaki: Yeah, I like to make stuff from wool felt, and this event seems to be hosting a store related to that.
Misaki: Getting a glimpse of what other people are making seemed interesting.
Aya: Wool felt? That's neat~.
Aya: I want to see, too! Let's go check it out!
Misaki: You do? But...
Aya: We came all this way, didn't we?!
Misaki: You've got a point. Alright, there is one shop I had in mind. We can see what's going on there.

Misaki: Well, here's the spot I mentioned before.
Aya: How cute! There are so many different kinds of animals!
Misaki: The artist who makes these is very thorough in their work. I always use their homepage as a reference for my crafts...
Shopkeeper: Fufu, welcome. Please, take your time.
Misaki: Th-thank you very much...!
Aya: Misaki-chan, check this one out! Isn't it precious?!
Misaki: You're right, it is. I'd love to be able to make something like this...
Shopkeeper: Have you found one that you like?
Aya: Yes! I think this dog one is very cute!
Shopkeeper: Dog? Uhm... that's actually a cat...
Aya: O-oh?! A cat?!
Aya: Y-yes, th-that one! The adorable cat! Haha... Ahaha...

Aya: ... Sorry, Misaki-chan. I think I soured the mood...
Misaki: Nah, it was an exceptionally dog-like cat, to be fair...
Aya: Aw, there I go again, mistaking cats for dogs...
Misaki: D-did I miss something, or...?
Aya: No, no. Something like this has happened before. That's all...
Aya: Ugh... I really want to fix these scatterbrained tendencies of mine...
Aya: I'm always turning to Chisato-chan for help, so I wanted to become a person that she could count on in return, but that'll never happen with the way I am now...
Misaki: (That... sounds like one big hurdle to clear...)
Aya: Is something wrong?
Misaki: N-nothing, haha... Good luck with that.
Misaki: But, you know, that's part of your charm, Aya-senpai. Or one of your strengths, rather.
Aya: How? It's a terrible trait to have~!
Misaki: But that's part of why you always work so hard, isn't it? And when others see that enthusiasm, it's easy to want to be there for you.
Misaki: For someone so put together like Shirasagi-senpai, having someone like you who's a little less compos-... Ah, what I mean is...!
Misaki: I think when there's a person around who needs to have an eye kept on, she can breathe a sigh of relief.
Aya: Y-you really think so...?
Misaki: Think about it. She's on good terms with Kanon-san. And when they're together, Shirasagi-senpai seems rather relaxed. That's how it looks to me, anyway.
Aya: I see. I'd be happy if that's how she felt when she's around me...
Aya: So, do you have someone like that in your life, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Hm? What exactly do you mean?
Aya: I thought that maybe your explanation just now came about because you also have a friend that puts you at ease... Or am I off base here?
Misaki: U-uhmmm..
Misaki: (Wait, do I feel less tense when I have those kinds of people around me...?)
Misaki: (The only people I know who are like that would be... the three dummies, right? In other words, a reality where those goofballs somehow calm me...?)
Misaki: N-nope! Not one bit! Nuh-uh!
Misaki: Life isn't boring when they're around... But it's not exactly tranquil, either. Nope.
Aya: M-Misaki-chan...?
Misaki: Er, I mean... Uhm... Haha, it's nothing...

Forest Filtered Sunlight Card Story - Special Episode

A Fun Detour


Station Entrance

Misaki: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san.
Misaki: Hey there. Do you have a day off today?
Misaki: Uhm, Kanon-san and I have plans to go to that new café that opened up two stations from here. This is where we agreed to meet up.
Misaki: The place only opened recently, but it's already rather popular. They have this special service where they make 3D latte art by request... BanG Dreamer-san, have you been there yet?
Misaki: ... In that case, I really recommend that you do. Their craft will blow you away, and don't get me started on how good the drinks are.
Misaki: Kanon-san actually already went with Shirasagi-senpai the other day.
Misaki: ...Or maybe I should say they somehow got there after losing their way through a constant stream of crazy mishaps.
Misaki: Yeah, I was a bit worried about letting those two go by themselves, so I stayed out of sight and followed closely behind...
Misaki: Still... I think they really enjoyed all those detours they took.
Misaki: I guess the whole notion of taking a roundabout way itself is what they enjoyed.
Misaki: But it's not too hard to understand that feeling, is it?
Misaki: I think I somewhat get why they felt that way.
Misaki: Walking down a path you've never seen, a road you've never taken. It's refreshing in its own way...
Misaki: It's like, "Whoa, there was a lake here?" Discovering things like that gets you all hyped up and stuff.
Misaki: Kanon-san and Shirasagi-senpai were also having the same sort of fun, I imagine.
Misaki: Oh yeah, get this...
Misaki: Kanon-san was so ecstatic about being able to go with Shirasagi-senpai that she's been looking up a bunch of other cafés...
Misaki: It's not such a big deal when it's just two stations away, but... the magazine she had the other day had cafés from all over the metropolitan area...
Misaki: No way, that's absolutely out of the question.
Misaki: They had more than enough trouble just taking the train two stops out...
Misaki: Not to mention the fact that we would have to trail them wherever they go. Talk about rough.
Misaki: ... Huh? We can leave them to their own devices?
Misaki: Ah, that's true... They do enjoy getting lost together...
Misaki: But... It still makes me a little worried~.
Misaki: ... Hm? Wait, what time is it now? Kanon-san sure is late. I wonder if something happened...
Misaki: Hang on, I'm going to try calling her...
Misaki: ... Hello? Kanon-san? Where are you? ... The place with all the yellow flowers? Where in the world...?! Oh boy. Look, I'll head your way, so please, just stay there.
Misaki: As I thought, I had better stick to her like glue on her next outing... Alright, I suppose that's my cue to leave. Have a good one~.