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Forgetting Something Important Card Story - Episode

Let's Choose Souvenirs


Tomoe: Good thing we still have time to do some souvenir shopping.
Tsugumi: Yeah! And thanks for coming with me. Hmm... I wonder what I should get...
Tsugumi: Since I'm shopping for Eve-chan... Something cute would probably be best.
Tomoe: Yeah. How about something she can decorate her room with?
Tsugumi: Good idea. Hmm... Let's see... Uhh~...
Moca: Aw~, is that a no-go on this pufferfish figure I found~?
Tsugumi: I-I think we want something even cuter. Something that reminds you of Inoshima. Ah, what do you think of this?
Tomoe: An ocean-themed snow globe, huh...? That seems like something Eve would like. It's pretty, and it certainly is cute.
Moca: No way~, you can get something like that anywhere~. How about... this? Ta-da~.
Moca: Super simple, super easy~. It's even got Inoshima written on it.
Tomoe: A dragon keychain? It's... fierce, that's for sure.
Tsugumi: It does say Inoshima on it, but... do you really think Eve-chan would like something like this...?
Moca: Hmm~. Yeah, I think so~. Look at the font. It just screams, "Japan."
Tsugumi: Wh-what about these snacks?! Then she could share them with everyone in Pastel*Palettes...
Tomoe: That'd be nice. Everyone likes snacks. Maybe these cookies? They look delicious, and the wrappers have cute illustrations on them.
Moca: Hm~, it's just not boppin' enough... My keychain's way better~.
Tomoe: Hmm... I think the charming little trinkets and stuff would be perfect for Eve, but I also feel like we need something with a little more punch.
Tsugumi: Yeah, I want to pick something she'd really like.
Moca: I'm telling you, she'd love this keychain~. After all, she loves bushido, right~?
Tomoe: And what does that have to do with dragons...?
Tsugumi: I didn't think we'd have so much trouble finding a souvenir... Shopping for someone else is fun, but it certainly isn't easy.
Tsugumi: ... This beaded phone strap is cute, but you can get this anywhere.
Moca: Ah! This is perfect~!
Tomoe: Perfectly weird, no doubt...
Moca: What's that you say? Gaze upon its beauty~.
Tsugumi: A lantern...?
Moca: It has that Japan feel, and it has Inoshima written on it. Plus it looks like something a samurai would carry in one of those historical dramas. She could decorate her room with it too.
Tsugumi: Ahaha, I think she would love that! Maybe we should look for stuff like that.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan, what do you think...? Hm? Tomoe-chan?
Tomoe: I got this! If we're going in that direction, this is definitely the thing to get!
Moca: A wooden sword?
Tomoe: Eve likes bushido and samurai, right? Then this is the only way to go! Plus it has Inoshima carved into it, so she'll know it's a souvenir from here.
Moca: Wow~, Tomo-chin~. Nice choice~.
Tsugumi: Y-you think that will be okay? Eve-chan probably already has a wooden sword...
Moca: Yeah, but I bet she doesn't have one with Inoshima written on it. She can add it to her collection~.
Tomoe: I agree! She'll love it, no question about it!
Tsugumi: H-how about buying some snacks to go along with it?! Just getting her a wooden sword doesn't quite feel right...
Moca: But doesn't that make it seem like we couldn't decide~? It'd be better to go all in with one thing she really likes, wouldn't it?
Tomoe: I was thinking the same thing. Just trust us on this, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: O-okay...! I'll go buy it then!
Tomoe: Nice! I hope she likes it.
Moca: Me too~. I get the feeling she'll be jumping with joy~.

Forgetting Something Important Card Story - Special Episode

Relationship of Trust


Hazawa Coffee
Tsugumi: Welcome to Hazawa Coffee~. Ah, BanG Dreamer-san!
Tsugumi: Please, take a seat wherever you like. Things are usually slow around this time, so feel free to take your time.
Tsugumi: I actually really like this time of the day because I can spend more time with our customers.
Tsugumi: And I can talk with them for a bit, kind of like we're doing right now.
Tsugumi: Ah, that's right, there's something I'd been meaning to talk to you about!
Tsugumi: No! No need to brace yourself like that. I promise it's nothing serious.
Tsugumi: I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Inoshima with Afterglow.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan was looking through a photobook of Inoshima, so we started talking about it and decided we would go together.
Tsugumi: And while we were there, we went to the aquarium and saw the dolphin show!
Tsugumi: Have you ever been to one before, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tsugumi: I've loved them since I was a little kid! Anytime I go to an aquarium, I always make sure to see their dolphin show.
Tsugumi: Dolphins are just so cute! They can do all sorts of tricks, they're really smart... And it's adorable the way it looks like they're always smiling.
Tsugumi: I also like seeing the relationship between the dolphins and their trainer play out on stage.
Tsugumi: If they didn't trust one another, they'd never be able to entertain the crowd the way they do...
Tsugumi: Ah! When you think about it that way, the same thing is true for being part of a band, isn't it?
Tsugumi: Without trust, no matter how much you try to get in sync with each other, it'll always just sound like a bunch of random sounds playing at the same time...
Tsugumi: You know, you get this pleasant feeling when listening to music from a group of musicians who understand each other.
Tsugumi: We've all been friends since we were little, so I think we just naturally have a relationship of trust... And I would hope that when people listen to our music, they get that same pleasant feeling I mentioned.
Tsugumi: Oh yeah, do you know why I like dolphin shows? We went to one on a field trip in elementary school. Actually, I saw it with everyone in Afterglow too.
Tsugumi: ... Imagine being able to watch another show with the same friends after all those years. I'm so lucky.
Tsugumi: I hope we'll continue experiencing all sorts of things together, just like those dolphin shows...
Tsugumi: Yeah! And if we ever need anything from you to make sure that happens, I hope you'll be there for us!