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Four In The Cafeteria Card Story - Episode

Special Cookie


Lisa: Ta-da! Take a look at this, guys~!
Ako: Wow! Look at all those snacks~! Are these from your boss?
Lisa: Yeah~. It ended up being way busier than we thought, so he gave me all these as kind of an apology and a thank you♪ Take whatever you like~.
Ako: Yay~! There's so much to choose from~. Gum, candy, cookies... Oh, and there's potato chips too, and bite-size chocolates! This is such a hard choice~!
Yukina: I'm happy with whatever is left over. You can all choose what you like.
Ako: Woohoo! Okay, I'll go with the potato chips! I'm gonna eat them with my sis. What are you gonna choose, Rin-rin?
Rinko: I think I'll... choose these chocolates... I can eat them... without getting any on my hands... when I play games...
Ako: I know what you mean~. I always wanna munch on something when I'm coming up with a strategy~.
Rinko: Yes... they'll be nice... melted in hot milk too... What are you going to choose... Hikawa-san...?
Sayo: Hmm... Do you mind if I take two things, Imai-san?
Lisa: Go ahead~. Take as many as you like!
Sayo: In that case, I'll take the gum and the candy.
Ako: Oh, do you like gum, Sayo-san?
Sayo: No, I don't... My sister does...
Lisa: Ahaha, that'll make Hina really happy! What's left?
Sayo: There's still some cookies.
Lisa: Do you mind having the cookies, Yukina?
Yukina: If you don't want them...
Lisa: Yeah, I'm good. Okay, here!
Yukina: Thanks.
Yukina: (Instead of cookies from the shop, I'd rather...)
Lisa: Hm? What's the matter?
Yukina: ... Nothing.
Lisa: (She doesn't look very happy. I thought she'd like to have the cookies...)
Lisa: Actually, I'm kinda in the mood for cookies today. Do you mind if I have them, Yukina?
Yukina: Not at all. They were given to you in the first place.
Lisa: Thanks. If I made some cookies for our next practice session, would you eat them?
Yukina: ... If you bring them, yes.
Lisa: Okay, I guess I can take requests while I'm at it~. What kind do you want to eat? I usually make simple ones, so it might be fun to make something different~.
Yukina: What do you mean by... different?
Lisa: Well, I could do something with a tea flavor, or put chocolate in them. It might be fun to throw a total curve-ball and try green tea too~.
Ako: I have a request~! I want nuts in them-! So they're all crackly and crunchy!
Rinko: That sounds good...
Sayo: Udagawa-san, she was asking Minato-san, not you...
Lisa: Ahaha, I can take extra requests too~.
Yukina: I'll let you decide what you want to make.
Lisa: Really? Are you sure? I was getting ready to make anything you wanted...
Yukina: Anything's okay... I like everything you make.
Lisa: Yukina...
Lisa: (She likes everything... Aww, she's so cute... I'm gonna work extra hard on these ones ♪)
Lisa: Okay~! In that case, I'll make a bunch of different flavors. Get ready for the best cookies ever~!

Four In The Cafeteria Card Story - Special Episode

Yukina's Thoughts


Yukina: ...
Yukina: I wonder why I never realized... I thought I understood how Roselia worked.
Yukina: The band has always been held together by...
Yukina: BanG Dreamer-san! How long have you been standing there? ... Oh, the whole time.
Yukina: I was thinking about something and didn't notice you. I'm sorry.
Yukina: That doesn't sound like me? You're right. I suppose it doesn't.
Yukina: Which is why you're wondering what's on my mind? Something that has nothing to do with you...
Yukina: Actually, that's not true. You've helped us time and time again, after all.
Yukina: Would you mind listening for a moment?
Yukina: The other day when we had practice, Lisa had to leave to help out at her work.
Yukina: She was only gone for three hours, but in that time all sorts of things happened.
Yukina: Roselia's capability to perform is improving without a doubt, but I realized first-hand that we depend on Lisa for everything else...
Yukina: There are few things that made me realize this. One of them was that no one said we should take a break. This has never happened before.
Yukina: I never realized, but Lisa always has her eye on the band.
Yukina: Lisa would always be the one who suggests we take a break, but I never realized she did it whenever someone seemed like they were getting tired.
Yukina: No one spoke up about taking a break, and we ended up playing for two hours straight.
Yukina: After that, we went to the CiRCLE café. Ako ordered for everyone, but the coffee I got had no sugar in it.
Yukina: It's in no way Ako's fault, but it just made me think that if it was Lisa, she would've brought sugar as well.
Yukina: ... Lisa knows what to do before I even say it, and I think I've been taking that for granted.
Yukina: The other members of the band said that there were things that they depended on Lisa for as well.
Yukina: Even Sayo said so, which means it must be true.
Yukina: ... You were aware, weren't you? That Lisa keeps Roselia together.
Yukina: I only realized for the first time when she wasn't there.
Yukina: I am the closest person to her, yet I never realized...
Yukina: Even our conversations felt different, just with her not being there.
Yukina: Perhaps it's because of that, but we even had accidents that normally would never happen.
Yukina: My foot got caught up in a guitar cable, and I fell over.
Yukina: You can't imagine it? I'd prefer you didn't try to.
Yukina: Lisa would always be the first one to start packing up the instruments. Without her doing even just that, look what happens.
Yukina: In the end, Lisa came back and we packed everything up together. If she hadn't been there, things would have been even worse than they were.
Yukina: She really came back at just the right time.
Yukina: We're lucky to have her? Yes, we really are.
Yukina: You know the reason Lisa joined Roselia, don't you?
Yukina: In the beginning, I didn't plan on having her join the band. It happened when we did a session with Ako.
Yukina: It might have just been a coincidence that it worked out this way, but if Lisa hadn't become our bassist, Roselia wouldn't be what it is now.
Yukina: That's how big a role Lisa plays in the band. I can see this clearly now.
Yukina: The only thing I can do is sing... My voice is all I have.
Yukina: But Lisa is different. She naturally creates a mood in which it's easy for us to perform.
Yukina: She has a casual way of looking after and supporting everyone in the band... I think this is what Roselia needed.
Yukina: I used to think that the performance was everything and that we didn't need to become familiar with each other.
Yukina: But it's different now.
Yukina: I think Lisa has become more than just our bassist, but a pillar of emotional support.
Yukina: That's why I am glad that Lisa joined Roselia.
Yukina: Roselia will continue to grow, but it won't happen without Lisa.
Yukina: It's with Lisa's support that we can perform at our absolute best, after all.
Yukina: You think I should tell her that? ... I'd rather not.
Yukina: But I want to say it to her someday.
Yukina: Of course there's the things about Roselia, but...
Yukina: I want to thank her for always being there for me...
Yukina: Actually, forget you heard that last part. I didn't think I'd say that.
Yukina: Talking to you like this has made me understand what I feel.
Yukina: I should return to practice soon. Thanks for listening to me today.