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Fragrance of a Caffe Latte Card Story - Episode

The Spirit of the Actor?


On The Train

Kaoru & Aya: The express?!
Kaoru: ... I understand now. It would appear that Chisato and Kanon have boarded the wrong train.
Kaoru: My goodness, what a pair of careless kittens.
Misaki: You and Aya-senpai just hopped on board without even listening, you know...
Aya: I was so sure this was the one we needed to take...
Kaoru: Fret not, for this should be of no consequence. After all, this day's mission is to watch over our two charges.
Misaki: I get that, but... wouldn't it have been better if we weren't in the exact same car as them?
Kaoru: In that, we agree. I had originally assumed it was necessary in order to properly observe them, but we are now much closer than I anticipated...
Misaki: You can say that again. Kaoru-san, you stand out just being here...!
Aya: What should we do? They're right over there~.
Misaki: Oh jeez...! If they look over here, Kaoru-san will be spotted, for sure!
Kaoru: Pray forgive this allure of mine...
Kaoru: And yet, all is not lost. Beauty is not the only power at my disposal. Within yours truly is the ability to act as well...!
Misaki & Aya: Okay, so?
Kaoru: I will suppress this beautiful face of mine and deceive them with a skilled performance. The plan is but that.
Aya: Y-you can do that?
Kaoru: Without fail. I will simply camouflage myself using my unparalleled theatrical talent.
Kaoru: By cloaking myself in the role of a natural bystander, I will have no issue blending into the ordinary surroundings.
Misaki: Natural bystanders? Who might that be?
Kaoru: For example... Shall a train conductor suffice?
Aya: Great idea! Every train definitely has one...!
Misaki: They do, but this'll never work!
Kaoru: It won't? For what reason?
Misaki: Uhm, do I really need to explain why?
Aya: Oh no... The uniform! Your clothes are all wrong, Kaoru-san! A train conductor can't be in normal clothing!
Kaoru: ...! H-how utterly ignorant of me...!
Kaoru: As I am now, I simply cannot become a proper train conductor...!
Misaki: The problem is you would draw even more attention than you are now...
Kaoru: However, if disguising as a conductor is impossible, then so would be a train operator...
Kaoru: Whom on earth should I become...?!
Misaki: Wouldn't a normal high school student do just fine?
Kaoru: Huh?
Misaki: Kaoru-san, your... aura... stands out, to say the least. So why not become a regular girl and make it go away?
Kaoru: I see... A valid point. My theater guise should be adjusted to that of a high school student...
Misaki: Exactly.
Kaoru: Unfortunately, my character has spent her life separated from her older sister and has recently discovered the sibling's existence. Craving to reunite, the girl goes day by day, obsessed with...
Misaki: Time out. Is that sibling-separation theme necessary?
Aya: A-a bit excessive with the drama, I'd say...
Kaoru: Sculpting backgrounds is never futile. In fact, it is the true reward of acting, is it not?
Misaki: Is now really the time for unleashing your inner actress...?
Misaki: Anyway, thinking back on it, I don't think it's a big deal if we're found out.
Kaoru: Hm? Why might that be?
Misaki: They have no idea we're tailing them, so couldn't we just claim that us being here was a big coincidence?
Kaoru & Aya: Ah...!
Aya: When you put it that way, it seems obvious... I wonder why I didn't think of that.
Kaoru: Misaki, you truly are a gem. A bit late to admit, yes, but I had reached the same conclusion.
Misaki: Yeah, I don't believe that for a second.

Fragrance of a Caffe Latte Card Story - Special Episode

As an Old Friend


Shopping Mall

Kaoru: Well, if it isn't BanG Dreamer-san. How unexpected, meeting you in a locale such as this.
Kaoru: I am off for a bit of movie indulgence at the cinema. A film of a rather fleeting nature is currently showing...
Kaoru: The plot is one of a young girl, facing adversity head-on in pursuit of her dreams.
Kaoru: Relentlessly does every manner of disaster and calamity befall her, seeping forth from all around...!
Kaoru: Not a dry eye will remain as the audience witnesses her eventual triumph. So go the reviews.
Kaoru: What of you, BanG Dreamer-san? Returning home from a day of shopping, perhaps?
Kaoru: Oh, so you have instead chosen a café... Truly a fleeting method of enjoying one's time.
Kaoru: If we are to speak of cafés, a new one has sprouted two stations from here. All of my little kittens purr in euphoria when speaking of it.
Kaoru: Why yes, I have already been. Lusciously fleeting was my time spent there...!
Kaoru: Accompanying me were Kanon and Chisato, Misaki and Aya. It was a surprising composition of faces, looking back.
Kaoru: All manner of happenings visited us along the way, as Kanon and Chisato showed fleeting resolve and received protection from we remaining three.
Kaoru: ... Fufu. Brilliant expressions washed over their faces as they pressed forward in what appeared to be a daunting challenge for the two.
Kaoru: Much like the heroine from today's feature, it would not be farfetched to imagine they overcame their own special tribulation.
Kaoru: And if that were the case... then I, for one, am overjoyed with the smile Chisato wore.
Kaoru: ... It, without a doubt, resulted from her having been together with Kanon.
Kaoru: Chisato is an individual who steps into the realm of overexertion when applying herself... constantly excessive in her preparation for any trials that may lie ahead.
Kaoru: When she is with Kanon, Chisato's tension seems to fade away.
Kaoru: I believe it is a true blessing for her to have crossed paths with such a companion.
Kaoru: Spoken as a long-time friend of hers, that is. Fufu.
Kaoru: Alas, the film shall begin shortly. Let us speak more at length again soon.
Kaoru: I must be off, BanG Dreamer-san. Pray have a glorious day.