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Friendship Bands Card Story - Episode

To Remember Always


Ushigome Residence - Rimi's Room

Kasumi: This looks good... Ah, this pizza's got four kinds of cheese on it!
Rimi: Fufu, Kasumi-chan. You've been going over that menu for a while now.
Kasumi: I'm just so excited for them~! Oh, hey!
Kasumi: If we get a really nice pizza, we could use that to surprise O-Tae and Arisa, couldn't we?!
Saaya: Ahaha, we could. But let's talk about that later, okay?
Kasumi: Okay! First, we've gotta come up with some ideas for what kind of matching accessories we should make for the band!
Rimi: I wonder what would be good. Do you two have any ideas?
Saaya: I'm thinking a hair accessory, like a scrunchie or a ribbon, would be best.
Saaya: And it probably wouldn't be that hard to make... What do you think?
Rimi: I think that sounds nice. That's something you can throw on anytime. It's a great idea.
Kasumi: Hey! When Eve-chan did that TV commercial, they all made hair accessories!
Saaya: That's right... She did talk about that...
Kasumi: And Arisa was with Eve-chan and the others... If we made a hair accessory, it might end up being like the one she already has!
Saaya: Oh. I'd hate for us to make something and Arisa already have one... Hm~, let's do something different, then.
Rimi: Ah, I'd like for it to remind us of the anniversary of passing the SPACE audition.
Kasumi: Me too! That's super important!
Kasumi: Not only does it need to be matching, it's gotta shout "Poppin'Party passed the SPACE audition one year ago!"
Rimi: Yeah, the reason we were able to play at the last show at SPACE was that we passed the audition.
Kasumi: Right! That's why every time we see the accessories, I want them to remind us of that show!
Saaya: When I think back on it, that show was amazing. I'll never forget it.
Saaya: Glitter*Green, Roselia, CHiSPA, Poppin'Party. We all played there.
Kasumi: I remember! Yuri-senpai was too cool!
Rimi: Sis...
Kasumi: Ah! S-sorry, Rimi-rin...!
Rimi: Huh? ... Ah, I didn't mean it like that. I am still a little sad, but... I'm more just remembering that time.
Rimi: ... Ah! You all saw the pictures from the show, right? I took so many with my phone that day.
Rimi: If we saw those, we'd definitely remember those moments!
Kasumi: Wait, really?! Show me!
Rimi: Uhh... The show was a year ago, so the pictures should be around here... Ah, here they are!
Kasumi: Ahhh! This picture is from after the show in the dressing room. This is taking me back!
Saaya: We took pictures with people from so many bands. I'm starting to remember some of it now.
Kasumi: Ah, look, look! This one is of us with Glitter*Green!
Rimi: Look at what we're all wearing. Sis' band outfits were so cute.
Rimi: Glitter*Green has matching wristbands. I think they always wear them when they play a show.
Rimi: Ah...
Saaya: Huh? What is it?
Rimi: How about we make wristbands... for our anniversary accessory?
Rimi: We can make a matching design for Poppin'Party just like Glitter*Green has. That way, when we look at them, we'll always remember that last show at SPACE.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin...! That's perfect! We should totally do that.
Saaya: And it wouldn't get in the way when we're playing either! If we're going with that, let's make something cute we can wear whenever.
Kasumi: Yeah, I was thinking that too! All I can think about now is doing the wristbands!
Rimi: Fufu, thanks, Kasumi-chan!
Rimi: ... I guess I should thank Sis too.
Kasumi: Let's think up a design! We're gonna make some sweet Poppin'Party swag!
Rimi & Saaya: Yay!

Friendship Bands Card Story - Special Episode

My Treasure



Rimi: This picture is a little blurry... Ah, this one is good, though...
Rimi: ... Ah, New Staff-san! I-I'm sorry! I was looking at my phone. I didn't see you...
Rimi: I was picking a picture to send to my sister.
Rimi: A couple of days ago was the first anniversary of Poppin'Party passing the audition for the last show at SPACE.
Rimi: Our band had a party to celebrate it. We took pictures so I wanted to send some to Sis.
Rimi: Yes, the party was great!
Rimi: We ate snacks and talked about last year. It was so much fun.
Rimi: It was like all the excitement we experienced came back to us.
Rimi: Saaya-chan, Kasumi-chan, and I planned a surprise for the party. Arisa-chan and O-Tae-chan had one too.
Rimi: It was really cool how we had a surprise for each other. We all wanted to do something special for the party.
Rimi: Oh, New Staff-san, you take a look at the pictures too! Hopefully, I can find the right ones to send.
Rimi: Ah, this is a picture of O-Tae-chan and Arisa-chan's surprise.
Rimi: They found a video of the last show at SPACE. We watched it together.
Rimi: Arisa-chan played it on the wall in her basement. It was incredible. It was like watching a movie.
Rimi: Ah, that picture... Those are our wristbands. They were the surprise from me, Saaya-chan, and Kasumi-chan.
Rimi: They all match.
Rimi: Saaya-chan and Kasumi-chan were thinking about what kind of accessory we should make...
Rimi: We got the idea for these wristbands from Sis' band.
Rimi: At the last show at SPACE, Glitter*Green was wearing matching wristbands. We thought something like that would be good for our first anniversary.
Rimi: That's why I want to send my sister some of the pictures.
Rimi: When I think about it, we formed Poppin'Party because of her band.
Rimi: Making these wristbands to surprise Arisa-chan and O-Tae-chan was because of Glitter*Green too.
Rimi: It will always be special to me, just like the members of Poppin'Party.
Rimi: Ah, you think this picture is good too? I was actually thinking of sending this one. Okay. I'll go with this one then... Ah, I should write a message...? I didn't think about that...
Rimi: Uhh... Hmmm...
Rimi: Ehehe... I better wait before I send this. I'll think of something to write on the way home.
Rimi: Thank you for helping me choose a picture. See you.