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Front Row Riding Hood Card Story - Episode

Fulfilling Conditions


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Kasumi: Arisa, it's almost Halloween! I wish it would come sooner~. Ohhh, I can't wait~!
Arisa: So that's what you were thinking about. I thought you looked kind of restless in class...
Kasumi: We have so much to do before the parade~. We have to buy candy~, and we have to get our costumes ready~.
Kasumi: Ah, by the way, have you decided on your costume, Arisa?
Arisa: I'm still thinking about it.
Kasumi: You are, huh~? I think I'm gonna be a jiangshi after all~. It really spoke to me when I saw it in Rimi-rin's book~.
Kasumi: Ah, I know! Let's go downtown together right now!
Kasumi: There are lots of Halloween decorations, so I'm sure you'll find some inspiration!
Kasumi: Come on, let's do it! Downtown, here we come!
Arisa: Wait a minute. Don't you have something you need to do first?
Kasumi: Huh? Do I?
Arisa: The English homework we were assigned in class today? You promised you'd do your homework before anything parade-related, remember?
Kasumi: Homework... Ah?! I-it was just one page, right...?
Arisa: We don't have band practice today, and I don't have student council either, so I'll supervise.
Arisa: It's not much. You'll be finished in no time.
Kasumi: What? You want me to do it now?! Can't I do it after we do Halloween stuff...?
Arisa: Nope.
Arisa: Anyway, if you finish your homework quickly, we can spend more time preparing for Halloween.
Kasumi: O-oh! When you put it like that, I guess you're right! ...Yeah, okay. I'll do it!
Arisa: Okay, let's start then. Get your homework out.
Kasumi: Y-yes, ma'am!

30 Minutes Later

Kasumi: I did it... Arisa, I'm done!
Arisa: ...
Kasumi: Arisa~! Put down your phone and listen to me~!
Arisa: Huh? Sorry. Oh, you're done already...?
Arisa: That was pretty fast. You didn't even ask me any questions.
Kasumi: I know♪ Even I can do this kind of stuff when I put my mind to it.
Arisa: I wish you'd always put your mind to it. Let's have a look... Oh, this seems alright.
Kasumi: I know, right?! I feel good about it~.
Arisa: Huh? What the...? Kasumi... I think you spelled "hollow" wrong here.
Kasumi: Arisa~, there's no way I'd spell it wrong~. Give it here~.
Kasumi: See~, I spelled it right~. "Hallow"... It's fine~.
Arisa: You moron! It's with an "o," not an "a"! You wrote it like "hallow" in "Halloween"!
Kasumi: Huh?! Really?! Now that you mention it, I guess I did...
Arisa: You're thinking way too much about Halloween! Right now, you need to focus on your homework!
Kasumi: Ngh~, I'm sorry~... I thought I was doing well~...
Arisa: There were a few other spelling mistakes. Make sure you go over the whole thing!
Kasumi: Okay~...
Arisa: Let me know when you're done. In the meantime, I'm gonna...
Kasumi: Hm? Arisa, you've been on your phone this whole time. What are you looking at?
Arisa: ...Hm? Oh, it's nothing...
Kasumi: Come on, show me. I wanna seeee!
Arisa: H-hey, cut it out! Huh? Ah! No, stop looking...!
Kasumi: Huh? This is...! It's the website of the Halloween parade!
Kasumi: Arisa, by any chance... have you been looking at this website the whole time...?!
Arisa: N-No! I just happened to open this page now...
Kasumi: I see~. So I'm not the only one thinking too much about Halloween then~.
Arisa: Sh-shut it! Just hurry up and finish your homework already~!

Front Row Riding Hood Card Story - Special Episode

Normal Outlook on the Unusual



Marina: That took a while. Now we just have to buy... Oh, that's everything.
Marina: Shall we go back and set up then? ... Hm? Who's that coming toward us...?
Arisa: Ah. Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hello. Did you just finish shopping?
Marina: Hello, Arisa-chan. Yeah, we just bought a few things we needed at the studio. What about you? Don't you have practice today?
Arisa: I'm practicing on my own today. We finished the score for our new song, so we decided to practice our parts separately before putting them all together.
Marina: Wow, you've already finished it! Congrats! I can't wait to hear what kind of song it is~.
Arisa: We're gonna perform it for the first time at our show next month, so please wait a little longer.
Marina: Okay! I look forward to it!
Marina: Ah, that reminds me. Arisa-chan, you guys participated in the Halloween Parade, right?
Arisa: Huh, how did you know that?
Marina: Kasumi-chan told me. She showed me a lot of photos too.
Marina: You were really cute as Little Red Riding Hood.
Arisa: K-Kasumi... Ugh, she's still going on about that.
Marina: That just means she must have really enjoyed herself. You also looked quite happy in the photos, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: N-no no no no! It wasn't that great.
Arisa: Anyway, I was against going in the first place. I don't even like crowded places.
Arisa: But everyone said they wanted to go, so I had no choice...
Marina: Oh, but that's not what Kasumi-chan told me. She said you did a lot of research on the event.
Arisa: What?! W-well...
Arisa: I-I guess? Isn't that normal since I was gonna participate anyway? But I wasn't particularly looking forward to it.
Marina: Fufu. So, how was it once you actually went?
Arisa: It was... Well, it was noisy since there were so many people, and there were kids and pets too...
Arisa: But it wasn't that bad... I guess.
Marina: I see. It'd be great if you could all go together again next year, wouldn't it?
Arisa: Yeah, but I'm not sure how it'll go. Kasumi's already excited about it though.
Arisa: Ah, that's right.
Marina: What is it?
Arisa: I'm not exactly sure, but more people might come to our show next month than usual.
Arisa: At the end of the parade, we did a little performance on the stage, and Kasumi announced the show to everyone.
Marina: Ahaha, that's so like Kasumi-chan~! Then I guess our staff will have to really be on the ball that day.
Arisa: The same goes for me. I can't embarrass myself in front of that many people.
Marina: Yeah. We'll both do our best!