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Full-Power Interview! Card Story - Episode

Student Council President Toyama


Toyama Residence - Kasumi's Room

Kasumi: Aa-chan~! Look at this~!
Asuka: What is that...? A pamphlet? Ah, is that the one you told me you made with all the other Poppin'Party members?
Kasumi: Right! It's the pamhplet for Hanasakigawa! I got a copy from Arisa~!
Asuka: Huh? Isn't it thicker than the one you have?
Kasumi: Yeah! The number of pages really increased this year!
Kasumi: In addition to the previous club introductions, we compiled everyone's favorite parts of the school~!
Asuka: Wow~, let me see.
Asuka: ... Gotcha~. It conveys the school's atmosphere, so I'd say it's pretty good.
Kasumi: I know, right?! We even surveyed everyone at the school!
Asuka: You're all as active as ever...
Kasumi: With this, everyone will be interesed in Hanasakigawa, right? Right?!
Asuka: You're too close... But I do think this pamphlet is really high quality.
Kasumi: Arisa and the other student council members really did their best too! They did a detailed check for typos, as well as a bunch of other stuff!
Asuka: I see. It sounds like the student council has it pretty rough.
Asuka: Though for our school, the student council president is Hina-senpai, so I get the feeling we have it worse.
Kasumi: Haneoka seems really fun too! The Halloween event I went to before was super fun!
Kasumi: I wanna do something like that at Hanasakigawa too! I also wanna celebrate Christmas and make mochi at New Year's!
Asuka: Are you sure you're not just trying to do all the events for every season?
Kasumi: Good idea, Aa-chan! I'm gonna do just that! Let's do all the events!
Asuka: Are you kidding? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get permission from the school for that.
Kasumi: You think so? I'll ask Arisa, just in case!
Asuka: Don't do that. That'd be a bother for Arisa-san too. Something on that level goes way past student council work...
Kasumi: I see... So even asking Arisa wouldn't help...
Asuka: Who do you think Arisa-san is...?
Asuka: Anyway, if you're that insistent on it, why don't you join the student council?
Kasumi: Huh? Me...? On the student council...?
Asuka: Better yet, why not run for student council president?
Kasumi: No way! Not possible!
Asuka: You seem like you would be good at thinking up pledges and stuff.
Kasumi: Pledges... You mean something like, "I wanna make the school sparkling and heart-pounding"?
Asuka: Yeah, that. That was pretty good.
Kasumi: R-really...? With everyone's honest votes, let us make that sparkling and heart-pounding a reality!
Asuka: Ahaha, sounds good.
Kasumi: Please make me, Kasumi Toyama, your student council president, and I will strive gto make everyone sparkling and heart-pounding!
Asuka: Hahaha, that could totally work!
Kasumi: ... Ah, it wouldn't work, Aa-chan...
Asuka: Huh? Why?
Kasumi: Our school... is already sparkling and heart-pounding.
Asuka: Y-you have a point...

Full-Power Interview! Card Story - Special Episode

Full of Heart-Pounding Joy



Kasumi: Hm~, I can't make up my mind.
Marina: Oh, Kasumi-chan. Are you out for a stroll today?
Kasumi: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! I was thinking of ideas for a new song!
Marina: Oh, like a new theme song for the downtown area?
Kasumi: Ah! That sounds like fun too! I'd like to make one someday~! But right now, I'm working on a new song for our band!
Marina: I see! Now that you mention it, Rimi-chan said she was making a new song.
Kasumi: Yeah, that's it! She was inspired by our time making the school pamphlet together.
Kasumi: The song is set to be paced with everyone's recommendations!
Kasumi: That's why I figured if I took a walk in a place filled with things I like, I might think of some good lyrics!
Kasumi: So I went to the school, Arisa's basement, and the park! And I just got to the downtown area!
Marina: Fufu, I see. So have you had any good ideas?
Kasumi: Well, in Arisa's basement, there's the heart-pounding excitement that makes me feel like something good is going to begin, like when I first found my guitar~.
Kasumi: There's also the bouncy feeling I had from when we were all thinking of a theme song and I first listened to Rimi-rin's song.
Kasumi: I'm hoping to convey those emotions, but including them all is really hard!
Marina: I see. But even though you say that it seems hard, you look like you're having fun.
Kasumi: That's because I believe that once it's done, it's sure to be a great song! When I think about performing it at a live show, things get even more exciting!
Marina: Fufu, it would be nice if you could include those sentiments in the song.
Kasumi: Ah, that's a good idea! In that case, I have to go to CiRCLE too! After all, CiRCLE is the one place that is packed with the heart-pounding joy of live shows!
Marina: I'm so glad that CiRCLE has also helped you.
Kasumi: Well then, I'll head to CiRCLE after looking around the downtown area for a little bit longer!
Marina: Okay! Well then, see you later.