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Full Support Card Story - Episode

Happy Fan Letter


Talent Agency
Aya: Good morning.
Chisato: Hey, Aya-chan.
Aya: Wait, are you here by yourself?
Chisato: Yep, just me and you.
Aya: Oh, I guess there's still time until rehearsal... Speaking of, your theater performance the other day was so~ good. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it.
Aya: I thought that your acting was really powerful. Like people in the audience should start to feel fully of energy just by watching you.
Chisato: Really? That's the first time I'm hearing that.
Aya: I bet there's a young girl out there who wants to be just like you one day. Kinda like how I've always wanted to be like my role model.
Chisato: Fufu, I don't know that. I'd be happy, but I don't think my acting is at that level yet. I'll keep training until I get there.
Aya: But it is at that level! I know you made a lot of fans with that last performance! I mean, you definitely made me one!
Chisato: Really? You know, flattery's not gonna get you anywhere with me.
Aya: I'm being serious~!
Agency Staff: Chisato-san, do you have a second?
Chisato: Sure. What is it?
Agency Staff: You have some fan letters. Here you go.
Chisato: Thank you.
Aya: Whoa~, there are so many!
Agency Staff: There were about 30 letters today.
Chisato: A lot of people send in their thoughts right after a show airs on TV or they see a performance... There are some regulars too.
Aya: Oh, wow~. Do you write them back?
Chisato: Yes, I do. I make sure to write back to each and every one of them. It's a rule of mine.
Chisato: They went through the trouble of actually writing something for me, so it's only natural that I'd want to respond to them.
Aya: That's true! Okay, so if I wrote you a fan letter, would you write me back?
Chisato: Huh? ... Do you really want me to write you a letter when I see you almost every day?
Aya: Yes!! I'm interested to see what you would write~.
Chisato: I-I see... If you send me a letter, then yes, I'd write you back. Though I have to answer my other fans first, so my response might be a bit slow.
Aya: Yeah, that's okay. You can take all the time you need. I'll get started on my letter later!
Aya: Oh! Do you mind if I read some of your fan letters?
Chisato: Not at all.
Aya: Yay~! Alright, why don't we read them together?!
Chisato: Okay, I guess...
Chisato: (Having someone read me my fan letters is kinda embarrassing though...)
Aya: Which one~, which one~...? Ah, I pick this cream-colored one! Looks like it's from a girl in elementary school.
Aya: Ah, there's a super cute portrait of you Chisato-chan! It looks just like you!
Chisato: Really? Show me.
Aya: Yep, look!
Chisato: Fufu. Wow, it really does look like me. I'm sure she put a lot of time and effort into it.
Aya: She wrote something under the drawing. Let's see...
Aya: I love Shirasagi-san. She is cute. She is a good actress too. I admire her. I want to be a good actress like her when I grow up.
Aya: ... See. Look at that! I told you~! There's a girl who thinks of you as her role model!
Chisato: Yeah, you were right. Looks like I'll have to keep doing my best, then.
Aya: And I'm not gonna let you work harder than me!!

Full Support Card Story - Special Episode

Cheer For Chisato


Shopping Mall
Aya: Those new clothes are so~ cute~. But would they look good on me...?
Aya: Ah, looks like they got in new shoes over here! And there are some really cute accessories in that store!
Aya: Ah~, it's too much. I can't decide~. Where do I start~?
Aya: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Doing some shopping, huh? I am too.
Aya: If you don't mind, could we shop together? I'd like your help with a few things, if it's not too much trouble...
Aya: We can? Thank you so much!
Aya: That reminds me, the other day we went to see Chisato-chan rehearsing for her theater performance.
Aya: It was a really tough rehearsal, but she just kept her mouth closed and kept on working.
Aya: I really wanted to yell to let her know I was cheering for her, but it didn't seem like that kind of place, so I kept it to myself.
Aya: I'm not sure if she could feel that I was supporting her, but I kept her in my thoughts, hoping she could!
Aya: I think she'd get mad if I told her this, but I realized something when I was watching her...
Aya: Seeing her put all of her effort to solve a problem made me feel like I was looking in a mirror...
Aya: No matter how many times we're criticized, we keep trying and we don't give up. I was wondering if that's what other people think of me...
Aya: Oh, but don't tell Chisato-chan I said that, okay?
Aya: I had never seen her trying so hard before, so it made me want to help her more than ever.
Aya: And if she's gonna be putting forward that much time and effort, then I've got work like a million times harder than I am now, so that one day, I can shine!
Aya: That's the kind of band and performance I want the fans to see... I hope we can pull it off.
Aya: I'll do my best so that one day that'll be possible. You cheer me on too, okay?!