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Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Opening
Why Don't We Join?

Hagumi's softball team is working hard for their next practice game.



Misaki: Sigh... These long sessions in the studio on our days off really tire me out...
Hagumi: Really? I'm having a lot of fun! I get to spend more time with all of you, after all!
Kokoro: Me too! Kaoru's new guitar arrangement for her fleetingness theme song was fantabulous!
Kaoru: My thanks, Kokoro. Today, I envisioned the sight of snow bidding us farewell as spring approaches.
Misaki: And I'm saying that us having to play along with that is why I'm tired...
Kanon: Ahaha... But I do think it's about time that we write a new song. We should try and come up with something before practice tomorrow!
Hagumi: Right! I'm gonna be working super-duper extra hard tomorrow! Not just in the studio, but at softball practice, too!
Akari: ... Ah, Hagumi-chan! You guys!
Hagumi: Hey, it's Akari! What's with the uniform? We weren't supposed to have practice today.
Akari: I was practicing my swing. I really wanna get a hit in our next game!
Kokoro: Wow, that's wonderful, Akari! You're such a hard worker!
Hagumi: Yeah, I think so, too!
Kanon: Do you guys have a game coming up soon?
Hagumi: Yeah, in two weeks! It's just a practice game, but our opponents are super good! They've got a pitcher with a crazy arm!
Akari: Last time, I couldn't get a single hit all game... That's why this time, I'm gonna make sure things are different!
Hagumi: Yup! I know you've got this, Akari!
Kokoro: I think so too! Think about how much you've practiced. There's no way you won't get a hit!
Akari: You really think so?! Yay!
Kaoru: Fufu. Hard work always bears fruit, as they say.
Misaki: We're all cheering for you, too.
Kokoro: Misaki, that's it! What if we actually went to the game and cheered for her in person?!
Hagumi: That's a great idea, Kokoron! If you all came to see the game, I feel like I'd be extra motivated to do my best!
Akari: I'd like it if you were all there, too! Can you really come?
Kaoru: Of course, my little kitten. There isn't a person in the world who could come up with a reason to keep me from fulfilling a request such as this.
Misaki: Well... If it's really okay for us to come, then yeah, I'd like to go, too.
Kanon: Me, too! I'll do my best to cheer you two on from the sidelines.
Akari: Yaaay!
Hagumi: Isn't this great, Akari?! Let's make sure we play our best!

The Next Day

Hagumi: Morning...
Misaki: C'mon, Hagumi, you're late... Whoa, what's up? What happened to all that pep from yesterday?
Kanon: Are you okay, Hagumi-chan? Do you not feel well?
Hagumi: No, I'm all good. It's just, there's kind of a problem...
Hagumi: Our practice match... It might get canceled...
Kokoro & Kaoru & Kanon & Misaki: ...?!
Kaoru: Hagumi... Please, enlighten us. What do you mean?
Hagumi: It looks like our manager got the date wrong for our match. The match isn't scheduled for the week after next week, just... Next week...
Hagumi: There's a lot of kids that have plans already for that day, and even our manager can't come, so we're short on members...
Misaki: I see... And Akari was looking forward to it so much, too. That really sucks...
Hagumi: Yeah... Sorry, everyone. Even though you all agreed to come and cheer us on...
Kanon: So there's really nothing you can do...? If you don't have enough players, then can't you just look for more, or...
Kokoro: Oh, then why don't we join?
Misaki: No no, there's no way we could-
Hagumi: Kokoron, that's it! I didn't think of that!
Misaki: Huh?
Hagumi: That's it! It's not like it's a tournament match or anything, so it should be totally fine if you all helped out!
Kaoru: A wonderful proposition. If that be the case, then it would be my pleasure to lend a hand.
Misaki: Huh? What? Oh no, Kanon-san, I've got a really bad feeling about this.
Kanon: Y-yeah... But... I do want to help, I think. It would feel awful if the match got canceled now, wouldn't it?
Misaki: Ka-Kanon-san, not you too... Ah, fine! I get it! I get! ... Count me in.
Hagumi: Yaaay! Thanks, everyone! With your help, we should be able to have enough players to play!
Hagumi: Wow! Wow! Gosh, I'm so excited now! I can't believe I get to play softball with all of you! It's like I'm dreaming!
Kokoro: I'm looking forward to this, too! Oh, Misaki! Why don't you call Michelle and ask her to join us?
Misaki: What?! Michelle?! No no no, no way, there's no way... Oh, that's right! You know, I just remembered, I think Michelle said that she's already completely booked on that day. Yeah.
Hagumi: Huh. Well, I guess there's nothing we can do about that.
Misaki: B-but seriously, what are we actually gonna do? None of us have any softball experience.
Kokoro: Then all we have to do is get some! Right, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Yeah! Kokoron's right! All you have to do is join in on our team's practices!
Misaki: Uhhh... Is that really okay...?
Hagumi: Of course! We've actually got practice today anyway, so I'll ask our manager then!
Hagumi: Now that you all have a chance to play, I want you all to learn to love softball, too!
Misaki: Ah... This sense of things spiraling out of control... It's the same as always...
Kaoru: From music to softball... Fufu. Today certainly seems like it will be quite the busy one.

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Chapter 1
Let's Play Softball!

Hello, Happy World! is joining the game, so they need to get practicing...


Riverside Field

Hagumi: Attention, everyone! You know that game that we all thought was going to get canceled? Well, some helpers have arrived!
Kokoro: Hi! We're Hello, Happy World! Let's make sure this game is full of wonderrific smiles!
Akari: You're all going to play with us...? So that means... the game is back on, right?!
Kaoru: Exactly. We pledge to you our humble assistance, my sweet kittens of Sky Stars. Ah, how they twinkle in the sky... What a spectacular team name.
Hagumi: Isn't it?! I really like our team name, too! And this uniform! It's so cool! I'm so glad that we had enough extras around for you all!
Kokoro: Yeah! These uniforms would be great to wear at our next show!
Kanon: Fufu, it really does make you feel part of a team when everyone wears the same outfit, huh?
Misaki: I know what you mean. I guess you could say it's kind of like our concert clothes in that sense.
Hagumi: Right! I was so happy when I first got this uniform!
Hagumi: Oh, yeah! Before we start practice, I've gotta explain all the rules to you, first!
Kanon: Thanks, Hagumi-chan. That'd help a lot.
Hagumi: No problem! So first, you take this ball, and you throw it! Like whoosh! And then you take the bat, and go bam! And then...
Kanon: "Whoosh"...? "Bam"...?
Misaki: Haha... Maybe it'd be better if I did the explaining. I think I know the basics, at least...
Kanon: Y-yeah... Then maybe I'll have Misaki-chan teach me. Thanks, Misaki-chan.
Hagumi: Thanks, Mii-kun!
Kokoro: Hagumi, I wanna get to playing already! Even if I don't know the rules, I know it'll be a lot of fun!
Hagumi: You know what, you're right! You gotta dive in headfirst and see how it feels!
Kaoru: To paraphrase ancient wordsmiths of old, "The heavens only help those who help themselves"... Or something to that effect.
Hagumi: Yeah, that! I learned the rules as I went, too! Alright, then before we play, we've gotta decide what positions you're playing!
Hagumi: Hmm, so what we're missing right now is... center field, right field, second base, and... the catcher!
Kokoro: Wow! Those all sound amazing!
Misaki: Yeah, Kokoro probably didn't understand any of that, I'm pretty sure.
Hagumi: Okay, I've decided! First, our center fielder will be~... badudududum... Tada! Kaoru-kun! You've got long arms and legs, so I think outfield would be a great match for you!
Kaoru: Fufu. So in other words, I've been picked for my beauty.
Hagumi: Next up is right field... Badudududum...
Misaki: Ha-Hagumi, about that drumroll? I bet it'd be tough to keep it up for all of our positions, so you don't have to bother, really.
Hagumi: Really? Then I'll just do it normally! Right field's gonna be Kokoron! You're really good at sports, and you're super fast!
Kokoro: Of course! I love running!
Hagumi: Second base is going to be Mii-kun! The second baseman's gotta support everyone, so it fits you perfectly!
Misaki: Well, if it's support you need, I guess I might be good at it.
Kanon: So all that's left is the catcher... Which means, me?
Misaki: K-Kanon-san?!
Hagumi: Yeah! The catcher and the pitcher are a combo, you see! And since you, Kano-chan-senpai, and I are both part of the rhythm section of our band, it's gotta be you!
Kanon: I see... I'll do my best!
Misaki: I-Is this really gonna be okay...?
Akari: Kanon-chan, I'm gonna throw it now! There!
Kanon: Wah, wah... Ah! Fueee, I missed again...
Akari: Are you bad at catch?
Kanon: Y-yeah... Looks like it. When the ball comes at me, I suddenly panic and everything goes white...
Kanon: But I can't stay like this forever. Akari-chan, one more time, please!
Kokoro: Here it comes, Hagumi! Yah!
Hagumi: ... Whoa! There we go! That was incredible, Kokoron. That throw curved so much!
Kokoro: It did! And that was a nice catch, Hagumi! Playing catch is really fun, isn't it?!
Hagumi: I know, right?! I love playing catch, too! C'mon, Kokoron! Throw it to me again! Nice and straight this time!
Kokoro: Got it! Leave it to me! Yay!
Hagumi: Wow! It curved again!
Kokoro: Incredible! Our friend Mister Ball must really like curving!
Kaoru: Hah!
Misaki: Oh... Kaoru-san, you're pretty good at hitting. You look like the real deal.
Kaoru: My thanks, Misaki. It seems I've found a hidden talent where I least expected it.
Kaoru: There's just... one thing. Something that the current me lacks, I feel.
Misaki: ... Is it fleetingness?
Kaoru: M-Misaki...?! You... can you read my mind?!
Misaki: No, but I did have a feeling...
Kaoru: Fufu. Even when it comes to the sport of softball, one mustn't forget the essence of fleetingness. How are you faring, Misaki?
Misaki: It's a struggle. Looks like softball bats and tennis rackets really aren't anything alike.
Kaoru: A fair point. Then I have a proposal. Why don't you try wielding the bat one-handed? Perhaps then, it might feel more akin to a racket when you swing it.
Misaki: No way, I'd have to have gorilla arms to be able to do that...
Misaki: (Sigh... With how things are looking, are we really going to be able to play a proper game...?)

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Chapter 2
Another Serving of Practice

Headed back from practice, Kokoro takes the others somewhere to play more softball...



Hagumi: Akari, no more practice today, okay? It's late already! Make sure you go straight home! Understood?
Akari: Okay~!
Misaki: Akari's really full of energy, huh...? Look how far she's run already.
Hagumi: Thanks for coming to practice today, everyone! I had so much fun! How about you all?
Kokoro: It was great! I had a fun-tastic time! It felt like practice was over before I knew it!
Kaoru: It certainly is a strange phenomenon, isn't it? How times of mirth and merriment always seem to end in an instant.
Kanon: Yeah. Time really flies when you're having fun giving it your all, huh?
Misaki: Well, there's still a lot of things I'm worried about. If only we could have practiced a little more...
Kokoro: Good idea! I'm still in the mood for some softball, too!
Hagumi: Oh, oh, me too! Hearing how much fun everyone had has gotten me all fired up again!
Misaki: What? Wait, hold on, I was just talking hypothetically, you know? Plus, the baseball field's closed now, anyway.
Kokoro: Is that so? Then I know a great place! Let's practice there!
Misaki: Huh? Is there another place to play softball around here?

Tsurumaki Residence - Batting Cages

Misaki: Batting cages... I never thought the day would come that I'd end up having to come here again...
Kaoru: Hah! .... Hah!
Misaki: You know, Kaoru-san, I feel like you're actually just good at this.
Kaoru: Tell me, Misaki. Which swing did you feel was most fleeting?
Misaki: Uh... Sorry. They both looked the same to me...
Kaoru: I envisioned different scenery in my head as I took each swing. During the first swing, I saw a vivid, crimson sunset. During the second, the twinkling, starry night sky.
Misaki: I don't really think that's something I can tell just from looking at you... Besides, I don't even know what a fleeting swing is supposed to look like in the first place...
Kaoru: Hm. A fleeting swing is basically, a swing that makes both the batter and the onlooker... fleeting.
Misaki: So you're not sure either, I take it.
Kaoru: How are you faring, Misaki? If yours truly should suffice, I will lend you what strength I can.
Misaki: Hmm, I guess I'm still having trouble with batting.
Kaoru: Oh, my. From what I recall Hagumi telling me, you managed a magnificent hit the last time you were here, though.
Misaki: Ah, that did happen, huh? But that was just a fluke. I've still got no real experience, and it's not turning out to be that easy.
Kaoru: Be that as it may, you still managed to hit the ball, fluke or not. I'm sure that's proof enough that talent resides within you.
Kaoru: How about it? Would you grace me with the honor of witnessing one of your swings?
Misaki: Sure, I guess... But seriously though, I've got no idea what I'm doing.
Kaoru: Even so, I believe that there might be fleetingness that can be observed from my outside perspective. Now then, ready your bat.
Misaki: ... Like this?
Kaoru: Yes, good. Could you keep that stance and take a few swings for me?
Misaki: Sure. ... Hah, yah!
Kaoru: ... Ah!!
Misaki: Hm? What? What's wrong?!
Kaoru: Forgive me... The sight of you, throwing all the strength you can muster into those swings... The fleetingness of it struck me dizzy.
Misaki: ... Huh. I see...
Kokoro: Kanon! I'm gonna throw the ball now! Yah!
Kanon: Wah, wah... Huh?! Where'd it go?!
Hagumi: Ahh! That was really close, Kano-chan-senpai! That was a hard one to catch, wasn't it?
Kanon: Y-yeah... Kokoro-chan's throws are incredible. I couldn't even keep my eyes on the ball.
Kokoro: I've figured it out! I knew it, Mister Ball really likes curving more than going straight!
Hagumi: That must be it! I bet this is what they call a magic ball!
Kokoro: Magic ball...? Mister Ball, is your real name Magic Ball?
Kanon: I don't think that's quite what she meant...
Kokoro: Hmm... Looks like you're right. Its name can't be Magic Ball since it's not answering.
Kokoro: Hey Mister Ball, why won't you talk to me?
Kanon: Um... Kokoro-chan, do you want to talk with the ball?
Kokoro: Yeah! I want to talk with it and make friends! I bet that if I can make friends with Mister Ball, then softball will be even more fun!
Kokoro: I mean, Mister Ball is amazing when it curves. But I bet that it'd be just as fantastic if it didn't curve!
Hagumi: You're right! And it could tell you where it's going to land and stuff, too!
Kanon: Fufu, that'd help me out a lot too, if it could...
Kokoro: Then you should try talking to Mister Ball too!
Kanon: What?! M-me?!
Hagumi: Nice, Kokoron! A catcher that could talk to the ball would be the best catcher in the world!
Kokoro: C'mon, Kanon! Try starting with a greeting! Ready, go!
Kanon: G-good evening...?
Kokoro & Hagumi: ...
Kokoro: Do you think Mister Ball's all tuckered out and asleep?
Hagumi: Ah, maybe. We did practice with it all day today.
Kokoro: Then what it needs is a nice lullaby instead! Kanon, could you sing it something?
Kanon: Fueee... Misaki-chan, what am I supposed to do~...?

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Chapter 3
Hitting a Cool Shot

Practice has paid off, and the girls have improved. Akari continues to work hard on her own.


A Few Days Later
Tsurumaki Residence - Batting Cages

Kokoro: Hey, Mister Ball! How are you feeling today? I'm feeling great!
Kokoro & Kaoru: ...
Kaoru: I see. It seems our little-ball kitten might be quite the shrinking violet.
Kokoro: Yeah. I haven't heard its voice even once.
Kaoru: But see here, Kokoro. I've realized something quite important. To deepen your bonds with another, first you must make sure they understand who you are.
Kokoro: True! That's super important! You're right! Thanks for the tip, Kaoru!
Kaoru: The pleasure was all mine. This is all for the sake of the practice game, after all.
Kokoro: Then let's get started right away with self-introductions! I'll go first!
Kokoro: Hello, Mister Ball! My name is Kokoro Tsurumaki! I'm the singer in a band called Hello, Happy World!
Kokoro: In softball, I play right field! My favorite things are everyone's smiles! Smiles are super-duper splenderific!
Kokoro: I really want to become friends with you! Once we're friends, let's smile and play softball together!
Kaoru: Ah, Kokoro... Such a blindingly bright self-introduction... How fleeting...!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai! Here it comes~! Yah!
Kanon: Wah, wah, wah...! ... Huh? Where'd the ball go...?
Misaki: In your glove! It's in your glove!
Kanon: Huh? ... Ah.
Kanon: I... caught it? I actually... caught the ball?
Hagumi: You did it! Congrats, Kano-chan-senpai!
Misaki: Yeah, nice catch!
Kanon: Ehehe, thanks.
Kokoro: Amazing, Kanon! That was a very kind catch! I bet you Mister Ball is super happy right now!
Kaoru: Ah, to think I would be able to witness such a wondrous sight... Well then, I believe it's time we hoist Kanon into the air for a celebratory cheer.
Hagumi: Ooo, that sounds fun! I wanna do the thing where they go, "Hip hip, hooray!" and toss the person in the air!
Misaki: Ahaha, you're all acting as if we won already.
Kanon: You don't have to bother with lifting me up... But thanks, everyone. I do feel a little more confident about myself now.
Hagumi: Of course! You've been trying so hard, Kano-chan-senpai! Alright then, let's try imagining we're playing an actual game!
Kanon: O-okay! I'll do my best, Hagumi-chan!
Kokoro: I'll do my besty best, too! Mister Ball, now that we're done with self-introductions, I'll sing you a song!
Kaoru: Sweat pouring down our brows. Smiles bursting forth unbidden... Ah! What beauty! There is no doubt in my mind that countless more gems await me in our match tomorrow.
Misaki: Well, I was pretty worried at first, but... Kaoru-san, Kanon-san, Kokoro, too... Everyone feels like they've gotten to a good spot.
Misaki: (With where we're at now, maybe the game will actually go well.)

Walking Home

Hagumi: I'm so hungry! Your tummy always feels so empty after a good workout, doesn't it?
Kokoro: I'm kind of in the mood for a croquette! Maybe it's because the sky is croquette colored!
Hagumi: You're right! The sky's a nice, golden brown as far as the eye can see! ... Oh? Over there, is that...? Hey!
Akari: Ah, Hagumi-chan! Hey, guys!
Hagumi: You're still doing practice swings?
Akari: Yeah!
Kokoro: Wow, Akari! You really are a hard worker!
Kanon: But it's getting pretty dark out... Akari-chan, don't you think it's about time you head home?
Kaoru: I agree. It's dangerous for a young woman such as yourself to be out alone at this time of day.
Hagumi: They're right! It's good that you're working hard, but you can't push yourself too much!
Akari: B-but... if you're all coming to help out with our game, I want to show off for you guys.
Hagumi: Show off?
Akari: Yeah. Tomorrow, I wanna get a hit against that ace pitcher and look really cool just like you, Hagumi-chan.
Misaki: Oh yeah, you couldn't hit any of their pitches last time, right?
Hagumi: You don't need to worry about that! I know that you've got it in you. I'm sure of it!
Akari: ... Really?
Hagumi: Really really! So get lots of rest today. That way, you can give it your all tomorrow!
Kokoro: Yeah! And we'll be with you! It's definitely going to be a great game!
Akari: ... Okay! Thanks, everyone!
Hagumi: Alright, guys! Let's give it our all tomorrow!
The Other Four: Yeah!

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Chapter 4
The Batting Cage Stage

The game has begun, and the girls are doing well, thanks to their practice. Akari, on the other hand...


The Next Day
Riverside Field

Hagumi: Let's have a good game!
Kaoru & Misaki & Kanon & Kokoro: Okay!
Hagumi: Alrighty! We're on defense first! Kano-chan-senpai, all ready?
Kanon: Yeah...! Especially after all that practice!
Hagumi: That's right! I know you can catch anything I throw at you!
Hagumi: And the same goes for the rest of you! You've got this! You've all worked really hard! Okay... Let's do this!

Top of the First

Kanon: (I've got this... I managed to catch Hagumi-chan's pitches yesterday.)
Kanon: (Plus, from here, I can see everyone... It's kind of comforting, as if I'm on stage.)
Hagumi: ... Hah!
Kanon: ...!
Track Judge: Strike!
Kanon: ... Wow, I actually caught it... I caught it, Hagumi-chan!
Hagumi: Yeah! Nice catch, Kano-chan-senpai!
Akari: ... Wow...!
Kanon: Ehehe... Thanks! Alright, Hagumi-chan! Let's keep going!
Hagumi: Okay! Let's show them what Hello, Happy World! is made of!
Hagumi: Yah!
Kanon: ... Ah, there's a hit...!
Hagumi: Kokoron! It's coming to you!
Kokoro: Got it! Mister Ball, where are you going?
Kokoro: Hmmm... Here!
Misaki: Oh, she caught it.
Kokoro: I did it! Thanks for the tip, Mister Ball!


Bottom of the First

Hagumi: Kokoron! That was a great catch back there!
Kokoro: Thanks, Hagumi! You know, I think I actually heard Mister Ball's voice! It was telling me, "I'm gonna fall there!"
Kokoro: I'm sure that’s why I was able to catch it!
Kaoru: Our little-ball kitten has finally opened its heart, I see. Ah, how fleeting...!
Kanon: Fufu. Kokoro-chan, I'm glad you and Mister Ball could finally become friends. You threw the ball nice and straight after that, too.
Kokoro: I did! But Kanon, your catching was wonderful! You managed to catch Hagumi's pitches even though they were flying at you so fast!
Kanon: Ehehe... Maybe I've become friends with Mister Ball, too.
Misaki: Seriously though, out of all of us, Kanon-san's definitely improved the most.
Kaoru: Indubitably. We must make sure we aren't left behind. Well then, I believe it is my turn to step up to the plate.
Hagumi: Okay! Go get 'em, Kaoru-kun! Let's start things off with a leadoff home run!
Kokoro: Kaoru! You've got this! Happy! Lucky! Smile!
Kokoro & Hagumi: Yay!!
Misaki: Ahh, the other team looks so shocked... But yeah, of course they'd be... Everyone is at first...
Track Judge: Strike! Out!
Kanon: Ah, that was so close...
Kokoro: Yeah! I'm sure she'll get them next time, though! Kaoru's swings looked so cool, after all!
Hagumi: But the other team's pitcher really is amazing! Those pitches look even faster than they did last time! Right, Akari?
Akari: Y-yeah... Ah, I'm up next.
Hagumi: Okay! Don't worry, you can do this!
Akari: Yeah...
Hagumi: Akari! Go get 'em!
Kanon: Go, Akari-chan!
Track Judge: Strike! Out!
Kokoro: Oh... But those were some fantastic swings! She'll definitely get them next time!
Kaoru: Indeed... Though it's somewhat vexing that we can do nothing for her but watch.
Hagumi: Hmm...
Misaki: What's wrong, Hagumi?
Hagumi: I don't know, it feels like Akari's swings today seem a little smaller than usual. You see, during practice, she puts her whole body into it and makes nice, big swings.
Kanon: Maybe she's nervous. She did say that she's never been able to get a hit off that pitcher...
Kaoru: That's certainly within the realm of possibility. It came to me when I stood in the batter's box. Standing there... It felt very much like being on stage.
Kaoru: When all eyes are on you, the tenseness from staring down your opponent, the pressure of wanting to put forth results... Akari is like an actress who cannot properly assume her role.
Hagumi: What can I do? I can't leave Akari like this. She must be suffering so much!
Kaoru: The audience's voice does nothing to help a wavering actress. All it may lead to is causing her more strain... I believe there to be a better way that we can support her.
Hagumi: What is it? I'll do whatever it takes for Akari!
Kaoru: In my humble opinion, what's best for an actress is for the audience to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. To let her know that they're enjoying themselves.
Kaoru: If we can do that, I'm sure that Akari can return to her former glory.
Hagumi: Okay, got it! Then I'll have as much fun as I can!
Misaki: (Have as much fun as we can...)

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Chapter 5
A Fleeting Swing

In order to help Akari relax, the girls work to make the game fun.


Bottom of the Third

Misaki: We're up to bat, and we're trailing one to two...
Misaki: (Have as much fun as I can for Akari's sake... I just need to enjoy myself as much as possible.)
Misaki: (It is fun playing softball with everyone, but... I don't think I can say I've been having as much fun as possible.)
Hagumi: ... Hah!
Kokoro: Wow! Nice hit, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Thanks! I did it, guys!
Misaki: (... If even a beginner like me could contribute something... If I could get a hit...)
Kaoru: What ails you, Misaki? You're the next up to bat.
Misaki: Huh? Ah, my bad. I was just thinking.
Kaoru: Oh, may I ask what about?
Misaki: Um... A way to enjoy this to the fullest, I guess.
Kaoru: Fufu, that's something I would very much like to know as well. Have you happened across any good ideas yet?
Misaki: Ahaha, well, you know what? I think I might have.
Kaoru: Music to my ears. Would you grace me with your knowledge?
Misaki: Nope, no can do. I bet this one only works for people who suck at softball. 'Kay, be right back.
Kaoru: Misaki. Just a moment, please.
Misaki: What's up, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: ... Hmph... Hah... Shoop... There.
Kaoru: Swing to your heart's content. Your swing... It's fleeting.
Misaki: ... Uhhh, what was that just now? Sign language? It feels like I'm getting sent off to battle... Haha.
Misaki: But thanks, Kaoru-san. Just wait and see.
Kanon: Misaki-chan! You can do it!
Misaki: ... Hah!
Kokoro: She did it! She got a hit! ... Oh? Look, Misaki's got such a great smile on her face!
Kaoru: That swing was nothing short of pure art, Misaki. Truly... fleeting!

Top of the Fifth

Hagumi: Ugh... Now we're losing two to four, huh...? Sorry, everyone. They got so many hits off of me... But I'm gonna tighten things up from here on!
Kokoro: Sure! But even though our opponents are really good, you've been doing an amazing job too, Hagumi!
Kanon: ... Hey, Hagumi-chan. Are you really okay? You aren't tired or anything, are you?
Hagumi: Nope! I'm still full of energy! I had a croquette as a snack earlier, too!
Kanon: That's good... Um, Hagumi-chan. The ball... You can throw it as hard as you want, you know.
Hagumi: Hm? But that's what I've been doing, though...
Kanon: No... It's just a feeling, but... I think I can tell. It feels a little different from when you're giving it your all on stage.
Kanon: I bet you don't even realize it yourself, but I feel like you're holding yourself back a little. To make your pitches easier for me to catch.
Hagumi: Really? You think so? I wasn't trying to do anything like that, but... If you say so, then you might be right.
Misaki: I can't believe you actually noticed something like that, Kanon-san.
Kanon: Well... we're the rhythm section, after all.
Kanon: So, Hagumi-chan, give me everything you've got! I'll catch anything you throw my way!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai... Okay, got it! Thanks! I'll come at you, full power!
Hagumi: Maximum... power... Hah!
Kanon: Ngh...!
Akari: Ah...!
Track Judge: Strike!
Kanon: Ehehe... See, I caught it!
Hagumi: W-wow, Kano-chan-senpai! That was so, so cool!
Akari: Kanon-chan... Wow... Even though she couldn't even play catch before...
Akari: Meanwhile, look at me...

Bottom of the Seventh

Misaki: (It's the final inning, we're losing two to four, and Akari still hasn't gotten a hit in. Not only that...)
Track Judge: Strike! Out!
Kanon: O-oh no... We're already at two outs... At this rate, Akari-chan won't even get a chance to bat...
Kokoro: No need to worry, Kanon! Kaoru's next up to bat! She'll definitely get a hit for us!
Hagumi: Yup! If anything, the real game starts here! It's not over yet!
Kaoru: Indeed. Allow me to live up to all of your expectations.
Misaki: Are you really okay, Kaoru-san? I don't really want to say it, but... this is a lot of pressure, isn't it?
Kaoru: You're not mistaken... But this is no different from any of my performances. When the curtains rise, there is only one thing that needs to be done.
Hagumi: Kaoru-kun! Go~!
Misaki: Ugh... Just watching her is making me nervous... You can do it, Kaoru-san!
Kaoru: ... Hmph.
Hagumi: Oh! She bunted! Wow!
Misaki: What?! A bunt?! She didn't swing?!
Track Judge: ... Safe!
Kaoru: Fufu. In the words of the immortal bard Shakespeare, "Brevity is the soul of wit." Ah, how fleeting.
Kokoro: Ooo~! That's Kaoru for you! She looked sooo pretty just now!
Kanon: Yeah, she did it! Now that Kaoru-san is on base, that means...!
Hagumi: Right! Akari, you're up! Don't worry, I know you can do it!
Akari: ... No, I can't.
All But Kaoru: ...?!

Full Swing! Hello, Happy Softball Event Story - Ending
Akari's Follow-Through

Akari feels defeated, but Hagumi tells her she'll hit the ball for sure. How does she know, though...?


Bottom of the Seventh

Akari: ... No, I can't.
All But Kaoru: ...?!
Akari: There's no way I can do it.
Hagumi: That's not true! What's wrong, Akari?!
Akari: I don't know how anymore. Even though I practiced so hard, and everyone complimented me so much... I thought I totally could do it this game.
Akari: But that pitcher's gotten better too. And so I started worrying, and I stopped being able to swing as well.
Kanon: Akari-chan...
Hagumi: I see... So you lost your "I can do it!" attitude, huh?
Akari: My 'I can do it!' attitude...?
Hagumi: That's right. But you just need to be brave and find that attitude again!
Akari: B-but... How...?
Hagumi: You've gotta believe in yourself! And keep cheering yourself on. Tell yourself, "Go, me!"
Akari: ... I can't do that... How can I, when I haven't even gotten a single hit...?
Hagumi: It's not that you can't get a hit! It's that you just can't get a hit right now!
Hagumi: But the Akari that I know definitely can! I'm sure of it!
Akari: Does that mean... I'm not useless...?
Hagumi: Yeah! Plus, you practiced your swing so much! So there's no way you haven't gotten better!
Hagumi: I mean, everyone in Hello, Happy World! got better too, right? That's because we all practiced a bunch!
Akari: ... You really think I can get a hit?
Hagumi: Of course I do! Akari, from the moment you started practicing, you already had all the courage you needed. You've put in the effort! All you need to do now is give it everything you've got!
Kokoro: She's right! It takes a lot of courage to be able to tell yourself, "I'm gonna get a hit this time!" As long as you've got that courage, there's nothing you can't do!
Akari: Courage... Yeah. Everyone's given me... courage.
Kanon: All of us believe that you can do it, Akari-chan. But if you want to believe in yourself, you're the one who's going to have to make that happen.
Misaki: Yeah. It's fun to give it everything you've got, and I'm sure you'll look really cool doing it. I mean, look over at Kaoru-san, she's put her hand on her chest and... Actually, I have no idea what she's doing.
Akari: Everyone... You're right. You were all so cool! I wanna get a hit! No, I'll definitely get a hit!
Akari: And then I'll be super cool, too!
Hagumi: Yeah! That's the spirit, Akari!
Akari: Thanks! Everyone, I'm going up to bat, okay?!
Kokoro: Akari! We're all cheering for you!
Misaki: Take a deep breath and relax!
Kanon: You can do it!
Misaki: ... Now all that's left is to wait and see, huh.
Hagumi: Yeah... But I'm sure Akari can do it now! I am her captain. I know!
Hagumi: Akari! Go! Give it everything you've got!

After the Match

Misaki: Man... We gave it our best shot... But we still lost.
Kanon: Yeah... But I think it was a good game. We only lost three to four! It was really close.
Kokoro: Right! I had so much fun! Plus, I was able to make friends with Mister Ball!
Kaoru: Without a doubt, it was a game positively overflowing with fleetingness. What say we add softball to the list of our band's activities?
Kokoro: That's a great idea! If we need batting cages, we can always use mine!
Kanon: Ahaha... Our list of activities just keeps getting longer and longer.
Hagumi: Hey, everyone! Sorry for the wait!
Misaki: Hey, Hagumi. Hey, Akari. What did the other team say?
Hagumi: They said they had a lot of fun! And that they'd like to play us again sometime! ... Everyone, you really did great today!
Hagumi: We may have lost, but I had tons of fun! It must've been because I got to see all the cool things you guys were doing!
Hagumi: Being able to play my favorite sport with my favorite people... I'm so happy right now! Thanks, everyone!
Kokoro: We should be thanking you! Thanks for teaching us about how fun softball can be, Hagumi!
Kanon: Yeah, thanks! I was really worried at first, but I'm glad that I did my best in the end.
Misaki: Seriously, everyone really improved so much. Kaoru-san's bunt was a bit of a surprise, though.
Kaoru: Fufu, surprising the audience is an actress's true goal, you know.
Akari: ... U-um, Hagumi-chan, everyone... I want to say thanks, too. You all helped me out, again.
Hagumi: No, we didn't help you, Akari! You did your best out there! And you got a hit! That's all!
Hagumi: You were super cool out there, Akari!
Akari: ... Yeah!
Hagumi: Oh, that's right! We've gotta have an after-party! I totally forgot!
Kanon: An after-party...?
Hagumi: Yeah! We always go out to a restaurant to eat and chat after our games!
Kokoro: Ooh, I like that! I was just starting to feel a little hungry! Oh, and I'd like to play a show, too! I thought of a great melody!
Hagumi: That's Kokoron for you! Let's make a new song, then!
Kaoru: What a charmingly irresistible proposition. There's no doubt in my mind this tune shall be absolutely bursting at the seams with fleetingness.
Akari: Ooh, ooh! I wanna see everyone play!
Kanon: Wait... What?! We're playing a show?! Today...?
Misaki: Sigh... Well, setting aside the show and the song for now, I agree to the food idea. I'm pretty hungry, too.
Hagumi: Okay! Then it's settled! Everyone, let's head to the restaurant! Let's go~!

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