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Full of Confidence Card Story - Episode



Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Tsukushi: Good day to you, I'm Tsukushi Futaba.
Tsukushi: I'm a first-year at Tsukinomori and the class president.
Tsukushi: I'm also Morfonica's drummer and the band's leader!
Tsukushi: Morfonica is made up entirely of first-years at Tsukinomori. We're all very different from each other.
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan is reserved, while Touko-chan is very lively. Nanami-chan is cheerful, while Rui-san is so calm and collected.
Tsukushi: And then there's me! I'm the reliable one that keeps us all together!
Tsukushi: I'm going to make sure we become a great band that will live up to Tsukinomori's name. I hope you'll come listen to us!
Tsukushi: ... Yes! That went perfectly!
Tsukushi: Fufu, did you see how confident and leader-like I was?
Tsukushi: Of course I was! I practiced that speech for an entire week, so...
Huh? Why are you still recording?
Tsukushi: Hey, don't include this part! It'll make me look bad! Be sure to edit it out, okay? Okay?!

Full of Confidence Card Story - Special Episode

Secret Training


CiRCLE - Lobby

Tsukushi: Good day to-... Oops, I mean, hi, BanG Dreamer-san!
Tsukushi: I'm here for the two-o'-clock reservation. It should be under Futaba! Thank you for letting me use it today!
Tsukushi: Hm? Yes, it's just me.
Tsukushi: The others aren't coming. I'm practicing by myself today.
Tsukushi: I want to make sure I can do the parts that are giving me trouble before we practice together.
Tsukushi: Yeah, I definitely want to get better...
Tsukushi: But more importantly, it's my responsibility as the leader of Morfonica.
Tsukushi: Rui-san and I are the only ones in our band with musical experience.
Tsukushi: Even if they don't have any experience, the others are still trying their best in their own ways.
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan doesn't like singing in front of others, but she's still working hard...!
Tsukushi: Touko-chan may look like the irresponsible type, but even she's been practicing the guitar at home.
Tsukushi: Seeing them motivates me to do my best.
Tsukushi: I'm their leader. I can't just sit around and do nothing when the others are working so hard.
Tsukushi: ... There's that, and I'm a bit worried.
Tsukushi: Uhm, it's Nanami-chan. She's never played the bass before, but she's really good...
Tsukushi: I don't know if it's because she has a sense for it, or if she's a quick study, but she's improving at an incredible rate.
Tsukushi: I might end up being left behind, so I just thought I would squeeze in some extra practice...
Tsukushi: ... Oh! Don't tell Nanami-chan I said that!
Tsukushi: If she finds out I care about that stuff, it'll make me look bad!
Tsukushi: Promise you won't tell, okay? Promise me!