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27 cards match the category selection:

№. 00915
Rarity4Powerful As a Big Sister

Availability: Gacha509
As a Big Sister
As a Big Sister T
№. 00905
Rarity1Happy Full of Confidence

Availability: Initial
Full of Confidence
№. 00900
Rarity2Powerful Innocent Flapping

Availability: Gacha509
Innocent Flapping (Futaba Tsukushi)
№. 00910
Rarity3Pure Trusted Class President

Availability: Gacha509
Trusted Class President
Trusted Class President T
№. 00931
Rarity3Cool A+ Leadership

Availability: Event 111
A+ Leadership
A+ Leadership T
№. 00983
Rarity4Happy Morning Call

Availability: Gacha588
Morning Call
Morning Call T
№. 01071
Rarity3Cool Master Lyricist Futaba

Availability: Gacha664
Master Lyricist Futaba
Master Lyricist Futaba T
№. 01098
Rarity4Pure Breathless Winter

Availability: Gacha689
Breathless Winter
Breathless Winter T
№. 01146
Rarity3Pure My Bow Is Perfect!

Availability: Gacha738
My Bow Is Perfect!
My Bow Is Perfect! T
№. 01170
Rarity4Pure Proof of My Skills!

Availability: Gacha761
Proof of My Skills!
Proof of My Skills! T
№. 01227
Rarity2Pure Starry Night's Twinkle

Availability: Event 157
Starry Night's Twinkle
№. 01274
Rarity4Happy One at a Time

Availability: Gacha823
One at a Time
One at a Time T
№. 01296
Rarity4Cool Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha844
Special Birthday! (Futaba Tsukushi) T
№. 01314
Rarity3Happy A Sign of Feeling Proud

Availability: Gacha860
A Sign of Feeling Proud
A Sign of Feeling Proud T
№. 01390
Rarity2Happy Reliable President

Availability: Event 174
Reliable President
№. 01406
Rarity4Cool Early Lipstick

Availability: Gacha926
Early Lipstick
Early Lipstick T
№. 01455
Rarity2Cool Pale Blue Noblesse

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Pale Blue Noblesse (Futaba Tsukushi)
№. 01589
Rarity2Happy Swim Ring Pro

Availability: Event 194
Swim Ring Pro
№. 01610
Rarity4Pure Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha1028
Precious Birthday! (Futaba Tsukushi) T
№. 01635
Rarity5Pure The Praised One

Availability: Gacha1049
The Praised One
The Praised One T
№. 01684
Rarity3Pure Perfectly Baked!

Availability: Gacha1090
Perfectly Baked!
Perfectly Baked! T
№. 01742
Rarity5Happy Garden of the Lost

Availability: Gacha1144
Garden of the Lost
Garden of the Lost T
№. 01805
Rarity4Cool Shibuya Adventure!

Availability: Gacha1197
Shibuya Adventure!
Shibuya Adventure! T
№. 01862
Rarity5Powerful Christmas Carol

Availability: Gacha1239
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol T
№. 01943
Rarity3Powerful For Me to Be Myself

Availability: Event 251
For Me to Be Myself
For Me to Be Myself T
№. 01988
Rarity5Pure In a Shining School

Availability: Gacha1328
In a Shining School
In a Shining School T
№. 02014
Rarity4Powerful Riding Along the Clear Blue Waves

Availability: Gacha1355
Riding Along the Clear Blue Waves
Riding Along the Clear Blue Waves T

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