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BanG Dream! Wikia

BanG Dream! GARUPA☆PICO Comic Anthology is the official anthology for the mini-anime series BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO.

It is a collection of works by 17 creators, published by Bushiroad Media Co., Ltd and released by KADOKAWA Corporation on March 14, 2019.


The fun, lively days of the Chibi Garupa cast, brought to you by a wonderful group of creators!

Creators List[]

  1. Abe Kanari (阿部かなり)
  2. Ishida Aya (石田彩)
  3. Kazawa Yohei (香澤陽平)
  4. Kazahana Chiruo (風華チルヲ)
  5. Kosugi Kotaro (小杉光太郎)
  6. Kongaripasta (こんがりぱすた)
  7. Shiba Yusuke (シバユウスケ)
  8. Zunda Croquette (ずんだコロッケ)
  9. Take Shinobu (武シノブ)
  10. Tamekichi (たぬきち)
  11. Tsuchii (槌居)
  12. Dokuta Pepeko (毒田ペパ子)
  13. Nishi Asuka (西あすか)
  14. PAPA
  15. Fusjishima Shinnosuke (藤島真ノ介)
  16. Mattaku Mosuke (まったくモー助)
  17. Miyajima Seiya (宮嶋星矢)


Volume 1
  1. Star Beat
  2. Warehouse Practice
  3. Chocolate Cornets Are Terrifying
  4. Let's Try Doing a Cosplay Live
  5. Don't think! Eat.
  6. Rock n' Bread Roll
  7. Bread, Band, and Afterglow
  8. Aya Will Throw This Round Ball!
  9. In the Middle of the Dream+
  10. PasuPare of the Dead
  11. PICO Party!
  12. Cats and Roses Day After Day
  13. Roselia's Messy Day
  14. An Eternity of Reasons
  15. Kokoro's Community Field Trip
  16. Hello, Happy World! vs Bear
  17. HaroHapi Showtime Go!
  18. PICO Party!... Returns?
  19. Let's Work Your Body
Volume 2
  1. Hang in There! Afterglow
  2. Helper's Rhapsody
  3. Popipa MEETING
  4. What's the secret to happiness?
  5. Nekoshoku Starmine
  6. Before Afterglow 1841
  7. Rising STOIC Power
  8. Ego-Surfing Girl Aya-chan
  9. Hello, Happy VR World!
  10. Hello, Happy Sea World!


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