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Gaining Recognition Card Story - Episode



Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Rui: Good day to you. My name is Rui Yashio.
Rui: I am the violinist and composer of Morfonica.
Rui: That is all. I look forward to your support.
Nanami: Uhm, is that all you have to say...?
Rui: I have said everything that needs to be said. We are finished here.
Mashiro: M-maybe you should say something more so people can get to know you better, Rui-san...
Tsukushi: Why don't you try talking about your hobbies and special talents?
Rui: I have no hobbies or special talents, and I fail to see what purpose such information will serve in a video introducing our band.
Touko: W-well, I guess this could work.
It'll be pretty obvious to anyone who sees this what Rui is like.
Rui: Good. Then there is no further need to continue.
Rui: However, if our goal is to introduce our band, I do not believe we should be making videos. Having people listen to our music would be far more effective.

Gaining Recognition Card Story - Special Episode

Rational Behavior


Station Entrance

Rui: ...
Rui: ...? You are... BanG Dreamer-san, correct?
Rui: Yes, this is quite a coincidence.
Rui: I see, so you are in the middle of work. Good luck then.
Rui: My student council duties kept me busy, so I am running late for a scheduled meeting with one of my band members.
Rui: There is a store which Kirigaya-san wishes to visit. I believe she said it is some kind of café.
Rui: ... Going to a café with the other band members sounds entertaining to you?
Rui: I do not feel the same way.
Rui: I can understand getting together in order to practice or write music. Going to a café, however, seems quite unnecessary.
Rui: I would have refused, but I was told this is necessary for the band.
Rui: According to Kirigaya-san and Futaba-san, it is important for us to share experiences and get to know each other.
Rui: I do not share their viewpoint.
Rui: Although, I do agree that establishing a relationship of trust is necessary. However, the proper means of doing so should be through music.
Rui: It is more rational to build a relationship through practice than engaging in idle conversation at a café.
Rui: Then why I have agreed to go with Kirigaya-san?
Rui: There may be no need for me to go, but there is a high probability that declining will hinder our relationship.
Rui: Therefore, going to the café is the most rational thing to do.
Rui: ... Do you see some fault in my way of thinking?
Rui: I fail to see why you cannot reach the same conclusion which I have.
Rui: In any case, I must go now. Farewell.