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Gathering for Fun Card Story - Episode

Five-Color Blend Part 1


CiRCLE - Lobby

Kasumi: E-ehehe... Alright, on three, we say cheers! One, two... Three!
All: Cheers~!!

Fifteen Minutes Later

Kasumi: One more time! To a fantastic show! Cheers!
Saaya, Rimi & Tae: Cheers~!
Kasumi: Wasn't that concert fun?! Everyone's performance was so sparkling and heart-pounding!
Saaya: No kidding. We were all so in sync during the encore too.
Tae: It makes me want to do another concert tomorrow.
Saaya: There's no way that's happening.
Rimi: Fufu, that's exactly what I expected O-Tae-chan to say, though.
Kasumi: Yeah! And I totally understand what she's thinking! Arisa and I were talking after the show and-... Huh? Where is she?
Arisa: Phew~, I'm beat...
Kasumi: Arisa! Hey~, where'd you wander off to?
Arisa: Hm? Ah, I was just talking to everyone in Hello, Happy World! I got too nervous though and decided to come back.
Saaya: Ahaha, I can understand that.
Saaya: It's nice to be able to talk to so many different people, but you can't help but worry you'll say something rude.
Arisa: Exactly! That's the problem!
Arisa: Keeping a conversation going is actually hard. I always worry that I'm boring them...
Rimi: I know what you mean... Ah, but I'm sure everyone's going through that.
Arisa: True... Now that you mention it, it looks like people are mostly sticking to their original bands.
Saaya: That makes sense. The party's just started, so we're all nervous.
Tae: Except for Kasumi, apparently.
Arisa, Saaya & Rimi: Huh?
Kasumi: Great job on your concert, Roselia! Cheers~!
Rinko: Huh...? U-uhm...
Ako & Lisa: Yeah! Cheers~!
Yukina: Indeed. Good job out there.
Kasumi: Roselia's performance was so cool! The whole stage felt like it was shaking!
Sayo: I suppose that means we were able to showcase Roselia's charm.
Yukina: Of course. If we weren't able to do that, we wouldn't be qualified to stand on that stage.
Kasumi: Oh~! Now that sounds cool!
Kasumi: You guys are always so in sync on stage too. Ah, do you guys huddle up before your concerts?
Yukina: No, we don't do anything like that.
Lisa: Is that what Poppin'Party does?
Kasumi: Yup!
Ako: Wow, so it's like a team huddle~. That sounds cool...
Yukina: ... It's not happening.
Ako: I thought so...
Kasumi & Lisa: Ahaha...
Arisa: Come on, how can she just jump into their conversation like that?! I guess we know them better now, but it's still rude...!
Rimi: B-but it looks like they're all enjoying themselves.
Arisa: Wh-what...?
Kasumi: Playing a concert with you all was so much fun! We should do it again sometime!
Yukina: Of course. If everything works out, we'd love to.
Kasumi: Yippee~! Thank you!
Kasumi: I can't wait to play with Roselia again~! Next time, I'll- Ah, Ran-chan! Here's to all our hard work! Cheers~!
Ran: Huh? Ah, yeah. Good show.
Moca: Yay~, cheers~.
Kasumi: Cheers~! The crowd really loved you guys! Your show was so sparkly and heart-pounding!
Kasumi: Especially your first song! It was so amazing and cool~!
Ran: You thought so? Well... I guess that's good.
Himari: Ahaha, Ran's blushing~!
Ran: I am not.
All: Ahahaha!
Saaya: Looks like Kasumi and the others are having fun.
Arisa: She really is something, isn't she...?
Saaya: She really is~. Ahaha.

Gathering for Fun Card Story - Special Episode

Five-Color Blend Part 2


CiRCLE - Lobby

Kasumi: Great job today, Aya-senpai! Ready?! Cheers~!
Aya: Yeah! Cheers~!
Kokoro: Kasumi! The concert today was super-duper fun! We should do this again sometime!
Kasumi: Really?! Yeah! We totally should! Oh, and cheers, Kokoron!
Kokoro: Cheers~!!
Aya: Fufu, You know... You really are something, Kasumi-chan.
Aya: You've been going around to greet people ever since the party began, right?
Maya: I noticed that too!
Maya: I tend to get nervous in these situations... That's why I find it so amazing that you can talk to others without hesitating at all!
Kasumi: Huh?! W-was I really doing that?! I didn't even notice...
Kasumi: But now that I think about it, I have been talking to everyone...
Kanon: So you didn't even realized you were doing it.
Misaki: That does sound like something you'd do, Toyama-san.
Chisato: Fufu. Still, thanks to you, Kasumi-chan, the party atmosphere feels a lot lighter.
Chisato: As fun as parties are, the beginning is always tough. That's why we all tend to stick to the people we know.
Hina: Yeah, if you hadn't come around and asked to cheer with us, we probably would have stuck to our own groups~.
Kaoru: Indeed. It is you, dear Kasumi-chan, who has brought us together.
Kanon: Even Roselia and Afterglow are talking to each other now.
Hagumi: Yeah! Just what I expected from Kaa-kun!
Kasumi: Ehehe, come on, you guys~.
Chisato: That being said, it seems there are a few people worried about you.
Kasumi: Huh?
Arisa: How can Kasumi act so buddy-buddy with everyone?! She better not come crying to me when they get mad... Ah! She saw us!
Rimi: Wh-what should we do...?!
Saaya: You guys worry too much.
Tae: Yeah, this is when you should be on the attack.
Saaya: No, you don't need to do that either. Just be yourselves.
Kasumi: Guys...!
Kasumi: What are you doing all the way over there~? Come over here!
Arisa: Huh?! Who do you think we've been worried about this whole time?! ... Jeez...
Chisato: I think I can see what Poppin'Party goes through every day.
Maya: Ahaha...
Kasumi: Arisa, Rimi-rin, Saaya, O-Tae! I've been looking everywhere for you~!
Tae: We've been looking for you too!
Arisa: Hold on, who's the one who ran off?!
Saaya: Ahaha... Kasumi, did you get a chance to say hi to everyone?
Kasumi: You bet! We talked about all sorts of things! It was super fun!
Kasumi: Oh yeah! Hey, everybody! Why don't we do one more toast?!
Arisa: Huh?!
Marina: Sure, why not? The party's winding down anyway.
Kasumi: Right?! Ahem... Here we go!
Kasumi: Thank you so much for today, everybody! Our concert was the most sparkling, heart-pounding concert ever!
Kasumi: So before we leave, I wanted to give a toast to us and our show! Ready~? One, two, three! Che- Ah!
Arisa: Waah! You idiot! What were you thinking?! You spilled juice everywhere!
Kasumi: I'm sorry, Arisa~.
Saaya: Just when everyone was saying such good things about you too.
Tae: I don't know, I personally like this side of Kasumi.
Rimi: Yeah, I agree.
Marina: This is what I like about you, Kasumi-chan. You always see things through to the end.
Marina: It's just a little spill, so don't worry about it. I'll clean it up. You just focus on your speech. And make it good.
Kasumi: Okay! Thank you! ... Ahem, alright, let's try this again!
Kasumi: Thank you for all the sparkling and heart-pounding moments, everyone! May there be many more to come! One, two, three...
All: Cheers~!!
Kasumi: Cheers~!! Ehehe.