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Gentle Breeze Card Story - Episode

Guitar Battle!


Shopping Mall

Ako: Hm? Hey, Ran-chan~! Doing some shopping?
Ran: Ah, yeah. I stopped by the bookstore. Heading back home now. How about you?
Ako: I stopped by to try a new arcade game! It just came out today~!
Ran: Oh, so you're into more than just online games, then.
Ako: Heh, heh, heh... Ran-chan, most arcade games nowadays can be played online, you know. Hey, I know! Since you're free, why don't we play a few rounds together?
Ran: Video games, huh...?
Ako: Ah, my bad. It'd be no fun if you're not into them. Sorry, forget what I said.
Ran: That's not exactly what I meant. I've never been much of a gamer, so I figured it might bore you to play with a beginner.
Ako: Nuh-uh, no way! I'd love to be able to play with you!
Ako: Besides, I know a game that you'll probably like, Ran-chan!
Ran: Hmmm, what kind of game?
Ako: Ohohoho, you'll find out soon enough. Come on, let's go!
Ran: Ah! Wait, Ako! No running inside!

Shopping Mall - Arcade

Ako: This one right here! Cool, isn't it?!
Ran: Is that a guitar? There aren't any strings, though...
Ako: The buttons work like strings! You press the buttons on the neck of the guitar in the order that they appear on screen while strumming with this pick.
Ran: Oh, I get it. Sounds interesting enough.
Ako: I know, right?! So yeah, let's try it out together~!
Ako: Hmmm, what song should we go with first~? Ah, you know this one, I bet.
Ran: Yeah, I guess... Whoa, what? It's already starting?
Ako: Don't worry, don't worry~! You'll get used to it as you play!
Ran: I'm not so sure... Ah, hold on! It's way too fast!
Ako: Come on, we're just getting started~!
Ran: ... Okay, and then... Nailed it.
Ran: I think I'm getting the hang of this. Pushing the buttons to the rhythm of the song is easy enough.
Ako: Ohhh! Ran-chan, you're a natural~! But the pace is going to pick up from here. Good luck!
Ran: Huh? Ah... Shoot. I tried playing like there were real strings...!
Ako: Uh-oh! Ran-chan, keep your eyes on the screen~!
Ran: Ah, wait...! Aaah... My fingers are...
Ran: I lost to a drummer... But I think I picked up a thing or two from playing.
Ran: Let's go again.
Ako: Oh, that's the spirit, Ran-chan~! But don't expect me to go easy on you~.

Walking Home

Ako: You were great, Ran-chan~! The way you played that last part made it feel like a real performance!
Ako: I couldn't believe how fast you picked up on everything!
Ran: It wasn't too bad once I stopped myself from playing actual chords.
Ran: But yeah, I still think a real guitar is best.
Ako: Ohhh, so cool...!
Ran: Is there a drum version of that game too?
Ako: Yep! In fact, they've got a whole lineup that is almost like a real band~.
Ako: But yeah, after playing the game, I get an itch to bang some real sticks.
Ako: The sound and feel just aren't the same, of course, so it makes you want to play the real deal!
Ran: No, I get it. That's exactly how I felt. The picking is totally different too.
Ako: Ohhh, all this talk has got me hungry for some drumming! I think I'll play a little after I get home!
Ran: Ah... By the way, are you alright with not playing that new game you mentioned earlier?
Ako: Huh? New game...? Aaah~! I totally forgot~!
Ran: Fufu, I figured as much. Then again, I only remembered just now.
Ako: Oh well! I had tons of fun playing with you today, so yeah! I'll save it for next time.
Ran: Yeah, I had fun too. Thanks for inviting me, Ako.
Ako: Hehehe, I got thanked by Ran-chan~.
Ran: It's no big deal. Hit me up when you decide to play that new game. I'll tag along.
Ako: Wait, you'll come play with me again?! Yay~! Thanks, Ran-chan!

Gentle Breeze Card Story - Special Episode

If My Sister...



Ran: Ah... Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Happy New Year.
Marina: Ah, Ran-chan! Happy New Year. Oh right, the new semester has already started~.
Ran: Yeah, our winter break flew right by.
Marina: How was it? Were you able to relax for New Year's?
Ran: Nah, we were pretty busy with pupils coming by to say hello and tending to the flowers.
Ran: Between that and all the homework, as well as helping out with Tomoe's taiko performance, it was really hectic.
Marina: Helping out at a taiko performance?
Ran: Tomoe and the others held one at the shrine for New Year's. I ended up helping out. Both Ako and I were asked to come along.
Ran: Then again, we did more than just that. It turned out alright, all things considered.
Ran: Visiting the stands, watching a little monkey dance, eating mochi...
Marina: Oh, sounds like fun! New Year's tends to be exciting like that!
Ran: Well, I get the feeling that all the excitement wasn't solely because of the holiday...
Ran: And on top of that, Kokoro wanted to spice up the pavilion where they were performing, so everyone rushed to put up decorations.
Ran: Anyway, it was one crazy day. I think Ako was probably the happiest person there.
Marina: Fufu, I can already imagine her bouncing around and having a good time.
Ran: Ako pulls out all the stops when it comes to Tomoe, so just being there with her was tiring enough.
Ran: That, and a part of me feels the need to cater to her.
Marina: Because she's a childhood friend of yours?
Ran: Sure, I guess that's a part of it. I've known her since we were both kids.
Ran: I just figured that this is what it must be like to have a little sister.
Marina: Oh right, you're an only child, aren't you?
Ran: Yeah. So I feel like I kind of have an idea of what Tomoe goes through.
Ran: Having a little sister around can be a hassle, but honestly, it's not all that bad.
Marina: Fufu, having Ako-chan as a sibling would make any day brighter.
Ran: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Ran: Ah, don't tell anyone I said this stuff, okay? Especially Tomoe!
Marina: Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.
Ran: Thank you... Anyway, sorry for dragging you into such a weird conversation.
Marina: Not at all. I was glad that I could give you a New Year's greeting. See you again at CiRCLE.
Ran: Yeah, I look forward to another year together. Alright, I had better get going.