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Gentle Witch Card Story - Episode

You and I


Hazawa Coffee

Kanon: ... So that happened, and then we put on a street performance. It was quite stressful, but I had a lot of fun.
Chisato: A witch's store and a street performance...
Chisato: I knew we'd both been busy lately, but I had no idea you'd done so many things.
Kanon: Yeah. I was kind of in a daze from it all.
Chisato: Fufu, well, it's over now.
Chisato: But you really did have quite the strange experience.
Kanon: Yes. There were a few times when I even found myself starting to believe in magic.
Chisato: Surely it isn't real though...
Kanon: R-right...?
Kanon: But you know, sometimes I feel like idols and actresses are magical.
Chisato: What exactly do you mean by that?
Kanon: After I helped out at MAHO DO, I saw you on TV, and it made me realize something.
Kanon: Your smiles and songs make others feel good and want to do their best...
Kanon: I think that's kind of magical.
Chisato: I see... I've never thought about that before. It's giving me a strange feeling.
Chisato: That reminds me, you said that witches have certain characteristics, right?
Chisato: They have red eyes, wear gloves, and aren't too fond of kids... Was that it?
Kanon: That's what it said in Kokoro-chan's book.
Kanon: Oh, your Pastel✽Palettes costumes often include gloves, don't they?
Chisato: I see, so I look like... a witch.
Chisato: Well, I don't think I have red eyes... I'm not that great with small children, though.
Chisato: I guess it can't be helped if you think I'm a witch then.
Kanon: Fuee~... Th-that's not what I—
Chisato: Just kidding. Fufu, it was a joke.
Chisato: Sorry, maybe that was too far.
Kanon: No! You did scare me though. You're amazing, Chisato-chan.
Kanon: I'm sure this is why you're such a good actress and idol... No, that's not it.
Kanon: Just like Hello, Happy World! has the magic of smiles, I'm sure every person in the world has their own special kind of magic.
Chisato: That's an interesting way to look at things. But... you may be on to something there.
Chisato: Making people smile, supporting people, if we call things like these "magic," then I think we're all witches.
Kanon: All of us are witches... That sounds kind of nice.
Kanon: I hope I can use my magic to make all kinds of people smile.
Chisato: I'm sure you will, Kanon.
Chisato: And as an idol... No, as a "witch," I won't slack off either.
Chisato: So let's keep it up as both friends and rivals. I can't wait to see what you do, Miss Witch.
Kanon: Sure! Let's do it, Chisato-chan... I mean, my fellow witch!
Chisato & Kanon: Fufu! Fufu...

Gentle Witch Card Story - Special Episode

The Search for Magic



Marina: Ah, Kanon-chan. Hi there.
Kanon: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Marina: It's a nice day today~. Are you heading somewhere?
Kanon: Yes. There's a store I want to stop by before my part-time job... It's called MAHO DO. Have you heard of it?
Marina: Hmm, I feel like I have.
Kanon: It's a good luck charm store that opened recently. Actually, Hello, Happy World! has been helping out there.
Marina: Ahh, that place! I heard you've been really busy. You helped tend to the store and made goods, right?
Kanon: Yes. We also put on a street performance...
Marina: A-a street performance?
Kanon: It is quite surprising, isn't it?
Kanon: There was a girl who came to the store with her friend, and then they got into a fight...
Kanon: So we put on a performance to find the friend among the crowd.
Marina: I see! That's quite the bold plan.
Kanon: Fufu, it was actually all Misaki-chan's idea.
Kanon: It's a plan we came up with when we were trying to keep people from spotting Pen-chan the penguin.
Kanon: But this time we thought we could use it to attract people's attention instead.
Kanon: And, of course, it was a great success!
Kanon: People were drawn to us as if they'd been put under some sort of spell... And the two girls were able to reunite!
Marina: Fufu, so it was all thanks to Misaki-chan's plan.
Kanon: Yes...! I'm so glad that Misaki-chan came up with this idea for us.
Kanon: I said this before, but it was as if the crowd were under a spell... It made me think that Misaki-chan might be able to use some sort of insight magic!
Marina: Insight magic, huh...? Well, I guess that would make you think that.
Marina: I had a bit of an insightful moment when I was cleaning the kitchen the other day. I realized there's a better way to store cookie cutters...
Kanon: Ah, yeah! I do that too!
Kanon: Even if they're different shapes, you can store them neatly if you stand them up. It saves a lot of space, doesn't it?
Marina: Huh, I didn't know you knew this magic trick. I thought it was something I came up with... Haha.
Kanon: Fufu... Maybe we can do even more than just insightful magic.
Kanon: I wonder what other kinds of magic I can use. Maybe I should go on a magic search.
Marina: That would be so wonderful! A magic search, huh...? That sounds kinda exciting.
Marina: How about I search for some too? Let me know if you find any new kinds of magic, Kanon-chan.
Kanon: Sure...! Now, I'd better head to MAHO DO. Thank you very much for the chat.