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Gift-Giving Helper Card Story - Episode

Time for a Simulation


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council

Tsugumi: Phew~... And that's all the work for today, Hina-senpai. Nice job.
Hina: Same to you, Tsugu-chan~. It was a pretty easy day, huh? 'Kay, ready to go?
Tsugumi: Oh, I'm going to stay for a little while longer. I have something I want to do.
Hina: Hm? There's more to do? I can lend you a hand, you know.
Tsugumi: Thank you, but that's alright. It's not related to the student council. I just have to check something...
Hina: Ooo, what is it? What's on that paper?!
Hina: ... Wow, that's a lot of names. Hey, what are you gonna use that for?
Maya: Pardon me. I have your club's payment report~.
Tsugumi: Oh, Maya-senpai! Thank you so much.
Maya: You're welcome. You two are still hard at work?
Hina: Nuh-uh, we're all done with that! More importantly, take a look at this, Maya-chan!
Maya: Hm? This is a... list for something?
Hina: Don't you wanna know more about it too?! So, Tsugu-chan, what is it?
Tsugumi: These are all the students that have to receive a White-Day gift. Oh, but not from me. Tomoe-chan is giving them the gifts.
Hina: Tomoe-chan? That sure is a lot of kids~.
Tsugumi: I know. This year, Tomoe-chan received Valentine's gifts from fifty students, but she's not sure whether or not she can get them all their gifts, so I thought I'd help her out.
Tsugumi: I wanted to make a schedule so that she could give them out as efficiently as possible on the day of.
Maya: That sounds pretty tough... If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know!
Hina: Yep, I'll do something too! Just tell me what!
Maya: Hina-san, that sounds less like you're interested in helping and more like you're interested in taking part...
Tsugumi: Ahaha... Still, I'm happy you two are willing to help. Thank you!
Tsugumi: ... Oh, I know. Can I ask you to do one thing, then?
Hina: Mhm, I see. We do a simulation to see how long it takes to get one gift to one person! Got it!
Tsugumi: Yes. I'll play Tomoe-chan's part, so one of you can be the student receiving the gift, and the other can keep track of how long it takes. Is that okay...?
Maya: I'll certainly help! If one thing is important for making a schedule, it's understanding how long everything actually takes.
Tsugumi: Thank you!
Hina: Alrighty, I'll keep track of the time! Maya-chan, you do the acting role, yeah? You are part of the theater club!
Maya: Huh? I'm just a stagehand, though...
Hina: It's fine, it's fine~! Forget the little details! Okay, ready? And... go!
Tsugumi: Huh?! Uhhh... "Maya-senpai? Do you have a moment? Today's White Day, and I wanted to give you a gift since you gave me chocolate on Valentine's Day."
Maya: "Wow, you didn't have to. Thank you so much, Hazawa-san."
Hina: Cut~!
Hina: You guys, you're not acting, you're just being Tsugu-chan and Maya-chan. If you don't play the role of Tomoe-chan and the other student, you won't get an accurate measurement~.
Tsugumi: Oh, that's right! S-sorry, let's try it again!
Hina: And since there's nothing boppin' about Maya-chan just playing herself... Let's see... How about you play a nervous first-year student♪
Maya: What?! Do we really need to go that far?
Hina: Absolutely! This is very important! 'Kay, here we go. Take two... Action!
Tsugumi: Be Tomoe-chan... Be Tomoe-chan...
Tsugumi: "Yo! You cool on time? It's White Day, you know, so I wanna give you somethin'."
Maya: "Oh, w-wow, I can't believe you remembered! I love it...! Thank you very much, Tomoe-senpai!"
Hina: Ohhh, very nice! Amazing Tomoe-chan impression! And you're playing your role just right, too, Maya-chan! That's a theater-club member for you♪
Tsugumi: " 'Kay, class is about to start, so I gotta get goin'. Sorry for takin' up your time."
Maya: "It's no problem at all. I appreciate the thought! I'm just happy we got a moment to talk."
Hina: And cut! Great work, you two! You played your roles perfectly!
Tsugumi: I'm grateful for your help, Hina-senpai, Maya-senpai! I think I have an idea of what White Day will be like, too.
Maya: Oh, no worries at all. It was nothing! So, Hina-san, how long did it take?
Hina: ... Huh? What do you mean?
Tsugumi & Maya: What?
Hina: Oh, my bad. I forgot to keep track~. Ahaha.
Tsugumi & Maya: What?!
Hina: I just couldn't help it. You guys were such good actors~. I'd say~... it was like five minutes?
Tsugumi: Y-you were supposed to take a precise measurement~!
Maya: Ahaha... Well, this is Hina-san we're dealing with, right?

Gift-Giving Helper Card Story - Special Episode

I Want to See You Smile



Marina: Oh, Tsugumi-chan, hey there.
Tsugumi: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. I see you're working as usual. Are you two on a break?
Marina: We are. Do you and the others have a reservation for one of the upcoming slots?
Tsugumi: Yes. I arrived a little early, so I was having a café au lait!
Marina: The one they have here is quite good with how sweet it is. That reminds me, White Day just passed. Did Tomoe-chan have her hands full getting out gifts this year again?
Tsugumi: You don't know the half of it! I gave her a hand with it, but Tomoe-chan ended up giving out gifts to fifty people.
Marina: Fifty?! That's a big number!
Tsugumi: I know, right? And you should have seen how kind she was while she was doing it. She met with each person and gave out the gifts one at a time.
Tsugumi: Even just saying thank you to fifty people would have been hard enough, but she cherished her conversation with every single one of them...
Tsugumi: It all served as a reminder for why Tomoe-chan is so popular.
Marina: Mhm, if someone does that for you, you just can't help wanting to be in their corner.
Marina: Still, I imagine with that many people, even helping Tomoe-chan must have been a challenge.
Tsugumi: It was. Not only were the preparations beforehand a lot of work but so was running around the day of trying to get everywhere...
Tsugumi: But with everyone in Afterglow helping, we were able to get the gifts to everyone.
Marina: Oh! That's great to hear.
Tsugumi: Yeah. I was happy to see Tomoe-chan smiling afterward. Not to mention, seeing the reaction from the people who received the gifts made it all worth it in my opinion.
Marina: Fufu, I see. You Afterglow girls are just wonderful, the way you do so much for your friends.
Tsugumi: Ehehe, I'm glad to hear you say that.
Tsugumi: I get the feeling I can do anything for my fellow Afterglow members!
Marina: It's not really a feeling. You do actually do anything for them, right?
Marina: I don't know how many times I've thought to myself "Tsugumi-chan's energy sure is pulling them forward."
Tsugumi: N-no, that's not true!
Tsugumi: They're the ones pulling me. I'm always thinking about how I have to try to keep up.
Tsugumi: That's why I'm so happy that I was able to be helpful this time around.
Tsugumi: It'd be nice if there were more things I could be helpful with going forward.
Marina: Fufu, I'm sure you'll find something. The rest of them do depend on you, you know.
Tsugumi: Thank you for saying that!
Marina: ... Hm? What's that, BanG Dreamer-san? Oh, you're right. Break time's almost over.
Tsugumi: Ah, I did a lot of talking, didn't I...? Sorry...
Marina: Oh, no worries. Being able to talk with you made for a nice break. Thanks for sharing all of that.
Marina: I'll see you later.
Tsugumi: Okay! Thanks in advance for your help today!