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Gift-Giving Standby Card Story - Episode

Cheers from Upperclassmen


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Ran: I wonder if Moca and Himari found the girls they were looking for...
Ran: (I know we talked about how the three of us would find the girls that Tomoe needs to give her White-Day gifts to so that she could do it faster, but...)
Ran: Is this really gonna work...?
Ran: ... Oh, those girls in front of the teacher's lounge. I think those are the ones who were on Tomoe's list... Yep, they've got matching smartphone cases. Must be.
Ran: (They've got their textbooks and notebooks out... Looks like they have a question for their teacher. I guess they won't be leaving anytime soon.)
Ran: (Now to send a message... "The three girls from 1A are waiting for a teacher in front of the teacher's lounge. Looks like they'll be there for a little while.")
Ran: ... That takes care of that.
Ran: Who do we have left...? Oof, there are really that many?
Ran: Well, it doesn't look like those three are gonna leave, so I should probably check the classrooms for now.
Yukina: ... Mitake-san?
Lisa: Ran, hey hey☆
Ran: ...?! Minato-san... Lisa-san.
Yukina: Do you believe it's appropriate to look so repulsed after seeing someone's face?
Ran: Sorry... I was just surprised, that's all. Uhhh, so, what are you two doing here?
Lisa: We're returning the class journal to the teacher's lounge. Yukina was on duty today~.
Yukina: I'd like to ask you the same thing. From what I could see, you were hiding and secretly looking in the direction of the teacher's lounge. Then, you started checking whatever it was you were holding.
Yukina: Anyone would describe your behavior as suspicious...
Ran: I-I wasn't doing anything weird. I was just...
Ran: I'm helping Tomoe with her White-Day gifts. She's having a tough time because there are so many kids to find.
Lisa: Really? How many gifts does she have to give out?
Ran: Let's see... I think it was fifty.
Lisa: Goodness, that's a lot! Tomoe's as popular as ever!
Ran: Anyway, that's why I'm here... If we can find the girls for her, she'll be able to hand out the gifts a little faster.
Yukina: I see. That's why you were hiding here and checking.
Ran: Yeah, basically.
Ran: ... Oh, hold on. Got a message... It's from Tsugumi.
Lisa: About your search?
Ran: That'd be my guess. It says... "Are the three first-year students still in front of the teacher's lounge?" Oh, that's right!
Lisa: Does she mean the three girls right there?
Ran: Yeah. I saw they had their textbooks and notebooks open, so I figured they came to ask their teacher a question.
Yukina: That would appear to be the case. It also appears that they are thanking said teacher.
Ran: What?! Oh man, they finished up much faster than I thought they would...!
Ran: If only they'd wait just a little while longer...
Lisa: Hm~. Would five minutes be enough?
Ran: Huh? Yeah...?
Lisa: Okeydokey☆ You just leave this to me♪ I'm gonna borrow the journal, Yukina~.
Yukina: Lisa...?
Ran: There she goes... Is she gonna do what I think she's gonna do...?
Lisa: Oh my goodness, those matching smartphone cases are just adorable~! Are you girls here to see a teacher?
Lisa: ... Ohhh, so you had to ask about a question you didn't understand~. Well, aren't you three good students~! Me? Oh, I'm just here to return this journal~.
Ran: ... Wow. She doesn't even know them and she's talking to them like she would anyone else...
Yukina: That's Lisa for you.
Ran: I'll have to thank her later.
Yukina: Mitake-san, don't you think you should reply to that message while Lisa's stalling?
Ran: Ah, yeah, for sure... Uh, thanks, Minato-san.
Yukina: I haven't actually done anything. Hope getting out those White-Day gifts goes well.
Ran: Yeah, we'll get them all out. You'll see.

Gift-Giving Standby Card Story - Special Episode

When We're Not Looking


CiRCLE Lobby

Ran: Hey.
Marina: Ah, hey, Ran-chan. You're early today.
Ran: My flower-arrangement training finished ahead of schedule.
Ran: I thought maybe someone else would be here already, but I guess that was wishful thinking.
Marina: Maybe~. But Tsugumi-chan should be here soon, don't you think?
Marina: Doesn't she usually come early if she doesn't have anything else to take care of?
Ran: Like when we don't have school... You might be right.
Ran: And during the weekdays, if she doesn't have student-council stuff, she'll come early.
Ran: ... She really does work way too hard.
Marina: What do you mean? Did something happen?
Ran: Ah, yeah. During White Day the other day, she was doing everything she could to help Tomoe.
Marina: I did hear about her lending Tomoe-chan a hand with gifts.
Ran: That's exactly what I'm talking about. She spent all this time thinking about a schedule and the order Tomoe should give the gifts out.
Ran: I started to worry, watching her do so much.
Marina: You helped too though, right?
Ran: Yeah, but it took Tsugumi a long time before she came to us for help.
Marina: Did it?
Ran: I don't know if I'd say she's bad at relying on people, but there are definitely times when she'll forget that it's even an option.
Ran: Which is why I kept thinking that we had to watch over her to make sure she doesn't overdo it.
Marina: Fufu, but there has to be a reason why she can push herself so hard, right?
Ran: Yeah. Tsugumi really does love Afterglow.
Marina: Mhm, I can feel it too.
Marina: Just like I can feel it from you, Ran-chan.
Marina: If you didn't, you wouldn't be so worried about your friends.
Ran: W-well...
Ran: ... That's only natural, isn't it?
Marina: Fufu, yeah.
Ran: Oh, look at that. Tsugumi is the first one here.
Ran: Okay, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. We'll let you know if we need anything.
Marina: Great. Good luck with rehearsal!