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Girls Anthology Event Story - Opening
Ex-thusiasm Deficiency!

Moca's feeling down about one of her favorite manga coming to an end.
Tsugumi tries to cheer her up and says...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Moca: Sigh~...
Moca: ... Sigh~...
Tsugumi: Looks like Ran-chan's still in homeroom. Why don't we wait here for a little while? ... Uhm, Moca-chan? What's wrong? I heard you sighing.
Moca: Tsugu~. It's over for me. I've lost my reason for living~. I can't go on~. Boo-hoo-hoo...
Tsugumi: Huh?! Wh-what do you mean?
Moca: Sob... Here~, see for yourself~.
Tsugumi: Isn't this the manga magazine you buy everry week? If I remember correctly, this morning you were saying, "It's that time of the week again~!".
Moca: Yeah, this is it alright~. Take a look here though. Right under this panel~.
Tsugumi: Uhm... "Thank you for all your support. We hope you will look forward to our next series." ... W-wait, that means...
Moca: Yup. The unthinkable... That's a wrap. It's over. Finito~.
Moca: And I was always filled with excitement and enthusiasm reading their stuff week after week too~. At this rate, I'm going to shrivel up and die of an ex-thusiasm deficiency~.
Tsugumi: I totally understand. It's really sad when your favorite manga ends...
Tsugumi: But you can't let it keep you down forever. You have to pick yourself up and move on! This is the perfect opportunity to find a new manga to enjoy!
Moca: Well, yeah, but... How? How am I supposed to find something when I don't even know where to start~?
Tsugumi: Th-then... What if I give you some recommendations?
Tsugumi: Actually, there's this manga I've been wanting to tell you guys about anyway!
Tsugumi: It's about this girl trying to steal the heart of her beloved prince... Ah! And there's this other one I like that's about a girl trying to start a girls' soccer club at her school!
Tsugumi: Both of the main characters are really upbeat, so you can't help but be happy yourself. They're perfect for when you2re sad, like right now...
Moca: Hm~, those do sound pretty Tsugurific and deep, bvt... do they have any battle scenes~?
Tsugumi: Huh?! I-I don't think so...
Moca: Too bad~... Right now I want something with lots of battles. Something fiery that'll make this manga ending a distant memory~.
Moca: Sorry, Tsugu~.
Tsugumi: Don't be! Still, a manga that's "fiery", huh...? Uhm~.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, what exactly do you mean by that? I think I have an idea, but... nothing's really coming to mind.
Moca: Hm~. Like the kind of stuff I usually read, I guess~... Ah, right... Now that I think about it, we haven't ever really talked about manga before, have we?
Moca: You usually read shoujo manga, don't you, Tsugu~?
Tsugumi: That's not the only thing. I just like manga with cheerful main characters, so I just happen to read a lot of shoujo manga.
Moca: I see, I see. So the thing you like is within the shoujo manga genre... like teen dramas or something~?
Tsugumi: Teen dramas, huh...? I suppose so. I like it when I want to cheer on the main character. How about you, Moca-chan?
Moca: I like manga with really solid stories. If there are fight scenes, even better~.
Moca: That's probably why I end up reading mostly shounen and seinen manga~. Watching the main character go up against a super strong enemy gets me fired up~!
Tsugumi: So the ones that make you wonder, 1What'll happen next?" or something that keeps you wanting more?
Moca: That's my Tsugu~. Bull's eye~. I want something that keeps me on the edge of my seat~.
Tsugumi: E-ehehe... Something tells me I finally understand what kind of manga you like.
Moca: Same here~. I always thought you only liked shoujo manga, or series that were made into movies~.
Tsugumi: Not at all! Although, I do end up reading those a lot bnecause I don't buy any of those magazines. And if it's being made into a movie, they usually play a lot of commercials on TV.
Moca: Oh yeah~. Without those commercials, you wouldn't know about them at all. That's another reason why finding a new manga is so hard~.
Moca: I haven't come across anything lately that screams "Read me!"
Moca: ... Now I'm doubly sad I've lost the only manga that made me feel that way... Boo-hoo-hoo~.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan...
Tsugumi: (I really want to cheer her up... But how...?)
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, uhm... I...
Tsugumi: ...!
Moca: ...? Tsugu? What's up~?
Tsugumi: Moca-chan... This is it!
Moca: What's it...? "Now accepting applications for our New Artist Awards"...?
Tsugumi: Exactly!
Tsugumi: Uhm, if you can't find an interesting manga, then we should make our own!
Tsugumi: So what do you say, Moca-chan? Let's make our own manga!
Moca: Hoho~... I see what you're getting at. Now this is an unexpected development~.
Moca: And an interesting one to boot. "How will Moca-chan and Tsugu's fates be changed by this new challenge~? Tune in to find out~!"

Girls Anthology Event Story - Chapter 1
Feeling Mocatastic?

Moca and Tsugumi are deep in thought about writing their manga
when Tomoe, Ran and Himari show up...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

The Two: ... Sigh~...
Tsugumi: Making manga sure is hard...
Moca: Urgh~... Good stories are coming to mind, but they're all over the place, not cohesive at all~.
Tsugumi: And the only scenes we've come up with are the exciting parts... We don't have anything that leads up to them. Who knew writing a story would be so hard?
The Two: Hmm~...
Himari: Ugh~, I told you we'd be late~. You're way to quick to say yes to everything, Tomoe!
Tomoe: I said I was sorry, didn't I? I figured since we were already waiting for Ran, we'd have time to help out. I didn't know they'd ask us to help clean the entire reference room.
Ran: I just finished up myself so it worked out fine, didn't it? Thanks for waiting, Moca, Tsugumi... Uhh, why are you making those faces?
Moca: Ah, Ran~. How's it going~?
Tsugumi: How was class, Ran-chan? How about you guys, Tomoe-chan? Himari-chan?
Himari: Tsugu~! Listen to this! Tomoe-
Ran: Yeah, yeah. You can tell them about it later... What are you two up to? You look pretty stumped.
Tsugumi: A-ahaha... You see...

Himari & Ran: Manga...?!
Tomoe: You two are writing manga?!
Tsugumi: I guess it is a little shocking, huh?
Himari: Of course it is! Why? What on earth gave you that kind of an idea?!
Ran: Oh, come on. It's obviously Moca's fault.
Moca: Hey~, that's so mean, Ran~. It just happens to be my fault this time~.
Tsugumi: Uhm, Moca-chan's favourite manga ended, and she hasn't been able to find a new one to read...
Tsugumi: So we were trying to think of what to do about it... Then I saw this in Moca-chan's magazine! Look! "New Artist Awards Applications Now Open!"
Tsugumi: And that's when it hit me! If we can't find a good manga, we just have to make our own!
Tomoe: Oh~, gotcha. Sounds like something you'd come up with, Tsugu.
Himari: You sure you're not just after the prize money~? Those kinds of contests usually give out a lot of cash.
Tomoe: Hahaha. And if you win, you'll bot be manga artists, huh~? Should I get your autographs while I have the chance?
Moca: You guys think this is some kind of game to us~?
Himari: N-no, that's not what we're saying at all! So? What kind of manga are you gonna make?
Moca: We told you~. That's what we're trying to figure out~.
Ran: You'd think you'd be able to come up with a ton of stories since you're always reading that stuff.
Tsugumi: We've come up with the climax and more exciting parts. It's the beginning we're having trouble with. We're totally stuck.
Moca: Yeah, what she said~. By the way~, what kind of manga do you guys think we should do~?
Tomoe: Obviously you have to do something intense! Where friendships and alliances are formed not with words, but with fists! That stuff's the best~!
Himari: I think you should do a love story~! Something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then leaves you crying at the end!
Ran: Uhm... I only read manga when I borrow it from Moca... I honestly have no idea what would be good.
Tomoe: I feel like you'll read anything, Ran. I just lent you a book myself.
Ran: I wouldn't say 'anything'... It's just that I don't choose what to read on my own, so that's what it looks like. They're all interesting, but I can't say I know which ones are especially good.
Ran: But now all we've done is tell you what kind of manga we like.
Tsugumi: True... But if you like something that much, you'd probably be pretty good at writing on your own, right?
Moca: I see, I see. Everything's becoming clear~. After hearing from all of you, I think I've come up with something really Mocatastic~.
Himari: Hmph! You're just speaking nonsense again~.
Tomoe: So what kind of manga do you two like? Something tells me I already know though.
Tsugumi: Yeah, we're doing a-
Moca: Tsugu~. Stop.
Tsugumi: ...?! M-Moca-chan?
Moca: I said I thought of something Mocatastic, didn't I~? I think I've found a way to bring our story together~.
Tsugumi: R-really?!
Moca: Really. However, I've only got the beginning down. Think you can help me finish it off~?
Tsugumi: Of course!
Tomoe: Oh~, now we're talking!
Himari: This is going to be a combination of genres you and Tsugu like, right? Hmm~... Yeah, I can't even imagine.
Ran: Moca, are you... okay?
Moca: Fufufu~. Leave it to yours truly~.
Moca: Now then, story time~. Everyone gather round~.

Girls Anthology Event Story - Chapter 2
A Mysterious Bloodline

Himari, member of the tennis club, is worried about the fact that
Yukina only comes down hard on her, but...


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Tennis Court

Yukina: Uehara-san, is this really all you've got...? Where's your passion for the game of tennis?
Himari: Huff, puff... I-I can... keep going...!
Yukina: And you will. Here comes the next ball.
Himari: Yes ma'am! ... Eek!
Yukina: What on earth was that?! You didn't even come close to hitting it. One more time, from the top!
Himari: U-urgh... O-okay!

Aya: Are you alright, Himari-chan? Minato-senpai was really strict with you again today.
Kanon: Why is she like that with only you though? She's always so nice to us...
Himari: ... M-maybe she sees something in me? Boy, sure is tough~!
Aya: Himari-chan...
Himari: Ah! I'm going to go tidy up the courts! I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to be doing all the cleaning myself... Thanks for helping, you guys!
Kanon: No, I'm sorry we can't do more.
Aya: We'll do anything we can to help. You've already shown us you've got what it takes talent-wise... I know we can make it to nationals together!
Himari: You guys... Yeah! We got this! Alright, I'll see you tomorrow~! Bye-bye~!

Himari: Okay... Phew... I think that's it? The court's all set, and the club room's spotless! Thank goodness~, I can finally go home~.
Himari: Still... I wonder why Yukina-san only acts that way toward me... I know I'm good at staying positive, but at this rate...
???: Do you want to know why... Minato-san's so strict with you?
Himari: Wh-who's there?!
Moca: I'm Moca, a beautiful girl who just happens to be passing by. But forget about me... Should I tell you? The reason for Minato-san's strict training and behavior.
Himari: A beautiful girl just passing by...? That's not suspicious at all... Wh-whatever. Yeah, I want to know. Tell me! Why does she act so differently with me...?
Moca: It's because... of your blood.
Himari: My... blood?
Moca: Yes. Your family's blood holds an old and mysterious power, and that power now flows through your veins. Minato-san intends to awaken that hidden potential by pushing you to your limits.
Himari: Huh? M-my family's blood? Mysterious power? What a lazy explanation... W-wait, no, I'm getting off track.
Himari: U-uhm... So that means... she's treating me like this... for my sake? Is that it?
Moca: That's likely the case... Hmph. A real hassle to deal with, isn't she...?
Himari: I see... So Yukina-san's doing all this for me...

Himari: Uhm, "I see"?! What the heck does that mean~? None of this story makes any sense, Moca!
Moca: What~? It does too~. Thanks to Minato-san's training, Hii-chan's blood will slowly awaken, and she'll gain some super cool powers~.
Ran: So what kind of powers are we talking about?
Moca: She'll be, like, super strong.
Ran: ... Can you be a bit more specific?
Moca: Hmm~, I don't know. Maybe something with lasers beams?
Tsugumi: Laser beams, laser beams... So will they come out of the racket? Or maybe her eyes...?
Ran: Tsugumi, you're thinking too hard about this.
Tomoe: Ahaha! Still, you had something pretty good going there for a bit.
Tomoe: As for the story, well... It sounds like something Ako would like, that's for sure.
Tsugumi: Ah, it does! It's perfect for her!
Tomoe: Right~? I'm pretty sure I've seen manga like that in her room before.
Himari: Argh~! And I was so excited about being the main character too!
Tomoe: Ahahaha. Oh well.
Ran: (Minato-san as a strict mentor to Himari, huh? ... I can see that, weirdly enough...)
Ran: (Actually, that might suit her perfectly...)

Girls Anthology Event Story - Chapter 3
The Shady Transfer Student

Himari, the transfer student, is worried about being unable to make friends.
That's when another transfer student, shrouded in mystery, appears...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Ran: Himari, calm down. Moca's always saying weird stuff. Nothing new there.
Himari: Still~!
Tomoe: Hmm~, so what kind of story would you have done, Himari?
Himari: Well... If it was me...

Himari: ... It's been a whole week since I transferred, but I still haven't made a single friend. Sigh... I'm so bad at talking to new people.
Himari: It'd be nice to at least have someone else to eat lunch with... I'm so lonely...
Marina: Alright, everyone, please take a seat~. We have a new transfer student today. Seta-san, please introduce yourself.
Kaoru: I am Kaoru Seta.
Marina: Uhm... Is that it, Seta-san?
Kaoru: Yes. There's nothing else worth saying.
Marina: O-oh? Uhh~... W-well, everyone be nice to our new student! Alright, Seta-san, please take a seat in the back of the classroom, right next to the window.
Kaoru: Understood.
Himari: (U-urgh... She seems a little weird. Still, we're both transfer students... Maybe this is my chance to make a friend?)
Himari: U-uhm, hi, Seta-san! I'm Himari Uehara. I just transferred here too...
Himari: I-I'm sure it'll be tough getting used to everything around here so... Let's be friends, and we can do it together!
Kaoru: Why?
Himari: Huh?
Kaoru: What purpose does being your friend serve? Sorry, but I want to avoid expending unnecessary energy.
Tsugumi: H-hey, wait. That was a bit rude, don't you think?
Tomoe: Yeah. There's got to be a better way to say that...
Himari: Uhm... S-so, are you saying... You don't want to be my friend...?
Kaoru: ... If that's how you choose to take it, that's fine by me.
Himari: ...?!
Tsugumi: Uehara-san, would you like to come hang out with us? I'm not sure Seta-san likes you very much.
Tomoe: Yeah, come on! Sit with us!
Himari: Huh? Ah, th-thank you...
Himari: (Why would Seta-san say such mean things? And here I was thinking we'd be able to get along...)
Himari: (... Huh? Why am I feeling so heartbroken? She was so cold toward me, and yet... I still feel drawn to her...?)

Ran: ... That's just a sickly-sweet shojo manga.
Himari: Yeah, that's the best part~!
Ran: Also, your version of yourself is a completely different person. She's way more withdrawn than you.
Tsugumi: That's because this is a manga story we're talking about. Seeing a different side of Himari-chan is kind of refreshing.
Moca: So a lovey-dovey school drama, huh~? Okay, then what about this...?

Kaoru: ...
Kaoru: It would appear I have failed at human interactions yet again. "Be kind to humans." This mission is turning out to be far more difficult than I anticipated.
Kaoru: (To think someone would try to get close to me so quickly. Has my secret been revealed? Does she know that I'm not a human, but... an android?)
Kaoru: (I've been sent here by the same giant corporation that created me to learn more about human emotions... There shouldn't be anyone else who knows that. And yet... Uehara-san...)
Kaoru: Is she suspicious of me? Or does she truly wish to be my friend...? I'll have to keep an eye on her and figure this out.
Himari: (Why am I... so interested in Seta-san...?)
Himari: This feeling, could it be...?
Himari: (Is Seta-san... the rumored android developed in secret by the mysterious corporation?)
Himari: (This pounding in my chest... Is it my intuition as a spy working for the organization that opposes that ominous corporation? Is that what tells me that this girl... is suspicious?)
Himari: This calls for further investigation. If she really is what I think she is... This could be trouble.

Himari: Stop, stop! Stop~!!
Moca: What~? We were just getting to the good part~.
Tomoe: Th-the good part...? Seemed like a totally different story to me.
Tsugumi: Yeah... Me too...
Tsugumi: I-I mean, the setting changed a lot from the beginning but... Doesn't a story about an android and a spy from rival organizations sound pretty romantic?
Tsugumi: As Seta-senpai comes to understand humans, she becomes nicer to Himari-chan. And even knowing they're enemies, Himari-chan falls in love... Yeah! What a great idea!
Himari: Wh-when you put it like that... it does kinda make your heart flutter, doesn't it...?
Tomoe: ... Himari's so open-minded.
Ran: Is that what you call it...?

Girls Anthology Event Story - Chapter 4
Fiery Friendship: Vow of Fists

Two high schools at war. It's decided that the top students of each class
would settle things with a battle, but...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Tomoe: My turn! Alright, I've got a great story for you, so listen up!
Tomoe: This one's sure to knock your socks off! First... Uhm...
Moca: Ohoho~? What's wrong, Tomo-chin-sensei~?
Tomoe: Hm? Ah, sorry. Now that I'm actually trying to tell it, I'm not sure what to say.
Tomoe: I like manga with lots of spirit, lots of intensity, so I want something where the main character gives it everything they've got and wins! I'm just not sure how to put that into words...
Tomoe: Things like "bonds," "comradery" and "friendship" all come to mind, but... Moca, Tsugu, think you can bring my ideas to life?
Tsugumi: Sure! If you're okay with something like the last one, I can help!
Tomoe: Yeah. Thank you, Tsugu. I'm counting on you!
Moca: Hm~... Friendship, bonds, passionate fights, and overcoming obstacles, huh~?... Alright, let's just give it a shot.

Ran: ... This feud with Hanasakigawa's been going on for a while, right? Why are we even fighting, anyway?
Tsugumi: I heard it's a super old feud. No one seems to know what started it, but it just keeps going... It's weird.
Moca: Well, the top fighters from each school are gonna be duking it out to put an end to things, right~? Maybe peace is closer than we think~.
Ran: ... Let's hope so.

A Few Days Later

Ran: ... What? Our top fighter's disappeared?!
Tsugumi: Yeah. Nobody's been able to get a hold of them since yesterday.
Himari: You mean they ran away? Does this mean we're gonna lose by default?
Moca: You think they're just gonna leave it at that~? Such a lame excuse is gonna be a slap in the face to them. Our school is toast~.
Ran: The loser has to do whatever the winner says, even if it's shutting down the school... It may be harsh, but that's the world we live in.
Tsugumi: There's nothing we can do about it, either. It's not like we can fight instead...
All: ...
???: ... Oh for-! I guess it's up to me!
Ran: ...! Who's there?!
Tomoe: Yo. It's been awhile~. How you guys doing?
Tsugumi: T-Tomoe-chan?!
Himari: Tomoe... Is that really you?!
Ran: Your last words to us were "I will get stronger," and that was about a year ago. We haven't heard anything since, so we thought you were gone for good...
Moca: And from the looks of it~, you haven't changed a bit. What's up with that~?
Tomoe: Yeah, yeah, don't worry~. When I show you how strong I've gotten, it'll be more than you can handle.
Tomoe: More importantly, looks like you're all in trouble. I won't act like doing this... will make up for how I disappeared without a word... But I'll handle this fight.
Tsugumi: Wait... Even if you have gotten stronger, it's going to be really dangerous!
Tomoe: I'll be fine~. Just leave it to me. Besides, you're all the reason I wanted to get stronger in the first place. So... let me protect you!
Ran: Tomoe... I'll never forgive you if you lose.
Tomoe: Haha, okay, okay~. I promise, with these fists of mine, I will protect everyone.

Sayo: ... I heard your top fighter turned tail and ran. Are you their replacement? Oh well, not that it matters. It may be out of the ordinary, but I shall allow it.
Tomoe: Thanks, 'ppreciate it. Hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm winning this fight.
Sayo: Sigh. Unlike you, I don't have the drive to fight... This is simply about maintaining order at Hanasakigawa.
Sayo: Once I win, Haneoka will be under Hanasakigawa's control, and there will be no more need for such violence. That is why I am here.
Tomoe: Hey, I like your idea, but... what do you say about having me be the winner instead?
Sayo: Hmph... Looks like there's no reasoning with you. Alright, shall we begin? Come at me with everything you've got.
Tomoe: That's exactly what I wanted to hear!

Ran: ... So far this is the best story yet.
Himari: Tomoe... Be careful...!
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan... Be careful..!
Ran: Whoa, you guys are really getting into it... Wait, Tsugumi, aren't you supposed to be helping tell the story?

Himari: Such power...! Tomoe, you've got this!!
Sayo: Huff, puff... You've done well. However... I'm putting an end to this! Hiyah!
Tomoe: Urgh...! What a fast punch! But you won't get me that easily!
Sayo: ...! She dodged?! I put too much force into it...! I can't stop...!
Tomoe: ...! No! At this rate, Himari is-!
Himari: Huh? Kyaaa!
Himari: ... Hm? There's... no pain...?
Tomoe: Ngh...
Himari: T-Tomoe! You took the hit... For me...?!
Tomoe: I told you I was going to protect you, right? I was just... keeping my promise.
Ran: ...! Tomoe... You're wounded...
Moca: Yeah... You can't keep fighting like this... Forget the fight. With a wound that bad, if we don't do something, Tomoe might...
Himari: S-stop it...! I don't want to hear it! C'mon, Tomoe... Please! Don't go, Tomoe!
Himari: Don't leave me, Tomoe... Tomoe~!!

Himari: Tomoe~! Don't go! Stay here with me, please~!
Tsugumi: H-Himari-chan! It's just a story! Tomoe-chan's fine, see?
Himari: Ah! R-right! I just got so caught up...
Moca: Jeez~, get it together, Hii-chan~.
Tomoe: Ahahahaha! I'm okay, Himari~. I'll stay by your side forever, don't worry~.
Himari: Ah, not you too, Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Ahahahaha.

Girls Anthology Event Story - Chapter 5
Himari the Teenage Sorceress

As the reincarnation of a great sorceress, Himari takes part
in an unending battle with a demon, but...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Ran: ... Why's everyone looking at me?
Tomoe: Well~, I figured now we'd get to hear your story, Ran.
Ran: I knew it... Sorry, but there's no way that's happening.
Ran: Like I said before, I only ever read manga that other people lend me. I don't know what kind of story would be good.
Tsugumi: Now that I think about it, I've never seen you buy manga before.
Moca: Hmm~, to think we would miss something so obvious.
Tsugumi: Th-then... You can be our judge, Ran-chan! How does that sound?
Tomoe: A judge?
Tsugumi: Yeah! Now that we've heard what kind of story everyone likes, I was thinking I'd like for the five of us to make one together!
Tsugumi: With Ran-chan as the judge, that leaves just the four of us to think something up... Still, I think it'll be fun seeing what we come up with when we work together.
Tsugumi: Once we finish putting something together, you can tell us if you think it's interesting or not! How's that sound?
Ran: Huh? But... I don't know what would make it good or bad.
Moca: So what~? Just tell us if you like it or not. Yes or no. That's all you gotta tell us, Ran~.
Tomoe: Works for me. Sounds fun! I'm in!
Himari: Me too! Our story will be so moving, your heart will squeal like a schoolgirl~!
Ran: I mean, if I'm just listening to your story, it's fine by me...
Tsugumi: Yeah! We'll do everything we can to make it entertaining!
Moca: Fufufu~. And I'll prepare some shocking twists and turns that will leave you speechless, Ran~.
Ran: ... Don't make my job harder than it needs to be.
Tomoe: We make no promises.
Himari: Ahaha~...

30 Minutes Later

Tsugumi: Finished!
Moca: Fufufu~. A masterpiece if I do say so myself~.
Tomoe: For sure! I put everything I've got into this story.
Himari: Same here! Everyone did the best they possibly could!
Tsugumi: Yeah! Alright, Ran-chan, will you give it a listen...?
Ran: I did promise.
Tsugumi: hank you! Alright, then here we go...
Ran: ...
Moca: "One afternoon, Himari, the reincarnation of the great sorceress Ran Mitake, was out battling the usual demons with her magical powers..."

Himari: Hmph! Leave it to demons to be so darn annoying! And to make matters worse, one of them had to go and curse me, so now my body is going to disappear in one year's time...
Himari: And I've got a match coming up next week for Rhythm Game Club! Our first appearance at nationals depends on it! Which one of you baddies is gonna take responsibility for ruining my youth?!
Tomoe: Sorceress Himari, wait!
Himari: ...! You're... (Ba-bump)
Himari: (Stop that. Don't fall for people so easily! Still, this person is breathtaking... Just who are they...?)
Tomoe: Behold, Tomoe! A former hero from another world, reborn here! In order for me to return home, I must... defeat you!
Himari: Huh?! We're enemies already?! Aww~... After we finally met, too?!
Himari: ... No. I can't give up that easily. If I lose here, I'll miss my match next week. I have to win this.
Himari: I accept your challenge, Great Former Hero! Just like you want to return home, I have my own dreams I, too, must fulfill!

Moca: "The former hero Tomoe attacks. How will this chance meeting change the fate of Himari, reincarnation of the great sorceress Ran Mitake?! Tune in next time to find out!"
Ran: ... Yeah, I'm confused, sorry.
Himari: Th-that... makes sense.
Tomoe: If we're being honest, we got partway through it, and I didn't know what was supposed to be interesting anymore.
Tsugumi: Yeah... Same here...
Moca: Ditto~.
Tsugumi: Sorry, Ran-chan. We did our best... Looks like it was harder than we thought.
Ran: No big deal. I kinda figured it would turn out like this.
Tomoe: You too, huh? Oh man, I still can't believe Himari inherited mysterious tennis powers though~.
Himari: I have not! And you're one to talk, Tomoe. For someone who said they were gonna get stronger, how could you let yourself get hurt so easily protecting me~?
Tsugumi: Huh? Himari-chan, weren't you crying when we heard that story...?
Himari: Don't say that~! Anyway, this is all Moca's fault in the first place!
Moca: ... "Tomoe, no~! Don't leave me~!!"
Himari: I never said that~!
Ran: ... Fufu.
Moca: Oho, looks like Ran's in a good mood~. Does that mean... we pulled it off?
Ran: Yeah, yeah, sure. You were amazing.
Moca: Ran~, don't brush it off like that. Work with me here~.

Girls Anthology Event Story - Ending
Road to Being a Manga Artist

Tsugumi is a bit down about not having a good ending to their story.
That's when Moca says something unexpected...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Tsugumi: Still... I'm a little disappointed.
Ran: What? Why?
Tsugumi: I was getting kind of excited about the possibility of our manga getting published in a magazine...
Tsugumi: Obviously, I had fun thinking up ideas too! I just wish we could have at least applied...
Tomoe: Hmm~... I get where you're coming from, Tsugu~.
Himari: But there's no way we could have submitted that last one.
Ran: Yeah. That story wouldn't have stood a chance.
Himari: Ran, shush! Don't be so blunt~!
Tomoe: Ahaha.
Moca: I feel you, Tsugu~. I really do~. However, that was an impossible dream right from the beginning~.
Tsugumi: Huh? From the beginning...?
Moca: Yeah, lookee here~. The application deadline was yesterday~.
Ran & Tsugumi: Huh?
Himari: Wait, that means...
Tomoe: Are you kidding me~?!
Moca: So even if we had come up with the greatest plot of all time, we couldn't have submitted it anyways. Oh well~.
Himari: ... 'Oh, well'?! That's all you have to say?! Why didn't you say something earlier?!
Tomoe: ... When did you even notice that?
Moca: Uhm~, when we were listening to Hii-chan's lovey-dovey romance? We were having so much fun, I figured it was fine~.
Tsugumi: Deadline, deadline... You're right! This is yesterday's date! I completely missed that...!
Moca: Waiting to see when you'd figure it out was part of the fun~. The suspense was killing me~.
Himari: You've got a messed up idea of fun~!
Tomoe: Ahaha... I see. So we really didn't have to get as worked up as we did.
Moca: You were getting pretty into it, weren't you, Tomo-chin~?
Tomoe: I-I couldn't help it! If we were going to apply, I figured we needed to come up with something professional looking...!
Himari: Sigh~! Now that I know we missed the deadline, I feel so drained... This is all your fault, Moca.
Moca: Hey~. I was only doing what I thought was best for you~.
Himari: I don't care~!
Moca: I said I was sorry~. How about as an apology, I let you borrow the absolutely positively most amazing manga I own? Please forgive me, Hima-gami-sama~.
Tomoe: Hey, hey, come on, even Himari wouldn't-
Himari: Okay! All is forgiven! It better be good though!
Ran: ... Looks like she's fine with it.
Tomoe: A-ahaha... Sure does.
Moca: Okeydokey~. Once you're done with it, make sure you give it to Tsugu, got it~?
Tsugumi: Huh? Me?
Moca: Uh-huh~. If you and I are gonna be applying next time, I need to get you up to speed, partner.
Tsugumi: ...! Oh yeah, there's always next time!
Tsugumi: You got it, Moca-chan! I'll study a whole bunch, and then... we'll all make an amazing manga together!
Ran: ... Tsugumi.
Himari: Tsugu, come on. Don't fall for Moca's tricks like that.
Tomoe: That's our Tsugu for you. So trusting.
Tsugumi: Huh? W-were you really trying to trick me, Moca-chan...?!
Moca: Hey~, have some faith in me, you guys~. I was being serious~. Super-duper serious~.
Tomoe: Ahaha. Oh, by the way...
The Other Four: ...?
Tomoe: Even if you come up with a good plot... Who's gonna draw it?
Moca & Tsugumi: Ah.
Tomoe: ... "Ah"? You mean it never occurred to either of you?
Moca: Well, you know~, it's simple... Right, Ran~...?
Ran: Nope. Not happening.
Moca: Yeah, I kinda figured~...
Tsugumi: Ahaha. I was so caught up in writing a story, it completely slipped my mind...
Tsugumi: tsugumi
Moca: "And with that, Tsugu took her first steps on the rocky road to becoming a manga artist..."
Ran: ... Moca, how long are you going to keep that up...?

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