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Girls Snapshot Card Story - Episode

Aim High, Aya-san!


Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio
Maya: Good morning... Huh? No one else here yet.
Maya: I can't believe I'm the first one here... Normally, at least Aya-san would already be warming up...
Maya: ...She really was amazing. Even while being filmed, she still looked so comfortable... Everything about her screamed, "This is what a real idol is!"
Maya: She's a true role model...
Talent Agency - Hallway
Aya: Well, the garbage has been taken care of! Now we can start warm-ups a little early today!
Eve: Yes! It looks like we can fit in a little self-study as well! What shall we do?
Aya: Hm... Well, there were some parts from our last show that I was a little worried about, so why don't we focus there firs- Huh?
Eve: Ah, Maya-san! She is so early. Why is she gazing at that mirror so intensely...? I wonder if something happened.
Aya: Hmm... Maybe she's worrying about something. Either that, or she's just really focused.
Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio
Maya: Aya-san... I respect her not just for her idol work, but as a person, too...
Maya: I truly am lucky to have the opportunity to work in the same group as her... But I can't let it get to my head.
Maya: Sure, I've been trying, but it's nothing compared to how hard Aya-san works... I need to figure out how to bring out the idol within me!
Maya: Well, I suppose imitation is a fast way to improve quickly, just like with instruments... So let's start with my self-introduction.
Maya: U-um... Ahem. Hello everyone! It's Maya Yamato! Read it forwards or backwards, it's the same in Japanese! Ya-ma-to Ma-ya! Nice to meet you all!
Maya: No, that's not right... If it was Aya-san, she'd be more... energetic, like she was bouncing around...
Maya: Hey~! Forwards or backwards, it's the same no matter how you spin it! Ya-ma-to Ma-ya here~! Nice to meet you all~!
Maya: Argh, no, that's not it! Aya-san is fluffier... O-one more time!
Maya: Thanks for coming, everybody~! It's Maya~! Forwards or backwards, it's the same! Ya-ma-to Ma-ya! Let's have a good time, everyone~!
Maya: Ooh! That was pretty close to Aya-san, if I do say so myself! Alright, let's keep going...
Aya: Um... Was that supposed to be me? Is that what I'm like during shows...?
Eve: Yes! As expected of our Maya-san! She has fully grasped Aya-san's mannerisms!
Aya: R-really...? Personally, I always thought I was a little more relaxed and composed. At least, that's what I'm going for...
Eve: No, I think she is copying Aya-san very well! It must be because she is the drummer, so she can always observe you closely!
Aya: I-is that so...?
Maya: I practiced as hard as I could so I could meet all of you here today! Everyone, can you get excited for me~?
Maya: Good answer! Alright, then everyone, let's sching! Ah, I messed up, huhehe... Oh, I mean, ehehe...
Maya: Th-this is rough... I suppose being exactly like Aya-san was a bit unrealistic... I'll just do my best by being me.
Aya: M-Maya-chan, you don't have to copy the parts I mess up at~!
Eve: She is so good at impressions!
Maya: ...Hm? I thought I heard something just now...
Maya: Ah! Y-you two... Wh-why are you here!?
Aya: Ah, good morning, Maya-chan. Um... Sorry.
Eve: Good morning! We were just watching you practice.
Maya: Huh? You were watching? S-since when...?
Eve: We were! From the very beginning!
Maya: The very beginning!? U-urgh... I want to crawl into a hole and hide...
Aya: You were staring so intensely at the mirror that we thought you were worried about something, so we weren't sure whether we should call out to you...
Aya: And... then you started that very energetic self-introduction...
Maya: Oh... I never thought I'd find out how impersonators feel when the real deal shows up during their act...
Eve: M-Maya-san, are you okay? You're wobbling.
Maya: ... I'm fine, Eve-san... Thank you.
Maya: Aya-san, I'm so sorry! After realizing again just how incredible you were, I thought I could become a better idol if I imitated you.
Maya: But no matter how much I copy your speech or movements, I realized that it just didn't fit me...
Aya: You don't need to copy me! Maya-chan, you've got your own unique charm. Right, Eve-chan?
Eve: Yes! Maya-san is perfectly fine being herself!
Maya: Thank you so much, you two. I'll keep searching for my own way to be an idol!
Aya: Yeah! That's the spirit, Maya-chan!
Aya: By the way... Do I really look that restless all the time...?
Maya: Ah, no, that's-... I didn't mean-... Aah, I'm so sorry! Just forget everything you saw, please~!

Girls Snapshot Card Story - Special Episode

An Admirable Person


Station Entrance
Maya: Oh? Hello, you two! Are you out shopping?
Marina: Hello, Maya-chan. We're just stocking up on some maintenance supplies. What are you up to?
Maya: I actually got a message from the music shop telling me that they got a new set of drums in, so I'm on my way to go take a look!
Marina: Oh, you mean that one model? The one that's also got a limited-edition colorway that's going on sale at the same time, right?
Maya: Yes, that's the one~! I've been waiting for this day to come, so I'm really excited! I haven't been this excited since I was doing that special close-up!
Marina: Special close-up? Did they do one on Pastel*Palettes?
Maya: Ah, no, the person being covered was our leader, Aya-san!
Maya: We all took turns filming her with a camera. I was her camera person on a day where we had a photo shoot for a magazine.
Marina: Oh, now that you mention it, there was a video that got uploaded, wasn't there?
Maya: That's it! It's pretty rare for me to be paired up with Aya-san, so I was very much looking forward to it.
Maya: When I was talking with her, it was the normal Aya-san, but as soon as the shoot started, I realized how good she is at her job.
Maya: She's very considerate of the staff, and she really knows how to set the mood. Plus, she's always smiling!
Maya: Once we took a look at the photos... I realized that whether she was smiling, frowning, or panicking, there was a charm to every expression. It felt like I was looking at what an idol truly is!
Maya: That's when it struck me. What I was seeing was the result of all of her past experiences combining.
Maya: I was supposed to be getting my photos taken too, but I ended up falling for Aya-san instead!
Marina: If she even charmed a member of her own group, that photo shoot must have really been something, huh?
Maya: Of course! Anyone who saw that shoot would become a fan of hers, I'm sure of it! That's how amazing she was!
Maya: I've got to keep working on figuring out what an idol really means to me too!
Marina: If you ask me, I think you're already a wonderful idol, Maya-chan, but it's always good to have goals!
Maya: Huhehe... Thank you very much... I need to make sure I don't disappoint all of my fans, either!
Marina: I know you can do it, Maya-chan. You know, I'd like to watch a video about you someday!
Maya: Huh!? A video about me? No~, I just bang on the drums and mess around with the equipment, that's all... That and my work with the theater club at school.
Maya: I don't have anything like the sparkle Aya-san has. It'd be a really boring video, I'm sure of it.
Marina: I'd be super interested in seeing that! The idol Maya-chan certainly is nice, but I think the normal Maya-chan has plenty of charm too!
Maya: Y-you think so...? It's really embarrassing when you put it like that... but that does make me happy. Maybe that's how Aya-san feels now...
Maya: Maybe if I keep up my idol work.... then someday... Huhehe...
Marina: Oh, sorry! You were heading to the music shop, right? Do you still have time?
Maya: Ah, that's right! I got absorbed in the conversation...
Marina: Let's talk about those drums again later. It'll be good reference for whether we'll pick some up for CiRCLE.
Maya: Leave it to me! I'll make sure to thoroughly test them so I'll have a proper review for you! Alright then, I'm off! See you!