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Glasses Off Card Story - Episode



Hina: Nice work today~! Everyone was even more boppin' than usual today. I had so much fun playing!
Maya: I agree. Aya-san's voice was nice and strong, and I felt I played well too.
Maya: I think we've really improved in comparison to what we were like when we first started the band.
Hina: Yeah, totally! Practice was kind of a drag in the beginning, but now it's all boppin' and fun!
Hina: Okay, I guess we should get going.
Maya: Yeah, you're right.
Maya: ...
Maya: (Now that I think about it, until just recently I used to play for various bands as a studio musician, but now I'm actually in a band myself with the rest of Pastel*Palettes...)
Hina: Maya-chan, what's up? I'll leave you behind if you don't get moving.
Maya: Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about the day I was asked to be in the band...
Hina: What about it?
Hina: Ohh, it was Chisato-chan who asked you, right? I remember that!
Maya: Yes. I was just playing as a support member just like I always did, but then Chisato-san came up and talked to me... I have to admit I was taken by surprise.
Maya: I never imagined I would be asked to be an idol. It still feels like a dream, actually.
Hina: Really? Even though we've been doing all this practice and performing together?
Maya: Yes, I guess so. When we're performing, I can feel a sense of it being real, but...
Maya: Sometimes I suddenly have doubt about whether I should be in the band or not...
Maya: Ahh! U-Um, I mean... I don't feel unwelcome or anything, really! Everyone is really sweet and kind!
Hina: Ahaha, don't worry! I know what you're trying to say. And besides, you always look like you're having so much fun when we're all together!
Maya: R-really? I'm glad to hear that...
Hina: Hrm, but... I didn't realize you felt like that, Maya-chan~.
Maya: H-How do I put it...?
Maya: Aya-san was a trainee because she wanted to become an idol from the beginning, Chisato-san was an actress as a child, and Eve-san comes from a modeling background, right?
Maya: You took the audition and passed, Hina-san... All of you entered the entertainment industry by choice.
Hina: Mind you, I'm only here cause I thought it'd be interesting.
Maya: Haha, I like how you always be yourself, Hina-san.
Maya: I was a studio musician simply because I liked playing music...
Maya: If I hadn't been offered a position in the band, I don't think I would have ever been involved in this industry.
Maya: Regular people sometimes think studio musicians are entertainers, but... at the end of the day, they aren't.
Hina: Oh, that's right, you said you wanted to be a studio musician or an engineer, huh?
Maya: Yes. That's why it sometimes feels strange that I'm here alongside everyone else.
Maya: ... I wonder if a different person had been playing support that day, would they have taken the place in the band that I have now?
Hina: It's possible. If there was already someone else who could play the drums, we wouldn't have needed you as support, right Maya-chan?
Maya: U-Ugh...! I know you're not trying to be mean, but that kind of hurts...!
Hina: Ahaha, sorry~! But I'm glad it's you who joined, you know?
Maya: Huhe?!
Hina: You're good at the drums, and you talk about interesting things. I love that strange laugh you do, too!
Hina: That's why I think you're the best choice.
Maya: I'm... the best choice...
Hina: Not just you, Maya-chan. I think Pastel*Palettes has the best lineup it can have, you know?
Hina: I still can't understand how Aya-chan never gets disheartened no matter how many times she fails, and it's always super funny when Eve-chan does her samurai talk!
Hina: Chisato-chan is smart, so she's fun to talk to, and I feel like there's another side to her, which makes me really curious!
Hina: I've tried lots of different things, and gotten bored immediately so many times, so it's been ages since I've stuck to something for such a long time... Maybe it's the first time!
Hina: Hrm~, I wonder if there was something... Oh well.
Maya: Hina-san...
Maya: (Hina-san doesn't think of me as just a drummer, she really sees me for who I am...)
Maya: (And all the other members too...)
Maya: Hu, huhehe... Thank you! That makes me really happy!
Hina: It does? I wasn't trying to compliment you or anything...
Hina: You're really interesting, you know that? Aya-chan is too, but you're super interesting! It's always so boppidy boppin' when we talk ♪
Maya: You're too kind!
Maya: (...I'm glad Chisato-san approached me that day. I'm a member of Pastel*Palettes, I won't give this anything but my best!)

Glasses Off Card Story - Special Episode

Dear Friends


Maya: Thank you, everyone! Come see us perform again some time!
Maya: Thank you so much...!

Maya: Phew... I'm glad everyone enjoyed our show.
Maya: ... Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Thanks for helping out today!
Maya: Each piece of equipment did it's job nicely!
Maya: And it's all thanks to the maintenance you and the other staff have been doing, BanG Dreamer-san!
Maya: ... You're just doing your job, and you think it's nothing to be praised over?
Maya: No way, that's not true at all.
Maya: The equipment sounded so good because you've been taking care good care of it, BanG Dreamer-san.
Maya: Equipment will perform at 100% of its potential as long as you take good care of it!
Maya: So this just goes to show how well you've been taking care of everything!
Maya: ... Uh oh, that was a close one. I almost started ranting again.
Maya: I always get carried away when I talk about equipment. Ahaha...
Maya: ... Huh? Why am I rubbing my nose?
Maya: Ahh... okay, I know what you're talking about. I think I do it because my glasses are old, and they keep sliding down all the time.
Maya: So I often need to push them back up, but I kind of do it unconsciously even when I'm not wearing glasses.
Maya: Speaking of which, I saw some nice glasses recently, so maybe I should...
Maya: ... Ahh, but they didn't exactly have a friendly price tag...
Maya: *sigh*... I should probably just find some cheaper ones.
Maya: ... You think I should just wear contacts since I look cute with my glasses off?
Maya: U-U-Um... T-thank you... Is that what I should say here...?
Maya: ... Oh. That reminds me...
Maya: Huh? Ah... I was just thinking about the day I was asked to join Pastel*Palettes.
Maya: ... You'd like to hear about it?
Maya: I don't mind, but... it's not a very exciting story, you know?
Maya: ... Okay. In that case...
Maya: At the time, I was just a studio musician, and I was playing as a backup member until they found an official drummer.
Maya: But then one day...
Maya: Chisato-san saw me with my glasses off, and she said I looked really pretty.
Maya: And then asked me if I'd like to actually join Pastel*Palettes...
Maya: In the beginning, I thought the idea of someone like me being an idol was ridiculous.
Maya: I felt like there was no way a sound equipment geek like me who has no other redeeming features besides playing the drums, could possibly perform in front of people...
Maya: But Chisato-san said I was the only person who could do it.
Maya: Hina-san, Eve-san, and Aya-san all said that they'd be glad if I stayed...
Maya: They said they felt they could depend on me.
Maya: It made me really happy... It was the first time I really felt like someone needed me.
Maya: Not as a replaceable backup member, but as me, Maya Yamato...
Maya: I wanted to live up to what everyone said about me, so I made up my mind and joined Pastel*Palettes.
Maya: If I had turned down their offer...
Maya: I wouldn't be able to talk to you like this, BanG Dreamer-san, or have fun practicing with the other girls...
Maya: I wouldn't have any of these things that have become part of my daily life now.
Maya: The fact that everyone said they needed me is why I can be who I am now...
Maya: ... Ahaha, I'm talking way too much about myself, aren't I?
Maya: But this is how I really feel.
Maya: Chisato-san, Hina-san, Eve-san and Aya-san...
Maya: Everyone is... really important to me.
Maya: I want to support them in whatever way I can...
Maya: This is what motivates me to keep working hard!
Maya: Ehehe... sorry. That was kind of cliché, wasn't it...?
Maya: ... Oh, look at how late it is!
Maya: I'm sorry, BanG Dreamer-san! I really need to get going!
Maya: ... Oh, one more thing!
Maya: E-Everything I told you about just now, that's our little secret, okay?
Maya: It's embarrassing, so don't tell any of the others.
Maya: ... Thank you. Okay then, I'll see you next time!