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Glistening Sun Card Story - Episode

Smiles Forever After


Hanasakigawa Smile Land

Kanon: Quite some time has passed since we last came here.
Misaki: Yeah~. It's been a little while since the parade we did.
Kokoro: Misaki~! Kanon~! Hagumi~! Hurry up~! Let's get on the merry-go-round!
Kaoru: I, once again, have the desire to meet with the fleeting, wooden horse that spared me a glance.
Misaki: Okay~, yes yes, we're coming.
Kanon: Fufu. Come on, Misaki-chan!

Hagumi: Ahh~, that was fun~! And there sure are a lot of people!
Misaki: Apparently, it's been pretty lively since the last time we came here.
Kokoro: There are smiles everywhere you look! It's a super-duper happy place!
Kanon: The president said, "Your performance certainly lit a fire under me."
Kaoru: And now, plenty of effort is being put toward attempts to make people smile once again.
Misaki: Man, we actually did something really nice.
Kanon: Mhm! It's a good thing we took on that challenge.
Hagumi: Hey, we should go see the wall!! I wanna see the pictures we drew again!
Kokoro: I'm all for it! Let's get to it!
Kanon: Uhhh... It was that way, wasn't it?
Misaki: Kanon-san, no! The other way! This way!

Kaoru: If my memory serves me correctly, it was in this vicinity...
Hagumi: Whoa...!! You guys, look!!
Kokoro: Oh! The children are drawing on it!
Misaki: Look at that. Our piece has an even livelier feeling than before.
Hagumi: Excuse me~! What are you all drawing?
Others: Fun stuff~!
Others: Yeah!
Kokoro: Fun?
Others: Well, we were told that this is where you draw all the fun you had!
Others: Yeah, you know... It's like when you give someone a card and everyone writes on it?
Misaki: Like for their birthday or if they're moving away?
Others: Yeah, just like that! But instead, we all write about the super-fun stuff we did throughout the day and draw pictures!
Kanon: This one's a smiley face.
Kaoru: And this portrays an adorable penguin.
Hagumi: I think this one's a treasure chest.
Misaki: I see, so it's a place to share all of your enjoyable experiences.
Kokoro: Nnn~!! Just more proof that I love to see everyone smile!
Kanon: You seem very happy, Kokoro-chan.
Kokoro: That's because I am! As long as they have this wall and the parades, people can continue smiling forever around here! Even without us!
Kokoro: Everyone's smiles are connected! Isn't that just lovely?!
Misaki: I was definitely worried about what would happen after we left, but it looks like I didn't have to be.
Kokoro: ... I've had this same feeling somewhere else... Ah!!
Kokoro: Picture books! Picture books are the same!
Kaoru: In what sense?
Kokoro: I love me a good picture book. I just smile, no matter how many times I've read the same one. Couldn't you say something similar about this wall?
Misaki: They both put a smile on people's faces. They basically become smiles... Is that the idea?
Kokoro: Yep! You can take smiles and make them into something you can leave behind!
Kaoru: They certainly are fleeting. And the mere act of taking them and transforming them into something concrete that'll continue to exist is all the more fleeting.
Kanon: I enjoy picture books as well so I think I understand where you're coming from. We brought the amusement park back to life and left the means to smile with it. It's like--
Kokoro: It's like we drew the ginormous picture book that is the park!!
Misaki: Now you're just exaggerating.
Hagumi: Smiles taking shape, huh...? You know, looking at the otter backpack I bought the time we went to the aquarium still puts me in a good mood.
Kokoro: That! That's exactly what I'm talking about!
Kaoru: Perhaps Shakespeare's plays fulfill the same role for yours truly. As does... this fleeting world!
Misaki: You just had to ruin it with that last part...
Kokoro: Misaki, what would you say is your picture book?
Misaki: Me? Hmm~, let's see... I guess the felt dolls technically take shape.
Misaki: Ah, but I'd say the number one thing is...
Misaki: Probably Michelle. Whenever I see her, it's like... she puts a smile on my face.
Misaki: Besides, as a partner, she's very important to me.
Kokoro: I always knew you and Michelle were very close! Nnn~! Hey, you guys!
Kokoro: We gotta keep making the world smile, alright?!
Kokoro: I want us to leave smiles around so that they'll be here hundreds of years later, even after we're gone.
Kokoro: Let's aim to be the kind of people who can make that happen!

Glistening Sun Card Story - Special Episode

CiRCLE's Rival


Station Entrance

Kokoro: Marina~! BanG Dreamer~!
Marina: Ah, Kokoro-chan! What a coincidence running into you here!
Kokoro: Are you two also on a walk? I know this great weather just makes you wanna get up and go!
Marina: I wish that were the case. We're actually on a break right now.
Marina: Oh, I heard about what happened by the way. Hello, Happy World! helped out at an amusement park, right?
Kokoro: We did. We had a parade concert, we drew a gigantic picture, and we invited so many fun people to join us there!
Kokoro: Thanks to everyone's help, we filled that park with so, so, so many smiles!
Marina: Ahaha, so I hear. You know, it sounds like the excitement still hasn't died down for that amusement park.
Marina: Apparently, the president is planning a whole lot of events for the future... Ah!
Marina: I just remembered! They're planning concerts too! It's become rumor that if you perform there, you can also hold a parade along with your show!
Kokoro: A lovely idea! Parade concerts are a blast! Everyone should do one!
Marina: Sorry, it's hard to get excited about that. Not only would CiRCLE have someone to compete with, but we also would have to deal with the fact that we can't hold parades~!
Kokoro: Isn't that great?! That just means that CiRCLE has another friend, doesn't it?
Marina: A friend...? Ahaha, I guess that's one way of looking at it. Yeah, a relationship where we constantly have a positive influence on each other would be nice.
Marina: Still, it wasn't too long ago that the place was a ghost town. It's pretty amazing that Hello, Happy World! was able to change that.
Kokoro: Hm? We didn't do anything amazing.
Kokoro: All we did was show them that people can have fun no matter where they are.
Kokoro: The people who are keeping up the good work and continuing to make it fun are the ones doing something amazing!
Kokoro: I'm sure the prez figured out all the possibilities!
Marina: What do you mean?
Kokoro: Kanon taught me this! It's best to focus on the things you can do!
Kokoro: ... I'm pretty sure Hagumi was the one who told that to Kanon though.
Kokoro: I guess that means Hagumi taught me?
Marina: Fufu, sounds like Hello, Happy World! has that relationship where you're constantly helping each other improve.
Kokoro: Yep, that's right! It's not only those two!
Kokoro: Misaki, Kaoru and Michelle count too! All the members teach me stuff!
Kokoro: It's so much fun being part of our six-woman band!
Marina: It's great having such wonderful members, isn't it? Is it safe to expect more exciting shows from you girls in the future? 'Cause I do!
Kokoro: Oh, please do! We're gonna have one that'll make the world smile!
Marina: And if you could, try to hold that concert at our place, okay...?