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Glorious Showtime Card Story - Episode

Give an Encore as One



Kokoro: Ooo~! What a fun show!
Hagumi: Yep! It made me wanna start dancing!
Kaoru: Fufu... The time has not yet passed. Come, we shall dance together!
Misaki: Okay, okay, calm down. Phew, I'm drained... Dancing with Kokoro is so exhausting, not that that's surprising at all...
Kanon: Fufu, you earned yourself a nice break. You know, though, the kids that come looked like they were really enjoying themselves.
Misaki: I guess that makes all the hard work worth it... Still, I don't wanna have to move for the rest of the day.
Kid: Ahhh! It's Hello, Happy World! Hey, can you do the dance again?!
Kokoro: Do you even have to ask?! You know what?! Get all of your friends and we'll all do it!
Hagumi: Woohoo! I'm in! It's dance time! Woo~!
Kaoru: In other words, it's time to have ourselves a ball. It goes without question, I shall also be taking part. My will to dance is endless when it's for the sake of adorable little kittens.
Kanon: Fueee... E-everyone's dancing? ... Whoa! N-no pulling~...
Misaki: Ah... And she's been taken away... Sorry, Kanon-san... Doesn't look like I can help you out here...
Kid: Wait, where's Michelle~? I wanna dance with Michelle~!
Misaki: Uh-oh, they noticed... Too bad, though. Michelle was left in the dressing room.
Misaki: ...! So you were all nice enough to bring her...
Misaki: Sigh... Yeah, there was no way Hello, Happy World! would let it end there... Oh, well... No reason to fight it now.
Michelle: Here I am, everyone~. Who wants to dance with me~?
Kids: Me~!
Kaoru: Fufu, what did you all think of my elegant moves?
Kid: They were so cool, Kaoru!
Kaoru: Even the adorable little ones are captivated. Oh, how sinful this beauty of mine can be...!
Michelle: And now Kaoru-san is dancing with the moms... Hagumi and Kokoro will clearly never stop moving... Kanon-san, are you doing alright?
Kanon: Y-yeah... That was fun, but I'm tired now...
Kid: Aw~! C'mon, keep going~! Teach us the dances to your other songs~!
Kokoro: For the other songs? What a wonder-rific idea! Let's start!
Michelle: Huh?! Those moves haven't been decided yet! What are you planning to do...?
Kaoru: No need to become flustered, my dear Michelle. The music enters your ears. Your heart and soul moves your way. That is what it is to dance.
Michelle: I don't think it's that simple.
Hagumi: Okay, let's all jump at the part that goes "yo, yo!" Ready~?!
Kokoro: Alright, how about we hold hands?! We'll move in a circle as we dance!
Kaoru: Feast your eyes. They are showing you the way with these excellent dance moves. Now, your turn has come!
Michelle: ... No point in thinking too hard about it, I guess.
Michelle: Okay, I'll dance. I gotta do a bit of prep first though.
Downtown - Stage

Kokoro: Is everyone ready~?!
Kids: Yeah~!
Hagumi: I have a dance I'm ready to show too~!
Michelle: Phew, sure glad we got permission to use the stage.
Kanon: Fufu, so you went and asked for everyone? Thank you, Misaki-chan.
Michelle: No need to thank me. I just figured we'd be in the way if we stood in the middle of the street dancing like that. I should thank you for leading everyone.
Kanon: Fufu, well, they were having so much fun. I couldn't just tell them I was tired and wanted to stop.
Kaoru: Little kittens, are the preparations complete? It's time to show the children the showtime of their lives!
Kokoro: We'll start with the Hello, Happy World! cheer! All together now!
All: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!

Glorious Showtime Card Story - Special Episode

Hello, Happy World! Together!



Marina: Hey, uh, BanG Dreamer-san. Isn't that Kaoru-san dancing over there? ... Ah, she saw me!
Kaoru: A couple of greetings are in order. Quite the coincidental encounter. You move with a destination in mind, I assume?
Marina: Yeah, just the usual shopping. More importantly, does something have you in a good mood, Kaoru-san? We saw you dancing.
Kaoru: I am glad you would ask such a question! I was in the middle of research. I seek a dance that is beautiful and fleeting like no other.
Marina: You're researching dance? So you're practicing for a play or something?
Kaoru: Not quite. Hello, Happy World!'s songs are my subjects. The question I look to answer is what would be the most elegant dance to go with those songs.
Kaoru: If you were not aware, we took part in the Children's Festival downtown the other day and performed for the patrons.
Kaoru: It is because of the show that Kokoro came up with such a splendid idea. One that involved excited dancing.
Marina: Oh yeah~, that festival~. I heard it went very well!
Kaoru: Indeed. It was all thanks to all the adorable little kittens that I could witness amusement of such a marvelous nature.
Kaoru: We came to the conclusion that we must do more than just perform music in our attempt to please the little kittens. The discussion that followed was a delightful experience.
Marina: Fufu, yeah, it's pretty fun coming up with ideas.
Marina: ... Wait, so how is that related to you dancing just now?
Kaoru: Due to the restraints of the show, we were only able to include a dance for one song.
Kaoru: And so, I thought for your next performance we could have a dance for all of our songs.
Kaoru: Actually, I had an idea for the concept of that show. I wished to present a one-women musical using Hello, Happy World!'s songs. Unfortunately...
Marina: Unfortunately? Is there something troubling you?
Kaoru: Even I would have a difficult time recreating that cheer, that brightness, that free-spirited will that the group brings... Would you happen to have any ideas?
Marina: Oh, yeah. It's hard to have Hello, Happy World! without having all five of you.
Kaoru: Fufu, all six of us, Marina-san. But yes, having all of us come together is quite essential. I think I'm beginning to see the solution to my problem.
Kaoru: If it is my desire to express what is charming about the group, I cannot allow myself to ponder the question alone.
Kaoru: I shall go forth and hear what Kokoro, Hagumi, Kanon, Michelle, and yes, Misaki, have to say.
Marina: Fufu, I'm glad you're closer to solving your problem!
Kaoru: Fufu, I am Kaoru Seta, she who fulfills all expectations. Prepare yourself to be amazed by my performance!