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Graceful Lesson Card Story - Episode

Notebook Full of Fleetingness



Kokoro: Mmm! Today's been super-duper fun-tastic!
Hagumi: Yeah, it's been a really great day! We got to do lots of practice and eat lots of good food!
Misaki: You two do know we're supposed to be reviewing how practice went, right...? Anyway, what did you think, Kanon-san?
Kanon: Yeah, I think practice went very well. I'm a bit worried because of how quiet Kaoru-san has been, though.
Kaoru: Ah, my apologies for burdening your heart. I wish to seek everyone's advice on a certain matter.
Kokoro: Advice? What is it? You can ask us anything!
Hagumi: Yeah! We'll help you!
Kaoru: Fufu, how fortunate I am to be blessed with such tender-hearted companions.
Kanon: Is it something related to acting, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: It is not... I have recently started teaching Toko-chan the guitar, and I am wondering what the best way to teach her would be.
Kanon: Teach Toko-chan...?
Misaki: Yeah, Kaoru-san's teaching Kirigaya-san the guitar right now.
Kaoru: I am offering instruction in the most fleeting way possible, but I wonder... Might there not be a more fleeting way?
Kaoru: I already have some ideas, but I would like to hear your thoughts.
Hagumi: Sure! I'm gonna do my best to make them the most fleeting ideas ever!
Kokoro: Yes! Leave it to us!
Misaki: Uh, you've clearly picked the worst people for the job...
Kanon: Ahaha... So what are these ideas of yours...?
Kaoru: Then I shall now articulate my first idea. I am quite confident in this one.
Kaoru: I am thinking of incorporating those into my lessons.
Hagumi: Those? What do you mean?
Kaoru: Fufu... Do not be surprised... I am of course referring to the famous quotes of Shakespeare.
Misaki: Um, how's that surprising? I totally saw that coming...
Kanon: Ahaha... It's definitely something you'd think of. But how do you plan on using the quotes?
Kaoru: A splendid question, Kanon. Teaching the guitar has lead me to ponder what the most important element of playing the guitar is.
Kaoru: What do you think that might be?
Kanon: Umm... Listening to how everyone else is playing...?
Hagumi: It's doing your best!
Kokoro: It's also important to smile!
Kaoru: Fufu... All of you are correct... However, the answer I arrived at is this...!
Kaoru: It must be fleeting...
Misaki: Thought so... You already said you wanted the way you teach to be fleeting...
Kaoru: In the eyes of my little kittens, do I appear fleeting? Do the melodies which pour forth from my guitar sound fleeting?
Kaoru: Those are the questions I always ask myself when I play...
Kaoru: Toko-chan's guitar will surely sound splendid once she is able to comprehend what fleetingness is.
Misaki: You sure have a lotta faith in this whole fleeting thing...
Kaoru: And that is why I wish to teach her that which I know to be the most fleeting... Shakespeare's quotes.
Kaoru: And in doing so, I will be able to teach Toko-chan the essence of fleetingness...
Kokoro: That sounds like a great idea!
Hagumi: Yeah! I'm sure she'll understand!
Misaki: Uh... Good luck with that...
Kanon: At least she'll learn more about Shakespeare... Ahaha...
Kaoru: Hm, it seems the two of you do not agree. Perhaps it is time to present my next idea.
Kaoru: Let's see...
Misaki: Hold on, where'd that notebook come from?
Kaoru: Hm? Ah, these are my ideas for fleeting instruction. Would you like to take a look? If any catch your eye, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Hagumi: Ooh~! There's so many!
Kokoro: Kaoru, what's this one that says horseback riding and guitar? It sounds interesting!
Kaoru: Ah... It was an idea that came to me. Unfortunately, I was unable to develop it further. I do think it has potential, though...
Misaki: Yeah, I can see why nothing came of it...
Kanon: This is so amazing though. You've come up with so many ideas for Toko-chan.
Kaoru: Of course. I wish for Toko-chan's success at her concert, after all.
Kaoru: When I am teaching her, I can feel how much this show means to her...
Kaoru: That is why I shall offer her whatever assistance I am able.
Misaki: Kaoru-san sure takes things like this seriously.
Kanon: Fufu, that's definitely one of her good qualities.
Misaki: Ahaha... Yeah. So, which of the ideas here are your favorites, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: I am glad you asked, Misaki...! Fufu... Allow me to explain my fleeting ideas...!

Graceful Lesson Card Story - Special Episode

Teaching Helps the Teacher Too


Shopping Mall

Marina: Ah, Kaoru-san! Hi! Are you out shopping today?
Kaoru: Greetings, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. I came to acquire some books.
Marina: Oh? Are they books on Shakespeare?
Kaoru: No. I came for books on studying the guitar. I was fortunate enough to find several that are promising.
Marina: Huh, I didn't think you'd get something that wasn't related to Shakespeare... Wait. Aren't those for beginners, though?
Marina: Given your skill, I don't think those books will have much to work with...
Kaoru: I bought these deliberately. You see, I recently had the opportunity to teach Toko-chan the guitar.
Marina: Ah! Now that you mention it, you were using one of our studios with Sayo-chan and the others.
Kaoru: Indeed we were. It was a most interesting experience.
Kaoru: Toko-chan's practice went well, and I myself was able to learn much from Sayo and the others.
Kaoru: However, I have also learned how difficult it is to teach others.
Marina: Yeah, it really is different from just playing on your own.
Kaoru: Quite. But it has shown me what it is that I lack. That is why I seek to learn how to better pass on my knowledge.
Kaoru: The fates may have more opportunities to teach in store for me.
Marina: Ah, so they're for teaching. I can see why you got them, then.
Marina: It's really admirable how you're studying for the sake of others, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: Fufu... Being unable to offer guidance to my little kittens is something I cannot allow.
Marina: Fufu, that sounds like you.
Kaoru: And that is not all. These books have also been a source of discovery.
Kaoru: I have found out that I am capable of understanding concepts that eluded me when I first picked up the guitar.
Kaoru: I am no longer who I used to be... This is indeed a momentous discovery.
Marina: Sounds like you also learned something by helping Toko-chan learn, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: Indeed. I am grateful to Toko-chan for providing me with such a valuable opportunity.
Marina: By the way, isn't Hello, Happy World! doing a show soon? I bet your guitar's become even more fleeting.
Kaoru: Yes. Long have we waited for this concert. You have my word that you shall see a new Kaoru Seta when the moment arrives.
Marina: Fufu, I can't wait!