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Grand Adventure Card Story - Episode

Secret Letter



Moca: Hey~, Ran~.
Ran: ...
Moca: No response. Hey, Ran, are you sleeping~?
Ran: Yeah, clearly. What is it?
Moca: Do you really not remember your present from that year~?
Ran: Yeah, that's what I said, isn't it?
Moca: Are you sure~?
Ran: Of course. It was so long ago.
Moca: I suppose even Moca-chan the Super Genius can't recall everything from her past, but~...
Ran: There you go. If Moca the Super Genius can't remember, why would I?
Moca: But I do remember~. You were so happy about your present, how could I possibly forget~?
Ran: Huh?! Okay, that's enough...!
Moca: You got a board game. We used to play it all the time~.
Ran: U-uhm... Was that it?
Moca: Come on~, just admit that you remember already~. You got a board game popular overseas that we could all play together, the five of us.
Moca: Four of us would be the mic, and had to roll the dice and collect as much cheese as possible. Meanwhile, one of us played the cat, and would be trying to catch the other four.
Moca: So your choices were to either play it safe and avoid the cat, or risk getting caught to collect more cheese... A thrilling game for the whole family. Remember now?
Ran: ...
Moca: Back then, you even told us you specifically asked Santa for that game because you wanted to play it with all of us~.
Moca: To think you cared so much about your friends...! That made me so happy, Ran~. Too bad you don't remember~.
Ran: Sigh... Alright, I give in. I know exactly what you're talking about.
Moca: I knew it~. You should've just fessed up right from the beginning~.
Ran: ...I mean, talking about the presents we got as kids... Is just kinda embarrassing.
Moca: We played that game a lot, didn't we? Especially when we were hanging out a somebody's house.
Ran: Yeah... If it was raining, we couldn't go outside, but that meant we could play that board game, so we were all pretty happy.
Moca: I remember how you used to hug that game to your body so the box wouldn't get wet~.
Ran: Which was pretty hard, you know. Imagine trying to hold an umbrella and keep a box from gettin wet at the same time. I was still little too.
Ran: Weren't you really good at that game? It used dice, so it was supposed to be luck-based, but it never felt like that.
Moca: Fufufu~, that's because I had a secret strategy~.
Ran: For that game...? Still, you were always winning. Didn't we add special rules to give you a handicap? Like subtracting one from whatever number you rolled on the dice.
Moca: Yeah, those rules were really tough~. You guys were so mean~.
Ran: I'm pretty sure you still managed to win though.
Moca: Fufu~. True~. All of you were just too weak~.
Ran: Yeah, yeah. Sounds to me like you were cheating.
Ran: ... That was the first time I asked for a toy that I could share with others.
Ran: Before that, I only got stuff that I could play with by myself, like crayons and blocks. If I remember correctly, I originally asked for something like that, a pop-up picture book.
Moca: Ah~, I used to ask for things like that too~.
Ran: Yeah... I had my heart set on that book, but then I went to talk to my father about changing my present.
Ran: Sure, I wanted that picture book, but more than that, I wanted something we could all enjoy together.
Ran: So I wrote another letter to Santa to apologize and tell him that I wanted to change my present.
Ran: I was terrified that Santa would get mad at me, right up until my present came.
Moca: So that's why you were so worried about being a good kid back then~. You wanted to make sure you got a present from Santa~.
Ran: Yeah, so how about being a bit more grateful, huh?
Moca: Thank you, Ran♪ If it weren't for you, the five of us wouldn't be who we are today~.
Ran: D-don't just spout stuff like that out of nowhere...! You're embarrassing me.
Moca: Aww~, I'm just being honest~.

Grand Adventure Card Story - Special Episode

Circular Bond


Shopping Mall
Marina: Hi there, Ran-chan. Is everything okay? Is there anything you want to talk about?
Ran: Huh? Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey there. No, nothing in particular.
Marina: You were looking at these flowers with such a serious face, I was a little worried something happened...
Ran: ... Was I making a face that intense?
Marina: Yeah. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was okay for us to approach you.
Ran: Sorry about that... I want to make a Christmas wreath, so I was just looking at what kind of supplies they have.
Marina: Oh, a wreath~! I suppose it is that time of year, isn't it?
Ran: Yeah. I was... avoiding stuff like this for a while, so I haven't made one in forever.
Marina: Gotcha. So what made you decide to make one this year?
Ran: Not that long ago, everyone in Afterglow was reminiscing about the first time we spent Christmas together.
Ran: Once we thought about it a little more, we realized how little we've changed since then.
Marina: The members of Afterglow as little kids, huh...? I'm sure you were adorable. Are you sure you're all the same, though?
Ran: Yeah. Tomoe and I still fight all the time, and Tsugumi's always there to say something that will stop it...
Ran: And Himari... I guess she was less mature as a kid, but she loved cutesy stuff, and was there to give us the extra push we needed. Just like now.
Ran: As for Moca... She's always been by my side, being her Moca self.
Marina: Fufu. You're right, it doesn't sound like much has changed at all. Isn't that right, BanG Dreamer
Ran: Yeah, it really hasn't.
Marina: Wait, so all that reminiscing is what made you want to make a wreath?
Ran: Uhm, how do I put this...? Do you remember what shape a wreath is?
Marina: Its shape...? Yeah, it's a circle, right?
Ran: Right, and circles symbolize eternity, or something that never ends, so...
Ran: I thought I'd make one as a charm. To keep us together forever, and to make sure nothing ever changes...
Marina: Gotcha~. Together forever, huh...? So that's why you were making such a serious face before! This wreath is for your friends!
Marina: Fufu, Ran-chan, your friends are really precious to you, aren't they?
Ran: I-it's not-...! Well, I am really grateful to have them.
Marina: Fufu...! I just know those feelings will reach your friends!
Marina: Ah, here's an idea! If you're making a wreath for your friends, why not make it as a group, just the five of you?
Marina: It's sure to turn out amazing that way!
Ran: You're right, that is a good idea... Yeah, I'll send everyone a message right away. Thanks, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san
Marina: Don't forget to show us a picture once it's finished!
Ran: Will do. I hope you guys like it!