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Guide Your Heart Card Story - Episode

A Satisfying Result



Lisa: Phew, good work! We got in a lot of practice today~.
Sayo: Indeed. There is a clear indication that with each session, our new song is truly becoming one of our own.
Ako: Man, all this practicing has made me hungry~.
Rinko: Fufu... You were giving it your all, Ako-chan...
Rinko: ...? Yukina-san, aren't you going home?
Yukina: My throat is parched from singing, so I am thinking of buying myself a drink.
Lisa: Ah, then let's stop by the café. I could go for something myself.
Ako: Me too, me too! I've got a bit of a sweet craving~.
Sayo: That does sound nice. This will serve as a nice way to unwind after practice.


Sayo: ... And one cocoa, please. That will be all. Thank you.
Lisa: ... But yeah, I think our new song is going to totally steal the hearts of the crowd~.
Lisa: Even with practice, I'm much more excited than usual. I can hardly wait until we're up on stage♪
Yukina: Yes, and it's all thanks to Rinko's suggestion. It beautifully incorporated elements from the original idea and combined them together to elevate the piece into a new form.
Rinko: N-no, I... think the credit for the idea should go to Imai-san, if anyone...
Lisa: All I did was invite you to go shopping with me. You're the one who thought all that up!
Yukina: Fufu. Either way, I look forward to seeing how this song will continue to change.
Rinko: Th-thank you very much... I look forward to it as well...
Sayo: Huh...? Shirokane-san, Minato-san, it looks like the drinks that you ordered come with a limited edition present.
Ako: Wow, a present?! Lucky~!
Yukina: Why yes, it does say as much on the menu. "Includes your choice of either a red or black gift bag. Who knows what could be inside..."
Rinko: Red or black... I have to make... another decision...
Yukina: Very well, I'll go with the black one.
Rinko: Ah... Um, then I will have the red one, please.
Clerk: Understood. Here are your drinks and presents. Enjoy.
Rinko: Thank you very much.
Rinko: ... Sigh... Making another decision... had me so nervous...
Rinko: You're amazing, Yukina-san... Do you... ever worry... in those kinds of situations...?
Lisa: Fufu. Well, you see, Rinko, Yukina's like me and goes with whatever she's feeling~.
Rinko: Huh...? I-is that right?
Yukina: Yes. I simply follow my instincts and choose based on that.
Ako: Wow, I'm kind of surprised!
Sayo: As am I. I assumed that you always had a concise image of what you wanted, Minato-san...
Ako: That's a lot more random than I thought. So for you, it's like a radar going off randomly in your head.
Yukina: I see no problem with it. Strangely enough, trusting your instincts produces much more satisfying results.
Rinko: I see... So that's how it is...
Lisa: That may very well be true. But is that what will happen this time~?
Yukina: Hmph... You can save the ridicule.
Sayo: So what prizes did you receive?
Yukina: I suppose we forgot to open them. It said they were key chains, but...
Ako: Ah, a little bird key chain! So cute! I want one~!
Lisa: Yeah! It's adorable☆
Yukina: See? Didn't I tell you that it would lead to satisfying results?
Sayo: I suppose that trusting your instincts can be invaluable. What is in yours, Shirokane-san?
Rinko: Oh, um... Mine is a kitten keychain.
Yukina: ...?! Th-that's...
Yukina: ... Never mind. Good for you, Rinko.
The Other Four: ...
Yukina: What? If you have something to say, then say it.
Lisa: Yukina, why don't you ask Rinko if she wants to trade~?
Rinko: Yes... By all means...!
Yukina: Urgh... N-no, I said that I was satisfied. That's that.
Ako: Wow, Yukina-san is totally holding back...
Sayo: I swear. You could be a bit more honest with yourself.
Lisa: For real~. You should just ask her and be done with it.
Rinko: U-um... Yukina-san, I... really don't mind...
Yukina: I... said that I was satisfied, didn't I? Come now, we're leaving...!

Guide Your Heart Card Story - Special Episode

One Step At A Time


CiRCLE - Lobby

Yukina: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
Yukina: I would like to increase the number of practices we do, so I came to make an additional reservation.
Yukina: Passionate...? Perhaps. I feel that this is nothing special, though.
Yukina: Yes, we were able to nail down the direction for our new song. It wasn't easy reaching that point.
Yukina: We were torn between making the song more like melodic rock or an expansive ballad... Our members could not reach a decision.
Yukina: Lisa and the others were able to make their choices immediately, but... Rinko was not.
Yukina: Rinko has always been the type to think carefully on issues, and I of course knew that.
Yukina: Which is why I did not rush an answer and put the matter on hold. I do not believe that pressuring others brings meaningful results.
Yukina: Moreover... at that time, Rinko seemed to have something else on her mind.
Yukina: It was almost as she was afraid of the concept of decision-making itself.
Yukina: Yes, she is fine now. I was worried for her, but...
Yukina: I trusted that she would ultimately give her opinion on her own.
Yukina: Until now, even if she received advice from others, Rinko would always be the one to decide on matters truly important to her.
Yukina: And that proved true this time as well. our new song was important to her, so she would surely not fall victim to indecisiveness.
Yukina: And in the end, she did not give up on brainstorming and guided us toward the best possible solution.
Yukina: From here on, if something similar were to occur, I am prepared to wait until she is able to provide an answer she is happy with.
Yukina: It's because she takes these decisions seriously that I trust her.
Yukina: ... What's more, Rinko is an irreplaceable member in Roselia's quest to reach the top.
Yukina: That turned into a rather lengthy discussion. About scheduling our next appointment...
Yukina: Okay, please put us down for Thursday of next week.