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Guide to the Underworld Card Story - Episode

Waste of Vocabulary Prowess


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Class 2-A

Tomoe: ... So because of that, she wasn't able to get Asuka and Rokka to understand what she was saying.
Himari: Sounds like something that would happen to Ako-chan. I can imagine all the hand gestures and body movements while she tries to explain.
Ran: To be honest, I didn't get it either. Only thing that was obvious to me was how hard Ako was trying.
Moca: I thought it was pretty good. I could picture exactly what she was getting at~.
Tsugumi: The way Ako-chan feels about Roselia is so genuine. You can tell how much she loves the group right away when you see her perform.
Tsugumi: I'm sure she did everything in her power to convey the appeal of Roselia... Doing something like that isn't easy though, huh?
Himari: What's not easy? Getting people to understand how great your band is?
Tsugumi: Yeah! You know how there are flyers that tell you about a band? When you're making that kind of thing, it's easy to worry about what you should write on them.
Tomoe: I know what's good about our band! We've got a sound that hits you like a truck, and the performances are fiery!
Tomoe: And, uh... It's like you can feel that "shp, krsh" in your heart! And once it's all done, you just wanna yell, "Yeah!!" Something like that.
Ran: ... Yeah, you and Ako are definitely sisters.
Tomoe: Ngh... I, uh...
Moca: Ahaha, that same thought was going through my head.
Tomoe: You're one to talk, Moca! Can you explain what makes our band so great?
Moca: Hmmm~, let's see~. Afterglow is just... so deep, you know~?
Tsugumi: It's deep... How so?
Moca: All of it is deep. The sound~, the lyrics~. There are parts of Afterglow that represent the very essence of deep too.
Ran: You're only using one word...
Moca: But don't you think your lyrics are deep, Ran~?
Ran: Well... No. I can't be the one to say that they are.
Moca: Oh~, you're such a modest girl~.
Ran: Would you shut up?! We're talking about the band, not my lyrics!
Himari: You know, your vocabulary doesn't seem that much different from Tomoe's and Ako-chan's...
Moca: Awww~, I was sure that was an A-plus-worthy contribution~.
Moca: Okay, then what do the rest of you think about the band~?
Tomoe: Yeah! Let's hear what you guys have to say!
Moca: Here we go~. Hii-chan, the floor is yours~.
Himari: Huh?! I have to go first?! O-okay... Let's see...
Himari: Afterglow is... fun! And we're good friends! Also... we keep cool because we are cool!
Ran: That didn't seem much different from what Tomoe and Moca said.
Himari: What?! I'm pretty sure I did better than they did!
Tomoe: ... Nah, sounded about the same, even to me.
Himari: Ohhh... Tsugu~! You take it from here!!
Tsugumi: Huh?! W-well... Okay...
Tsugumi: We're a band made of childhood friends, which makes us close. No matter what happens, we're able to talk to each other...
Tsugumi: And I think that's what allows us to put on such harmonious performances! ... I think?
Himari: Yeah! That's what I was trying to say~.
Ran: Himari, no cheating.
Tsugumi: Hmmm, but that also means we're not communicating what the band is about unless other people actually come to listen to our performance... I wish there was an easier way to show what makes Afterglow great...
Tsugumi: But that's difficult, and that's why deciding what to write on a flyer is a challenge...
Himari: So putting the idea of cool into words really is hard... How would you do it, Ran?
Ran: ... I don't think there's any reason to strain yourself trying. We're a band. If we have something important to tell people, we can just do it through our music.
Tomoe: Ooo, that's sound about right.
Moca: But that's not a solution, you know~.
Ran: Ngh... Th-that's what a band is though!
Tsugumi: Yeah, it's always obvious from your lyrics and melodies that you feel that way, Ran-chan.
Himari: But if we're to put what's so good about Afterglow into words... Hmmm, why is it so hard?
Moca: Can't we just say it's deep?
Tomoe: I mean, that's not a terrible description... But I think there needs to be a little more than that.
Ran: Don't you think the answer will become clearer as we continue playing as a band?
Ran: I think we'll come across the right words someday, and afterward, no other words will do.
Moca: Ohhh~, yeah~.
Ran: Moca, I'm trying to be serious. What are you doing?
Moca: It's something new from Yamabuki Bakery. I shall now have this soft, fluffy, creamy bun~.
Ran: Sigh... Okay then.
Moca: Wow, how delightful! It has a crispy outside, but it's like biting into a velvety cloud once you reach the inside!
Moca: And it's filled perfectly with custard... This harmony between cream and bun is nothing short of miraculous~.
Himari: What...? That jump in vocabulary level... It's nothing like how she was talking about the band!
Tomoe: Why can't she talk like that about things besides bread...?

Guide to the Underworld Card Story - Special Episode

Watching Over from the Sidelines


Fast Food Store

Marina: Look who it is. Having a little lunch break too, Moca-chan?
Moca: Ahhh, two hard workers appear. Hello~.
Marina: You're by yourself today?
Moca: Yeah, I figured having some me time to relax, watch some videos and enjoy a meal could be nice now and then.
Marina: Videos, huh? There's an endless amount of good content out there. What are you watching now?
Moca: I found this band-performance video~.
Marina: Oh, aren't you studious?! What do you got? Can we see~?
Marina: It... looks like this band is going for a very dark vibe. That's very different from Afterglow. You like to listen to stuff like this, Moca-chan?
Moca: Not really, but I thought this matched the idea of cool that Ako-chin is always talking about.
Marina: Ako-chan? So you're watching bands perform for her?
Moca: She's been making an effort to communicate her idea of cool to others lately.
Moca: She planned out a performance too, and she presented it to a bunch of us.
Moca: Unfortunately, no one seemed to understand what she was getting at.
Marina: Yeah~... Ako-chan does seem like she might have a hard time with something like that...
Moca: Oh, but I was totally on the same page as her~. I think it's because she and I talked a bunch before that.
Moca: I may not usually follow what she's trying to say, but that time, the images just popped right up and I could see them clearly.
Moca: That was the first time that ever happened. It was a strange but refreshing experience... And while Ako-chin explained, all I could think was how cool she was.
Marina: So that's why you're watching videos of bands that she likes.
Moca: I thought I might have a better chance of understanding what she's trying to convey if I watch this type of thing.
Moca: She has a clear image of her own world, and I think that's something to admire. I want to support her, at the very least.
Moca: She may not have been able to communicate very well last time, but I know Ako-chin. I'm sure she can do it.
Moca: Basically, I'm hoping I can help her out.
Marina: You're so sweet, Moca-chan.
Moca: Ehehe, you can say that again~♪ Seriously, though, I think Ako-chin is pretty amazing.
Marina: You know, I think she'd be glad to hear you say those words.
Moca: Nah, that's Tomo-chin's job.
Moca: I think just supporting the people I think are cool is just right for me~.
Marina: Fufu, is that right?
Moca: Sure is~. If nothing else, I'll do everything I can to be there for Ako-chin~.
Moca: And you two can help me help her~♪