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HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Opening
Christmas Plans

Christmas spirit is in the air downtown.
Seems like Arisa has something she'd like to do...



Kasumi: Mmm~! That was an awesome practice session today~!
Kasumi: Ooh! Look~! Downtown is covered in Christmas decorations~ ♪
Rimi: Wow, you're right! It looks so nice~. It's funny how it was just the usual old Downtown area until today!
Saaya: Seeing all these decorations makes you feel like Christmas is actually just around the corner, huh?
Tae: It'd be perfect if we could smell roast chicken right now.
Arisa: All you think about is food, O-Tae.
Saaya: That reminds me, I think we're putting up Christmas decorations in our shop tomorrow.
Kasumi: Ooh! That sounds fun! Are you guys gonna have a Christmas tree too!?
Saaya: Of course.
Kasumi: Hey~! I wanna help with the decorations!
Saaya: Really?! We're super busy getting ready for Christmas at the moment, so that'd probably make my dad's day!
Arisa: It's pretty tough having a shop in Downtown, huh~? We've got it easy since Christmas isn't a thing for us.
Kasumi: Huh? You don't put any Christmas decorations up in the Ryuseido?
Arisa: We don't do anything over the top like that. We're just a pawn shop. Christmas isn't our thing.
Arisa: I mean, even if we did do something, at most it'd be like my grandma wearing a Santa hat or something.
Rimi: ... Huh? Does your grandma dress up as Santa, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Hell no! She doesn't dress up as anything! I was just saying that if she actually did...
Tae: What? You dress up as Santa then, Arisa?
Arisa: Are you even listening?! How did you even come up to that conclusion?!
Kasumi: Oh, that's too bad~. If Arisa dressed up as Santa I'd totally cancel my party with Aa-chan just to see Arisa instead.
Saaya: Me too! I'd find a way to slip out of work and go see her, no doubt about it.
Arisa: ... Huh? So... you're doing a Christmas party at home, Kasumi...?
Kasumi: Yeah! That's right! It's our customary Toyama family Christmas Party!
Arisa: O-ohh... right, I see... And Saaya, you have to help out at your shop...
Saaya: Yeah. Most people think that it's the cake shops that are busy at Christmas, but it get surprisingly crazy at bakeries too.
Saaya: The baguettes we make for Christmas always sell really well. It starts getting busy first thing in the morning.
Rimi: Yeah, the baguettes from your shop are really good~. Crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside.
Rimi: Oh, I might place an order for some for our Christmas party too. They're just the best for sandwiches!
Tae: I like smoked salmon sandwiches. Nothing beats that flavor, you know?
Arisa: Could you not randomly get excited like this? No one's talking about that!
Arisa: ... But, uh, you're having a party at home too, Rimi?
Rimi: Yeah, that's the plan!
Arisa: Ohhh, r-right... What about you, O-Tae?
Tae: We're not doing anything. We'll eat something nice and have some cake, that's all.
Arisa: ... Right, otherwise known as a Christmas Party.
Arisa: ... Okay, sure, I see... argh~.
Kasumi: Hm? What's the matter, Arisa? You're being weird.
Arisa: Oh, nah. it's nothing...
Arisa: ... I was just kinda thinking that we might be having a uh, Christmas party or something.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Wait, Arisa. Are you saying you want to have a Christmas party with us?!
Arisa: Th-that's not what I meant!
Kasumi: No way, that's what you were trying to say! Am I right, Saaya?
Saaya: Yeah... Arisa, you were practically begging just now.
Arisa: H-hey! I-I was not! If you guys are all busy that's fine! I'll just have a party with my grandma!
Kasumi: Okay! Since Arisa made it very clear she wants to have a party, let's do something for Christmas together! C'mon guys, what do you say?!
Arisa: Hey! I did not say that!
Rimi: Sure! Arisa-chan saying something like that is so rare it makes me happy! We have to do something!
Arisa: Stop misunderstanding me!
Saaya: I'm going to be busy at the shop, but I'll find a way to make time!
Tae: Oh! Wait a second. I just realized something.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Wh-what is it, O-Tae? Is something wrong?

Tae: Who's going to prepare the turkey and the roast beef?
Arisa: She's in full Christmas mode!
Kasumi: ... Oh, I know! If we're gonna do something special, why don't we do a Christmas show instead of a party!
Arisa: A-a show?!
Kasumi: How about it?! Don't you guys wanna play a Christmas show?!
Arisa: Hmmm... I see. That's not a bad idea.
Saaya: Fufu... Normally you'd be like "What?! That's way too out of the blue!"... But you're being open with us today, huh Arisa?
Arisa: O-oh, shut it!
Kasumi: Nice! So we're all okay with it then?! A Poppin'Party show to finish off the year! Let's do it, guys!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Chapter 1
A Secret Phone Call

On the spur of the moment, the girls decide to have a Christmas show.
They can't seem to find a place to perform, but...


The Next Day
Fast Food Store
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi. Where do you plan on having the Christmas show? Have you been thinking about it?
Kasumi: Oh! I hadn't even thought about it! Where do you guys think we should do it?
Saaya: A safe option would be at school... I guess.
Kasumi: I kind of think it might be hard to use the school though... It's not going to be a formal event, after all.
Tae: Then how about doing it Downtown?
Arisa: That's going to be even more difficult than the school, you know? We'd have to get permission and stuff from all kinds of places.
Rimi: That's true... This was kind of sudden, so it might be hard to find a place we can use.
Kasumi: Oh! I've got it! Why don't we talk to Kokoron about this?!
Kasumi: She's got those people in the black suits! Don't you think they'd be able to work something out for us?!
Arisa: That's true that they probably could sort it all out, but... are you really okay with that?
Kasumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Arisa: It's our Christmas show, you know? Are you gonna be happy with making it happen because we asked some mysterious super power to pull some strings for us?
Kasumi: When you put it that way, it sounds like a really bad idea...
Arisa: Right?! I'm telling you we've gotta do this on our own.
Rimi: Fufu. Arisa-chan, you're really getting into this.
Arisa: I-I am not! I didn't have any choice, Kasumi was being ridiculous!
Kasumi: Sorry~, my bad.
Saaya: Okay, why don't we go to CiRCLE then?
Arisa: Don't bother. CiRCLE already has bookings for Christmas.
Kasumi: Whaaat?! Really?!
Arisa: Duh! People make bookings for Christmas shows like one year in advance.
Kasumi: Ahh, so that's not gonna work either... Saaya, CiRCLE's a no go...
Saaya: I'm not expecting that we'll actually be able to use CiRCLE. I just think we should go there to talk to Marina-san.
Kasumi: What about?
Saaya: I'm pretty sure Marina-san knows stuff about other live houses too, and I think she'll help us come up with better ideas that what we'd find on our own.
Kasumi: Oh! Right! That's a good point! I'm down!
Rimi: We did all that stuff for the Girls Band Party with Marina-san, so it'll be easy to talk to her about it.
Tae: I agree. This is a good idea.
Arisa: Well, I guess there's no point in just standing around wondering. Let's do as Saaya says and try hitting CiRCLE.
Kasumi: Yeah! Okay, let's go!

CiRCLE - Counter

Kasumi: Hello! Marina-san, are you there~?
Marina: Oh, Kasumi-chan. Hello. You've got the whole band with you today. You guys really are great friends~.
Marina: So what can I do for you today?
Kasumi: Umm, there was something we wanted to ask you about...
Marina: I don't suppose that something is about... performing on Christmas day?
Kasumi: ... Huh? H-how'd you know?!
Marina: Actually, I got a call from someone yesterday asking about if they could perform here on Christmas. I thought this might've been about that.
Marina: ... Am I right, Arisa-chan? It was you who called me yesterday, wasn't it?
Kasumi: Huh? Arisa?! Did you call CiRCLE for us?!
Arisa: H-huh!? H-hey, Marina-san, what are you talking about...?! I-I... didn't make any phone calls!
Marina: Huh? R-really?!
Arisa: Oh, come on, Marina-san~. Aha, ahahaha... You know I'd never call you about something like that~, aha...
Marina: O-oh, sorry... The voice really sounded like yours, so I assumed it was you.
Marina: Anyway, I told the girl who called yesterday that bookings for Christmas day fill up over one year in advance...
Kasumi: Oh... we thought you'd say that... Arisa was right.
Marina: But after getting that call, I decided to talk to the owner and see if we couldn't make use of an opening in the afternoon.
Kasumi: ... Huh? There's an opening in the afternoon?!
Marina: And the owner gave us the go ahead. She said you can use the place however you like, as long as it's for a mini show. For free course too, since you've been a great help around here.
Kasumi: R-really?! Amazing! Th-this is amazing!
Saaya: We have no problems with performing in the afternoon, right guys?
Rimi: None! Actually, if we're going to have a Christmas party after the show, the afternoon is perfect for us, right?
Tae: We did it, Kasumi! Being able to do a Christmas show at CiRCLE is awesome!
Kasumi: Thank you so much, Marina-san! Oh, please thank the owner for us as well!
Marina: Okay, I'll be sure to tell her. You should probably thank the mystery girl who called us as well, right?
Kasumi: Oh! Yeah, you're right! I wonder who it was! Do you have any idea, Arisa? She sounds like you, so...
Arisa: Who knows...? I bet there's a lot of people with similar voices...!
Kasumi: Ahh, now that you mention it, I guess that's a good point. ... Thank you~, person who sounds like Arisa~! ... Okay, I thanked her.
Kasumi: Well, it's decided! We're doing a Christmas show at CiRCLE! It's a special day, so we have to make it the best show ever!
Others: Yeah~!
Saaya: ... Fufufu, thanks, Arisa.
Arisa: Huh? Wh-what are you talking about?!
Saaya: Nothing, I just wanted to say thanks. Don't mind me.
Arisa: I have no idea what you're talking about!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Chapter 2
The Game Plan

The girls discuss their plans for the performance, but they seem
to be getting farther and farther from the topic at hand...


Ichigaya Residence

Kasumi: Okay, everyone's here! Let's start discussing our game plan!
Arisa: Uhh, Kasumi...? What do you mean by... game plan?
Kasumi: What else? We need a game plan to make our Christmas show the funnest show it can be.
Arisa: You can't just call anything a game plan, you know?
Kasumi: But I think we do need some kinda game plan to make the show more fun! Does anyone have any ideas~?
Saaya: Umm... Since it's a Christmas show, how about we all wear Santa outfits?
Kasumi: Ooh! That sounds fun!
Arisa: Gah! As if I could go and do something embarrassing like that!
Rimi: True... I think it is kind of embarrassing too...
Kasumi: In that case, would a reindeer suit be okay?!
Arisa: Are you stupid!? That's even more embarrassing!
Tae: What about... a rabbit?
Arisa: What happened to Christmas?! You guys are going totally off course!
Kasumi: Arisa~, less complaints and more ideas~!
Kasumi: What would you be happy to dress up as, Arisa?
Arisa: Why is this turning into a cosplay event?!
Saaya: Ahahaha... Arisa's on the ball today.
Arisa: Huh? In what way?
Saaya: I mean that you just do a really good of making conversation more exciting.
Arisa: Could you not put it like that?! It's embarrassing! It's just called keeping it real!
Rimi: I think it's really amazing though. Most people can't come up with so many things to say.
Kasumi: Yeah! I totally agree!
Rimi: It's amazing how she can do it in a split second like that, isn't it? Arisa-chan's brain must work so fast~.
Tae: I mean, I don't even understand what she's talking about half the time.
Arisa: Whaddya mean, half the time?! That's a pretty shocking revelation to just casually put out there!
Tae: ... Ehe.
Rimi: See, that kind of thing. You're amazing...
Arisa: Q-quit it! stop praising every little thing I do! It's embarrassing!
Rimi: I thought this ever since we had the sakura party.
Saaya: Arisa was really amazing that day huh~.
Kasumi: She was so quiet in the beginning, and then suddenly she was in her element!
Arisa: You guys... could you stop talking about that~? Just gimme a break...
Kasumi: But you know! all the first year girls became better friends after that, don't you think?
Saaya: Yeah, without a doubt! Arisa made that sakura party so much fun!
Kasumi: You made a lot of new friends too, right Arisa?
Arisa: Y-yeah... I guess so... More like acquaintances than friends though.
Kasumi: There she goes again, being all shy~.
Kasumi: We're all looking forward to another feisty round of you keeping it real at Christmas too, Arisa~ ♪
Saaya: ... Oh, that's right! That's what we have to talk about!
Kasumi: ... Huh?
Saaya: The whole reason we came here today was to discuss our Christmas show, right?
Kasumi: Oh, yeah! I totally forgot about it!
Rimi: Ahaha... We always get distracted like this.
Kasumi: But what can we do about it? Arisa is just so funny!
Arisa: No matter how you think about i, there is no possible way it's my fault!
Kasumi: Okay! Let's get back on track and try this again from the beginning! Can you do that, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Yeah, of course.
Kasumi: O-Tae, you know what we're talking about now, right?
Tae: How to make our Christmas show more fun, right? Don't worry.
Kasumi: Arisa, try not to get off track!
Arisa: I'm telling you, it's not my fault...
Kasumi: Okay, let's try this again... It's time to discuss the big game plan for our Christmas show!
Arisa: Now it's a big game plan?!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Chapter 3
Invitations to the Show

On the way home from rehearsal, the girls run into Roselia.
What happens when they invite Roselia to the Christmas show...?


A Few Days Later
Walking Home

Kasumi: The songs we're going to play at the Christmas show are starting to sound pretty good~!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, do you think you were kinda getting ahead of yourself with B melody today?
Kasumi: I knew it! I always get so into it at that part of the song~.
Tae: If you just focus on my melody at that part, you should be able to keep in time.
Kasumi: Thanks, O-Tae~.
Saaya: But overall we're sounding pretty good, right? Let's keep this up.
Arisa: Well~, I guess the rest just depends on how Kasumi shapes up.
Kasumi: Arisa~, don't pressure on me~.
Kasumi: ... Wait, why are you here when we're going home from practice at your place, Arisa?
Arisa: I-I said I wanted to go for a walk! ... You got a problem with that?
Tae: You feel lonely being by yourself, don't you?
Arisa: Huh?! I so do not!
Saaya: Fufu, O-Tae. You shouldn't hit the nail on the head like that.
Arisa: Th-that's totally not what it is!
Rimi: Hm? Hey, look... Isn't that...?
Kasumi: Ohh, it's Roselia! It looks like they're all there!

Yukina: In that case, let's schedule our next rehearsal for this Saturday.
Kasumi: Yukina-senpai~! Hello!
Yukina: Oh, Toyama-san. fancy meeting you here.
Kasumi: Not just me, the whole band is here~!
Saaya: Oh, hello. Are you on your way home from a practice session for Roselia?
Sayo: Yes. I assume Poppin'Party also just had rehearsal as well?
Kasumi: That's right! We decided we're gonna do a Christmas show! Everyone's practicing extra hard for it!
Ako: What?! A Christmas show~?!
Kasumi: You bet! We talked to Marina-san about it, and we ended being able to use CiRCLE for the show!
Ako: That's so cool~! It sounds really fun!
Kasumi: You guys should come too! It's gonna be at CiRCLE at about...
Rimi: U-um, Kasumi-chan, you're getting a bit ahead of yourself again... It's Christmas we're talking about. Everyone might have plans already.
Others: ...
Yukina: Christmas plans...
Sayo: Umm...
Lisa: C'mon guys! It's a special occasion ♪ Why don't we all go together?
Lisa: You wanna go, don't you Ako?
Ako: Yeah, absolutely! Let's go together, Rin-rin!
Ako: ... Ahh, but I guess you don't like going to places like that, right?
Rinko: ... Y-yeah, it's a little... scary, but... if everyone is going... I think I'll be okay...
Kasumi: Okay, then we're doing it! Make sure to come as a group you guys! It's Christmas! We're gonna have so much fun!
Kasumi: We're going to have a Christmas party after the show, so feel free to stick around for that as well!
Lisa: Ooh, you guys are having a party too! In that case, I might have to hit the kitchen and make some food for us~ ♪
Tae: Oh... the person I've been waiting for. Please make roast beef and a turkey.
Arisa: O-Tae... has that really been on your mind this whole time?!
Tae: But it's important...
Lisa: Ahaha! Sure thing! I can't guarantee how good it'll be, but I'll do it ♪
Ako: Anything you cook is gonna be super delicious, Lisa-nee~! Oh! Is it okay if I invite my sister?!
Kasumi: Yeah! Of course! I'll contact the other girls from Afterglow!
Lisa: Ooh! In that case, why don't you bring Hina with you, Sayo?!
Sayo: ... What? Are you suggesting Hina and I go to the party together...?
Lisa: Why not? I'm sure it'll make her day if you're the one to invite her ♪
Sayo: Th-that's true... I shall consider it...
Kasumi: We'll be waiting for you guys! Mmm~, now that Roselia is gonna be there, we're gonna have to practice even harder!
Yukina: Well then, Toyama-san. We look forward to your Christmas show.
Kasumi: Great~!
Kasumi: This is gonna be so much fun! Okay, I'm gonna invite all the other bands too!
Saaya: Nice idea! It's a Christmas party, after all. Let's have a whole lot of fun with everyone!
Rimi: I agree! It wasn't just our own actions that made it possible for us to use CiRCLE, right?
Tae: It was everyone who was at the Girls Band Party.
Kasumi: Yeah! That's right! Okay, I'm gonna start writing my text right now! Umm... hmm... yeah, this should do...!
Kasumi: Hey, Arisa! Is this okay to send?!
Arisa: ... Not bad, all things considered.
Kasumi: Yes! I got the Arisa seal of approval! Ehehe...! This is so exciting! Do you think everyone will come?!
Saaya: Don't worry, I'm sure they will!
Kasumi: Okay! Everyone who was at the Girls Band Party... One big text coming your way!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Chapter 4
A Lot of Friends

After receiving support from many friends regarding the performance, Arisa thinks of an idea...!


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 1A

Kasumi: Okay, there's just two days left until our Christmas show! Not much longer, guys! Let's keep working hard for this!
Saaya: Yeah! Hey I told my dad about the party, and he said he'd make sandwiches for us!
Kasumi: Your dad's the best, Saaya!
Tae: ... What? Is he going to make smoked salmon sandwiches too?
Saaya: He sure will! Oh, and some chocolate cornets too!
Rimi: Yay~!
Hagumi: Ah! Kaa-kun! Thanks for the text yesterday! I'm totally gonna go see your Christmas show~!
Kasumi: Hagu~! Thanks! Hagu was the first one to respond last night, you guys!
Saaya: She sure was quick. She responded the moment you sent the text.
Hagumi: I mean, it just sounds super fun! Is there anything I can do to help out? Just say the word!
Kasumi: Oh! What about Kokoron? She only responded with a flower stamp, but does that mean she's coming?
Hagumi: Yeah, Kokoron said she'll be there!
Kasumi: Oh, I'm glad to hear it~!


Arisa: ... Urgh, Kasumi is practically bouncing around the room today. I can totally hear her voice from my classroom...
Arisa: (Kinda makes it hard to go in there when they're all excited like that...)
Arisa: (Whoa, someone else is talking to her now... How does she have so many friends...?)
Eve: Oh! Arisa-san!
Arisa: Uh... Eve. Aya-senpai and Shirasagi-senpai are with you too...
Eve: Why are you peeking into the classroom...? Do you need to talk to Kasumi-san? I can get her for you if you like.
Arisa: N-no! It's okay, everything's fine! Don't mind me!
Aya: By the way, Arisa-chan! I got the text from Kasumi-chan yesterday! We won't be able to make it, but I hope you guys have fun ♪
Arisa: ... Huh? You can't make it?
Chisato: It's not just her. Pastel✽Palettes has work that day.
Arisa: Ahh, okay... I guess that can't be helped. I'll let Kasumi and the others know.
Aya: *sigh* I wanted to have fun with everyone~. I really wish we could make it~.
Eve: Aww~, I regret that we can't go...
Chisato: Listen... As an idol, having work on Christmas day is something we should all be most grateful for.
Chisato: I'm not entirely certain we should be regretting the fact that we cannot go to the Christmas show.
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan... Yeah, you're right.
Chisato: Let's work just as hard as Poppin'Party will with their Christmas show.
Aya: Yeah! Of course!
Eve: I-I'm sorry, Chisato-san! That was a shameful thing for a warrior to say!
Chisato: Fufu. I think you mean as an idol, not a warrior. Well, Arisa-chan. I hope your Christmas show goes well.
Arisa: Th-thank you!
Arisa: ...
Arisa: (Oh man~... Shirasagi-senpai can be hard to read, but she's still amazing...)
Misaki: ... Ahh, I see. I guess that's the professional mentality thing...
Arisa: O-Okusawa-san?!
Misaki: Shirasagi-senpai is amazing huh~. Is it the whole pro thing? I'm always impressed.
Misaki: She can be kind of hard to read at times, but I don't think she's a bad person...
Arisa: W-were you... listening just now?
Misaki: Yeah, kinda. From about halfway.
Misaki: I thought you might be thinking the same thing as me, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: W-well... I guess I was thinking the exact same thing, but like... can't you make an appearance like a normal person? Appearing outta the shadows like that is creepy!
Misaki: Sorry, my bad. You were already here, so I couldn't help it.
Misaki: Oh, by the way, I had something to tell you. Kaoru-san seems very motivated to see your Christmas show. I'm going to tag along too.
Arisa: Haha... I should've expected they'd be coming...
Misaki: Okay, I'm gonna get going... I'm guessing it's going to be a bit crazy, but... hang in there, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: ... Y-yeah, sure... I will. Thanks...
Arisa: ... I've made more friends too... I guess...
Kasumi: Oh! Arisa?!
Arisa: Gah...! K-Kasumi... Don't you appear suddenly like that either!
Kasumi: What are you doing out here? Just come into the classroom.
Arisa: ... Uh, Kasumi.
Arisa: We're gonna nail this show!
Kasumi: ... A-Arisa? ... Where'd that come from? You never say stuff like that...
Kasumi: Do you have a fever? Are you getting enough sleep?! You didn't eat something strange, did you?!
Arisa: I don't have a fever, I sleep well, and I haven't eaten anything remotely strange thank you very much!
Kasumi: Then what's the matter? You're not the usual old Arisa, so I'm starting to get worried.
Arisa: (There's no way in hell I can tell her I'm happy that so many people... no, friends, are supporting us with this Christmas show thing...)
Arisa: (... Hm? ... Friends?)
Arisa: ... Ah! Th-that's it!
Arisa: Kasumi! I just thought of something incredibly good! Come here for a second!
Kasumi: Wh-what is it now?! There's definitely something wrong with you, Arisa~!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Chapter 5
The Switch

The show is coming up soon. While decorating,
the girls look back on everything that has happened so far...


The Day Of The Christmas Show

Kasumi: Jingle bells, jingle bells, mmm-hm-hmm~ ♪ We're gonna have a super-fun show today~ ♪ Hey!
Arisa: Ka~su~mi~! Have you been singing this whole time, or are you actually getting somewhere with your preparations?! If we don't hurry, we won't get the decorations done in time!
Kasumi: I can't help it! I just can't wait for the show~! This is just a vocal exercise, don't worry!
Saaya: Just don't get too into it and dry your throat out, okay? Anyway, let's get these decorations done!
Kasumi: Okay!
Tae: Hey, we can just put the Christmas tree in the middle of the stage, right?
Arisa: As if that's not gonna be in the way, O-Tae! Put it off to the side, or somewhere in the back!
Rimi: Ahaha. Everyone's extra excited today.
Kasumi: You were humming something too, Rimi-rin! I heard you.
Rimi: That's because I'm excited too! My sister said that she was going to come see us play!
Kasumi: Ooh! Yuri-senpai is coming too! Yay~! I can't wait for everyone to get here~ ♪
Arisa: We can't afford to screw up in front of Yuri-senpai... Looks like we're gonna have to work extra hard.
Saaya: Yeah! Of course! ... Hm? Oh, I got a text.
Kasumi: Who's it from?
Saaya: Umm... it's from Tomoe.
Saaya: "We're on our way, good luck." ... That's the text!
Kasumi: Th-they're already heading this way?! Oh no, we have to get ready!
Arisa: Didn't you just say you couldn't wait for everyone to get here?!
Saaya: But you know, everything about this show happened so quickly... I didn't think so many people would come.
Rimi: Oh, that reminds me, Saaya-chan... Is everything okay at your shop?
Saaya: Yeah! My dad told me to give it everything I've got since this Christmas show is a special occasion...
Saaya: My brother and sister are going to help out at the shop instead of me.
Rimi: ... Lots of different people are supporting us, huh? This Christmas show really makes me feel it.
Tae: Marina-san and the owner too.
Saaya: It hasn't really been that long since we started this band, but we've already met so many people and made so many friends... And now we're having a Christmas show together...
Saaya: It's kind of amazing when you think about it, huh?
Kasumi: It totally is!
Rimi: ... We did have some fights too, I think.
Saaya: Everyone in the band is so different. I think it'd be strange not to have any fights.
Kasumi: All those things are good memories now though... Don't you agree, Arisa?
Arisa: W-well, I uh... don't disagree.
Tae: You were the reason all of these things happened, Kasumi.
Kasumi: ... Huh?
Tae: You started all of this when you charged head first into CiRCLE that day, Kasumi. The fact that today is happening, that we can play shows here... It's all thanks to you, Kasumi.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Hey... c-cut it out. Where did this come from...?!
Kasumi: C-c'mon... Arisa! O-Tae is being weird! Say something to set her straight.
Arisa: Y-you... never think before you take action, and it causes all kinds of trouble, but...
Kasumi: ... What? Arisa?
Arisa: Being able to play at the Girls Band Party, getting all this support from so many people...
Arisa: And being able to make lots of friends... I appreciate it. Yeah, I really appreciate it all.
Kasumi: A... risa... Wh-what are... you saying...?
Rimi: Thanks, Kasumi-chan.
Saaya: Thanks.
Kasumi: ... Aww.
Arisa: ... Kasumi! Hey, no crying! We're about to go on stage!
Kasumi: But...! It's because you guys are saying stuff that makes me cry!
Arisa: Fine! Just forget we said anything for now and...
Kasumi: I can't forget this! I'm so gonna remember! I'm gonna remember this forever!
Kasumi: ... But I get it! Lots of people have come to see us. We have to focus!
Kasumi: Aww yeah, not long now! Come on guys, let's go do this~!

Dressing Room

Kasumi: Arisa, thanks for scoping things out! How's the crowd?
Arisa: ... There's a serious number of people here. Everyone from Afterglow, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! are here. Glitter*Green as well.
Rimi: Huh? Everyone from Glitter*Green is here?! I thought it was only going to be my sister!
Tae: The party we have after this should be a lot of fun.
Rimi: Yeah!
Kasumi: ... So, Arisa. How about over there?
Arisa: All good. They're here.
Kasumi: Really?! Yay~!
Saaya: ... Wh-what's going on?
Kasumi: Oh, nothing! Just something we were talking about earlier!
Arisa: Kasumi! It's almost time!
Kasumi: Okay! Let's go, guys!
Kasumi: Poppin'Party Christmas show, here we come~~!!!

HAPPY Poppin' Xmas Event Story - Ending

Th show ends successfully, and within the crowd,
there is an unexpected group of people...!


After The Christmas Show

Kasumi: Thanks for coming today, everyone~! Merry~ Christmas~!
Kasumi: We totally couldn't have had such a fun Christmas show without you guys! Thank you so much!
Arisa: K-Kasumi! Could you calm down?!
Kasumi: But~~! It was just so much fun! Did you guys enjoy it too?!
Others: Of course! It was the best Christmas show ever.
Kasumi: Y-Yuri-senpai!
Others: Rimi! You really outdid yourselves today!
Rimi: Thanks, sis! Everyone from Glitter*Green is here today, right? We have to thank them later!
Others: More importantly, that song from before was one you wrote, right? It was awesome! I might have to ask you to write something for Glitter*Green one of these days.
Rimi: N-no way, I couldn't write a song for Glitter*Green...!
Kasumi: Check it out, Arisa! Look how happy Rimi-rin looks! Don't you feel happy too just seeing her like that?!
Arisa: Yeah, can't deny it.
Kokoro: Hey, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Ooh! Kokoron!
Kokoro: That was a wonderful Chistmas show full of so many smiles! I had so much fun I started doing backflips!
Kasumi: I know! I saw you from the stage!
Ran: Good job, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Wow~! Ran-chan~! Thanks for coming today! How was our show?
Ran: Um... not bad, I guess. I think I want to try doing a Christmas gig with our band next year.
Kasumi: Nice idea! You totally should! You have to! Promise!
Kanon: Um... Tae-chan...
Tae: Oh, Kanon-senpai.
Kanon: Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas show.
Tae: Uh, sure. But it was Kasumi who did the inviting. You should say it to her.
Kanon: Kasumi-chan is so popular it's hard to get a chance to talk to her... That's why I thought I'd thank you, because you're so easy to approach.
Misaki: Ichigaya-san~, nice work.
Arisa: Thanks, Okusawa-san.
Misaki: I'm glad your Christmas show was a great success~.
Arisa: Well, l-like... personally I don't mind either way, you know...?
Misaki: Sure, sure... You don't have to say anything, I know what you actually mean.
Saaya: Ahaha... I don't think anyone is going to be calming down anytime soon... Even Arisa is letting her excitement show...
Tomoe: Yo, Saaya!
Saaya: Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Nice show, it was awesome! ... Right, Ako?
Ako: Yeah! It was so cool! It was like the the bells of the abyss tolled and, uh... brought the darkness...
Saaya: Wh-what does that mean...?
Rinko: Sh-she means that... it was... amazing.
Saaya: ... R-right.
Saaya: I have to say, it's fun performing in front of people you don't know, but it's really fun in a different kind of way to play in front of so many friends like this too.
Others: Saaya!
Saaya: ... Hm?
Others: Hey, guess who's here!
Saaya: ... Huh? What? ... Natsu? Wh-why are you here?!
Others: I came to see you and your new band play, silly! I'm not alone either... Look over there.
Saaya: Fumika, Mayu! ... And even Sato-chan?!
Others: Everyone from CHiSPA answered the call!
Saaya: B-but why? I don't get it! What's going on?!
Kasumi: Ahahahaha! We did it~! The surprise was a success!
Saaya: Th-the surprise?!
Others: We got an invite to the Christmas show too! We kept it a secret because we wanted it to be a surprise.
Others: After you left the band, we had that awkward period, right? But now that we're talking again, I was kinda worried I'd say something and blow the surprise~!
Kasumi: Saaya, really you wanted to invite everyone from CHiSPA, right?
Saaya: Y-yeah... I did, but... it was harder to do than I thought, you know...
Saaya: ... Did you pick up on that and invite them, Kasumi?
Kasumi: No, it wasn't my idea! Arisa was the one who thought of it!
Saaya: ... What?! Arisa...?
Arisa: Sh-shut it, Kasumi! You didn't have to go and say that!
Saaya: You invited Natsu and the others for me, Arisa...?
Arisa: Uh, well... u-umm... I thought you'd... like that, so...
Saaya: ... Haha, hahaha. I was surprised... You guys totally got me. I was seriously in a state of shock just now...
Saaya: Man, Arisa~... You've come a long way~! Ahh, I'm still feeling the surprise!
Kasumi: Hey, everyone! We're having a Christmas party after this, so make sure to come!
Kasumi: At the Christmas party there's going to be a special surprise! Our lovely Arisa is going to dress up as Santa Claus!
Arisa: A-are you stupid?! There's no way in hell I'm gonna do that!
Kasumi: Okay everyone~! Merry~ Christmas~~!!!

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