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Halloween Rabbit Card Story - Episode

I Can Hear Halloween Coming


Ichigaya Residence - Basement
Tae: Break time.
Kasumi: Okay, let's rest for fifteen minutes, then get back to practicing!
Arisa: We said we were just gonna try and get through the new song before taking a break, but we really blew right through it.
Rimi: Yeah, we did. I'm so exhausted~.
Saaya: But we sounded pretty good, don't you think?
Tae: Yeah! It felt like we were equally ready to take it on! Or that we had the same vibe going at the least!
Saaya: Yeah, I know what you mean. It was kind of like at the parade the other day.
Rimi: Ah, that's what I was thinking too. Like I was enjoying myself and didn't want it to end~.
Kasumi: Ehehe, so you got the parade vibes? That's what I was going for~.
Kasumi: I tried to include all the fun and happy memories from that day into this song!
Arisa: Yeah, I suppose whenever we play this song we'll be able to remember that time.
Tae: Yay. Arisa feels the same way.
Arisa: W-whatever...
Rimi: We did have a lot of fun that day, though. We took photos with so many people, and we even got to exchange candy!
Kasumi: And everyone was smiling the whole time! The little kids looked like they were having fun too.
Saaya: Yeah! And every kid was dressed up! They were so cute~. Some of them couldn't even say "trick or treat" properly.
Tae: And there were other people also dressed up as rabbits! I had fun hanging out with them.
Arisa: That's right, you had a rather chaotic contest to see who could jump in the most "rabbit-like" way...
Tae: You should've joined us if you wanted to take part, Arisa.
Arisa: As if!
Tae: That last part was great too. When we stood on the stage.
Kasumi: Yeah, and we said "We are Poppin'Party! Come to our concert!" Or something like that! It was over so quickly, but I'm glad people liked it.
Rimi: A few people even said that they would come.
Arisa: Really?! I didn't hear anyone say that.
Saaya: That means there are some people looking forward to our concert!
Rimi: Ah, does that mean that a lot of people will come? I feel nervous now...
Tae: Hey, Rimi. On Halloween, the spirits of our ancestors come to visit us, right?
Rimi: Huh? Yes, that's right. They say that it's a day where our world and the other side come together.
Tae: I see...
Arisa: W-Why'd you ask that, O-Tae...?
Tae: Well, we promoted our concert at the parade, right? So that means...
Tae: Lots of our ancestors might come to watch us perform.
Rimi: ... Huh? Do you mean... ghosts...?
Kasumi & Arisa: Eek...!
Saaya: Lots... of ghosts...
Arisa: Hey! You guys, stop talking about creepy stuff like that!
Kasumi: Y-Yeah~! How am I supposed to get in the bath tonight?!
Tae: Ahaha. Okay, let's take this momentum and get back to work!
Arisa: Don't go acting like there's a bright side to it!

Halloween Rabbit Card Story - Special Episode

A Halloween For Pets


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Tae: BanG Dreamer-san! Trick or treat!
Tae: Fufu, were you surprised? I realized I hadn't said it to you yet.
Tae: It's okay, I don't want candy. I just wanted to say it.
Tae: I don't know if I meant to go around saying it to everyone. It just sort of happened.
Tae: At the Halloween Parade, I said it so much I swear my mouth was gonna turn into a pumpkin.
Tae: Yeah! The Halloween Parade was really fun!
Tae: All of Poppin'Party went together in costume, and when you walk around dressed up like that, the city feels kind of different than usual.
Tae: It was refreshing, like we were walking around a whole new city.
Tae: And also, even though we were surrounded by people we didn't know, everyone was wearing costumes, so it felt like we were all friends.
Tae: Now that I think about it, costumes are pretty amazing.
Tae: Also, there were a lot of animals in costumes too.
Tae: There were cats, dogs, and I think I even saw a bird. And a rabbit!
Tae: They let me hug the adorable little bunny.
Tae: I wanna dress Oddie up too, but what kind of costume do you think would suit him?
Tae: Hm~... Ah, I know! I'll dress Oddie up as Doro-chan!
Tae: Doro-chan is another one of my pet rabbits.
Tae: That'd be so funny! He'd be Doro-chan, even though he's Oddie!
Tae: I really wanna try this now. I'd better go home and make the costumes.
Tae: See you later, BanG Dreamer-san. I'll let you know when they're done so you can see them!