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Halloween Together! Card Story - Episode

RAS's Halloween


CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LOCK: I managed to play it!
MASKING: Huh, your performance wasn't half bad, LOCK!
LAYER: Yes. You made me get into the groove too.
LOCK: Th-thank you! I think that was my performance yet.
CHU2: Okay, that's all for practice today. We'll start from the top tomorrow. Understood?
PAREO: As you wish, CHU²-sama!
LOCK: Oh yeah! Um, do you think you guys will have time next Saturday?
LOCK: We're doing a Halloween festival at my school, and I think it would be nice if you could all come...
CHU2: A Halloween festival~?
LOCK: Yes! Each of the classes are going to have things like stores or activities. We're also going to be walking around the school in costumes! My class is doing a Halloween café!
MASKING: I'm the one who taught her class how to bake cakes.
LAYER: So you're helping them out, Masuki? You know, it sounds like you go to a pretty interesting school, LOCK. Schools don't usually do events like that for Halloween.
LOCK: It was Hina-senpai's idea as student council president. She apparently said, "We should do something boppin' since it's Halloween~♪"
PAREO: Wow! If the event is Hina-chan's idea, I would like to partake~! CHU²-sama, would you be willing to accompany us?
CHU2: I will not. All Hallows' Eve is an event for children.
PAREO: Aww~, that saddens me~.
LOCK: B-but it might be different from what you have in mind, CHU²-san.
LOCK: Poppin'Party and Roselia will be there...
LOCK: Afterglow's class is also supposed to be doing something special!
LAYER: Fufu, it sounds like just about everyone will be there.
MASKING: Halloween events at schools aren't exactly common. You all should come.
LAYER: Are you going, Masuki?
MASKING: You bet. There'll still be plenty of stuff to take care of at the café! It's gonna be busy for sure!
LAYER: I see. I'd like to go too. It'll be interesting to see what kind of a school LOCK goes to.
PAREO: LOCK-san! Do you know what else will be available at the festival?
LOCK: Umm... From what I've heard, there'll be a few stores that will serve Halloween-themed desserts, a place where you can make jack-o'-lanterns, and...
LOCK: U think there's supposed to be a Halloween-themed maze too.
PAREO: Ooh~! Did you hear that, CHU²-sama? It will surely be a most wonderful time~! Let's all go.
CHU2: Negative! I already said I won't go!
PAREO: Aww~, but I wish to attend~. And I am certain LOCK-san wishes for you to be present, CHU²-sama!
LOCK: I do! There'll be a costume contest and stalls serving all kinds of food. I'm sure it'll be really fun!
LOCK: Oh! Yukina-senpai's class is going to be offering Halloween-themed face painting!
CHU2: What did you say? Did you just say Yukina Minato will be there?
MASKING: Of course. She goes to Haneoka.
LAYER: I wonder what Minato-san is like at school.
CHU2: Fufu... Fu...
PAREO: CHU²-sama? Is everything all right?
CHU2: Very well. I will go to this so-called All Hallows' Eve Festival!
LOCK: You'll come?!
CHU2: Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not going for entertainment. I just want to see what Yukina Minato is like normally.
CHU2: I need more information so that we can have our vengeance against Roselia.
LOCK: O-okay... Regardless of your motives, it looks like we'll all be going!
LAYER: I'm happy for you, LOCK.
MASKING: Guess we'll get to see Yukina-san put face paint on you, CHU².
CHU2: What?!
PAREO: Do not fear, CHU²-sama. I shall prepare an adorable outfit for you that will suit any kind of face paint!
CHU2: I didn't say anything about actually interacting with Yukina Minato!
PAREO: I shall also prepare masterfully tailored Halloween outfits suitable for RAS, of course!
LAYER: Thank you, PAREO. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with.
MASKING: Could you make something that I can move around in easily? I'll have stuff to do as a pasty chef.
LOCK: Ooh~, I'm getting so excited...! I'll do my best to make sure all of you have a good time!

Halloween Together! Card Story - Special Episode

Overly Fun Memories


Residential Area

LOCK: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello!
Marina: Hi, Rokka-chan. Are you on your way to practice?
LOCK: Yes! I'm going early so that I can get in some extra practice!
Marina: Somebody's eager! You also seem happy about something.
LOCK: Oh, is it that obvious...?
Marina: Fufufu, it is. Did something good happen?
LOCK: The Halloween festival the other day was so much fun that just thinking about it makes me feel all bubbly.
Marina: Halloween festival?
LOCK: Yes! It was an event at our school where each class ran a shop or some other activity. The students also wore costumes...
Marina: Huh, that does sound fun.
LOCK: Kasumi-senpai also came to the event. She even visited my class' café!
LOCK: She ordered the drink I came up with... I was so overjoyed~...!
Marina: I see! I'm happy for you~! What kind of a drink did you come up with?
LOCK: It was a fruity soda with star-shaped gelatin inside! I named it Dancing Star.
Marina: Star-shaped, huh~? That sounds like the sort of thing Kasumi-chan would love!
LOCK: Yes! She did! And after that, we went around school together.
LOCK: Just being with her made it fun. She's always doing her best to have fun!
LOCK: on top of that, we got to know lots of people because she kept approaching people as we went around school...
Marina: Fufu, I can see her doing that. She's a master when it comes to finding fun things to do and becoming friends with people.
LOCK: Kasumi-senpai kept squealing, "So cute~!" to total strangers all day... Fufu.
LOCK: I really admire that side of her!
Marina: Well, she does tend to chat with and befriend the audience when she's the MC at concerts!
LOCK: I know, right? Poppin'Party's concerts are a warm place where the performers and the audience can connect!
LOCK: Talking to you about Poppin'Party's concerts is making me want to go to one~! I wonder when the next show will be~.
Marina: Fufu, knowing Kasumi-chan, I'm sure she'll invite you once a date's been set.
LOCK: Ehehe... I hope so!
LOCK: I want to try a lot of different things during our concerts. That way I can become like Kasumi-senpai someday!
Marina: I'll be looking forward to RAS's concerts then!
LOCK: Ah! I should go now! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, thank you so much for chatting with me!
Marina: No problem! Good luck with practice~.
LOCK: Thank you!