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Happiness in Hand Card Story - Episode

Special Video Message


Wedding Hall
Dressing Room

Eve: The shoot starts soon... I'm getting nervous...
Eve: But I cannot let myself be afraid! Kasumi-san and the others will definitely be here for me!
Eve: Everything will be fine. I have all of their love and support!
Others: Excuse me, package delivery~!
Eve: Huh? Ah, thank you~! ... What?!
Hina: Ta-dah~! Ehehe, it was me all along~.
Eve: Hina-san! I thought you had plans today.
Hina: Yeah, I've got lessons after this~. There was something I really wanted to bring you before that though. This is from all of us in Pastel✽Palettes to you, our hard-working Eve-chan!
Eve: For me? What is it?
Hina: Aha, you'll see! Now just hold this smartphone~.
Hina: I've already set it up, so you just have to press play!
Eve: Uhm, like this?

Talent Agency

Eve: This is our-
Hina: Uhm, I think I've got it. Is it recording?
Hina: Now, it's time for us to congratulate our precious friend, Eve-chan, on her wedding... commercial! Everyone here will now say a few words!
Hina: First up is Maya-chan! Go!
Maya: Uhm~, Eve-san! Congratulations on receiving such a huge job, and a solo one at that!
Maya: With your positive outlook and dedication, I'm sure you'll make it through this job in one piece!
Maya: Remember that we're here, cheering you on! Go forward with your bright smile and bushido spirit!
Hina: Next up, Aya-chan~! Go~!
Aya: Congratulations on getting this commercial job, Eve-chan! You've been doing great as a model recently, and I'm sure that dress is going to look amazing on you!
Aya: Seeing as this is a solo job, it's a little different from the jobs we do together. I'm sure you're worried about whether you'll do a good job, or if something will go wrong..
Aya: If it were me, I know I'd be really nervous. I'd probably be messaging you guys non-stop...
Aya: Ah~, just thinking about it is making my heart pound!
Hina: Hey, hey~! Aya-chan, if you say it like that, you're going to make Eve-chan nervous too.
Aya: Ah, you're right... Sorry! In any case, I'm sure yo-... No, I know you can do it!
Aya: Be sure to shine as much as a bride as you do on stage!
Hina: Alright~... Your turn, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: You know, it's almost like we're celebrating her actual wedding.
Hina: We're just setting up the right atmosphere. She'll feel extra boppin'♪ if she sees a video like this before filming!
Chisato: I suppose you're right. It's certainly important to get her motivated.
Hina: And with that, Chisato-chan, give us a message for Eve-chan!
Chisato: Alright, well then... Ahem.
Chisato: You're on your own for this film shoot, so I'm sure you're worried about a variety of things. However, I want you to remember one thing.
Chisato: You are never alone. Your fellow Pastel✽Palettes members are always by your side.
Chisato: You're an experienced model, so I'm certain this shoot will go well. Have a little faith in yourself.
Hina: ... Well? Did that help calm you down? At least now you know that we're all cheering for you!
Others: Good luck~!
Eve: Thank you so much, everyone! I'm so happy!
Eve: Was this video letter your idea, Hina-san?
Hina: No, we all decided that we wanted to do something.
Hina: I mean, we all know how nerve-wracking working by yourself can be.
Hina: So we figured if a video like this could make you feel even a little extra boppin'♪, it was worth doing.
Eve: So that's what happened! I had no idea... I shall never forget this kindness!
Hina: Happy to help! ... Whoa, is it that late already?! I gotta get going!
Hina: Ah, right... You look really good in that wedding dress, Eve-chan!
Eve: Thank you!
Eve: She's so busy, yet she still made the time to come see me...
Eve: I can't believe they made me such an amazing video... I'm so lucky!
Eve: Don't worry, everyone! I won't let you down! Let's bushido~!

Happiness in Hand Card Story - Special Episode

Wedding Superstitions



Marina: Good work today, Eve-chan!
Eve: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Thank you for all your help!
Marina: I saw your wedding commercial! You looked amazing!
Eve: Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you liked it!
Marina: By the way, those girls in the background sure looked familiar...
Eve: Did you notice? That was Kasumi-san, Arisa-san, Tsugumi-san and Ran-san! They were there as extras!
Marina: Aha, I knew it!
Eve: I know it was a lot of trouble for them, but I really wanted them there... They really were a great help!
Eve: That commercial was a very big job for me, but I was all by myself. I was very nervous. But thanks to Kasumi-san and the others, I had a lot of fun!
Eve: I asked them all to play my bridesmaids...
Eve: And they really did take care of me, just like actual bridesmaids! They calmed me down before filming, and even helped me when I was making my bouquet...
Marina: Huh? You mean the bouquet from the commercial? You made that?
Eve: I did. But not on my own! It was only thanks to everyone's help that I was able to finish it.
Eve: If it was just me, I would have kept worrying about every detail. I don't think my bouquet would have represented me as much as it did.
Marina: For such a short commercial, it sounds like a lot went on behind the scenes.
Eve: That's true. I had so many people helping me throughout the whole thing, from Kasumi-san and the others, to my parents, and even my bandmates in Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: When I first got the job, I'll admit I was more nervous than excited.
Eve: But thanks to everyone's support, I managed to get through everything with no problems! I feel like I've grown as a person as well!
Marina: It must be nice to know you've got friends outside your band that you can trust! Don't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: By the way, you looked gorgeous in that wedding dress, Eve-chan... I could really tell you're a model!
Eve: Ah, actually, about that... May I ask you two a question? I'm a little worried...
Marina: Why? Is something wrong? We'll answer to the best of our abilities.
Eve: I've heard it is considered bad luck in Japan to wear a wedding dress before you are married... Is that true?
Eve: The filming went well, and nothing bad has happened yet, but I can't help but be a little concerned...
Marina: Fufu, don't be. That's just a superstition.
Eve: Thank goodness... So there really was nothing to worry about! I heard a few of the extras talking about it, but I didn't have anyone I could ask...
Eve: So thank you so much! Now I can rest easy knowing nothing will happen!
Marina: Do you think you're going to get more work now? That commercial turned out beautifully.
Eve: I hope so! I love my job after all, just like I love school and my band! They're all so fun!
Eve: And with my bushido spirit, I shall continue to give all three everything I've got!