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Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Opening
The Treasure Map

Hello, Happy World! gathers at Kokoro's house.
They begin looking for props to use at their next concert, but...


Tsurumaki Residence

Kokoro: Check it out! I had this stuff brought out of storage!
Kanon: Y-your family had all of this stuff stored away...?!
Kokoro: Bingo! You got it! There's still a bunch of stuff left, but none of it could get into this room, so we went with this for now!
Hagumi: A framed picture, a shiny vase... There are so many things!
Kaoru: An extraordinarily magnificent collection. There's no doubt that we will find the thing we seek among it.
Misaki: Uhhh, we're here to think of different props we might be able to use for our show, aren't we?
Kokoro: Uh-huh! And we have so many things in the storehouse, I thought we should bring some of them here. What do you think?
Misaki: I mean, yeah, I would call this 'many things', but... I'm not sure that this is the type of stuff we should be using.
Misaki: You'd pretty much never find any of this at the average person's house. They're all pieces of art and antiques...
Kanon: I may just be imagining this, but isn't that painting in one of our art textbooks...?
Kokoro: Don't worry your pretty little heads about it! It's just a bunch of stuff that no one's using anyway!
Kokoro: Besides, I bet the things here would be happier if someone did something with them!
Hagumi: Hey, Kokoron! Do you think we can make this jumbo vase part of the show? I imagine it'd be all sparkly on stage. It'd be so cool!
Kokoro: That's a wonderful idea! And what about if I appear from inside it and surprise everyone?!
Misaki: The only way I see that ending is with a shattered vase. Maybe we shouldn't...
Kanon: Kokoro-chan does move a lot during our performances.
Hagumi: In that case, I'll be one to jump out and amaze everyone!
Misaki: Different person, same result. I still think it's a bad idea.
Others: Why's that?
Kaoru: Fufu, quite the worrywart, aren't we, Misaki? I suppose there's no way around it. Allow me. I shall rise from the antique.
Kanon: Maybe we should forget about the vase and move on...
Kokoro: This "prop" business sure is hard. So what kind of stuff can we use?
Kanon: I get the feeling that none of the things here fit into that category... Hm?
Misaki: Kanon-san? What's up?
Kanon: Huh? Oh, I was just wondering what this was. It looks like a map, but someone drew some sort of mark on it...
Kaoru: I wonder what it means. Do my eyes deceive me, or am I actually seeing a skull...?
Kokoro: Yeah... That must be it! It's a little funny looking, but it seems like that's what they were going for!
Kanon: I suppose this is the map for some sort of island? Either way, it's very old.
Hagumi: Ah! Take a look! There's an "X" drawn here!
Misaki: Hold on. A skull and an "X"...?
Hagumi: Oh! It's a pirate's treasure map!
Others: A treasure map...?!
Hagumi: It has to be! I've seen it in a movie once!
Misaki: Oh, c'mon now! I thought the same thing for a sec', sure, but there's no way this is a--
Kokoro: Awesome! With this map, we can go on a treasure hunt!
Kaoru: A fantastical journey where we scour for a pirate's most prized possession... Ahh, how fleeting...
Hagumi: Wow! I'd love to go on an adventure!
Kokoro: Then it's set! We'll take the weekend to go on a hunt for treasure!
Kanon: What?! A-a treasure hunt...?!
Misaki: St-stop, wait, time out! First of all, words like 'journey' and 'adventure' tell us basically nothing!
Misaki: Second of all, that's not something a group of high-school girls can do... Besides, you don't even know if that map is real!
Kokoro: Don't we figure out what we can and can't do by trying?!
Kokoro: And the map is marked! That means there has to be something amazing there!
Misaki: Th-there it is. That scary power of hers to behave as if she lives in her own reality... O-okay, but you don't know where that island is, do you?
Kokoro: Now that you mention it, no... Where, oh where could you be, little island?
Hagumi: There's some stuff written here. Does that help at all?
Kaoru: You're correct in that regard. However, the characters are none that I've ever seen.
Misaki: And since you can't read it, you can't go, now can you? Now, if we could just give up on trying to g-
Others: You'll have to pardon my interruption. I believe that is a map of Happy Happy Island.
Others: Happy Happy Island...?!
Others: I am certain of it. The map was purchased on the island at an antique fair by your father. If I recall correctly, you accompanied him during that trip, Kokoro-sama.
Misaki: And here I was trying to get her to move on. Why would they give her the answer...?
Kanon: I forgot they were even here...
Kaoru: Do you know of this location, Kokoro?
Kokoro: Yep, I know it very well! This is the southern island where we have our vacation home!
Hagumi: A vacation home on an island...! Wow!
Kokoro: I'm glad it's an island I know! We should stay at my place there over the weekend and have our hunt!
Kaoru: A fabulous suggestion, Kokoro. Ahh, I can see it now. My bosom, bursting with excitement from a most fleeting occasion...!
Hagumi: Yay~! We get to go to a southern island! I can't wait!
Misaki: Sigh, the fire's been started. There's no stopping this blaze now.
Kanon: I-I'm sorry. This only happened because I found the map...
Misaki: No, it's not your fault, Kanon-san. This is pretty much my fate, I'm sure...

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Chapter 1
To the Adventure!

The girls arrive at the southern island and rush to begin the search!


A Few Days Later
Happy Happy Island
Hagumi: Whoa, the ocean's so pretty~! And look at the color! I've never seen anything like it before!
Kaoru: A delightful blue sky with sunny rays shining down and lifting us up from our slumber... A truly fleeting island.
Kokoro: I'm glad you like it! This wonderful place is filled with all kinds of fun stuff!
Kokoro: It's too bad Michelle couldn't come with us.
Kaoru: Once duty calls, the decision is out of our hands. We shall share with her all of the fabulous memories we made when we get back.
Kokoro: Yeah! And we'll buy her lots and lots and lots of souvenirs!
Misaki: Sigh, I can't believe we're actually here...
Kanon: A-ahaha, you can say that again...
Misaki: And all we had to do is hop on the private jet to get here in an instant. I suppose that's what you'd expect when dealing with Kokoro...
Kanon: That part really took me by surprise... But it's not every day you get to come to a southern island. We could end up having a good time.
Kanon: For example, look at this pretty seashell I found earlier. Oh, maybe there are some rare jellyfish around here...
Misaki: Uhm, Kanon-san... I know you're excited about being on this island, and I completely understand that, I do...
Misaki: I mean, yeah, this place is great. That house they have here is absolutely mind-blowing. This could be the perfect spot to spend your days off.
Misaki: However, you do realize they're set on having an adventure, don't you? I don't think we're gonna be having that southern-island vacation you see in the brochures this time around.
Kanon: Yeah, I think you're right about that... I hope nothing scary happens during the treasure hunt...
Misaki: It'd be even better if we find nothing. Then we can have a nice day of relaxation.
Kokoro: Misaki, Kanon~! This way! The spot on the map with the "X" is over here!
Misaki: Sigh, to think you could get so worked up when you don't even know if that map is the real deal...
Kokoro: Huh? But this is a real treasure map!
Misaki: Okay, and what makes you so sure of that?
Kokoro: The suit people translated the writing on here for me! That's how I know!
Kanon: Oh? What did it say?
Kokoro: Well, it was something that sounded really pirate-y!
Misaki: That tells us absolutely nothing about what it says!
Kokoro: Hmm~... Ah, that's right! I was given a note about it! Yep, here you go!
Kanon: Let's see... "Resting in the depths of Happy Happy Island, beyond the void of darkness, through the tunnel of terror, and at the end of the hill headed to the earth's pit... That is where our treasure lies."
Hagumi: Wow! There's gotta be pirate treasure, for sure!
Kokoro: I know, right?! I bet it's something amazing, too!
Misaki: Sure, it does sound that way... Wait, it's actually real? No no no, that can't be right...
Kanon: Th-the message sounded kind of scary. Are we sure it's okay to be doing this...?
Kaoru: Fufu, it's the very least we require in order to have ourselves a fascinating adventure.
Kokoro: Alrighty, the "X" is telling us to go to that beach over there! C'mon, let's go already!
Hagumi: Yeah! I'll bring back some treasure as a souvenir for my dad and the others~!
Kanon: Ah, w-wait~!
Happy Happy Island - Beach
Kokoro: Here we are~! This should be where the "X" was leading us!
Hagumi: Huh? We're already here? We didn't pass through the darkness thingy or the tunnel though.
Kokoro: Yeah, you're right. That wasn't an adventure at all...
Kanon: It is an old map. Maybe those things are no longer here. Thank goodness we didn't have to go to any of those spooky places...
Kaoru: We live in an ever-changing world. It is but that... Too bad you all could not bear witness to my fearlessness in the face of danger.
Misaki: I think we're fine with an uneventful ending...
Kokoro: Ah, look! There's a cave over there!
Kanon: A-a cave...?!
Misaki: Man, that looks like bad news, no question about it...
Kokoro: The map must have been marked to tell us where it is! I'm sure the treasure is in there!
Hagumi: It's finally time to start our journey! Now I'm really fired up!
Misaki: What?! You actually plan on going in there?! It's clearly dangerous!
Kaoru: What is an adventure without danger? It shall be a thrilling, spectacular experience.
Kokoro: Don't worry! As long as we're all together, we can get through anything!
Hagumi: Mhm! Nothing to be afraid of when we've got each other!
Kaoru: Now, my princesses, let our amusement-filled adventure begin.
Misaki: Or not! If that's actually a pirate's hideout, there could be traps and st- H-hey! Come back!
Kanon: Fueee, they're really going inside the cave...
Misaki: Oh my-! Ugh! Why don't those three dummies ever listen to anyone~?!

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Chapter 2
The Seaside Cavern

The girls enter the caves in search of the pirate's treasure.
But what lies in store for them...?


Pirate Cave?
Kanon: Ohhh, this place gives me the creeps... It always feels like something is about to jump out at you...
Misaki: Everything okay, Kanon-san? I know you're really scared. You should've just stayed back at the house.
Kanon: I thought about doing that, but... I wasn't sure I could make it all the way back on my own, and I was more afraid of getting lost...
Misaki: Y-yeah, it'd be terrifying to have no idea where you are on an island you know nothing about...
Hagumi: Mii-kun, Kano-chan-senpai, what's wrong? You two don't look very happy.
Kanon: Th-that's because I'm scared...
Kokoro: The reason you feel that way is that you keep thinking about scary things. All your fears will go away if we talk about something fun.
Hagumi: Okay, let's think about what the pirate treasure could be!
Kaoru: Splendid idea. After giving it some thought, I suppose I would say that something fleeting would be the greatest treasure of all... I believe it's a secret garden where the most elegant of flowers bloom.
Kokoro: I'd love for it to be something fun! I'm sure whatever it is made the pirates smile! That's why they held it so dear to their hearts!
Kokoro: It's probably a shiny acorn, or a towel that smells nice, or some kind of sweet treat... Something like that, no?
Kanon: Uhhh, we're talking about pirate treasure, right...?
Misaki: What exactly do you all think pirates are like?
Kokoro: Okay, what do you think it is then, Misaki?
Misaki: Wouldn't it be gold?
Others: Gold...
Kokoro: I guess that's sparkly, but it's not really that interesting.
Hagumi: I hope it's something more exciting than that.
Kaoru: Misaki, let your imagination flow freely. It is only then that you'll encounter a truly marvelous treasure created by your mind.
Misaki: I suppose I don't know what it is to dream. Sorry.
Kanon: ... Hm? H-hey, you guys?
Hagumi: What is it, Kano-chan-senpai?! Wait, did you find the treasure?!
Kanon: No, it's not about that... I think we just entered a big, open space.
Kokoro: Hmm, it does seem that way. It's too dark to tell though.
Kaoru: Simply shine your lights toward th-... Huh?
Misaki: What happened, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Nothing. I just thought I saw something movin-
Others: Wahhh!!
Hagumi: B-bats! Lots and lots of bats~!
Kanon: Fueee~...! They're coming this way!
Kokoro: So this was their house, huh?! Hello, Bat Ladies and Gentlebats! We're here looking for treasur-
Misaki: Are you seriously greeting them?! From their point of view, we're just trespassers trampling all over their territory!
Hagumi: Whoa, whoa! What do we do?! They're gonna eat us!
Kaoru: B-be calm! We must think rationally... I got it! We shall pretend to be whatever it is that bats are afraid of!
Kaoru: If we act as their natural predator, they should feel frightened and flee!
Hagumi: But what are bats afraid of?
Kaoru: Well... Good question. Kanon, do you happen to know?!
Kanon: D-don't put me on the spot! How am I supposed to know~?!
Misaki: This isn't the time for stupid questions!
Kanon: W-we have to run away...! Ah! There's a giant rock over there!
Kanon: What if we hide behind it until the bats settle down...?!
Hagumi: Good thinking, Kano-chan-senpai!
Kokoro: So we're playing hide-and-seek with them, right?! Alright, guys, make sure they don't see you!

Kanon: ... I think the bats have finally relaxed.
Misaki: Looks like we got through that well enough. Still, I can't believe the moment we stepped into the cave, we ran into something like that...
Kanon: They were probably surprised when we turned our lights toward them. We're sorry, little bats...
Misaki: Is everyone okay?
Misaki: Do you all get it now? Do you understand how dangerous the inside of a cave can be? We should probably head back before something like that happens again.
Kokoro: Why would we do that? Playing with the bats was so much fun!
Hagumi: It caught me off guard, but it really had that feeling of adventure!
Kaoru: There's nothing to fear. As long as I am by your side, what is there to be afraid of?
Misaki: Not only was that scary, but you were freaking out too, Kaoru-san, just like any normal person would. Is it too much to ask that you guys learn something from this...?
Kanon: Ohhh, I don't know about this... If we keep going and something even more terrifying shows up, then what...?
Misaki: Kanon-san...
Misaki: (We won't be able to count on the three dummies anytime soon. I have to pull myself together here...!)
Misaki: It'll be okay. If something happens, I'll take care of it. Just make sure you don't stray too far away from me.
Kanon: Misaki-chan... Thank you. It's always so reassuring to be with you...

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Chapter 3
Charm of Courage

The girls struggle as they press forward on their strange adventure.
Suddenly, an eerie voice comes from the depths of the caverns...


Pirate Cave?
Kokoro: C'mon, this way! Hurry, you don't wanna get left behind!
Misaki: H-hold on, Kokoro! It's so dark, we can barely see where we're going. Point your flashlight in the direction we're walking.
Kokoro: So we can watch our step, right?! Got it! How's this?
Others: ...?!
Kanon: Huh? Wait... Now there's no light at all...!
Kokoro: What happened? It won't go back on.
Misaki: The batteries must be dead- Ow!
Misaki: Hey, who did that...? It feels like someone just headbutted me...
Hagumi: I-I'm sorry, Mii-kun. I couldn't see anything... Oh man, my head is spinning...
Kaoru: We must all refrain from moving carelessly. The last thing I want to witness is my adorable little kittens being injur- Ah!
Kokoro: Oh? Sorry about that. I think I just stepped on something.
Kaoru: Th-that would be my foot, Kokoro. I understand that being apart from me is unbearable, but I must ask that we all remain still for a moment...
Misaki: Pretty sure if we don't solve this problem soon, someone's gonna get hurt... Ah, we brought some spare batteries just in case, right? Was it Hagumi who was carrying them?
Hagumi: Th-that's right! I do have them! Let's see, where did I put them...?
Hagumi: Ngh, it's too dark for me to see anything~!
Kanon: H-Hagumi-chan, just relax...! Uhm... O-oh, I know...! Give me a second!
Hagumi: Wow! So bright!
Kanon: It's the light from my phone. You should be able to see what you're doing with your hands now. How's this?
Hagumi: Mhm, that's perfect! Thanks, Kano-chan-senpai!
Hagumi: Alrighty, the back-up batteries are in! The flashlight should work now!
Kaoru: Indeed. You have my gratitude, Hagumi.
Hagumi: It's not me you should be thanking. It's Kano-chan-senpai!
Kanon: I-I was just lucky enough to come up with the idea. I'm just glad that no one got hurt.
Kokoro: Ah! Check it out! Looks like we can go farther into the cave through that hole in the wall!
Misaki: Yeah, it does go pretty far in. I gotta say, this cave is crazy huge...
Others: Ooo~...!!
Others: ...?!
Hagumi: A-a scary voice... What was that...?
Kanon: Fueee~, it came all the way from the other end of that hole... Maybe something's over there...
Misaki: That reminds me, the map did say something about a "tunnel of terror," didn't it? Maybe this is the place it was referring to...
Kaoru: That is quite likely. What could such a disturbing voice possibly originate from though...?
Hagumi: Th-this is just a guess, but... could it be the ghost of a pirate?
Kanon: A-a ghost?
Hagumi: Think about it. Has something that's alive ever sounded like that?
Others: ...!
Kokoro: Awesome! That means if we walk to the other end, we can meet Mister or Missus Ghost, right?!
Misaki: Hello, can you not sound so excited about it?! Us normal people usually choose to run the other way at the mention of a ghost!
Kokoro: Is there any reason to be so scared of it? They could end up being really nice!
Kokoro: They might even prepare some yummy treats and tea for us!
Misaki: If they were that 'nice', they wouldn't have chosen to haunt this place after they died.
Kokoro: We won't know until we go! Now, let's continue our journey!
Hagumi: Y-yeah. It should be fine if we stick together, right...?
Kaoru: P-precisely. If we walk in close proximity to one another, we should be able to deal with whatever we face...
Kanon: K-Kaoru-san? You're shaking. Are you okay...?
Kaoru: I'm trembling with excitement, as they say. After all, there may be a battle with a ghost lying in wait for us.
Misaki: Don't tell me she's afraid of monsters...
Kanon: I-I think she is, but she's trying to hide it.
Misaki: I wonder if she's alright...
Kanon: Hmm. Hey, Kaoru-san...!
Kaoru: Yes, Kanon?
Kanon: Would you like to join me and say the words that help us feel brave?
Kanon: I'm sure the ghost won't be as scary if we sing the words "Happiness, happy magical."
Kaoru: I-I see your point. While I do not find it to be particularly intimidating, I know you all do. Let us sing.
Kanon: Mhm, okay... Ready...!
Others: Happiness! Happy magical♪ Happiness! Happy magical♪
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai? Kaoru-kun?
Kokoro: Looks like they're having a blast! C'mon, Hagumi, let's sing too!
Hagumi: Yeah! Nice idea, Kokoron!
Others: Happiness! Happy magical♪ Happiness! Happy magical♪
Misaki: What in the world...? Well, I guess everyone does look like they're in a happier mood now...
Kaoru: Words that bestow courage. Magnificent. The fear of this ghost has been eliminated completely.
Kanon: Yeah, they've helped me in the past as well.
Others: Ooo~...!
Kokoro: There's that voice again.
Hagumi: It happened at the same time as when the wind blew, didn't it?
Misaki: That means it's probably just the sound that's made when the wind moves through the tunnel, and it's similar to a person's voice.
Kaoru: Oh, is that it? I can't believe that I, of all people, did not realize.
Kanon: Phew, that's a relief. I was worried there might actually be a ghost.
Kokoro: It's too bad I won't be able to meet it, but it's nice to see that everyone is feeling better!
Hagumi: Alright, time to move forward! Go~!

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Chapter 4
The Pirate's Trap?!

After a long journey, they finally reach the end of the cave!
But a trap lays in wait...!


Pirate Cave?
Kokoro: Hmhmhmm~♪ Mountains of treasure~♪
Kanon: Hey, Kokoro-chan. Could we slow down a little bit? Everyone's exhausted from walking...
Kokoro: Oh? I didn't even notice. Okay, we'll go at a relaxed pace.
Misaki: Thanks, Kanon-san. I was thinking of telling her, but I couldn't really find the energy...
Kanon: It's only natural, seeing as how we got lost and have been wandering around since we got through the tunnel.
Kanon: Ah, would you like some water? I have a few sweets with me too, by the way.
Misaki: I have to apologize... I said I would help you out, and you've been the one helping me the whole time...
Kanon: Don't worry about it. Whenever one of us is down, the other person should be there to pick her up.
Misaki: What I really wanna know is how you're not tired. From the moment we entered this cave it's been one stressful, spooky situation after another. I'd think you'd be mentally and emotionally drained.
Kanon: Y-yeah, but I'm always wandering around after getting lost, so I think I'm used to it.
Kanon: And yeah, there's been a lot to be afraid of, but that's not any different from my everyday life.
Misaki: No way. You're saying a normal day is as scary as exploring a cave?
Kanon: Hmm, I'd say getting lost or having a giant dog bark at me is about the same level of scary as this.
Misaki: Jeez, I can't imagine what it's like for her to feel scared...
Misaki: (Ah, that reminds me what Kokoro said to me...)
Misaki: (Kanon-san is always afraid, so she's used to the feeling. Then, when the time comes to act, she's completely fine...)
Misaki: Huh, that must be it...
Kanon: Something wrong?
Misaki: Oh, no. I was just thinking about how whenever something happens, you can behave rationally even though you're scared, while everyone else hesitates to do anything...
Kanon: Th-that's not true. Besides, Kokoro-chan knows how to keep it together more than I do.
Misaki: Sure, her behavior doesn't change, but she always does squat to help us...
Misaki: (Although, it's still pretty clear that she observes the people around her very carefully...)
Hagumi: ... Ah, it's a dead end!
Kaoru: We've already walked down every road we could while we wandered. Perhaps this is the final destination within the cave.
Kokoro: But there's no treasure here. There's nothing.
Misaki: Doesn't that mean this was never a treasure map to begin with? Or maybe someone already came and claimed it for themselves. Something like that...
Hagumi: Aww~! No way~!
Kaoru: A tragedy that takes you back to the misfortunes of Hamlet...
Kaoru: Still, we've got our fill of adventure. That is a valuable treasure hunt in and of itself.
Hagumi: Yeah, it was fun and all, but I'm pretty bummed about not finding anything.
Kokoro: Hmm~... Are you sure this is the end?
Kanon: What do you mean?
Kokoro: I think there's something beyond here. The map said, "The hill headed to the earth's pit," and we still haven't seen that yet.
Misaki: Ahh, yeah, it did say something like that. Maybe we already walked down it and didn't realize.
Kokoro: Maybe, but I wanna look around a little bit more.
Misaki: What? Still? C'mon, let's head back already. I'm telling you, you can look over that wall as many times as you want, but nothing's gonna happen. Now, time to-...
Kokoro: Hm?
Misaki: Kokoro?
Hagumi: She's gone.
Kanon: Huh? But she was just here...
Misaki: Yeah, and yet, here we are a second later without her...
Kaoru: Kokoro, where have you gone? Enough with the pranks. Come out, wherever you are.
Hagumi: Ohhh, she's not answering~!
Kanon: Wh-what do we do? She disappeared...!
Kaoru: Could it be that she was taken away by one of the pirate's traps...?
Others: What?!
Misaki: L-let's just tell the suits...!
Misaki: Where's my phone...? Aw man, I have no service!
Hagumi: O-okay, then we have to go back to the house! We can sprint there and let them know what happened!
Kanon: N-no...!
Misaki: Kanon-san...?
Kanon: If she's in trouble, we can't waste time by going back...! We have to hurry up and rescue her...!
Kanon: I'm pretty sure she was touching the wall, right...?
Kaoru: Halt, Kanon! That's dangerous! They've set a trap there!
Kanon: I-I'm scared, but... I have to help Kokoro-chan!
Kanon: Kya!
Others: Kano-chan-senpai! Kanon! Kanon-san!
Kanon: Fueee~...
Hagumi: The ground swallowed Kano-chan-senpai!
Kaoru: A pitfall...? Misaki, Hagumi, we must investigate the wall, at once!
Misaki: Y-yeah! On it!

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Chapter 5
Where'd They Go?

Kokoro and Kanon disappear, and the girls give chase.
What will they find at the end of the pitfall...?


Pirate Cave?
Kanon: Ngh, wh-what happened...? Where am I...?
Kokoro: Welcome, Kanon! So you decided to join me!
Kanon: Kokoro-chan! A-are you okay? Are you hurt?!
Kokoro: Nope, not at all! In fact, I'm in a great mood after going down that slide!
Kanon: Huh? What slide...?
Kokoro: It was when the ground opened up and I fell through! There was a slide that led to here!
Kokoro: What a fun trick they set up! This cave is just wonderful!
Kanon: That's how you thought of it, huh? I guess I was literally sliding... Except I had to close my eyes because I was scared...
Others: Wahhh!!
Kanon: G-guys...!
Misaki: Urgh, get off, you two... You're heavy...
Kaoru: My apologies, Misaki. First, I must ask that Hagumi cease being on top of me...
Hagumi: Ohhh, the world is spinning~.
Kokoro: You three got on the slide together? That sounds fun! Let me join!
Misaki: Stop. That's not what's going on here. We just all fell into the pitfall at the same time...
Misaki: ... Wait, Kokoro! Kanon-san! Thank goodness you two are okay...!
Kanon: Mhm, we're both fine.
Kaoru: Now for our next dilemma. Where are we...? It seems to be a room of sorts...
Hagumi: Whoa! Look at that wall...!
Others: ...?!
Others: What is it?! A monster?!
Kanon: N-no, not a monster. Isn't it a dinosaur fossil...?
Misaki: Even so, it's still absurdly large. You can even tell what the whole thing looked like.
Kokoro: Yeah, I've never seen one this big before!
Hagumi: Wow! Wow, wow, wow! So the treasure was a dinosaur fossil!
Kaoru: So basically, this is what the pirates were keeping hidden... Is that it?
Misaki: No, I'm pretty sure they have nothing to do with this...
Kanon: But the map did point out this spot, didn't it? I wonder who would make something like that...
Misaki: Hmm~, a mystery to be sure... Wait, hold on. I can see light coming from over there. Is it a way out?
Hagumi: It is! It's covered up by some grass, but... Ah! Yep, we can get out through here!
Kaoru: Feast your eyes on that immaculate mansion before us... Isn't that Kokoro's vacation house?
Kokoro: I had no idea there was an opening to a cave back here!
Misaki: What?! We could've just gone in through this way! We wouldn't have had to go through all that trouble...
Kanon: It sure was a tough trip...
Kokoro: When you think about it like that, we're really lucky!
Misaki: Huh? And why is that?
Kokoro: Because! Going in through the far entrance allowed us to have a lot of fun!
Kokoro: It's because of that that we were able to create such wonderful memories!
Kanon: Kokoro-chan sure enjoyed herself.
Others: Congratulations on completing your journey, everyone.
Kanon: The suits...?! How come you're all coming out of the cave?
Hagumi: It turns out they secretly followed us the whole way.
Misaki: As soon as you fell into the pitfall, Kanon-san, they came running along.
Kaoru: They accompanied us in case any unforeseen events occurred.
Others: Our apologies for the delay. We should have immediately come to Kokoro-sama's rescue.
Misaki: Nah, don't worry about it. Everyone came out fine. All's well that ends well, right?
Hagumi: Hey, so what are we gonna do with the dinosaur fossil?!
Kaoru: There's no denying how fleeting that treasure is, but it's somewhat large for the return trip.
Kanon: M-mhm. It's actually an amazing discovery. I think we should have someone investigate first.
Others: We shall make the necessary arrangements.
Kokoro: Now that our journey was a success, we can head back to the house! All that adventuring has made me hungry!
Hagumi: Me too! My tummy's been all rumbly for a while now~!
Misaki: I can't believe they have so much energy left after all that...
Kanon: Ahaha, I know, right...?

Happy Adventure! ~Treasure Island Smiles~ Event Story - Ending
Records of Adventure

Looking at the photos, the girls remember their adventure.
What awaits them at the end of their journey?


Tsurumaki Residence
Hagumi: Look at this! I printed photos from our time at Happy Happy Island!
Misaki: Wow, there's so many. I thought you were just taking some here and there, not everywhere.
Kaoru: They're all breathtaking. My fleeting and radiant beauty is clear as day in all of these.
Kanon: Fufu, I can remember everything from that day just by looking at them.
Hagumi: Mhm! I know it was a bit of a bumpy ride, but all of the memories we made are wonderful!
Hagumi: And Kano-chan-senpai was super cool!
Kanon: Huh? I-I was? I had to try so hard just to keep up with you all, and I didn't even do anything...
Hagumi: What~?! That's not true! You were the very first one to try and help Kokoron!
Kaoru: As they say, actions speak louder than words. Behind those fear-filled eyes, I could sense the most powerful of spirits.
Misaki: Yep. You were the bravest member of the group.
Kanon: Y-you... think so? That's hard for me to see from my point of view...
Hagumi: I'm telling you, you were the coolest! It felt like you were our senpai back there!
Kanon: But I've always been your senpai...
Kaoru: ... I just realized. Kokoro is nowhere to be found. Where could she have taken off to?
Misaki: Oh yeah, the suits called her over and she walked out. Wonder what that could be about.
Kokoro: Guys, I have something amazing to present to you all!
Misaki: Wow, that's one way to make your return...
Kanon: It was pretty sudden, yeah...
Kaoru: I believe this means I'm to expect something that'll make my heart flutter, correct?
Hagumi: Well, what is it?! Tell us, Kokoron!
Kokoro: You know how we found that dinosaur fossil the other day?
Kokoro: Afterward, these amazing people went and looked at it for us, and they said it's possible that the dino could be one that's never been seen before!
Kanon: One they've never seen...? Wait, you mean like a newly discovered species?!
Misaki: Th-that could actually be incredible...!
Others: Evidently, that place was used for rituals by the islanders long ago. It was determined to have been a sacred space where the fossil itself was worshipped.
Others: That being said, many, many years have passed since then, and the ritual area, along with the fossil, has long been forgotten.
Misaki: Basically, the holy land of Happy Happy Island...
Kaoru: Perhaps, someone decided to leave behind that map in an attempt to keep their cherished space from being lost.
Kaoru: We, then, discovered the map and brought that fossil back to light... The hands of fate are obviously at work.
Kokoro: Yeah. No one would know a thing about it if it wasn't for Kanon finding that map.
Kokoro: Which means, it's thanks to her that we made the discovery!
Kanon: I-I think that's a bit of an exaggeration...
Misaki: ... Oh, speaking of maps, I was wondering about something.
Hagumi: About maps? What is it?
Misaki: Well, there was a skull on it, right?
Misaki: And because of that, we were convinced we were looking for pirate treasure. However, the shape of it kept bothering me. It looks kinda weird.
Misaki: Maybe it was actually the skull of a dinosaur.
Hagumi: A dinosaur's...?
Kokoro: Now that you mention it, it does look like that! It's just like the one we found in the cave!
Kaoru: Now I see. 'Twas not the mark of a one-eyed bandit, but that of a prehistoric creature's remains.
Kaoru: ... On a related note, the discovery of a new species of dinosaur implies the naming of said dinosaur, no? I wonder what it shall become.
Kokoro: It needs a name?
Hagumi: Ah! Doesn't the person who found it get to choose?!
Kokoro: They do? That's absolutely wonderful!
Kokoro: What should it be? Happisaurus? Hello Happy-Rex would be a good one too!
Misaki: Uhhh, I'm pretty sure that's the rule for naming stars.
Kanon: Mhm. I've heard that you have to write a report in the case of dinosaurs.
Kokoro: Well, we can do that too then! We can't miss the chance to name our dino!
Hagumi: I'm with you! Let's start working on our report, guys! I'll do the drawings of the fossil!
Kaoru: Then I shall create a fleeting poem that sings praises of the creature. One so splendid that it makes our very souls tremble.
Kanon: I-I don't think that's what they mean when they say report...
Misaki: Sigh, this is gonna be an even bigger headache than the adventure was, isn't it...?

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