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Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Opening
The Surprising Luxury Cruise

The group has gathered to decide on a rehearsal day when Kokoro suggests a ride on a ship...


Tsurumaki Residence
Misaki: Okay, can I have everyone's attention? Just in case you've forgotten, I'm Misaki Okusawa, Michelle's representative. I wanna schedule our next studio practice. What does everyone think of this day?
Kaoru: The drama club has a performance that day... As the dashing prince, I absolutely must be there. I am sorry I cannot attend practice, my little kittens.
Hagumi: I have a softball game that day, so I won't be able to make it! Sorry, Mii-kun!
Kanon: Hmm... I think I have my part-time job that day...
Misaki: It's not easy to find a day that works for everyone... I'd like to have a proper studio rehearsal one of these days.
Hagumi: It's kinda been a while since the last time we practiced in the studio together, huh?
Kaoru: It must be fate... We walk paths that may never intertwine.
Kaoru: Oh... how fleeting...
Kanon: Today was the only day we were able to get together, wasn't it? At the earliest, our next chance is in two weeks time...
Misaki: Well, I guess everyone can just practice on their own until then, or with other members that are free at the same time.
Kanon: Good idea, that might be the best way for now. What do you think, Kokoro-chan?
Kanon: Kokoro... chan?
Kokoro: I've made up my mind!!
Kanon: F-fuee~~!
Kokoro: That's right, my mind is set! Let's go on a cruise!
Misaki: Excuse me? That's not even an answer... What on earth are you going on about?
Kokoro: A cruise, on a ship! The bigger the better. Everyone still has time today, right?
Kokoro: The weather is perfect today! We can't waste it! Let's go on a night cruise!
Hagumi: A cruise?! That's an awesome idea, Kokoron!! I wanna go!
Kaoru: Spending the night lost in thought, with a pleasant breeze brushing our cheeks... Yes, that could work quite nicely.
Misaki: Whoa-whoa-whoa, slow that right down. The whole point of meeting up today was to schedule a day we can practice together, right? What does a cruise have to do with anything...?
Kokoro: Just sitting around like this isn't exciting at all!
Misaki: It's not like we're meeting up today just to have a good time.
Kokoro: It's rare for us to be together like this, so we should be having fun! Let's do something exciting!
Hagumi: Yeah! Let's go!!
Kaoru: I cannot wait.
Kanon: Umm... wh-what should we do, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: *sigh* The 3 dummies are beyond the point of no return now... Let's just tag along for the time being.
Kokoro: It'd be a shame not to invite Michelle as well! Misaki, ask her to come!
Misaki: (That's not gonna work...)
Misaki: Umm, Michelle says she can't go on ships because she's too big for the entranceways.
Kokoro: Oh, really? In that case, we can just put her in a truck and load her on!
Misaki: Like cargo?! Really?! Uh, what I mean is... umm, Michelle gets really sea sick!
Kokoro: Oh, I see. I guess we can't do anything about that. Let's get a souvenir or something for her then.
Misaki: (Off the hook...)
The Suits: Kokoro-sama, the limousine awaits you. We can leave at your convenience.
Kokoro: Got it. Let's get going, everyone!
Hagumi, Kaoru: Okay~!
Misaki: I don't believe this...
Kanon: A-ahaha...
Three Hours Later
Inside the Limousine
Hagumi: This is gonna be my first time to go on a cruise! I can't wait!
Kaoru: There is nothing quite like a ship. The sound of the horn carrying across the ocean... The smell of salt on the wind... Ahh, how fleeting...
Hagumi: Huh? That's such a cute dress, Kokoron! When did you get changed?
Kokoro: I always wear this when I go on a ship!
Kokoro: Hmm-hm-hmm~ ♪ I have the feeling something fun is going to happen today!
The Suits: Kokoro-sama, we shall be arriving in five minutes. Please gather your things.
The Port
Hagumi: Wow! It's huge!
Kanon: We could see it clearly from far away, but I didn't think it would be so big up close...
Kaoru: It says "KT Smile" on the side of the ship.
Misaki: Umm... I kinda just tagged along, but... where are we...?
Kokoro: We're at the port where we dock our ship.
Misaki: (When she said ship... I was just thinking it'd be a little ferry or something, not a massive cruise ship... I knew she was rich, but man...)
Kanon: Kokoro-chan, why did you want to go on a cruise today?
Kokoro: Because I thought it would be fun, of course! C'mon, everyone, let's go!
Misaki: I'm sure I've said this before, but I really have no idea what goes through Kokoro's head.
Kaoru: There is no need for reasons. Don't think, feel... It's simple.
Hagumi: I totally feel it! I can't wait to go on the ship!
Kokoro: That's the spirit, Hagumi! Keep feeling it and jump right on!
Hagumi: Yay~! I'm gonna be first on deck!
Kanon: Misaki-chan, let's go too.
Misaki: Sure, why not? We've come this far.
Kaoru: Is everyone on board? I shall follow suit...
The Suits: Kaoru-sama, a moment please.
Kaoru: Hm? What is it?
The Suits: Well, you see... *whisper* ... The fact of the matter is... *whisper*
Kaoru: I see, in that case you have come to the right person. Allow me to have the honor.

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Chapter 1
A Mysterious Thief Appears!

The girls are enjoying their time on the ship when a mysterious thief appears. What does she want...?


The KT Smile
Hagumi: Wow! Wow-wow-wow~!!
Misaki: Keep it down, Hagumi! You're giving me a headache.
Hagumi: How can I?! Look outside! The view is amazing!
Kanon: Wow, it really is...! Look, Misaki-chan! It's so pretty!
Misaki: Ahh, you're not wrong about that. This is more impressive than I expected...
Kokoro: Has it been about an hour since we departed? Let's head out onto the deck!
Hagumi: The deck! How cool! I wanna go!
Kanon: I never thought I'd be able to see a night view from a wonderful ship like this... ehehe ♪
Kanon: We just met up to decide a practice day, but now thanks to Kokoro look what we're doing.
Misaki: ... We still haven't scheduled our practice day though.
The Suits: Matsubara-sama, our deepest apologies for this interruption. We have prepared a garment that would suit you perfectly. You can get changed over here.
Kanon: Huh? Umm...
Hagumi: Kokoron! Hurry up, let's go to the deck! Where's the exit?!
Kokoro: It's over there. Let's go-
Hagumi: Whaaat?! What happened to the lights?!
Kokoro: I wonder what happened.
Misaki: I'm sure it was just a power outage. It'll come back on any minute now. A big ship like this always has one or two backup systems.
Misaki: See? It's back on already... Huh?!
???: Welcome to the pearl of the harbor, the KT Smile! Such a beautiful night, isn't it my lovely ladies?
Hagumi: Ugh! Who's that?
Kokoro: Hrm, I don't think it's anyone I know!
Misaki: Hm? That voice sounds pretty familiar though...
???: Fufu, I am the Happy Phantom Thief. And tonight, I have come to claim what my heart desires!
Misaki: That's so lame! Are you seriously going to call yourself that?!
Kokoro: Miss Thief! You're really dramatic! This reminds of when I first met Kaoru! You should join Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: What are you saying?! We don't even know who this person is!
Kokoro: By the way, Miss Thief. What is it that your heart desires?
Misaki: So much for my opinion.
Happy Phantom Thief: I shall tell you what my heart desires... But only when we are done!
Happy Phantom Thief: For now, I think I shall kidnap this beautiful princess.
Kanon: Eek!!
Happy Phantom Thief: Ahh, sweet captive of mine. Do not despair. You have nothing to be afraid of.
Kanon: L-let me go...!
Hagumi: Is that Kano-chan-senpai?! ... Why is she dressed like a princess?!
Kokoro: Miss Thief! What are you going to do to Kanon?
Happy Phantom Thief: I shall do nothing to her. The three of you, however, are going to play a game with me.
Happy Phantom Thief: Are you ready? Catch me, and I shall return your princess to you.
Happy Phantom Thief: I await you at the casino. Farewell!
Kanon: Eeek~! Help me~!
Hagumi: Sh-she ran off with Kano-chan-senpai!!
Kokoro: We have to go after them!
Hagumi: Mii-kun! Come with us! Let's catch this thief!
Misaki: Okay, okay.
Kokoro: You're coming too, Kaoru!
Kokoro: ... Hmm? What happened to Kaoru?
Hagumi: Huh?! Did Kaoru get kidnapped too?!
Misaki: ... Ahh, I get it. The voice, the ridiculous outfit, and the fact she's not here... I think it's pretty obvious who our thief is.
Kokoro: I'm sure Kaoru just got lost! She'll come back, so let's focus on saving Kanon!
Hagumi: Yeah! I'm worried about her!
Misaki: There's no need to get worked up... The thief said she wasn't going to do anything to Kanon.
Hagumi: But she's a thief!! Who knows what she might do to Kano-chan-senpai!
Misaki: Okay, calm down. I really don't think she's that kind of thief.
Kokoro: It doesn't matter what kind of thief she is! Kanon is our friend! C'mon, let's head to the casino!
Hagumi: W-wait for me, Kokoron!!
Misaki: I'm already over this... I don't know what our thief is up to, but I guess I'd better stick with the others. Ugh, guys, the casino is this way!

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Chapter 2
Thief's Roulette

They chase after the thief to the casino only to be challenged to a game of roulette.


KT Smile - Casino
Kokoro: This is the casino!
Hagumi: Wow~! This is amazing~! So gold and shiny~! Chasing a thief into a casino, this is just like a detective movie! It's so exciting!
Kokoro: You're right! It's not every day you get to chase a thief! It really is exciting!
Hagumi: By the way, Kokoron, are we allowed in the casino? I heard that only adults are allowed to go in.
Kokoro: Don't worry! The KT Smile is my ship, so all the coins used in the casino are just toys! That way we can use them too!
Hagumi: Ooh, I see! You've thought of everything, Kokoron! Hey, there's something I wanna say with you. Let me tell you my idea.
Kokoro: What is it?
Hagumi: *whisper whisper*...
Kokoro: Got it! Let's do it, on three! ... One, two...
Kokoro, Hagumi: Miss Thief! Give Kanon back!
Hagumi: ... Huh, what? The thief... isn't here yet?
Kokoro: Oh? I wonder if we came to the wrong place? I'm sure she said the casino though.
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai~! Where are you~? Say something~!
Misaki: Ah, there you are. You two run so fast... I couldn't keep up.
Kokoro: Misaki, they're not here! Where are they?
Misaki: Um...? Why are you asking me? I only just got here...
Happy Phantom Thief: I've kept you waiting, I see. I have left Kanon somewhere else for now.
Kokoro: Ah, Miss Thief! We came to the casino just like you asked! Now give Kanon back to us!
Happy Phantom Thief: Where is the fun in that? Let's play a little game first.
Misaki: What do you want us to do...?
Happy Phantom Thief: It's simple. We're in a casino, are we not? Play me for her.
Hagumi: Sure! Can we play softball?!
Happy Phantom Thief: ... This is a casino after all, so let's play a game of roulette.
Happy Phantom Thief: If you can beat me, I'll return Kanon to you. Agreed?
Hagumi: What's roulette? What do I have to do to win?
Misaki: I don't suppose you could keep it nice and simple so that even Hagumi can understand?
Happy Phantom Thief: Don't worry, you just have to choose red or black. If the ball lands on the color you choose, you win.
Hagumi: So I just have to choose? That sounds easy!
Hagumi: The flames of victory are red, so I choose red!
Misaki: That's it?!
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu, are you sure, my cute little detective?
Hagumi: Detective?! Am I a detective now!?
Happy Phantom Thief: Indeed, you are. It is a thief's destiny to run from a detective. And a detective is fated to pursue a thief.
Misaki: ... That's news to me.
Kokoro: I like it! Detectives are cool!
Hagumi: Yay~! We're detectives!
Misaki: Let's pretend that's not important for a minute. Hagumi, are you sure you wanna go with red?
Hagumi: Yeah! I like red!
Misaki: Your choice of colors is going to decide whether we get Kanon back, you know?
Misaki: Are you sure you don't want to think more carefully about it?
Hagumi: Umm... I really wanna go with red.
Happy Phantom Thief: Very well. In that case, my bet is on black. Dealer, would you spin the wheel?
Kokoro: This is so exciting! I wonder which color it will land on?!
Dealer: Ladies, place your bets...
Hagumi: ...!
Happy Phantom Thief: The wheel has stopped. Let us see where the ball has landed...
Misaki: Ah, it's on black...
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu, I am victorious. It looks like I can't give the lovely princess back just yet.
Happy Phantom Thief: For our next game... I shall wait for you in the one place on this ship where one can find objects that exist but fleetingly. I look forward to your arrival.
Hagumi: Ah, she's gone again! Where can we find fleeting objects?
Kokoro: The gift shop! Let's get going!
Misaki: That didn't take you very long to work out... I had no idea what she meant. But the fact she's using the word "fleeting" kind of spells out her identity, doesn't it?
Misaki: ... C'mon, you guys! The gift shop isn't that way!

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Chapter 3
An Offering to the Thief

Their pursuit of the thief has led them to the gift shop. What will she want this time...?


KT Smile - Gift Shop
Happy Phantom Thief: It seems you have found your way here, my dear little detectives.
Hagumi: Yeah! We're detectives, after all!
Kokoro: What kind of game are we going to play here? I hope it's fun!
Happy Phantom Thief: Hmm... Well then, why don't you choose something from this gift shop that would please me?
Misaki: Is it just me or are the games getting harder...?
Happy Phantom Thief: If I do indeed like what you choose, I shall give Kanon back to you.
Hagumi: Something that would please you? Well, what kind of things do you like?
Happy Phantom Thief: Hmm, let me see. Something that is... fleeting.
Misaki: Fleeting...? I know someone who used that word all the time, but I don't know what kind of things she likes.
Kokoro: Got it! We just have to find something that's fleeting, right?
Hagumi: What does she mean by that? Ooh, what about this plushie?!
Misaki: That plushie looks like some creepy deep sea fish... I don't see anything fleeting about it.
Hagumi: Really...? But it's so cute!
Misaki: Miss Thief, I don't suppose you could give us a hint? We literally have nothing to work with here.
Happy Phantom Thief: An object that exists but fleetingly... It is simple.
Misaki: That's not helping.
Happy Phantom Thief: ... Very well, I shall give you a small hint.
Happy Phantom Thief: Shakespeare once said... "God has given you one face, and you make yourself another."
Misaki: That just complicates things even more...
Kokoro: Oh? This snow dome looks lovely!
Misaki: Ah, that's kind of fleeting... I think.
Hagumi: Het, what's that next to it?! Socks with this ship's design on them! How cute! I bet they're easy to run in!
Misaki: I agree they're cute, but... you just want to choose them because you like them, Hagumi.
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu, choose wisely. You have plenty of time.
Hagumi: Umm, hmm~... I looked at lots of stuff, but I still don't know what to choose...
Hagumi: Grr, maybe there's just nothing fleeting in here~!
Kokoro: ... I've got it!
Hagumi: Really, Kokoro?!
Kokoro: How about this, Miss Thief?
Misaki: Whaaat?! Th-that's like some kind of tribal mask... Where on earth did you find that...?
Happy Phantom Thief: Is that the item you have decided on?
Kokoro: Yeah! I think this is it! It matches the hint perfectly! It's another face!
Hagumi: Nice! I want one of those masks too!
Misaki: ... This isn't gonna work. That mask is so full on it's the complete opposite of fleeting...
Kokoro: Now, time to give Kanon back!
Happy Phantom Thief: Heh... Not a bad choice, not bad at all... But I think we're going to have to play one last game.
Happy Phantom Thief: You still have a chance to win your princess back. Come to the theatre if you want to free her.
Misaki: Ahh! She's gone again. Next up is the theatre, huh...?
Kokoro: I wonder what she didn't like about the mask? It's really fleeting, don't you think?
Hagumi: I don't really understand, but I think so!
Misaki: I think she kinda liked it... No idea what's fleeting about it, though.
Misaki: Anyways, let's head to the theatre. I feel sorry for making Kanon-san wait all this time.
Kokoro: Good point, she might be bored!
Hagumi: Let's win the next one, and go save Kano-chan-senpai! That thief won't beat us this time!
Misaki: ... Bored? That's your concern...? ... If you're actually worried about her, could you two be a little more serious?
Kokoro: Come on, Hagumi, Misaki! Let's go to the theatre!

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Chapter 4
Thief and Stage Director

Arriving at the ship's theater, it seem the thief has her eyes set on a challenger, and it's...Misaki?!


KT Smile - Theatre
Hagumi: We're here! Wow, it's so big! I bet it could fit 10,000 people!
Misaki: I doubt it... The ship would probably sink if it had 10,000 people on it.
Kokoro: Miss Thief, we're here! What's the next game?!
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu... You'll know soon enough.
Misaki: Oh, the stage is rising... Quite the flashy entrance.
Happy Phantom Thief: My dear detectives, the curtain will soon be raised. Find yourselves somewhere to sit.
Misaki: What do you mean, curtain?
Happy Phantom Thief: The curtain that reveals the play you are about to behold, of course.
Hagumi: Are we going to watch a play? This is so exciting! I've never seen a play before! Since she's a thief, I wonder if she's gonna do some magic tricks.
Misaki: That's a magic show, Hagumi. It's a bit different to what our thief friend has in mind.
Kokoro: Let's go sit in the front row! I want to see what Miss Thief can do!
Happy Phantom Thief: Ah, it is time. Have you all found your seats?
Happy Phantom Thief: Now, playtime is over and it's time for play! Allow me to borrow the assistance of our damsel in distress.
Kanon: Damsel...? Do you mean me...?
Happy Phantom Thief: I mean no other than you, my dear princess. There is a chair on the stage. Would you mind sitting over there?
Kanon: Huh? O-okay, sure...
Hagumi: It's Kano-chan-senpai! Wow~! Look, Kokoron! She's okay!
Kokoro: Hold on, Kanon! We'll save you!
Kanon: O-okay...
Kanon: (I thought I was being kidnapped, but I just had to sit around in one of the cabins... And now I'm here and...)
Kanon: (I have no idea what's going on~...)
Misaki: So what are you going to put us up to this time?
Happy Phantom Thief: A good question. I think we'll play a different game this time.
Kokoro: You won't beat us! We'll play anything! Give us your best shot!
Happy Phantom Thief: Your high spirits are admirable, but I have already chosen the next challenger... You there, with the beautiful black hair.
Misaki: Huh? Me?!
Happy Phantom Thief: You are yet to play against me, am I wrong? Come, play my game.
Happy Phantom Thief: ... Princess, beseech your friend to help you.
Kanon: Huh? U-um, okay...
Kanon: Please, umm... save me, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: *sigh*... Fine. So what do I have to do?
Happy Phantom Thief: Declare your love to the princess that sits before you.
Misaki: Wh-what~?!
Happy Phantom Thief: I love to perform, but I also love to watch a good performance. Impress me with your acting skills, and I shall return your princess.
Hagumi: A confession of love! If this is a success, we'll finally get Kano-chan-senpai back!
Kokoro: This is great, Hagumi! Kanon will be back with us in no time!
Happy Phantom Thief: Now, come take your place on the stage.
Misaki: There is no way I'm doing that.
Misaki: Why is any of this even happening in the first place? Screw this, that's it...!
Misaki: That voice, the way you speak and act, I've known who you are since the beginning!
Misaki: You're no thief, you're...!
Hagumi: Mii-kin, please! Tell Kano-chan-senpai you love her!
Kokoro: Hagumi's right! This could be what returns Kanon to us! Give it everything you've got!
Hagumi: I'll be cheering for you with all my energy!
Misaki: ...!
Misaki: (Don't give me those looks, you two! I'll start feeling like this is my responsibility!)
Kanon: You can do it, Misaki-chan!
Misaki: (You too, Kanon-san?! I thought you'd worked out who the thief really is...!)
Misaki: *sigh* Fine... I'll do it. I just have to tell her I love her, right? Ugh...
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufufu, I knew you would not shy away. Now, perform as if you are a prince who is about to profess his love to a princess. You may begin...!
Misaki: U-umm... my beautiful princess... I-I love... you...
Happy Phantom Thief: Is that it? Open the floodgates of your heart.
Misaki: Ugh... hmm... ever since the first day I saw you... my heart has been yours...
Happy Phantom Thief: I still cannot feel your love. You must be more passionate.
Misaki: You are always on my mind... I-I just love you.
Misaki: Th-that has to be enough, right?! It's not easy to come up with this stuff on the spot, you know?!
Hagumi: I don't know anything about acting, but I don't think that was very good.
Kokoro: I wasn't touched by it. I guess we're gonna lose this game too.
Kanon: That's not true...! Misaki-chan tried really hard! I thought it was really touching.
Misaki: (Haha... if Kanon-san's happy, I won't complain...)
Happy Phantom Thief: A declaration of love should be more dashing. Like this for example...
Happy Phantom Thief: "My beautiful princess, do you know how many of my thoughts you occupy? I think of nothing but you, day and night."
Happy Phantom Thief: "You have stolen the key to my heart, you wicked temptress ... I love you."
Kanon: ...! I-I know it's just a performance, but that made my heart race. There's something familiar about that acting style though...
Happy Phantom Thief: This is the kind of performance you will need to display to get your princess back. It would seem that I have won this round too.
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu... You are most fun to play against! I think I'll have you entertain me some more. If you don't, you won't be getting your princess back.
Kanon: Eek!!
Hagumi: Huh?! She disappeared with Kano-chan-senpai, and didn't even tell us where she's going!
Kokoro: I'm sure she went that way! Let's follow her!
Misaki: How long do we have to do this for? I'm so tired, I just want this to be over... Come back here, thief~!

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Chapter 5
The Thief's Desire

The thief has finally been cornered on the deck, but she has one last question...


KT Smile - Deck
Hagumi: This is the deck, but I don't see the thief...
Kokoro: There she is!
Happy Phantom Thief: Ha ha ha~! You finally caught up!
Kokoro: Hold it right there! Give Kanon back to us!
Kokoro: She's our friend, and she's important to us!
Happy Phantom Thief: Ahh... what a beautiful sentiment.
Kokoro: Stop enjoying the moment, and just give her back! Let go of her hand!
Hagumi: We're not leaving without Kano-chan-senpai!
Misaki: We've been playing your games all night, I think it's about time you gave us a break... Kanon-san must be tired from being dragged around all night too.
Kanon: Kokoro-chan, Hagumi-chan, Misaki-chan...
Kokoro: And besides, it's almost time for dinner. If you don't give Kanon back, everyone's going to go hungry!
Misaki: That's the problem here?!
Hagumi: That's right! I can already hear my stomach rumbling!
Happy Phantom Thief: True. My apologies for taking up so much of your time.
Happy Phantom Thief: My dear princess, do you wish to return to your friends?
Kanon: Yes...! I do!
Happy Phantom Thief: ... I see, as you wish.
Happy Phantom Thief: Well then, indulge me in just one more game. A quiz.
Kokoro: Okay, I'll answer any question!
Hagumi: I'll do my best, too!
Misaki: This better not be another ridiculous question like the one from when we were in the gift store...
Happy Phantom Thief: Fufu, it is but a simple quiz. What do you think it is that I wanted?
Misaki: How are we supposed to know that...?
Kokoro: I know!
Hagumi: Huh? You already worked out the answer?
Kokoro: Yeah. I know what it is. I had fun chasing you, Miss Thief. You had fun being chased too, right?
Happy Phantom Thief: Very impressive. I expected nothing less of my soulmate.
Kokoro: Miss Thief, what you wanted was to have fun with everyone! Which is the same reason we are all on this ship!
Happy Phantom Thief: ... Correct!
Happy Phantom Thief: I had a great time with everyone. Thank you.
Happy Phantom Thief: As a token of my thanks, I shall return your princess to you.
Happy Phantom Thief: Go back to your friends. I enjoyed our escape, my little kitten.
Kanon: Huh...?
Kokoro: Kanon's finally free! Come over here, quick!
Happy Phantom Thief: Bon voyage! I look forward to the day we meet again.
Hagumi: Whoa, wh-what's with the smoke...?! I can't see a thing~!
Misaki: I didn't think she'd go as far as special effects...
Two Minutes Later
Kanon: The smoke has finally cleared.
Kokoro: Oh...? Where did the thief go?!
Hagumi: Whaaat?! She disappeared?!
Kokoro: We had her cornered, and we were so close to catching her...!
Misaki: Oh well, what's not to be happy about? We got Kanon-san back safe and sound.
Kokoro: Are you okay, Kanon? You're not hurt?
Kanon: N-no. I'm fine.
Hagumi: Aww, I really wanted to catch the thief! I wanted to know why she kidnapped Kano-chan-senpai.
Misaki: Probably because she's the easiest choice... If it was you or Kokoro, the thief would probably go mad from the noise you make.
Kokoro: It kinda sounds fun to get kidnapped. I wonder if she will choose me next time instead.
Misaki: I guarantee that won't happen...
Misaki: Anyway, why don't we go back inside? I'm sure Kanon-san needs a rest.
Kanon: Thanks, Misaki-chan.
Kokoro: That's true. It's getting cold too, let's go back inside!
Hagumi: Yeah! Let's go!

Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise Event Story - Ending
The Thief's Purpose

The question was answered, and Kanon is safely returned. The thief's true identity is revealed!


KT Smile - Inside
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai, what did it feel like to get kidnapped?
Kanon: Well... it was strangely not very scary.
Kanon: Umm, I think the thief was a good person. She was friendly, I felt like it was someone I knew...
Hagumi: Really?! Who could it be...?
Misaki: ...
Misaki: (How is it that neither of them realize who it is...?)
Kokoro: Oh well! Kanon is back now, so let's enjoy our cruise!
Hagumi: Yeah! Let's have lots of fun!
Hagumi: But before that, let's eat something! I'm starving~!
Kokoro: Okay, let's have dinner! To the restaurant, everyone!
Kaoru: A lovely idea. I was just thinking that I'd like a bite to eat.
Kokoro: Oh, Kaoru. Where have you been?
Kaoru: Hm? I've been here the whole time.
Hagumi: Huh?! Really?!
Kaoru: Perhaps you were too focused on catching the thief to notice. Anyway, let us head to the restaurant. Your stomach is rumbling, is it not?
Hagumi: Yeah! Where's the restaurant~?
Kokoro: It's over there! They have everything, so eat as much as you like!
Kanon: Having dinner on a cruise ship like this is so exiting, isn't it Misaki-chan?
Misaki: I guess the food is going to be amazing. They'll probably serve some things we've never seen before.
Hagumi: I'm so hungry that anything would taste amazing right now! Meat, noodles, rice, it wouldn't matter!
Kanon: I wonder what desserts they have? I bet it's cute cakes or chocolate mousse~.
Misaki: I'll eat anything as long as it doesn't have cilantro in it.
Hagumi: Have you eaten on this ship before, Kokoron?! What kinda food do they have?
Kokoro: They have everything. IF you ask for an omelet, you'll get an omelet. Ask for a cake, and you'll get cake!
Hagumi: Does that mean I can get meat or curry?!
Kokoro: Of course! You can get anything you want!
Hagumi: Wow~! It's like a magic restaurant!
Hagumi: Utgh, talking about all this food is making me even hungrier!
Hagumi: C'mon, let's race to the restaurant! First one there can eat as much as they want!
Kaoru: That sounds fun! You're on!
Kanon: Oh, wait for me~!!
Misaki: *sigh* I can't believe they still have energy left after all that.
Kaoru: They certainly were enthusiastic in their detective work today. Unlike you, I must say.
Misaki: That's because I saw through the whole thing. In the gift shop you said you wanted something fleeting, in the theatre you put on that overly-dramatic performance. Kinda hard to not pick up on...
Misaki: Why were you pretending to be a thief, anyway?
Kaoru: The ladies in the suits who drove us here approached me. They asked me to provide some entertainment as a thief.
Kaoru: I am confident that I can play that role well, so I was more than happy to accept it.
Misaki: Thanks to you we had a pretty rough day though...
Kaoru: Really? It seems like Kokoro and Hagumi were enjoying themselves.
Kaoru: I too quite enjoyed being pursued by the two of them.
Kaoru: I do feel sorry for scaring Kanon however.
Misaki: You embarrassed me too.
Kaoru: I suppose you never have the chance to perform like that, doing so in front of an audience must have been fun for you.
Misaki: Umm... whether it was fun or not is debatable, but I guess it has been a memorable cruise...
Kaoru: Fufu, a lovely memory indeed. As far as I'm concerned, you were the true detective today, Misaki. You gave Kokoro and Hagumi the support they needed.
Misaki: Glad to be of service. *sigh*... Babysitting those two is pretty hard work, you know?
Kaoru: In any case, I got to play a thief, and it was fun seeing everyone smile.
Kaoru: Now then, we should go to the restaurant as well. Hagumi will eat everything if we're not careful.
Misaki: Huh? They're on their way back.
Kokoro: We forgot to get a gift for Michelle!
Hagumi: Kokoron, I know what we should get for her. That mystery mask from the gift shop!
Kokoro: Nice idea! The thief didn't want it, but I'm sure Michelle will like it!
Misaki: Seriously...?
Kokoro: Let's ask her to wear it next time we have a show!
Kaoru: That would be a sight to see.
Hagumi: I can't wait~!
Misaki: Hahaha...
Kanon: Misaki-chan...
Kanon: (I can't say it, but I'm looking forward to it too...)

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