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Happy Tears & Chocolate Card Story - Episode

A Snapshot of Us!


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Moca: Finally~. Now we can eat Hii-chan's homemade cookies~.
Tomoe: These are really well-made~. You called this icing, right? You know, the stuff you used to decorate the letters and draw the sunset and us.
Tsugumi: And all the letters have different toppings too. You can really tell this was a labor of love! They're so cute!
Himari: Ehehe~. You guys are making me blush~. Go on, go on ♪
Ran: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go ahead and dig into your labor of love.
Himari: Ah, wait! Why don't we take a picture together too?!
Moca: Aww~, does that mean I can't eat it yet~?
Tomoe: Calm down, will you? Himari put a lot of work into these, so we might as well let her take a photo to remember it by.
Ran: Yeah, that's fair. Today's special after all. Go ahead.
Himari: Really?! Thank you, Ran! I promise it'll be really quick and easy!
Moca: Fine~. Then I'll go up in front.
Himari: Okay, gather round, everybody!
Moca: Tsugu, come here~. You know how Hii-chan is with pictures.
Tsugumi: Will do!
Himari: Okay, cheese~!
Moca: Yay~, all done~. Time to dig in~.
Tsugumi: You know, I feel kind of bad eating the cookies with our drawings on them.
Tomoe: True. Why don't we start with the letters then?
Ran: I'll take "A" then. Thanks again for the coo-
Himari: Ah~! Wait~!
Moca: Now what~?
Himari: Tomoe got cut off in this photo! It's so hard to get everyone and the cookies in the same frame~.
Tomoe: I mean, I don't really mind... Although something tells me you do.
Himari: You know me so well, Tomoe! ... I'm really sorry about this, but please! One more picture!
Ran: Sigh... Whatever.
Himari: Sorry! Alright, here we go~. Cheese~!
Tsugumi: How was that?
Himari: Ah! The cookies are all dark! One more time! Please!
Ran: ...

Moca: Okay, photoshoot's over~. Cookie time~.
Himari: Ah! You took two!
Moca: Mm, mm... Mmm~! Hii-chan, you really refined your skills~. These are delicious~.
Ran: Can we finally eat these? Good. ... Mm, mm... She's right.
Himari: I'm glad you guys like them, but still~.
Tomoe: Sorry about that, Himari. Now let's see how these taste.
Tsugumi: Is it okay if I start eating too, Himari-chan...?
Moca: Come on, Tsugu, join us~. Here, have a cookie.
Tsugumi: Mmph?! Mm, mm... Yum!
Himari: Aw~, all that's left of "Afterglow" is the "fter" part~. I never got the perfect photo...
Ran: We all look like we're having fun, so what's the big deal? It's not like you were going to put our pictures online anyway, right?
Himari: Ooo... I was gonna cover up your faces with stickers...
Tsugumi: Ahaha... Sounds like she was going to...
Tomoe: Figures...
Moca: Forget about that, Hii-chan. Eat up. These are really tasty~.
Himari: ... "fter" ... "fter" ... We're just missing the "A" and the "glow" parts... Ah, that's it! I've got an idea!
Himari: Hey, guys! Help me take one more picture! I promise this is the last time!

Himari: Fufu~, I knew this would work! An ingenious plan, if I do say so myself~.
Tsugumi: That really was a great idea. I would never have thought to use our hands to make the missing letters.
Himari: Well, you see people make letters and stars using their hands all the time.
Himari: I always loved photos like that, and now I have one of my very own~. Fufu ♪ Ah, Ran! I can post this one, right? It's just a picture of our hands~.
Ran: Fine. Do what you want?
Himari: Yay~!
Tomoe: Oho~, Ran finally gave in.
Tsugumi: Fufu. I think she's having fun though.
Moca: And Hii-chan's having even more fun... You know, it kinda feels like we're wrapped around Hii-chan's finger this Valentine's Day.
Tomoe: Where's the harm in that? It's not like it happens every day. Besides, we're all enjoying ourselves, right?
Tsugumi: Yeah, we sure are. Thanks to Himari-chan.
Moca: ... Yeah, I guess you're right~. I got to eat some tasty chocolates and cookies too, so I'll let it go, just this once.
Himari: Alright, I'm gonna post it! And~, send! Ufufu ♪

Happy Tears & Chocolate Card Story - Special Episode

Proud of My Photography Skills



Himari: Hey~! BanG Dreamer-san~!
Himari: I finally caught up to you~. How are you? Are you out shopping?
Himari: I'm on my way back from school! Everyone in Afterglow got together after class, and we were there for a little longer than I thought we would be.
Himari: Huh? What were we doing? Do you really want to know? Of course you do! Fufu, don't worry, I'll tell you ♪
Himari: Voila! Check it out! This is my profile online!
Himari: Isn't this picture amazing! This chocolate is from a world-famous chocolatier and these were handmade by me!
Himari: We all exchanged gifts for Valentine's Day! It was so much fun~♪
Himari: And then, and then, I managed to get a picture with everyone in Afterglow.
Himari: Yup, this is the one! ... Huh? You didn't expect it to be just hands?
Himari: Isn't that better though? It makes it feel like we're really close.
Himari: Taking this picture was pretty rough too. We had to spell out "Afterglow" with nothing but our hands and cookies!
Himari: When I tried to get a good picture of us all together, Moca just started munching away at my cookies!
Himari: So I had everyone make the missing letters with their hands! You could call it our first Valentine's Day project ♪
Himari: You can even tell who's who just from their hands alone, can't you?
Himari: Tomoe's letters are so rigid and strong, while Moca's are just barely making the shapes.
Himari: Ah, but surprisingly, Ran told her to cut it out and get serious~. I was so moved!
Himari: ... Hm? I seem like I'm in a good mood? Well yeah, I'm just so happy~!
Himari: I mean, it's not every day I get to post a picture with everyone in Afterglow that screams "Friendship!"
Himari: Ah, although the social media stuff isn't why I'm happy.
Himari: I'm just glad my friends went along with it!
Himari: This year, I told my friends I would definitely find them the perfect chocolates for social media.
Himari: They've just never been into that stuff. Not that they are now...
Himari: But you know what? They still surprised me with chocolate, and even let me take their photo! That totally made me smile!
Himari: This really was the perfect Valentine's Day!
Himari: Ehehe, well, I better get going... Ah, before I go...
Himari: Here, BanG Dreamer-san! Have a chocolate cookie! Think of it as thanks for listening to me.
Himari: I hope I can keep coming to you to talk about Afterglow. Even if it's just to complain ♪ Fufu.
Himari: See you later! Happy Valentine's Day ♪