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Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Opening
Heart-Pounding Discussion

The blossoming first-years discuss the upcoming Halloween festival...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

LOCK: You're so smart, Asuka-chan! I can't believe you got that physics problem!
Asuka: Really? It was just applying what we've learned. Anybody would've been able to figure it out with a little thought.
Ako: I forgot the equations, so I had no idea~. I'm so glad I didn't get called~.
Asuka: You shouldn't think like that~. You'll never learn that way.
LOCK: Fufufu! Do you know what's for next period?
Ako: We have to decide what our class is gonna do for the Halloween festival!
Asuka: How come you always manage to remember things like that?
LOCK: The Halloween festival, huh~? City schools sure do amazing things~.
Ako: I don't think it's that... It's probably because Hina-chin's the student council president.
Ako: I heard she said something like, "We should do something boppin' since it's Halloween~♪" during a student council meeting.
LOCK: Hina-senpai likes things wild, doesn't she...?
Ako: So, what do you guys wanna do?!
Asuka: For?
Ako: For our costumes, of course! Halloween means costumes~! I want something cool~!
Ako: Look at this! Why don't we wear different-colored versions of it?
LOCK: This costume... Wh-what~?! There's just t-too much skin showing~!
Ako: Really? I think it's normal~. What about you, Asuka?
Asuka: Not interested. I don't plan on wearing a costume anyway.
Ako: Awww~! Why?!
Asuka: Because it's embarrassing. And my sister will probably come.
LOCK: What?! Kasumi-senpai's coming?!
Asuka: I'm sure she will. She can't resist events like this. Everyone in Poppin'Party will probably come too.
Ako: I'm gonna invite Rin-rin and the others~♪
LOCK: O-oh my... Kasumi-senpai's coming...! How nerve-racking~!
Moca: Greetings, first years. You seem to be having fun~.
LOCK: Ah, Moca-senpai! Hello.
Ako: Hey, hey, Moca-chin, have you invited anyone to the Halloween festival?
Moca: Nuh-uh, not yet~. I'm sure a lot of people will come anyway~.
Ako: True! I'm super excited too!
LOCK: What are you supposed to do on Halloween anyway?
Moca: Umm... Threaten to trick people unless they give you treats, right?
LOCK: I don't think there's supposed to be any threatening involved...
Asuka: Isn't Halloween some kind of tradition for welcoming spirits?
Asuka: And the whole dressing up thing is for scaring away evil spirits. I think it's also for protecting against misfortune...
Ako: Hmm, I see~. So the costumes aren't for playing with ghosts~.
Moca: By the way, has your class decided what kind of a shop or activity to do for the festival?
LOCK: Not yet. We'll be deciding next period.
Ako: What about your class, Moca-chin?
Moca: We just did~. But I'm not telling you~.
Ako: Aww~!
Moca: I don't want your class to copy my magnificent idea~.
Ako: W-we won't~! Plus I've got an ultra great idea too!
LOCK: Ah, the bell! Class is about to start!
Moca: Well, be sure to drop by my class on Halloween~. I promise you'll have fun~. It's my special idea, after all~.
LOCK: Yes, we will.
Moca: Good, good. Anyway, good luck deciding what to do~.
Ako: Bye-bye~!
Ako: My idea is to have a... umm, demon that comes from the demon realm and~...
Asuka: Sure, sure. I hope your idea gets chosen.
Ako: C'mon~, you haven't even let me finish explaining~!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Chapter 1
Halloween Festival Now Open!

LOCK visits MASKING and tells her about the menu her class is planning.


Galaxy Ramen

MASKING: A Halloween festival?
LOCK: Yes! All the classes are going to be doing something special, and everyone will go around school in costumes!
MASKING: So you're celebratin' Halloween at school, huh? Sounds interestin'.
MASKING: My school's uptight as hell, so no fun for us.
LOCK: I didn't know high schools in Tokyo did this kind of thing either!
MASKING: So, what's your class gonna be doin'?
LOCK: We're going to do a Halloween café! Now we just have to figure out what to serve! Ah, and we still need a menu board too!
LOCK: We also need to do decorations, make sure we have plenty of snacks... Ah, it might be good to offer takeout too!
MASKING: ... You look like you're havin' fun.
LOCK: I am! I'm actually really excited!
MASKING: I you're doin' a Halloween café, you can offer pumpkin cake and purple sweet potato tart... Good stuff.
LOCK: Actually~, we're not serving cake...
MASKING: Huh? Why're you callin' yourselves a café if you ain't gonna be servin' cake?
LOCK: Well... We don't have anyone who's good at baking cakes, so it looks like we can't.
LOCK: It might just be cookies and other simple snacks...
MASKING: Gotcha. That blows...
LOCK: If only I could bake cakes like you, Masuki-san...
LOCK: ... Ah!
LOCK: Masuki-san! Could you come teach us how to bake?
MASKING: S-seriously...? Well, yeah, guess I could when there's no school, but...
LOCK: How about coming after school on days when you have no band practice or work?
MASKING: I probably could... You sure it's all right for me to come?
LOCK: I think so... But I'll ask our teacher just in case!
LOCK: Your cakes are so good! I'm sure everyone in class would really appreciate your help!
MASKING: Y-you think so?
LOCK: Please, Masuki-san! You're the only person I can ask to do this!
MASKING: How can I say no when you're practically beggin'...? All right, I'll do it.
LOCK: Yay~! Thank you so much!
MASKING: ... You better know I'm not gonna go easy on your guys or tolerate any slackin' off.
LOCK: I-I'm glad you won't!
MASKING: Good! I'm getting fired up! Eat up before the noodles get soggy!
LOCK: Yes! Thank you!

The Day of the Halloween Festival
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ako: Rokka~! Are you done setting up the tables~?
LOCK: Ah, yes! I'll be done here soon.
Ako: Fufu~, I knew you'd look good in that, Rokka! You look like a super cute maid from the demon realm~!
LOCK: D-do you really think so...? Thank you. You look very cool too, Ako-chan!
Ako: Right~?
Ako: Are you sure you're okay with your costume, Asuka?
Asuka: Perfectly. Don't try to get me to wear something else. At least I'm wearing a costume when I wasn't even planning to.
LOCK: It looks good on you, Asuka-chan. It's cute.
Ako: I think so too, but I just know you could be cuter~.
Asuka: Enough about me, okay? Hurry up, we need to get ready. We only have thirty minutes until the festival starts.
Ako & LOCK: Okay~!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Chapter 2
A Ramen Restaurant?

Thanks to MASKING, the café is doing great! Suddenly, Kasumi arrives to the school.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

MASKING: Hey, guys! 'Sup?!
LOCK: Masuki-san! Good morning!
Ako: That looks so good on you, King! You look so cool!
MASKING: Thanks... Oh, you know... You guys are real cute.
Ako: Aww~. I wanted you to say cool~.
LOCK: Masuki-san, we've finished laying out the baked desserts. Could you see how our preparations for the cakes are?
MASKING: Can do.
MASKING: Hey, how many cakes have we got ready? I want every customer ready to be served as soon as they order.
MASKING: Make sure the fruits you place on top are in easy reach. And keep the clotted cream in the cooler.
Students: Yes, Masuki-san!
Ako: This feels more like a ramen restaurant than a café...
LOCK: She's acting like she does at work...
Ako: They were scared of King at first, but just look at them now. It's like they're her pupils and she's their master.
LOCK: Fufu. She even came to check on us to make sure we're okay.


Ako: This is the last poster, right?
LOCK: Mmhmm! We're lucky we found spots where they'll stand out quite a bit~.
Asuka: I hope we get a lot of customers... Hm? Is that who I think it is...?
LOCK: ...? What's wrong, Asuka-chan? You're just staring outside without saying a word...
Ako: Did something happen?

Front Gate

Kasumi: Hurry up and start~♪ Hurry up and start~♪
Kasumi: First, I'm gonna go see the first years~. Oh, but going around the school while eating sounds nice too~.
Kasumi: Hm? Something smells so good! I think it's coming from that stall~. I should invite the others so that we can all go together!
Kasumi: I wonder if Aa-chan's class is ready~. Oh, I know! I should go and help them!
Kasumi: Hm...? It's from Aa-chan! Hi there~!
Asuka: "Hey! What are you doing here already?!"
Kasumi: "It's the Halloween festival! I couldn't wait to see you guys!"
Kasumi: "Oh yeah! Want me to come help? I'll do anything~!"
Kasumi: "Ah! Is that you by that window? Hey, Aa-chan~!"


Asuka: She actually wore that on the train...
LOCK: Ooh, it's Kasumi-senpai~.
Ako: "Could you wait a bit more? We'll be done soon~!"
Kasumi: "Roger~!"
Moca: Oho, Kasumi's here so early~.
Ako: Ahh! Moca-chin! You scared me~!
LOCK: What are you doing here, Moca-senpai?
Moca: I came to check up on a rumor that a really scary-looking person went into one of the first-year classrooms~.
Ako: Ah, that must be King! She's here helping us out!
Moca: Interesting~. I didn't expect her to be here...
LOCK: You should come try Masuki-san's cakes! They're really good, Moca-senpai!
Moca: There's no way I could ever say no to my cute underclassmen~. I'll bring Ran and the others later, then~.
LOCK: Thank you! ... By the way, don't you have to help your class prepare, Moca-senpai?
Moca: Hm~? Oh~, there's no need for me~.
Ako: Are you slacking off, Moca-chin~?
Moca: No, no~. I just came to hand out flyers while checking on you guys~.
LOCK: Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt?
Moca: Yep. That's what our class is doing. You should all come visit~.
Moca: Uh-oh, I better go. Anyhow, hope to see you guys later~.
Ako: Bye~.
Asuka: Hey, we need to get back before the festival starts.
LOCK: Yes, we should!
Asuka: Once I finish carrying this, I'll go pick up my sister. She looks like she'll try to climb over the gate at any moment...
Ako: Ahaha, okay~! Our big day's finally here! We've got this~!
LOCK: Mmhmm! Let's have fun!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Chapter 3
I Recommend This♪

Kasumi gleefully looks over the menu LOCK and the others thought up when she visits.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

LOCK: We're finally opening...! What should I say when Kasumi-senpai comes? "Thank you for all your hard work"...? That sounds weird... "Hello"? Maybe "Welcome to our Halloween café"?
Ako: Rokka~, Kasumi and the others are here~!
LOCK: Already?! Okay!
Kasumi: Hi~!
LOCK: W-welcome to our Halloween café!
Kasumi: Oh... I can't believe this...
LOCK: Umm... Kasumi-senpai...?
Kasumi: I can't believe how cute you are~! You're so adorable, LOCK~! I wanna take you home with me~!
LOCK: Eek~!
MASKING: Yo, the only thing you can take home is our baked desserts.
Kasumi: Massu~?! What're you doing here?! Ah, that's such a cute outfit... Wait, are you doing a concert?
MASKING: I'm not here as a drummer. I'm here as a pastry chef. We've got some good cakes you should try out.
Kasumi: Cake?! Ooh, I love cake! Ah, can I see the menu? What've you got?! Any recommendations?!
Asuka: C-calm down already, will you?
LOCK: Umm... Here's the menu!
Kasumi: Thanks, LOCK♪ Let's see... Moonlight Magical Pudding, Pumpkin Cha-Cha Tea, Black Cat's Lost Cookie...
Kasumi: You came up with all of these?! Wow~! Ah~, I dunno what to get~!
LOCK: We all came up with Halloween-sounding names! All our dishes are very yummy!
Kasumi: Hmm... Okay... Ah, I'm gonna go with these ones! Could I get the Pumpkin Paradise Tart and the Dancing Star?
LOCK: Okay! We'll have your order ready right away! Please wait a moment!
Kasumi: ... So what's a Dancing Star?
Asuka: You ordered without reading the description, huh? It's a fruity soda with star-shaped gelatin desserts inside.
Kasumi: Did you say star-shaped?! Yay~! That's exactly the kinda thing I wanted to drink~.
LOCK: Thank you for waiting! Here's your Pumpkin Paradise Tart and Dancing Star!
Kasumi: Ooh! This is so cute! There's a black kitty and a jack-o'-lantern on top of the cake!
Kasumi: Down the hatch you go~! ... Mmm~! This is so yummy~!
MASKING: Told ya.
LOCK: I'm so glad Kasumi-senpai likes your cake after all the thought you put into it, Masuki-san!
Kasumi: Oh yeah! I'm gonna take a picture to show off to Arisa and the others♪
Asuka: I can't believe you're taking a picture after taking a bite...
LOCK: Fufufu!
Hina: Hiya~! How's it going~?
Maya: Hello~!
LOCK: Hina-senpai! Maya-senpai! Welcome to our Halloween café!
MASKING: M-Maya-san?! H-hello! I'm so honored to have you here!
Maya: King?! Ah, I mean, Masuki-san, what are you doing here?
LOCK: She's helping us with our cakes.
Maya: Oh! So that's why. What a surprise~.
Kasumi: Hi, Maya-san, Hina-san~! Aren't those the outfits you wore on TV before? They're so cute!
Hina: Ah, I didn't expect to see you here, Kasumi-chan~! Hi~!
Maya: I hope you enjoy our Halloween festival!
Ako: Here's our menu, Hina-chin, Maya-san.
Hina: Ooh, all the cakes are so boppin'♪ I wonder what I should get~.
Kasumi: What's your class doing, Hina-san?
Hina: Us? We're doing balloon modeling! We're making things like pumpkins and cats!
Hina: I originally wanted to have people fly through the air using balloons, though~.
LOCK: F-fly with balloons...?!
Maya: The rest of us thought there'd be... problems... so we managed to convince Hina-san to go with balloon modeling instead.
Kasumi: Balloon modeling sounds so fun! Hey, why don't we go get some balloons later, LOCK?
LOCK: I'd love to!
Kasumi: Yay~! Do you have any other recommendations? I can't decide because I wanna do them all~.
LOCK: ... Ah, that reminds me. I have a flyer from Moca-senpai. Here.
MASKING: Let's see... A Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt? Find the hidden monsters...?
Kasumi: What is this?! What do they mean by find the monsters?!
LOCK: Moca-senpai said it was her special idea. Umm... Maybe we could go and try it out... But only if you want to.
Kasumi: Yeah, let's! I so wanna go! Let's find these monsters, make balloons, and eat lots of yummy food!
Kasumi: The Halloween festival is only for today, so we have to enjoy as much of it as we can!
Ako: Maya-san, Hina-chin, would you like to come too?
Maya: We'd love to, but unfortunately, we have to go back to class~. We'll go later, though!
Hina: Don't forget to come to our class~! I promise it'll be boppin'♪
Kasumi: Okay, we will for sure!
LOCK: I'm so happy I can go around with Kasumi-senpai~.
Ako: Asuka, come join us once you're on break, okay?
Asuka: Alright, alright, don't worry about me. Just go and have fun.
Kasumi: Okay~! Bye~!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Chapter 4
Go Halloween Town!

LOCK joins Kasumi as she wanders around the different classrooms.
They then come across a Jack-O-Lantern Hunt.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Ako: Moca-chin, we came~!
Moca: Ooh, greetings to all of you~.
Kasumi: Wow! Moca-chan, your outfit just screams Halloween!
Moca: Right~? I'm the guide, after all~. Now, allow me to explain the rules~. Ahem...
Moca: I have been waiting for you, oh brave challengers~. Demons and spirits wander the streets here at Halloween Town. Let us see if you have what it takes to make it through alive.
Moca: That basically just means you have to use these sketches to find the monsters here, collect clues, and make your way to the goal.
LOCK: Okay! ... I'm not sure I'll be able to find them with just a drawing.
Moca: Don't worry~. Here's a sketch of the monsters~.
MASKING: I dunno most of the students here. Not sure I'd be much hel——Ah.
Kasumi: Ooh~, them... It's so obvious who they are.
Moca: These monsters are most fickle~. There is no telling where they may be wandering about. You must keep a vigilant eye~.
Ako: Very well! I, Demon Princess Ako, shall use the dark powers of my evil eye to... uhhh... discover the monsters... with a bang!
Moca: Mmhmm, good luck with a bang~.

Ako: Hmm, they're so hard to find. I wonder where Sis and Ran-chan are.
LOCK: We've checked most of the classrooms, but we still haven't been able to find them.
MASKING: You'd figure they'd be easy to spot because of the way they're dressed. They hidin' somewhere or somethin'?
Kasumi: Ooh~! Wow! Look! Look up!
LOCK: Up...? Wow! It's a witch!
MASKING: Huh, it's hanging from the ceiling like an ornament. Looks pretty well-made
Kasumi: Yeah! It feels like we've really wandered into a town on Halloween!
MASKING: And those two are supposed to be wandering around this town.
LOCK: Hmm, I wonder where Ran-senpai and Tomoe-senpai are likely to be.
Ako: If I were Sis and her friends, where would I go...? Ah! I think I got it!


Kasumi: Ah! Found them~! I found them, guys~!
Ran & Tomoe: Whoa!
Ako: I knew you'd be up here, Sis, Ran-chan!
LOCK: Wow, Ako-chan! You got it right!
Ako: Ehehe~! It was the magic that flows within me that told me~.
Ako: By the way, you two look like ultra cool monsters!
Tomoe: Right? You look good in your costumes, too!
Kasumi: Ran-chan, is your eye okay? Did you get hurt?
Ran: It's just part of my costume...
Tomoe: I didn't expect you to come too, Masuki! It's kinda refreshing to see you here.
MASKING: Yeah. I've been really enjoyin' this festival you've got here.
Kasumi: Have you been hiding here the whole time? You should've been going around and enjoying the festival~.
Ran: We were until just now. We got tired and were taking a break.
Tomoe: We're both checkpoints, so people have been coming up to us constantly. We haven't been able to rest at all.
LOCK: Being a monster sounds like hard work...
Ran: Hey, you sure you guys have time to stand around?
Kasumi: Oh yeah, we need to find the next monsters! Could you give us our clue, Ran-chan?
Ran: Yeah, yeah. Here's a sketch of the next two.
MASKING: Bet it's not gonna be easy this time~... Hm? Or maybe it will be.
Ako: It's so obvious~...
LOCK: Um, Ran-senpai, Tomoe-senpai! Is it okay if we take a photo as proof that we found you?
Tomoe: Oh yeah... We're supposed to try to make our faces look cool.
Ran: There's no need to bother with the photo, is there? I bet Moca's just messing with us anyway.
Ako: What's wrong with trying to look cool? I can do that easy! Here's my fufufu face... And here's my snickering face!
Kasumi: Me next! My turn! Heh!
Tomoe: Well, rules are rules. Let's get this done and over with.
LOCK: Okay~! Say cheese.
Ran: Don't laugh at us...
MASKING: Don't worry, I wasn't.
Ran: ... Not like it matters.
Kasumi: Show me, show me, LOCK! ... Ooh~, you two look so cool!
LOCK: Thank you very much, both of you!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Chapter 5
Searching for Monsters...

In order to find the students dressed as monsters, LOCK and the others head to the well that's part of the seven mysteries of the school.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Well

Ako: Hmm~, they're not here either~. I thought they might be hiding somewhere, but it doesn't look like it.
LOCK: I-I don't think they would hide in a place like this...
MASKING: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the real deal showed up.
Kasumi: Th-the real deal?!
Ako: Fufufu... There's actually a rumor that this place is part of the seven mysteries of our school...
LOCK: Eek~!
Kasumi: Stop, stop, stop! I think it's a bad idea to talk about things like that here!
Lisa: Hey, what're you guys all doing here?
Kasumi & LOCK: Ahhh!!
Ako: Ah, Lisa-nee! And Yukina-san!
Yukina: What an odd group. You've even got Sato-san with you.
MASKING: S-so cute...
Yukina: Huh...?
MASKING: Nothing.
Kasumi: Thank goodness it's just you two! I thought we ran into real monsters~!
Lisa: You guys freaked me out too~. Do we look that scary? We're a doggy and a kitty~☆
LOCK: You both look so cute and fluffy...!
Ako: We're in the middle of the Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt~! Have either of you seen these two by any chance?
Lisa: These are... Himari and Tsugumi, right?
Yukina: I saw them walking past the hall in front of the multi-purpose classroom.
Kasumi: You did?!
Yukina: I believe so. I only saw them from behind, so I'm not certain.
Lisa: I'm glad you guys got a lead!
Lisa: Once you're done, come on over to our class too! We'll make you guys look even cuter with our face painting!
Yukina: Lisa is good at it.
Kasumi: Face painting?! I so wanna go! I'll be sure to come by!
Ako: Hey, we should hurry, or else Hii-chan and Tsugu-chin are gonna go somewhere else!
LOCK: You're right! Thank you very much for your help!
MASKING: Hey, any chance you could do me a favor...?
Yukina: Yes?
MASKING: Is it all right if I touch your cat ears...?
Yukina: ...


LOCK: This is the place Yukina-senpai mentioned, right?
Ako: Mmhmm! There are fewer classrooms on this floor, so we should be able to find them fast!
MASKING: Unless they've already gone somewhere else.
Ako: Y-yeah, but~...!
Kasumi: ... Hm?! I saw Tsugu at the end of the hall!
LOCK: Oh, you did?!
Kasumi: I'm sure! It looked like her from behind! Let's go!

Kasumi: Hey~, Tsugu! Hold up~!
LOCK: Ah, Kasumi-senpai! Wait for us!
Kasumi: Hm? Maybe she didn't hear me~. Ah! She went around the corner! Wait, Tsugu...!
Kasumi: ... Huh? She's gone?
LOCK: I finally caught up to you, Kasumi-senpai. Where's Tsugumi-senpai...?
Kasumi: She disappeared.
Ako: Huh~...?
MASKING: Maybe you got the wrong person.
Kasumi: I don't think so~. I'm sure it was Tsugu...
Tsugumi: Hm? It's Kasumi-chan and the others!
Kasumi: Huh?! Tsugu?! How did you get behind us?
Tsugumi: I was in the cupcake shop over there until just now...
Kasumi: Oh~. I guess that other person wasn't you, then~.
Himari: Hey, Tsugu~! Wait for me~. Oh, hi guys!
Kasumi: Ah, Himari-chan! I'm so glad we found you both! It looks like we'll make it to the goal~!
Tsugumi: Are all of you doing our class' Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt?
LOCK: Yes! I enjoyed getting to meet so many people while looking for you!
Tsugumi: Fufu, I'm glad you had a good time! The multi-purpose classroom straight up ahead is the goal. You can claim your participation award there.
Himari: Oh yeah. The pound cake shop next door was really nice! You should go later!
MASKING: We've got cakes too.
LOCK: Masuki-san taught our class how to make cakes. They're all so good!
Himari: Really~?! I had no idea~. Let's go check them out, Tsugu! Right now!
Tsugumi: Huh? But we just ate!
Himari: The Halloween festival's only today, though~! Please, Tsugu~!
LOCK: Ah, could we take a photo first as proof that we found you?
Tsugumi: Oh yeah... We have to try to look our best... right?
Himari: I don't see any problem with that! Tsugu! Let's just try to look as cute as we can!
Kasumi: Gimme your best smiles! Ready~? Say cheese!

Have a good HALLOWEEN!! Event Story - Ending
Reason for Excitement

LOCK has had so much fun spending time with Kasumi during the festival.
Could that be why the atmosphere feels so bright?


Haneoka Girls' Academy- Class 3-C's Kaoru Café

MASKING: Well, we made it to the goal without any major problems.
Kasumi: Yeah! Only Moca-chan would think of handing out bread from Saaya's place as a participation award~.
LOCK: I'm going to have mine for breakfast tomorrow.
Ako: That's a good idea! I'm gonna do that too~!
Kaoru: My humble apologies for keeping you waiting, my little kittens. Here is your Fragrance of Kaoru Tart and Kaoru Every Time You Turn Around.
MASKING: I ordered the Fragrance of Kaoru.
LOCK: I had no idea you ordered a shortcake, Kasumi-senpai.
Kasumi: It's not just any cake, though! Just look on this side...
LOCK: Wow, it's Kaoru-senpai! Is that a cookie...?
Kasumi: It looks like it! Wanna eat it, LOCK?
LOCK: I-I couldn't do such a thing!
Ako: Ah! Look, look! Even the coaster has Kaoru on it!
Kaoru: Fufu, you are welcome to take it home with you.
MASKING: This tart's pretty good...
Kasumi: So is this cake~.
Kaoru: Indeed... Savory and fleeting...
Kasumi & MASKING: Fleeting...!
Kaoru: Fufu... You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Unfortunately, I must take my leave. May your time here be most fleeting.
LOCK: Thank you very much!

Kasumi: Hey, guys. Thanks for going around with me today! I had so much fun!
LOCK: N-no, I should be the one thanking you! Being with you made everything constantly feel bright and exciting!
MASKING: Yeah. It felt just like one of Poppin'Party's gigs.
Ako: It did! Seeing you have fun made it enjoyable for the rest of us, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Oh~, really~? Ehehe...
LOCK: Yes! You're the one who brought us all together. The reason I'm here is because of Poppin'Party's concert!
Kasumi: Aww~, you're such a sweet girl, LOCK~! Hug~!
LOCK: Ahh!
Ako: But you did the same thing, Rokka.
LOCK: Hm? I did?
Ako: Mmhmm! King was able to become friends with everyone in class because you asked her to come!
MASKING: Yeah. And you're the reason I got to enjoy this awesome festival.
MASKING: I've never really been to events like this, so I was kinda nervous at first.
MASKING: But I had a pretty good time thanks to you! So yeah, thanks, LOCK!
LOCK: Masuki-san...
Kasumi: Oh yeah! The rest of Poppin'Party should be here in the afternoon! Let's group up and have even more fun~!
Ako: I like that~! I wonder if Rin-rin will be here soon.
LOCK: Masuki-san, the others in RAS said they'd come too, right?
MASKING: Yeah. They'll probably message us soon.
Kasumi: That's great! Then we can all have fun together! Do you think CHU²-chan will join us~?
MASKING: Don't see why not. Today's Halloween, after all. We gotta have a good time.
MASKING: I think they'll enjoy gettin' to look at where LOCK goes to school.
LOCK: Fufu, I hope so...!
LOCK: Ah, why don't we go to Hina-senpai's and Yukina-senpai's classes once everyone arrives?
Kasumi: Great idea! I wanna go to the stalls! And the pound cake place! Oh, and I wanna do Moca-chan's Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt again!
Ako: Ahaha! There's so many things to do!
Kasumi: Oh... I wonder who that girl who looked like Tsugu was.
MASKING: Girls who look like her from behind are pretty common if you ask me.
Kasumi: Yeah, that's true, but I can't stop thinking about it for some reason~.
LOCK: ... Hm? Asuka-chan mentioned something similar earlier...
LOCK: Halloween is a time to welcome spirits...
LOCK: Oh... wait a minute...
Kasumi: Hm? What? Did you say something?
LOCK: I-it's nothing! Nothing at all!
Kasumi: C'mon, you can tell me, LOCK~!
LOCK: I-it's really nothing~!

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