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Heart-Pounding Sound Card Story - Episode

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Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Tae: Sigh...
Rimi: Ah, you're already here, O-Tae-chan?
Tae: Our class didn't have homeroom, so I wanted to play the guitar a bit before everyone arrives.
Tae: ... Wait, Kasumi and Arisa aren't with you?
Rimi: Kasumi-chan has to clean the classroom today, and Arisa-chan has student council business to take care of.
Tae: Oh... Sigh.
Saaya: Are you okay? That's a lot of sweat.
Rimi: Maybe you should rest since we have band practice after this...
Tae: It's okay, I can keep going. If I wanted to, I could even play until tomorrow morning.
Saaya: Oh~, you're on fire~.
Rimi: Fufu, I can see why~. The owner did just say we'll be doing the festival online.
Saaya: And after so many tries too... I haven't been that happy in a while.
Rimi: I was so excited that day that I had trouble falling asleep.
Tae: Me too! I've been so thrilled ever since the owner said we passed.
Tae: I couldn't get much sleep last night, so I ended up playing the guitar.
Saaya: I understand, but you shouldn't work yourself too hard.
Tae: It's hard not to after seeing the way the owner looked.
Rimi: The way she looked...?
Tae: You saw how determined she was once she said we were taking the festival online, right?
Tae: She even mentioned she was going to call in all her connections.
Tae: Her words sent shivers up my spine.
Tae: She's really intent on making the Rocking Star Festival a success.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan...
Tae: That's why I feel like I should use all the free time I have to play the guitar.
Tae: If she's giving everything she's got, then I need to do the same.
Tae: If I don't, I'm going to be overwhelmed. And we still have more challenges to overcome.
Rimi & Saaya: ...
Saaya: You're right... Our goal has always been more than just getting the owner to agree to livestream the concert.
Rimi: My heart's beating so fast right now..
Tae: Because you're nervous?
Rimi: No, because I'm excited!
Saaya: Now I'm on fire~. Fufufu.
Saaya: It's not like we're competing with the owner, but for some reason, I feel like I don't want to lose to her!
Rimi: Yeah, let's do our best!
Saaya: Let's practice until Kasumi and Arisa arrive then.
Tae: Why don't we use this chance to play together?
Saaya: Agreed! What do you think we should play?
Rimi: How about our new song? There's a phrase that I'm not so sure about...
Tae: Let's start there then. Ready, guys?
Rimi: Hold on... Okay, I'm ready now!
Saaya: Ready when you are~.
Tae: Alright, let's do this! One, two, three...

Heart-Pounding Sound Card Story - Special Episode

Embraced by Music



Marina: Phew... Now that we're done with work for the morning, why don't we take a break?
Marina: Hm? Is that...? Hi, Tae-chan!
Tae: ...
Marina: Huh...? Hey~, Tae-chan~!
Tae: Huh...? Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello. You seemed rather preoccupied with your phone. What were you looking at?
Tae: I was watching the Rocking Star Festival livestream.
Tae: Since I didn't get to see all the shows, I was going through the video archives to check them out.
Marina: OH~. I can see why you didn't notice us then. It's hard to take your eyes off the bands when they're giving such great performances.
Tae: Exactly! You can tell how much fun each band has while playing music.
Marina: I got that sense too. The whole festival was such a refreshing experience!
Tae: When we were performing, it felt like the people there and the people watching the stream became one.
Marina: The crowd and online activity did get pretty wild when you were playing.
Tae: Yeah! Whenever we were enjoying ourselves, people responded with the same feeling!
Tae: I think it's because we were embraced by music!
Marina: Embraced by music...?
Tae: At first, I thought it was just Poppin'Party that got to experience that curious sensation of being embraced by music.
Tae: But going through the video archives made me realize I was wrong.
Tae: Music didn't just embrace us. It embraced and brought together everyone involved in the festival.
Tae: Now that I know that, I love music even more.
Marina: That's a very unique perspective~. If music really did embrace us...
Marina: Then it must be because it wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did to take concerts in a new direction.
Tae: You think so? That makes me so happy!
Tae: Ah... speaking of happy, while people were getting ready for the concert, I got to see everyone that used to work at SPACE and-
Marina: Fufu. Do you mind if we continue after we get our lunch?
Tae: Sure! I think I'll grab something to eat too.
Marina: Why don't we go together then?
Tae: Okay!