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Heart-Racing Beat Card Story - Episode

Maya's Idea


After School
Theater Club
Maya: Wow, look, Kaoru-san! They really tidied this place up!
Kaoru: Ah~, such cleanliness. I will have to give my thanks to the little first-year kittens next time I see them.
Maya: And I'm sure that they'll be thrilled to get a thanks from you, too!
Maya: Now that I think about it, it's been a while since this place has been so organized!
Kaoru: Agreed. Much effort went into getting the costumes and props in order. Just gazing upon them brings joy to my heart!
Maya: They even arranged the scripts in order of when they were performed! Those things were all over the place before!
Maya: Now that I see it like this, there really is no better way to line them up. You can see just how many plays the Theater Club has put on.
Maya: ... Ah, that reminds me. I haven't put this back yet!
Kaoru: Ah, the play where I was the ghost, correct?
Maya: Yes. It was pretty shocking to find out that your acting was what started that rumor.
Kaoru: My performances can become the subject of my little kittens' whispers at any moment. Basically, it is but that.
Maya: Y-yeah... If I remember correctly, your performance on stage was a huge hit too.
Maya: It was like you were a real ghost... The audience's eyes were practically glued to the stage.
Maya: The scene where you were chanting your curse sent shivers down even my spine...
Maya: And the part where you laid out your regrets was so painful... My heart really went out to your character.
Maya: Still, the best had to be... when you came out of the well! That scene has so much impact, it was incredible!
Kaoru: Fufu, you flatter me. I'll never forget my little kittens' cries from that moment.
Maya: Although, I think half of those were screams of joy at seeing you...
Maya: Either way, what a great play. They say summer is perfect for ghost stores, right? Maybe we should do this one again.
Kaoru: Ah, a splendid idea. What better way to cool down my little kittens than to give them chills...
Kaoru: However... This would be our second telling of the same story. It could be boring if it were exactly like the previous incarnation...
Maya: That's true. There are bound to be people in the audience who came to the last performance as well.
Kaoru: Should we undertake this endeavor, I'd like to make our next show even more magnificent, even more fleeting than the last.
Maya: Then how about changing parts of the production...? Ah, changing the backdrops or scenery might work. Little things like that could give the play a completely different feel.
Kaoru: I knew I could count on you, Maya. There's actually something I'd like to try if possible. Will you listen to my musings?
Maya: Sure, go ahead! I'll see what I can do.
Kaoru: Our last play had the ghost appear from the well, no? Would it not be interesting to change that part?
Kaoru: For example... I could descend from the sky. What do you think?
Maya: Huh? The sky? I-I suppose the audience would be really surprised...
Kaoru: Fufu, I knew you would think so.
Maya: No, wait, this story is about a ghost haunting a well though...
Kaoru: And adding more ghosts would be fantastic, no? That would make the play all the more shocking.
Maya: Y-yeah... That would be pretty shocking... Especially since this story only has one ghost...
Kaoru: However, there's still something missing...
Maya: Th-there is?
Kaoru: Ah~... That's it! What if we were to sing?
Maya: S-sing?!
Kaoru: Yes, we could turn it into a flamboyant musical... No, wait, perhaps an opera would be better... Then I could sing with my little kittens...
Maya: U-uhm, Kaoru-san...?
Kaoru: I shall ask Hello, Happy World! about writing a score. I could wear my ghost costume and perform... Ah~, truly this play will make the whole world smile!
Maya: W-wait a minute, Kaoru-san! This is nothing like the original~!

Heart-Racing Beat Card Story - Special Episode

Famous Detective Maya?


Edogawa Music
Maya: Good Afternoon~! Are you shopping for something today?
Maya: Yes, I'm also- Huh? Did you just call me detective?
Maya: Ah, I see. So you heard about what happened when we were cleaning the school from Hina-san and Kaoru-san.
Maya: Sure, I'm the one who solved the case, but we were all investigating the seven mysteries together...
Maya: I'm certainly not worthy of a lofty title like detective.
Maya: Huh? Yes, I was the one who found the script...
Maya: No, it was nothing, really! I'm just the type of person who looks into things I'm curious about, that's all~!
Maya: Still, solving the mystery did feel good. I never would have expected the truth to be what we found, though.
Maya: Did you hear the details from those two? That's right~. It was all just a bunch of misunderstandings piled on top of each other.
Maya: The two of them are geniuses, so I figured they're talked about a lot...
Maya: But even I was surprised to find out they were behind one of the seven mysteries of our school.
Maya: However, that creates another question...
Maya: The seven mysteries of our school aren't anything new. They had already been around for a while when I first entered.
Maya: But the story about the well that Hina-san and Kaoru-san caused had to have started recently, right? So then what was the original seventh mystery...?
Maya: It's been really bothering me lately. Now I can't take my mind off of them...!
Maya: You're right! We probably should do a proper investigation!
Maya: ... What?! I really am becoming a detective?!
Maya: No, I'm really not! Stop calling me that!
Maya: Huh? You think I could find the owners of all the things lost at CiRCLE?
Maya: N-now you're just teasing me~! You can't count on me for something like that~!