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Hearts in Full Bloom Card Story - Episode

Gentle Memories



Kanon: Hmm, let's see...
Aya: Huh? Kanon-chan? What's she doing, kneeling on the ground like that?
Kanon: Ah, this one's so pretty...!
Aya: Kanon-chan~! What are you doing?
Kanon: Huh...? Eek!
Aya: Wah!
Kanon: Ah, it's you, Aya-chan... You scared me...!
Aya: You scared me too! I wasn't expecting you to scream like that!
Kanon: Uhm, uh... I'm sorry...
Aya: No, I'm the one who surprised you, right? Sorry about that.
Kanon: No...! I'm the one who should be apologizing, I wasn't paying atten-
Aya: ... Ahaha! We're just going around in circles, aren't we?
Kanon: Fufu... You're right.
Aya: Okay, then let's call this a draw!
Aya: Anyway, what are you doing here?
Kanon: I was just collecting sakura blossoms.
Aya: Just the blossoms? Are you going to use them for something?
Kanon: Yes. I had so much fun at our sakura party, so I thought it would be nice to have something to remember it by.
Kanon: Making a bookmark using pressed sakura petals would be perfect, so I'm collecting some right now.
Aya: So like pressed flowers, right...? That's a great idea! That bookmark's going to turn out so cute!
Aya: Hey, Kanon-chan, can we make some together?
Kanon: Of course! Let's start by finding some pretty petals.
Aya: Okay!

Aya: Hmm... You know, sakura are usually so colorful and pretty, but it's actually hard to find good blossoms...
Aya: Most of them are ripped or dirty. I can't find any clean ones.
Kanon: Still, I hope we find enough. I'd like to be able to give everyone from the party a bookmark.
Aya: Yeah, that'd be such a fun little memento to share with everybody!
Kanon: Exactly. And thanks to your help, I've found quite a few petals... I just need a little more...
Aya: Ah, that one's so pretty! Kanon-chan, look at the blossom over- Whoa!
Aya: Aww... It blew away...!
Kanon: Sakura blossoms are so thin and light. Even a small gust of wind can send them flying.
Aya: Ooo~, and it was the perfect flower too~!
Aya: Alright, I'll just have to be faster next time! I won't give up until we have enough for everybody!
Kanon: Fufu, that sounds like the Aya-chan I know.
Kanon: But seeing you work so hard has given me the extra motivation I need...!
Aya: Ehehe, really? ... Then here we go! We'll find those petals for sure!
Kanon: Ah...! Hold on, Aya-chan. Don't move.
Aya: Huh? What's wrong?
Kanon: Just a minute... There. I got it.
Kanon: There was a sakura blossom in your hair. It must have been the wind.
Aya: Wow... It's so pretty! It's such a pale pink, and the shape is perfect!
Kanon: It is! We'll have to use this one for your bookmark.
Aya: Can we really? Thank you!

Kanon: That should do it. Should we head back and press these blossoms?
Aya: Sure! We've got more than enough to make bookmarks for everyone!
Kanon: Ehehe... How about using this deep pink one for Ran-chan's?
Aya: Ah, that's a great idea! We can use this big one for your bookmark, Kanon-chan!
Kanon: Fufu, alright. Thank you, Aya-chan.
Kanon: Ah... Doesn't this blossom remind you of Lisa-chan?
Aya: It does! It's so cute! Alright, then we can use this one for Maya-chan!
Kanon: And that's everyone. Now what kind of bookmark should we make?
Aya: Hmm, good question. I hadn't even thought about it...
Kanon: Ehehe... Me either. We'll have to talk it over on our way back.
Aya: Good idea! Hmm~, now what would work the best...?
Kanon: Ah, for example...

Hearts in Full Bloom Card Story - Special Episode

Because We Were Together


Fast Food Store

Kanon: Ah...! Good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you on your break?
Kanon: I actually have off of work today.
Kanon: Aya-chan is also free today, so we decided to go somewhere together. I still have time before I have to go meet her though...
Kanon: Uhm, if you don't mind, would you like to talk while I wait?
Kanon: You would? Thank you so much.
Kanon: Recently, Aya-chan, Maya-chan, Lisa-chan, Ran-chan and I had a sakura party.
Kanon: I just happened to run into Aya-chan and Maya-chan, and after talking for a while, Aya-chan asked us all if we'd like to see the sakura together.
Kanon: That's when Lisa-chan happened by, and she ended up inviting Ran-chan along as well.
Kanon: You've never heard of us hanging out like that before? Now that I think about it, this might have been the first time...
Kanon: Anyway, since everyone else was so busy, Aya-chan and I ended up being in charge of planning.
Kanon: Actually, Aya-chan's the one who volunteered to do it... Fufu, doesn't that seem just like her?
Kanon: Planning an event together really reminded me of just how amazing she is.
Kanon: I've always thought it would be fun to see the sakura with everybody, but I've never been able to say it.
Kanon: On the other hand, Aya-chan's always so outgoing. With someone like her, even a shy person like me can have the courage to take a step forward.
Kanon: She's always there to give me the push I need. I'm really grateful to her.
Kanon: That's why I try to help her in any way I can, whenever I can.
Kanon: And I think I did that with our sakura party.
Kanon: If it had been just me, I don't think I could have pulled everything off.
Kanon: I'm sure things only went well because I was working with Aya-chan...
Kanon: It'd be nice if she felt the same way...
Kanon: You think she does? Ehehe, I hope so...!
Kanon: Ah, I'm sorry, I'm getting off topic.
Kanon: In any case, we planned everything together, from the location to the bentos. It was a lot of fun.
Kanon: I was especially proud of the bentos we made. We used cookie cutters to make sandwiches in a ton of different shapes.
Kanon: You want to see those sandwiches? Fufu, next time I'll be sure to bring you some.
Kanon: Yes, I hope you look forward to it.
Kanon: Aya-chan also showed me how to make sandwiches that look like roll cakes, so I'll bring some of those too.
Kanon: ... Ah. It's almost time for me to meet up with Aya-chan. I better get going...!
Kanon: BanG Dreamer-san, thanks for listening to me.
Kanon: I'll see you around at CiRCLE. Now if you'll excuse me...!