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Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Opening
Valentine's Day is Coming

Valentine's Day is coming up, and Kasumi makes a suggestion...


Ichigaya Residence - Basement
Kasumi: Alright, we've got a good rhythm going! What do you think, should we try the chorus one more time?
Saaya: H-hold on, Kasumi... T-timeout...
Kasumi: Hm? What's wrong, Saaya?
Saaya: I know we're just getting warmed up, but let's take a break... I've been playing non-stop. My arms feel like they're gonna fall off.
Rimi: I-is it okay if I take a break too? I'm sorry, Kasumi-chan...
Arisa: Honestly, Kasumi. I don't know where you get your energy... We've been playing for two hours straight!
Kasumi: Oh... O-Tae, how about you?
Tae: Hmm? I'm fine, Kasumi. It's almost like, I'm not full, but not hungry either, you know?
Arisa: What the heck does that mean? Ugh, forget it, I'm too tired to care.
Rimi: H-hey, I brought some candy with me today. Why don't we take a break and have some?
Kasumi: Yay~! Break time~! I can't wait to try the candy you brought, Rimi-rin!
Arisa: Oh, so now you wanna take a break?!
Break Time
Kasumi: Yummy~! This chocolate is so good, Rimi-rin~!
Rimi: I'm glad you like it. I saw it in a magazine recently, so I thought I'd go and buy some. I heard it's a really well-known shop.
Arisa: Y-yeah, this is really good... Even better than I expected...
Saaya: It melts the second it hits your tongue... This is true happiness, ufufu~.
Tae: For sure! I feel like my face is melting~.
Arisa: Aha... O-Tae... I mean, I know what you're trying to say... but I think you're getting your phrases mixed up.
Saaya: Now that I think about it, Valentine's Day is coming up, isn't it?
Kasumi: Oh yeah~, I can't believe it's that time of year already~!
Kasumi: ...Ah! That's right! I'll make sure to give everyone here chocolate too!
Arisa: Ch-chocolate?!
Kasumi: Oh no... Haven't you heard about this, Arisa? You see, on Valentine's Day, you give chocolate to people you're close to! It's tradition!
Arisa: Of course I know about Valentine's Day!
Rimi: That does sound fun though! I'll bring something as well!
Tae: Alright, I will too.
Saaya: Hm... Well if O-Tae is doing it, I guess I will too... What do you think, should I make my chocolate cornets? They're not really chocolates, but...
Rimi: Y-you'll make your chocolate cornets? Really?! Yay~! I can't wait!
Arisa: Ugh, so I guess we're doing this, then? Seriously, giving each other Valentine's Day gifts? I'm normally not a fan of this kind of thing...
Kasumi: And yet, you look so happy about it~.
Arisa: I-I do not!
A Few Days Later
Shopping Mall
Arisa: Uhm...? "Starting from Scratch: Making Homemade Chocolate". I guess we'll start here...
Arisa: I thought following a recipe online would work just fine, but...
Arisa: Why didn't my chocolate turn out like this one? That's really weird, right?
Lisa: Arisa~☆
Arisa: Ah! Lisa-san! H-hello!
Lisa: Everything alright? I saw you mumbling something into that book, so I thought I'd check up on you.
Arisa: I, uhm... It's nothing...
Lisa: Hm? Wait, that book... "Starting from Scratch: Making Homemade Chocolate"...?
Arisa: W-wait, this isn't-
Lisa: Huh?! Arisa... Are you... making Valentine's Day chocolates for someone?
Arisa: I-it's not what you think! The other members of Poppin'Party just decided we shoudl give each other gifts this year...
Lisa: Oh, I gotcha! So you're making chocolate for your friends, huh?
Arisa: W-well, yeah...
Lisa: Wow~! You guys must be really good friends, giving each other Valentine's Day goodies and everything~!
Arisa: Ugh, this is just another one of Kasumi's wild and spontaneous ideas, that's all.
Lisa: But the fact that everyone went along with it shows just how close you are☆
Arisa: ... I-I suppose...
Arisa: But... When I tried to make them myself, it came out all wrong... I thought I did everything right, but...
Lisa: Oh? Well, I was just about to make some chocolates myself, so how about we do it together?
Arisa: Huh? I mean, is that alright? Going to your house... Are you sure I won't... get in the way?
Lisa: What? No way! Alright, that does it, you are coming with me, got it?
Arisa: ... O-okay...
Lisa: Then it's settled! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go shopping☆
Arisa: R-right! Thank you so much!

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Chapter 1
Teach Me, Lisa-Sensei

Arisa is having Lisa teach her how to make chocolate. Will she be successful this time?


Imai Residence - Living Room
Lisa: Okay... Bowls, check... Measuring cups, check... Candy thermometer... check! Looks like we're all ready☆
Arisa: Th-this is your house, Lisa-san? This kitchen... Look at all these appliances... Wow~...
Lisa: Well, I really like cooking, so I end up buying utensils and stuff when I see them. Before I knew it, I had quite the collection.
Lisa: ... So what was the problem you had again? Oh yeah, you said you couldn't get it to harden correctly, right?
Arisa: Y-yes, exactly! I followed the online recipe as closely as possible, but...
Lisa: How hot was the water when you were tempering the chocolate? I bet that has something to do with it.
Arisa: ... T-tempering? What's that?
Lisa: Well, to put it super simply, tempering chocolate is just controlling the temperature when you melt it, and it makes your chocolate come out really nice!
Arisa: O-oh...
Lisa: If you melt it at too high of a temperature, your chocolate gets brittle, and it won't harden correctly.
Lisa: Chocolate's a very delicate ingredient, so if the temperature is off by even one degree, it can ruin the whole thing. That's why you should always have a candy thermometer handy!
Arisa: I-I see... So that's what happened...
Lisa: So, should we get started? Let's break out the chocolate!
Arisa: Uhm... Actually, I've been meaning to ask, but... didn't you buy a little bit too much?
Lisa: Oh? You think so?
Arisa: Is that all for Valentine's Day?
Lisa: Yup! I want to give some to everyone in Roselia and to a few friends in my class, so this will probably cover just about everyone.
Arisa: O-oh, that's right... You do have a lot of friends, Lisa-san...
Lisa: I just hope everyone likes what I make this year too~. Alright, let's start with cutting up the chocolate! Wanna give it a try?
Arisa: Y-yes, please! Show me how it's done!
One Hour Later
Lisa: ... Okay, I think it's about time to take them out of the fridge.
Arisa: I'm a little nervous... I hope I got it right this time...
Lisa: Yeah, when you're making sweets, you have no idea if they turned out well or not until you open the fridge or the oven... It's pretty nerve-racking, but also a bit exciting~!
Arisa: I think I get what you mean...
Lisa: Okay, here we go~! Open sesame ♪
Lisa: Wah~! They look great! Arisa, yours turned out amazing!
Arisa: R-really?!
Lisa: Yeah! See for yourself!
Arisa: ...?! O-oh~! Th-these look... really good, right?! I mean, it looks like something you'd find in a shop!
Lisa: ... Oh, oops. Sorry, those are mine...
Arisa: Huh? Ah, so these are... yours? I suppose that makes sense... Really, I thought they were from a chocolate shop for a second...
Lisa: Here are the ones you made! Take a look!
Arisa: ...Hm? The shapes are a little off, but... otherwise, they look... good?
Lisa: Yup! That's what I thought too! Your chocolates have a really glossy texture. I think they turned out great!
Arisa: B-but... What about the taste? Even if they look good, if they taste bad, then I still missed up...
Lisa: I bet they'll be yummy! In fact, I guarantee it!
Lisa: You see how smooth it is, almost like a mirror? That means that you tempered your chocolate perfectly ♪
Lisa: These are sure to be melt-in-your-mouth delicious, I promise! Don't worry so much!
Arisa: I-I don't know... Do you really think so?
Lisa: Still don't believe me, huh? Well, why don't you just taste one? That's the only way to know for sure!
Arisa: T-that's true... Alright, let's give it a taste...
Lisa: I'll have one of your chocolates too, Arisa☆
Arisa: O-of course! I'd love to hear what you think!
Lisa: Ok, then let's try them together! Ready... Set...
Array: Go!
Array: ... Mmm... Mmm?!
Lisa: ... Mmm~! This is delicious! See, I told you so~!
Arisa: ...
Lisa: ... Arisa? Are you okay?
Arisa: Ha... Hahaha... I-it's good... I-it tastes really, really good...
Lisa: See? I wouldn't lie to you☆
Arisa: Thank goodness... I've never made chocolates before, let alone given them to someone! The thought never even crossed my mind!
Arisa: I feel so... relieved? I'm just so glad I didn't mess up again. Th-thank you so much for helping me~!
Lisa: You don't need to thank me, silly! ... Oh, that's right! While you're here, why don't we wrap them up in something pretty?
Arisa: Wr-wrap... my chocolates?
Lisa: Yeah, I bought a lot of extra materials, so we could put them in adorable little boxed, or in bags tied off with ribbons!
Arisa: I-I hadn't even thought about that... and look at all these cute decorations... Lisa-san, you're not the average girl, are you...?

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Chapter 2
Two Paper Bags

A certain someone appears before Arisa and Lisa, and the curtain of misfortune rises...


After Making Chocolates
Fast Food Store
Lisa: You know, Arisa, I think you have some real talent when it comes to sweets. Your chocolates really were delicious, and that was your first time making them, right? I was so surprised!
Arisa: N-no, that was all because I had such a great teacher! It was all thanks to you...
Arisa: And on top of that, you even helped me wrap everything... I'm sure everyone in Poppin'Party will be thrilled.
Lisa: Ahaha, seeing you work so hard, I couldn't help but smile! Thank you ♪ We should make sweets together again sometime!
Moca: Hm? Oh~? If it isn't Lisa-san and Arisa~.
Lisa: Ah, Moca!
Moca: Well, this is new~. I've never seen you two hanging out together before~.
Lisa: Moca, have a seat and chat with us for a bit! That's okay with you, right, Arisa?
Arisa: O-of course. By all means.
Moca: Really? Okay~. Make way for Moca-chan~!
Arisa: Ah, sorry... All our stuff is over here. Would you like me to take your bags, Moca-chan?
Moca: My bags~? Okay, thank you~!
Arisa: By the way, is that... cake... on your tray? But I've only ever seen whole cakes sold here...
Moca: Yup~! That's right~! Lately I've made a habit of eating an entire cake all by myself~.
Arisa: A "habit"? What kind of habit is that?!
10 Minutes Later
Moca: Ah~! As always, the cake here is delicious~. I just lose myself in the taste~.
Lisa: No kidding. You didn't make a peep the entire time you were eating... You finished the whole thing in total silence...
Moca: So~? Arisa, Lisa-san, what brings you two together on this fine day~?
Lisa: You're asking that now? ... Actually, I taught Arisa how to make chocolates today.
Moca: Oh~? What a coincidence~! I just bought some at the candy shop by the station myself~.
Arisa: Ah, so everyone in Afterglow is getting gifts for each other too, huh?
Moca: Yup~. That's right~!
Lisa: Huh?! But isn't the shop by the station super fancy? You're really buying everyone such pricey chocolates?
Moca: What? No way~! These bad boys are all mine~. A special gift from me to me~. You can only get stuff like this around Valentine's Day, after all.
Arisa: So those are for you too?!
Moca: Chocolates for everyone, eh~? Hm... What should I do~?
Lisa: So you haven't even thought about it, huh...
Moca: Hm? Oh, will you look at the time~. I should get going~.
Lisa: Huh? Already? Come on... Can't you stay just a little longer~?
Moca: I'd love to, but no can do~. I've got very important plans after this~. Thanks for the company though~.
Lisa: Oh really? What kind of plans?
Moca: Why, I have to sample all the Valentine's Day chocolates for sale in the area, of course~.
Arisa: Y-you're gonna eat more?! Didn't you just eat an entire cake?!
Moca: Fufufu~. Didn't you know there's a second stomach just for chocolate~?
Moca: Well~, I'll be going now~. Ah, and I'll be taking my chocolates with me~. See ya~!
Arisa: ... There she goes. Moca-chan really is one of a kind...
Lisa: Ahaha, yeah, she really goes at her own pace. Like this one time...♪
Lisa: Ah~, today was so much fun~♪ I have plenty more work stories about Moca, but if I keep going, we'll be here forever!
Lisa: I guess we'll just have to save them for next time~. What do you think, should we call it a day?
Arisa: Ah, yeah, that sounds good. U-uhm, thank you again for all your help today! I'm positive the members of Poppin'Party will love these choc-
Arisa: ...? ...Huh?
Lisa: Hm? What's wrong?
Arisa: Uhm, it's just that... this bag has different things than before...
Lisa: ... What? Wait, lemme see that... You're right! This isn't the bag I gave you!
Arisa: R-right?! B-but then?
Lisa: ... Ah! Moca had a really similar bag before! You don't think she took your bag by mistake, do you?
Arisa: Seriously...?! B-but just by looking in the bag, normally you'd know something was off, right? I'm sure she's already noticed by now...
Lisa: Arisa... Were you not listening to any of my stories? This is Moca we're talking about...
Arisa: ... Y-you're right, she's not normal...
Lisa: Let me try calling her!
Arisa: O-okay! Thank you!
Arisa: (Oh~, after all my hard work... What is this, some sort of sick joke?)
Lisa: ... Shoot! I can't reach her!
Arisa: S-seriously...? Gah~! What should we do?
Lisa: At this point, the only thing we can do is search for her! I think she went this way! Let's go!
Arisa: O-okay! I'm right behind you!

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Chapter 3
She's Gonna Eat Them!

Moca has taken off with Arisa's chocolates. Lisa and Arisa go looking for her, but...


Arisa: There's no sign of Moca-chan anywhere...
Lisa: B-but it hasn't been that long since she left! She couldn't have gotten far!
Lisa: Moca~! Moca, where are you~? Moca, come out, come out, wherever you are!
Arisa: What is she, a dog? ... H-huh?!
Arisa: Lisa-san! I just saw someone with a paper bag across the street!
Lisa: What? Really?! That's probably Moca! After her!
Arisa: R-right!
Arisa: She just turned around the corner! Ah, look! There!
Lisa: ... Hm? That's...
Arisa: ... Not Moca-chan... Sigh, I was so sure...
Lisa: Ah, wait... Isn't that Yukina?!
Yukina: Hm? Lisa? And Ichigaya-san? How strange... What are you two doing together?
Lisa: Ah, well you see, we made chocolates together today, but Moca accidentally took the bag with Arisa's chocolates in it.
Lisa: We saw your bag looked similar, so we ran after you thinking you were her.
Yukina: Is that so? Actually, I was just with Aoba-san.
Arisa: Wh-what?! Really?!
Yukina: Yes, we found a bench and talked for a little while.
Lisa: ... Huh? With Moca? What were you talking about?
Yukina: That... is a secret.
Lisa: Argh... Now I want to know even more~!
Yukina: By the way, if you're looking for Aoba-san, I think she mentioned going to Hazawa Coffee next.
Lisa: Tsugumi's place, huh? Thanks for the tip! Arisa, let's hurry!
Arisa: R-right behind you! Thank you for your help, Yukina-senpai! See you later!
Hazawa Coffee
Tsugumi: This chocolate look delicious, Kanon-san! And the surface is so smooth too. I think your personality really shines through.
Kanon: R-really? Thank you! Your chocolate was really good too, Tsugumi-chan. I'm sure everyone will-
Lisa: Moca!!
Array: Wah!!
Arisa: ... Huff... Puff... D-did you find her... Lisa-san?
Lisa: H-huh~? That's weird, I don't see her...
Tsugumi: U-uhm, Lisa-senpai? Arisa-chan? Your faces are really red... Is everything alright?
Lisa: Ah! I'm so sorry! I just yelled out without thinking... I didn't mean to cause a scene...
Tsugumi: No, it's fine. You just surprised us, that's all. There's no one here but us anyways.
Kanon: Just now, you called out Moca-chan's name. Is something the matter?
Lisa: Y-yes, have you seen her? We heard she was here, so we came running...
Tsugumi: Moca-chan? She was here up until just a little while ago... Right, Kanon-san?
Kanon: Y-yeah, she came in just as Tsugumi-chan and I were taste-testing our homemade chocolates. But she left shortly after...
Arisa: She ate here too? Isn't that little much?!
Lisa: Wait, so you guys made chocolates too? Come on, you should have let me know~! We could have made them as a group~!
Tsugumi: Hm? "As a group"? Did you two make chocolates together, too?
Lisa: Yup~! You should have been there, the ones Arisa made were so good~♪
Arisa: C-cut it out!
Tsugumi: Wah~, you made some too, Arisa-chan? I wish I was there to try them~.
Arisa: N-no, they're just your average run-of-the-mill chocolates... Nothing special...
Lisa: By the way, what are you two doing here? I've never seen you two together before...
Tsugumi: Ah, well, we go to different schools, but Kanon-san comes to Hazawa Coffee pretty often, so we slowly got to know each other!
Kanon: Since I made chocolate for everyone in Hello, Happy World!, I came by to get Tsugumi-chan's opinion...
Tsugumi: And since I just finished my treats for my bandmates as well, we decided to have a little tasting session! The café's pretty slow today, so really, it was perfect timing!
Tsugumi: Oh yeah, take a look! I mad emine in the shape of instruments, and Kanon-san made hers look like Michelle!
Arisa: Wow... you guys are making chocolates for your band members, too? Seems like everyone we've talked to is doing the same thing...
Tsugumi: Arisa-chan, would you like to try one? Oh, and you too, Lisa-senpai! I'd like to get as many opinions on them as possible...
Kanon: Ah, I also wanted to hear what you think...
Tsugumi: Well, in that case, one second. I'll go get some tea!
Lisa: Ahh~, I'm sorry, you guys! I'd love to, but it will have to wait! We're running out of time!
Kanon: W-what's wrong?
Arisa: Moca-chan took my chocolates with her by mistake! We have to hurry...
Tsugumi: I-I think I know what you're saying... I've known her for years... If you don't hurry, she'll eat them!
Lisa: Right? That's exactly what I said!
Tsugumi: Definitely. This is Moca-chan we're talking about, she'll eat them for sure...! I get off work soon. I'll help you look for her!
Kanon: I bet you worked really hard on those chocolates, Arisa-chan... I'll join you too!
Lisa: Really? That would help out a ton! Right, Arisa?
Arisa: Y-yeah!
Arisa: Okay, everyone... Let's go!

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Chapter 4
An Original Chocolate Gift

Arisa and the others finally find Moca. However, they run into an unexpected problem...


Tsugumi: Hello, Tomoe-chan? Sorry to bother you, but is Moca-chan with you? ...No? Okay, thanks... Bye!
Tsugumi: I'm sorry, Arisa-chan, but I've asked everyone, and Moca-chan's not with any of them...
Arisa: I-I see...
Lisa: Moca wasn't over there either~! But I did find a little one who lost her way.
Kanon: I-I got my directions all mixed up... If Lisa-chan hadn't come around, I don't know what would have happened...
Lisa: Arisa, I'm so sorry...
Arisa: N-no, really, I-I'm the one who should be apologizing! I didn't think this would turn into such a big thing...
Arisa: Ah, you know what? It's fine! I don't want to take up any more of everyone's precious time...
Lisa: ... Arisa.
Arisa: Haha, hahaha... Stop it, don't look at me like you're so worried about me... It's just chocolates! Really, it's okay...
Lisa: ... No, it's not. It's okay, Arisa, we'll get your chocolates back.
Arisa: I-I told you... Cut it out, Lisa-san. I said I don't care anymore, didn't I?
Lisa: Yeah, you did, but... I care, Arisa. You worked really hard on those chocolates, didn't you?
Arisa: ... L-Lisa-san...
Lisa: That's why I wanna find them. You don't have to worry about me, Arisa. I'm doing this because I want to.
Tsugumi: ... Ah! Arisa-chan! Lisa-san! I'm getting a call from Moca-chan!
Arisa: R-really?!
Tsugumi: H-hello, Moca-chan? Where are you? We've been looking for you... Yeah... Okay...
Tsugumi: ... Got it! We'll be right there, so don't move a muscle, okay? See you soon!
Lisa: Tsugumi! Where is she?
Tsugumi: She said she's at the station entrance!
Arisa: The station? Got it! I'm going on ahead!
Lisa: A-Arisa?! C-Come on, everyone! Let's go!
Station Entrance
Lisa: Ah, Moca! We finally found you~!
Arisa: ... Huff... Puff... Lisa-san, you're so... fast...
Moca: Hm~? You two were with Tsugu, too? I heard you were looking for me. What's wrong~?
Lisa: Remember how we were all at the restaurant earlier? When you left, you grabbed Arisa's bag instead of yours.
Lisa: The chocolates in that bag were made with love by Arisa for her extra special friends in Poppin'Party!
Moca: What~? No way~, I could never mistake the chocolates I love so dearly for your... Oh... These aren't mine.
Arisa: L-Lisa-san, c-could you please stop saying such embarrassing things out loud?
Moca: I see... I was wondering why my bag felt heavier~. Now I see~, it was weighed down with all this love and friendship~!
Arisa: St-stop~! Ugh, here! Just take your bag already!
Moca: Okay, okay~, sorry~. Ah, that's my bag alright~. I'm a little sad I didn't get to sample any of your chocolates, though~.
Arisa: So you would have eaten them! Argh! Don't just eat other people's food!
Moca: Oh~! Yay~! My precious Valentine's Day chocolates~! I missed you so much~, my lovely little ones~.
Lisa: Moca, it's not like you were worried about them... But see, Arisa? We got your special homemade chocolates back! Isn't that great?
Arisa: I-I told you, it's not that big of a deal! I-it's just candy...
Tsugumi: No way. When you make chocolates yourself, your true feelings flow into them! You can't buy something like that.
Kanon: Uhm, if it's alright... Can I take a look, Arisa? I really want to see how they turned out...
Tsugumi: Oh! I wanna see them, too!
Arisa: H-huh? S-seriously...? It's not like they're anything special...
Arisa: ... B-but, if you really want to, this is... Hm? What?
Lisa: ... Is that... pâté?! This isn't what you made at all!
Arisa: H-how can that be...? W-wait, "Liver Pâté for Cats"? ... Th-this is cat food!
Moca: Ahahaha~. Arisa, I've never seen chocolates like that before~. Are your friends, by chance, of the feline variety~?
Arisa: O-of course not! What kind of sad person buys their cat a Valentine's Day gift?
Lisa: B-but that's weird... Why would there be cat food in there? After all, that's Arisa's... Wait... Huh...? A paper bag... and cat food?
Lisa: ... Ah! That's it!
Arisa: W-what is it, Lisa-san?
Lisa: Remember when we ran into Yukina before? She had a similar bag with her, right?
Arisa: Ah, she did! That's why I thought she was with Moca-chan...
Lisa: Didn't she say she sat down with Moca to talk?
Moca: Oh yeah~! Minato-san and I chatted for a little bit~.
Lisa: ... Maybe your bag and Yukina's bag got mixed up then! Like at the fast food store!
Lisa: A-anyways, let me try calling Yukina!
Lisa: ... Ah! Hello, Yukina? Sorry, I know we just saw you, but... where are you right now?
Lisa: ... Huh? You can't talk right now? W-wait, Yukina, the paper bag you have, it's actually-... Hello?
Lisa: ... No good! She hung up!
Arisa: What?! S-she can't talk right now?
Lisa: ... That's what she said, but she didn't say it was anything super important...
Lisa: Where could she be that she couldn't talk...? Ah! I bet she's there!
Arisa: Huh?! Lisa-san, you know where she is?
Lisa: I think so! Let's go!

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Chapter 5
Occupied Yukina

Relying on Lisa's guess, the girls head toward Yukina. What does Arisa see when they arrive...?


Arisa: This park... Do you really think she's here, Lisa-san?
Lisa: Yes. Whenever Yukina says she can't talk on the phone, she's definitely here! There's no mistake!
Arisa: B-but what's so special about this park? Only thing I can see is there are a lot of stray cats hanging around.
Moca: Ah~! I spy with my little eye~, Minato-san!
Arisa: Ah! You're right! There she is!
Tsugumi: ... Hm? But what is she doing? I don't know why, but doesn't it look like she's hiding something? She keeps glancing over her shoulder...
Kanon: Y-you're right... I wonder what's going on.
Lisa: Well... Look closer and I think you'll get it.
Yukina: Shh~, don't be so loud... Quiet down, now...
Yukina: There, there... Good kitties~. Look, I brought you all something special today.
Yukina: This is my Valentine's Day gift to everyone...
Arisa: Sh-she's talking to the cats!
Lisa: A-ahaha... Let's just keep this between us, shall we?
Arisa: Wow... This isn't what I expected of Yukina-senpai at all...
Lisa: H-hey, let's put that aside for now, and go talk to her...! Although, it is pretty hard to call out to her at a time like this...
Arisa: Y-yeah, a little...
Lisa: Y-Yukina~ Hold on a sec'!
Yukina: ... Hm? L-Lisa... and... why are they with you...?
Lisa: Ah~, I'm so glad we made it in time~! Yukina, time out! Quick, trade bags with me.
Yukina: ... Tr-trade bags? What are you going on about? And what are you doing here?
Arisa: I'm really sorry, Yukina-senpai, but please, show me what's in there!
Yukina: ... Wh-what?! N-no, absolutely not! I-I mean, why should I?
Lisa: I-it's not what you think... That's Arisa's bag you've got there!
Yukina: ... Huh? This is Ichigaya-san's... Lisa, explain please.
Lisa: Uhm~, well... It's kind of a long story...
Yukina: So let me get this straight... Aoba-san and Ichigaya-san switched bags at the fast food store, then Aoba-san and I switched bags when we parted ways before...
Yukina: Is that correct?
Lisa: Yes, that's exactly it! So you see, that bag you're holding has Arisa's homemade chocolates in it☆
Yukina: I see... So that's it. I think I understand what's going on now.
Yukina: Ah... Then what about... my bag?
Arisa: I-I'm sorry... I saw what was inside...
Yukina: ...?! Wh-what are you apologizing for? It's not like it's anything you need to feel bad about...
Moca: Wow, Minato-san~, you're one heck of a cat-lover, aren't you~?
Yukina: N-no, I-I just happened to get these from a friend, I don't...
Yukina: It's not that I hate cats, b-but it's not like them any more than other animals...
Lisa: Yep! I gotcha! Don't worry, we understand. We'll just leave it all at that! Right, guys?
Moca: Say, Arisa~, have you ever heard of someone giving out cat food~? Minato-san's eyes certainly tell a different story~.
Arisa: I have not. And I think we all know what's going on, but like Lisa-san said, let's just forget about it... Nothing really gonna come out of that conversation anyway...
Kanon: Hm? But didn't I just hear you say, "This is my Valentine's Day gift to everyone"?
Tsugumi: Wow, Yukina-senpai. You must really love cats to do all this. I would never have guessed...
Lisa: W-well, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions, but if Yukina says that's what happened, then that's what happened!
Yukina: Lisa... How could you put me in a situation like this...?
Lisa: Ahahaha... I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Lisa: W-well anyways, if you and Arisa just switch bags... There! Now everything's back to normal!
Lisa: Isn't that great, Arisa? Your chocolate's finally returned to you☆
Arisa: U-uhm, yeah... I mean, thank you so much for all your help, everyone...
Moca: No biggie~! It was no trouble at all~!
Arisa: You don't count, Moca-chan!
Moca: Oh~? Well, aren't you the happy one~? You're back to being your usual sharp-tongued self~!
Arisa: Sh-shut up! Argh... Well, I worked really hard on these, so it makes sense that I'd be happy, right?
Lisa: That's right! Arisa mixed those chocolates with all her love for her precious friends in Poppin'Party! Of course she'd be happy!
Arisa: U-uhm, Lisa-san, could you please stop saying things like that? Y-you're making me uncomfortable...
Lisa: Arisa, I hope everyone in Poppin'Party will return your feelings☆
Arisa: ... Y-yeah...
Yukina: E-excuse me, but... How long are you all going to stick around? I have things I need to do here, if you don't mind...
Arisa: O-oh, right! Well, then we'll leave you to it! See you later~!

Hectic Happy Valentine's Event Story - Ending
Chocolate of Smiles

Valentine's Day. Arisa has worked hard to bring chocolate she made herself, but...


Valentine's Day - Afternoon Break
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard
Kasumi: Alrighty~! Let us now begin... the First Annual Poppin'Party Valentine's Day Celebration~!
Arisa: S-since when did we start calling it that...?
Kasumi: Since right now, silly! With a name like that, can't you just feel the excitement?
Rimi: Now that you mention it, it really does feel like a real event with a name, huh?
Tae: ... Ah. I nominate myself as Master of Ceremonies.
Arisa: There's no way you could do that!
Saaya: Okay, okay~! Everyone, take out your chocolates~!
Saaya: As promised, I brought my special chocolate cornets. I baked the bread all by myself.
Rimi: Yay~! I can't wait~! They look so good~!
Kasumi: That's Saaya for you! They look just like the ones from the bakery!
Saaya: Really? Aw~, hearing you say that makes me smile~. I also made the chocolate mousse inside from scratch, since it's Valentine's Day and all.
Rimi: W-wow! Now I want to eat them even more~!
Saaya: Now, now... Wait until everyone else hands out what they brought!
Arisa: In that case, Rimi, why don't you go next?
Rimi: O-okay. I brought the chocolates we had the other day at practice. They were so yummy, I went and bought more for everyone.
Kasumi: Yay~! Yay~! Those were so tasty last time! Does that mean I can eat as much as I want?
Tae: Yeah, if possible, I wanna eat as many as I can. Those chocolates were so delicious that they made my face melt!
Arisa: I thought I told you no one says that!
Kasumi: So~, what did you bring, O-Tae?
Tae: Well, like Rimi, I also brought stuff from a shop I like.
Kasumi: Really? A shop you like? I wonder what's in here~? I can't wait to find out~!
Arisa: Alright, Kasumi, you're next...
Kasumi: Well... I brought these... Ta-da!
Kasumi: The best chocolates around! Convenience store chocolate!
Arisa: Wh-what?! From the c-convenience store?!
Kasumi: Yup! But don't let that fool you. These are super duper yummy! They're my favorites, so I wanted everyone to try them!
Arisa: T-that's fine and all, but at least lose the sound effects if it's just from the convenience store!
Tae: What did you bring, Arisa?
Arisa: ... Huh, me? W-well, you see...
Arisa: (W-wait, if you take Saaya out of the equation, that means... I'm the only one who brought homemade chocolates?!)
Arisa: (And here I just assumed everyone was going to make something... but now that I think about it, no one ever said anything about it having to be made from scratch...)
Arisa: (W-wait, this isn't good... now it looks like I thought way too hard about this!)
Kasumi: Arisa~! What kind of chocolates did you bring~? Come on, I wanna see~!
Rimi: I bet Arisa-chan brough something great. You just seem like you'd be really good at this sort of thing~.
Saaya: Whoa! Are they in that bag you have? It's so cute! You really do know your stuff!
Arisa: (W-well, it's Lisa-san who knows her stuff...)
Tae: ... Arisa. If you keep squeezing your bag like that, your chocolates are gonna melt...
Arisa: ...! Okay, I get it, I get it! I should just hand it over, right? Here! Take it!
Kasumi: ... Huh? Are these... Are these homemade?!
Saaya: Th-they are... And what's more, they're all individually wrapped, and in these cute little boxes...
Rimi: Th-that's amazing, Arisa! What a surprise!
Tae: And they're delicious to boot!
Arisa: You already started eating?!
Kasumi: Wow, Arisa~! That's so cool! Thank you~!
Kasumi: Arisa~! I love you so much~!
Arisa: G-get off of me! We're in the courtyard! People are staring!
Arisa: I mean, come on, look closely. See, all the shapes are different... They look pretty amateur... right?
Saaya: It's not the shape that matters, it's the emotions... Knowing this is how you feel about us makes these extra special. Right, everyone?
Array: Right!
Arisa: I-is that it? I don't really get it... but as long as everyone's happy, it's fine, no?
Kasumi: Hey~, is it okay if I eat this, Arisa~?
Arisa: Y-you don't have to ask! It's not like it's anything super valuable... Besides, some people have already started eating theirs!
Tae: Hm, me? Your chocolate was delicious, Arisa. It just melted in my mouth...
Arisa: ... O-Tae... Y-you got it... right?!
Kasumi: Alright! Now let's get eating! Ready? On three! One... Two...
Array: Three~!

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