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Hello, Happy Phantom Thief! Card Story - Episode

Ship Stage


Kaoru: The sweet chirping of the birds... The gentle caress of the breeze...
Kaoru: A beautiful day like this would be the perfect backdrop for a rendezvous with a pretty little kitten...
Kaoru: Hm? If I'm not mistaken...
Kaoru: Hello, my lovely damsel in distress. I trust you are well?
Kanon: Oh, Kaoru-san. Why'd you call me a damsel...?
Kaoru: Ah, never mind. More importantly, what are you doing here?
Kanon: I was thinking of relaxing in this cafe, but I can't decide if I want tea or coffee today.
Kaoru: In that case, allow me to treat you as an apology for the other day.
Kanon: An apology...?
Kaoru: Let's talk inside. Please, after you, my little kitten.
Hazawa Coffee
Kanon: Um, Kaoru-san. This apology, is it...
Kaoru: Fufu, it is most likely what you are imagining.
Kanon: So you really were the thief, Kaoru-san.
Kanon: I thought your voice sounded familiar... Your performance was really good too, so when you called me your little kitten, it kind of clicked.
Kanon: But I couldn't think of a reason why you would be the thief, so I wasn't sure...
Kanon: Why did you do it...?
Kaoru: Just before we got on the ship, I was asked to give everyone a little surprise, and add some spice to our cruise.
Kanon: Oh, I see. But then, why did you choose me as the person to kidnap?
Kaoru: I suppose it was because to my mind, you were the most suitable to play the role as the damsel in distress.
Kaoru: Think about it for a moment. I doubt it would have gone that well if I had chosen any of the other members of the band.
Kaoru: Kokoro or Hagumi would have just caused a commotion and tried to escape.
Kanon: Th-That's a good point...
Kaoru: Right? It would have spoiled the fun, to say the least.
Kaoru: So having said that, my inner thief would like to make it up to you today and apologize. Choose whatever you want from the menu.
Kanon: It's even harder to choose when you say I can have anything...
Kaoru: What do you recommend, Kanon?
Kanon: All of the cakes! That's why I can't make up my mind...
Kaoru: Fufu, I don't think we'll be able to eat all of them. Take your time to make your choice.
Kanon: Thanks, Kaoru-san.
Kanon: Um, I kind of feel bad... having you apologize to me.
Kanon: You only did it because they asked you to, right?
Kaoru: But even so, it doesn't change the fact that I kidnapped you.
Kanon: B-But...
Kaoru: Hmm... If it still bothers you, how about we say that I am thanking you instead?
Kaoru: I was able to play a thief on cruise ship. I performed on the perfect stage, among the perfect cast. I enjoyed that night from the bottom of my heart.
Kaoru: Would you allow me to treat you today, to show my appreciation?
Kanon: The perfect cast?
Kaoru: That's right. You were all perfect for your roles. You, Kokoro, and Hagumi, everyone.
Kaoru: It's not every day that you come across a play with such a perfect cast.
Kanon: Fufu, I guess you're right. Kokoro-chan and Hagumi-chan were great as detectives... If that's the right thing to call them.
Kaoru: Indeed, it's quite rare even in the world of theatre. Such perfect casting is no easy feat to achieve.
Kaoru: That cruise ship was easily one of the best stages I have performed upon too.
Kaoru: Misaki was also superb as an assistant to our detectives. Your performance as the princess was also wonderful, Kanon. The occasional looks of despair you displayed were captivating.
Kanon: I-I didn't do anything special...
Kaoru: Everything went smoothly because everyone filled their roles perfectly.
Kaoru: I cannot wait for the day we can perform another wonderful play together.

Hello, Happy Phantom Thief! Card Story - Special Episode

The Phantom Thief's Nonsense


Kaoru: Why, hello there. How are you today?
Kaoru: If time permits, would you like to stay and chat for a while? Not that I have anything especially important to talk about, mind you.
Kaoru: It can't hurt to listen to my ramblings, can it?
Kaoru: Great, you'll lend me your ears. Thank you.
Kaoru: Just the other day, I had the opportunity to play an interesting role, and I wanted to tell you about it.
Kaoru: I played a thief, who was to kidnap Kanon. An interesting role that one rarely comes across in theatre.
Kaoru: This tale began with Kokoro suggesting that we go on a cruise. We were to relish a luxury cruise with the members of Hello, Happy World!
Kaoru: Once on the ship, I would become the thief, and kidnap Kanon. The other members would have to pursue me if they wanted to get her back. This was the scenario.
Kaoru: They had to play a number of games against me, with Kanon as the stakes. Befitting of a master thief, don't you think?
Kaoru: First we played a game of roulette in the casino. A test of luck against the young detective, Hagumi. The heavens sided with me that night... Or perhaps it was just fate.
Kaoru: Next I challenged them to choose an item at the gift shop which would please me.
Kaoru: Kokoro chose a mask of unique design. As expected, her taste was unrivaled.
Kaoru: However I couldn't hand over Kanon just yet... Unfair to Kokoro as it was, I decided her selection was not enough.
Kaoru: The last game was a battle of acting skills. A slightly different challenge than the other games. I chose Misaki to face me.
Kaoru: I had her profess her love for Kanon.
Kaoru: She tottered through her performance, but that in itself was endearing.
Kaoru: Unfortunately, she was not able to show her love in the gallant way I did, so I won this round too.
Kaoru: Fufu, I must say however, that Kanon was a lovely damsel in distress.
Kaoru: I do feel terrible for scaring her, mind you.
Kaoru: As I dressed to look the part, I suppose she couldn't tell it was me. I also could not afford to reveal myself.
Kaoru: By playing the part and keeping my identity a mystery, I feel that my acting skills also benefited.
Kaoru: Playing a role to hide one's identity... This was a new experience for me.
Kaoru: Don't you think that I can put this experience to use in our shows?
Kaoru: If I improve my acting skills, I will be capable of more things. It will make it easier to portray the story of our performances.
Kaoru: And by doing so, we can draw more members of the audience into the world we create on stage.
Kaoru: I already look forward to being able to reveal the acting skills I honed aboard the cruise ship.
Kaoru: I am positive we will discover new levels of excitement.
Kaoru: Perhaps I could appear on stage as the thief. What do you think?
Kaoru: Fufu, you'd like to see it someday? It pleases me greatly to hear that.
Kaoru: In that case, how about I perform something for you right now? What would you like to see?
Kaoru: A confession of pure love from a prince? Or would you like your heart stolen by a lady thief?
Kaoru: I'm joking, of course. Perhaps next time.
Kaoru: You'll just have to wait until our next show to see what kind of performance I do...
Kaoru: I shall continue to refine myself so that we can put on an amazing show...
Kaoru: A performance lasts but a moment in time, and it is for that very moment we must hone ourselves.
Kaoru: If our next show is a success, I would like to play another unique role after that sometime.
Kaoru: Let me know if you have any requests or advice for my next performance. It is important to hear objective opinions, after all.
Kaoru: When we have a show in which I borrow your advice, I would be overjoyed if you came to see it.
Kaoru: It will be a performance by yours truly. Don't you think it would be waste if no one but the band saw it?
Kaoru: I am sure the opportunity will present itself. I will put on a performance that you cannot take your eyes off.
Kaoru: Of course, I shall be sure to invite you the next time I am given an interesting role.
Kaoru: Do come and see me on the stage. I'll be looking forward to it.