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Hello, Happy World!, often shortened to HaroHapi (ハロハピ) or HHW, is an all-girls band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Tsurumaki Kokoro on vocals, Seta Kaoru on guitar, Kitazawa Hagumi on bass, Matsubara Kanon on drums, and Okusawa Misaki on DJ. They debuted with the song Egao no Orchestra!


A band formed on the concept of "Making the world smile." The super optimist and crazy rich Kokoro (Vo.), the beautiful and ever-popular Kaoru (Gt.), sporty and cheerful Hagumi (Ba.), the kind-hearted and girly Kanon (Dr.), and calm, cool and collected Misaki (DJ) make up this band. They often perform at pre-schools and children's hospitals, making them popular with the youngsters.


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Inspired by Marching Bands, their first original costume consisted of a white top and skirt for three members, while Kaoru wore pants and Hagumi chose black pumpkin pants. A red vest with gold and black detail is worn over this with three chains attached at the middle. The black and gold collar accents the fringed shoulder-pads, wrist accessories, thigh-length boots, and marching hats.

Their second band uniforms have been inspired by the Circus, with a red, white, and black top with gold detail and five pom-poms sewn down the center, coming in the band members colors. Sticking out of the bottom from this is ruffled, layered light blue and white fabric with the same pom-poms in various sizes, worn with a pair of black short-shorts. While Hagumi and Kokoro have black shoulder straps and ruffled sleeves beneath the shoulder, Kanon wears a white blouse with her dress. They also have a polka-dot bow on their neck and blue earrings. Kaoru and Michelle wear a male variant of this outfit, including a jacket and pants. Each member wears the same black, white, and red shoes with curved heel and pom-poms sewn to the toe in her own color, along with a black and gold top hat with Hello Happy World! and a smiley face drawn on it, and a red ribbon wrapped around the middle. 



  • Kaoru and Misaki both appeared in the 3rd episode of BanG Dream! 1st Season as guests in SPACE.
  • This is so far the only band that have songs with different genres, from Big Band (Goka! Gokai!? Phantom Thief!) to Hip Hop (Sekai Nobbinobi Treasure!).
  • Kanon was the only member who could play her instrument prior to forming HHW. Hagumi had some experience with guitar which made learning bass easier, while the others had no experience.
  • Their catchphrase is Happy, Lucky, Smile, Yay~! (Happy, Lucky, Smile, Hooray~! in the localization), which is also shortened to HLSY.
  • Their family names (Tsurumaki, Seta, Kitazawa, Matsubara and Okusawa) are all based on the names of areas in Setagaya City.

4★ Band

Step of Determination T icon.png Picnic Under Autumn Skies T icon.png

Marie Andromeda T icon.png Hagumi, Represent! T icon.png Powerful Witch T icon.png

Apprentice Witch T icon.png Glistening Sun T icon.png Dance, Dragon! T icon.png Smile Witch T icon.png

A Fleeting Performance T icon.png A Grandiose Entrance! T icon.png "Dramatic" Protagonist of Daily Life T icon.png

Message from Michelle T icon.png This Is Where I Belong T icon.png We're the Best T icon.png

Best Shopping Effort T icon.png Hearts in Full Bloom T icon.png Special birthday! (Matsubara Kanon) T icon.png Bright right road T icon.png

The Smile of Competition T icon.png Our Beginnings T icon.png Eyes on Autumn T icon.png Number 4, Pitcher T icon.png

Shining Through the Rain T icon.png Underwater Wonderland T icon.png Find your voice! T icon.png

Fleeting Game of Old Maid T icon.png Number 1, Center Field T icon.png Graceful Lesson T icon.png

What's Important to Me T icon.png Late-Night Talk T icon.png The Other Me T icon.png Special birthday! (Okusawa Misaki) T icon.png

Have Courage T icon.png Smiley Chocolate Bite T icon.png Dazzling Bouquet T icon.png Drifting Moon T icon.png Starry Sky Chat T icon.png My Courage T icon.png

I'll Teach You! T icon.png Party Time! T icon.png Special birthday! (Kitazawa Hagumi) T icon.png I'm Studying Now! T icon.png

New Year's is Full of Fun T icon.png Rhythm of Smiles T icon.png The Smile That Connects the World T icon.png Sunset-Colored Discovery T icon.png

My Former Nickname T icon.png Please Accept This T icon.png

How Did this Happen? T icon.png Take My Hand T icon.png Lost Santa T icon.png Inviting Summer Light T icon.png

Hunting For Rabbits T icon.png That Day's Scenery T icon.png

Himari Style T icon.png Flower-Blooming Smiles T icon.png The Noises Inside Keep Increasing Bit by Bit T icon.png

Maritime Detective T icon.png Welcome, One and All! T icon.png Through the Marble T icon.png Special birthday! (Tsurumaki Kokoro) T icon.png

The Star Has Arrived! T icon.png Together with Chii-chan T icon.png A Very Mysterious Person T icon.png The Grand Escape Drama T icon.png

Fleeting Beads of Sweat T icon.png A Tingling Feeling T icon.png Like a Rabbit! T icon.png Shadows Dancing in the Full Moon T icon.png

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