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Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Opening
That Tsurumaki-san...

After being seen together with Kokoro and Hagumi after class, Misaki is approached by a classmate...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 1-C

Misaki: Okay... No club activities today, I guess I'll keep working on my wool felting...
Kokoro: Misaki~!
Misaki: Oh, Kokoro.
Kokoro: Hey, when is our next rehearsal?
Misaki: I told you yesterday we're practicing at the studio tomorrow.
Kokoro: You did? Hmm, now that you mention it, I think you did!
Misaki: You seriously don't listen to what I say...
Hagumi: Kokoron! Mii-kun!
Kokoro: Oh, Hagumi. What's up?
Hagumi: Umm, umm...
Hagumi: Huh? What was I gonna say?
Misaki: ...
Kokoro: Did you forget on your way here? Maybe you realized something more wonderful instead!
Hagumi: Yeah, that's right, Kokoron! There are was something I wanted to ask you guys!
Hagumi: But then I got more excited about it and forgot what I wanted to ask...
Hagumi: Sorry, Kokoron, Mii-kun...
Kokoro: Hagumi, you didn't do anything wrong! People forget lots of things, and anyway, it's wonderful that you get so excited about seeing your friends!
Hagumi: Kokoron...!
Kokoro: Let's think about it together! You came looking for Misaki and I... Oh! It must be something about Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Y-yeah...! I think so...!
Hagumi: Kokoron and Mii-kun... Hmm, but it wasn't about Michelle...
Misaki: Hagumi, if it's about rehearsal, it's at the CiRCLE studio after school tomorrow. You don't have softball, right? You said you'd meet Kanon-san at the school gates and go with her.
Hagumi: That's it! Rehearsal! You're amazing, Mii-kun!
Kokoro: You really are amazing! You know Hagumi so well!
Misaki: That's because you just asked me, and I figure you two are pretty much the same anyway.
Hagumi: You're always awesome, Mii-kun~! You know exactly what I'm going to say!
Kokoro: Of course! Misaki is a member of Hello, Happy World! She's always there for us when we need her!
Misaki: Come on, I don't do anything that special...
Kokoro: Anyway, we have rehearsals tomorrow! I'm already so excited!
Hagumi: Yeah! We're going to write a new song! I can't wait!
Misaki: Okay, that's nice.
Kokoro: That reminds me, Kaoru said she wanted to make a fleeting theme song, and perform it as a musical.
Hagumi: A fleeting theme song... that sounds awesome! I'm sure Kaoru-kun will show us a really cool kind of fleeting!
Kokoro: Yeah, that's right! Let's have Kanon be the heroine of our musical!
Hagumi: Nice! Kano-chan-senpai as the heroine! I bet she'll look so pretty~!
Misaki: Okay, this makes no sense... What is a cool kind of fleeting, anyway?
Misaki: And besides, if it's all fleeting then no one's going to smile... I thought we were all about putting smiles on peoples' faces?
Kokoro: Really? Why does it have to be that way? It might be possible for us to make a cool kind of "fleeting" that puts smiles on everyone's faces!
Kokoro: If we give up before we even try, nothing will ever happen!
Hagumi: "That's right, Mii-kun! We can make anyone smile! Even when we're fleeting!
Misaki: ...
Misaki: (Nothing will ever happen is I give anything a change, huh...?)
Misaki: (... Argh, what am I doing? I almost let myself get sucked into their little world!)
Kokoro: What's the matter, Misaki?
Misaki: Dont worry, it nothing.
Misaki: (... I've gotta stop overreacting to everything Kokoro says...)
Kokoro: Really? If you say so. Anyway, I should let going now. I have places to look for something fun on the way home!
Hagumi: Oh, me too! I'm supposed to help out at my dad's shop!
Misaki: Ahh, okay. I'll stay here and work on my feeling on my felting a little longer.
Kokoro: Okay, see you at rehearsals tomorrow! Tell Michelle about it too!
Hagumi: See ya tomorrow, Mii-kun~!
Misaki: Okay, sure. I wonder if the day they realize I'm Michelle will never come~.
Misaki: (... I just realize, but I've been chatting to Kokoro and the others at school like it's something normal... People are going to start thinking I'm a weirdo...)
Others: You're not going home, Okusawa-san?
Misaki: Nah, I've got some stuff to do.
Others: Oh, you're making a felt doll out of wool...? You're so good at those crafty things, Okusawa-san.
Others: Although, I have to say I'm kind of surprised that you're friends with the infamous Tsurumaki-san.
Misaki: Err, um... Oh, we're in the same class... right? It just kinda happened... I-it's not like we're besties or anything.
Others: Oh, okay. You guys looked like you were having fun. I was kind of amazed, to be honest...
Misaki: (O-oh crap...)

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Chapter 1
Emergency Meeting

Feeling uncomfortable after listening to her classmate,
Misaki calls an emergency meeting...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 1-C

Misaki: I mean, she's not a bad person or anything. It wouldn't be fair to just brush her off...
Others: Hmm, I guess you're right... Oh, Tsurumaki-san is in a band, right?
Misaki: Ah, umm...
Misaki: (It'll just sound suspicious if I said I didn't know that...)
Misaki: Y-yeah, now that you mention it, she said something about it~. I think they're called Hello, Happy... something...
Others: Yeah, Hello, Happy World! What a weird name. Kaoru-sama from Haneoka is in the band too, right?
Others: I heard one of the members wears a giant-bear suit too!
Misaki: O-ohh~, really? How interesting!
Misaki: So... uh, have you guys ever seen one of their concerts...?
Others: No, I haven't. I'm too scared.
Others: I know what you mean. It's Tsurumaki-san's band, after all. Who knows what she'll do on stage... I'm scared of the idea too. I'm a fan of Kaoru-sama, but...
Misaki: ...
Misaki: (I don't know why, but... it kinda bugs me when they say bad things about Hello, Happy World!)
Misaki: (They haven't even seen us play... Isn't this a bit unfair?)
Others: I bet it's going to be a really strange band~. I mean, they have a person in a bear suit. It's not funny, it's just weird.
Others: Right? Tsurumaki-san is weird in general, after all.
Misaki: ... U-umm!
Misaki: Apparently, they're not bad, you know? Uh... one of my friends said their shows are kinda fun...
Misaki: M-maybe we shouldn't pass judgement until we see them for ourselves...
Misaki: Oh! I think she said something about a show two weeks from now~. Why don't you guys go and check it out? The bear might not be as weird as you think when you see it for yourself...
Others: O-oh, really...?
Others: I-if Okusawa-san says so, then... wanna give it a try?
Others: If I get to see Kaoru-sama on the guitar, sure, why not...?
Misaki: Y-yeah, you guys totaly should! I'll find the details for you!
Misaki: Okay, I'm gonna get going!

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
School Gate

Misaki: *sigh*...
Misaki: Emergency! Meet at Hazawa Coffee... That should do it.
Misaki: Okay, sent.

Hazawa Coffee

Misaki: Sorry for suddenly calling everyone here.
Kanon: What's the matter, Misaki-chan? I thought we had rehearsal tomorrow...
Hagumi: You said it was an emergency, so I said sorry to my dad and ran out of the shop!
Kokoro: I know! You have an important message from Michelle!
Kaoru: Misaki, stop being dramatic and tell us. Uh... what is that Michelle needs to tell us...?
Kanon: A-ahaha...
Hagumi: C'mon, tell us, Mii-kun~!
Misaki: Okay, okay, calm down.
Misaki: ... Ahem. Listen up, everyone.
Others: ...
Others: ...
Misaki: We're having a performance, and it's going to be in two weeks from!

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Chapter 2
What Kind of Song?

Misaki announces that they'll be having a performance in two weeks.
Kokoro responds by saying she wants to write a new song...!


Hazawa Coffee

Kanon: A-a performance...?
Kokoro: Nice, that's wonderful!
Others: Yeah!
Kanon: B-but! What about the time and place...?
Misaki: Sorry, Kanon-san, none of that is set yet, but we have to perform on this day, two weeks from today, no matter what.
Kanon: Ah...
Kokoro: It's okay, Kanon. It's rare for Misaki to be this passionate. I'm sure she has a plan.
Kokoro: Isn't that right, Misaki?
Misaki: Y-yeah... more or less.
Hagumi: So, what songs are we gonna play?
Misaki: That's something else we need to think about now... Hrm...
Kokoro: I want to play a new song!
Array: Yeah!
Kanon: A new song... Should we? Will we have enough time to get it right in two weeks...?
Misaki: That's a good point... We might be able to pull it off, I guess...? We don't have much time, and we'll need to write the song itself first...
Kanon: Misaki-chan...
Kokoro: Don't worry! I'm sure we can do it!
Kaoru: The joy of effort alleviates the pain of hardship. It is but that... is it not?
Misaki: (Kokoro, Kaoru-san...)
Misaki: Y-yeah... it is... I think.
Misaki: I'm sorry everyone, but I need your help with this. I'll find a place for the performance.
Kokoro: Okay, we'd better start writing our new song then! Hmm~, I wonder what would be best! Hm-hm-hm~ ♪ Hmm-hmm-hm ♪
Misaki: H-hey! Hold up! I'm the one who has to turn your little tunes into actual songs, so just wait!
Kaoru: This time... I would like us to do a fleeting theme song, one that...
Misaki: Sorry, Kaoru-san! Doing a musical is just going to be too much work this time, let's save that for when we have enough time to rehearse properly!
Kokoro: That's right! A fleeting musical that makes people happy! We should learn our lines and songs perfectly, and put on a proper show!
Kaoru: Misaki... Kokoro... Fufu, very well. We'll save the musical for next time.
Kaoru: I will teach you all the finer points of acting when the time comes.
Hagumi: So, what about the new song? Are we gonna play at the live house again? Who are we gonna invite?
Misaki: I... I want the girls from school to come. I want more people to know about Hello, Happy World!
Kokoro: In that case, why don't we make the things you want to tell them into a song?
Kaoru: That's a great idea. What do you want to say to them, Misaki?
Misaki: Um, hmm... It's kind of hard to put it into words, but...
Misaki: Thinking you can't do something even though you haven't tried, or deciding some is bad even though you haven't seen it...
Misaki: You can't really know these things until you see it or try it for yourself.
Misaki: I can't really find the right words to explain this but...
Misaki: A kind of... free way of thinking. I just feel it's a shame people can't do this.
Kanon: Misaki-chan...
Misaki: I want more people to see how big the world is.
Others: Misaki.. Mii-kun...
Misaki: A-ahaha~, it was just a thought, uh...
Kanon: (Normally Misaki-chan has to back-up Kokoro-chan whenever she comes up with something, but this time it's the other way round...)
Kanon: I think I understand what Misaki-chan is trying to say. I used to live in a tiny world until I met Kokoro-chan.
Kanon: If I stayed there, I never would've known how much fun it could be to be in a band, or the joy I would feel from putting smiles on people's faces.
Kanon: So I...
Kokoro: That's it, a song that makes the world bigger! Let's do it!
Hagumi: A song that makes the world bigger... Ooh, that's awesome!
Kaoru: How wonderful... A brand-new world!
Kanon: Yeah!
Kokoro: It's decided! Okay, we'd better tell Michelle right away...
Misaki: Yeah, I'll let her know.
Misaki: Thanks, you guys.
Misaki: (Yes..!)

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Chapter 3
Fired up Mii-kun

Seeing that Misaki is a lot more motivated than usual, Hagumi hopes she can find a way to help out.


The Next Day
School Path

Hagumi: Mii-kun! Morning~!
Misaki: Oh, Hagumi, morning.
Hagumi: Is there anything I could do with our next performance? You always end up having to do all the organizing, Mii-kun...
Misaki: Thanks for offering, but I'm already looking for a place, so it's okay. Oh, Michelle said she'll put extra effort in too.
Hagumi: Really? That's great~! Okay, we'd better talk to the others and decide on a rehearsal day!
Misaki: Yeah, you're right. What days do you have softball practice again?
Hagumi: Umm, I'm gonna have this week and next week off softball! We just finished a tournament, so I'm gonna focus on our performance!
Hagumi: That's why I wanna help out, Mii-kun! We've got rehearsal today at the studio, but we'll have to put in lots of days from tomorrow, too, right?
Misaki: Thanks, Hagumi. Okay, let's work out everyone's plans once we're at the studio, and then make more reservations.
Hagumi: Yeah! Is there anything else? Seeing you all fire up makes me wanna do stuff too!
Misaki: Ahaha, was I really fired up~?
Hagumi: Yeah, you totally were! I was so happy because sometimes you're kinda... far away, Mii-kun.
Misaki: Y-you think so...?

After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
School Gate

Kokoro: Okay then! We're all here! Let's go to rehearsals~!
Others: Yeah~!
Misaki: (Good, I'm glad everyone is pumped.)
Others: Oh, Okusawa-san. You're with Tsurumaki-san and the others...? Matsubara-senpai is here too... This is a group you don't see every day.
Misaki: Ah... uh...
Kokoro: What's strange about it? Misaki is...
Misaki: I-I just happened to be passing by! Ahaha~
Kokoro: ...?
Hagumi: ...
Misaki: (Why did I say that...?)
Kanon: Misaki-chan...


Kokoro: This part will go hm-hm-hmm ♪ ... It's so cute!
Kaoru: Ah, Kokoro... Your ideas never fail to provide stimulation...
Kaoru: How about we go all out with hmm-hm-hm-hmm?
Misaki: How am I supposed to understand what that means?!
Kanon: Ahaha...
Hagumi: ...
Kanon: What's the matter, Hagumi-chan?
Hagumi: This morning, on the way to school with Mii-kun...

Kanon: Ah... You feel that Misaki-chan acts differently around other people compared to when she's with the band...
Hagumi: Yeah... I don't know if Mii-kun still likes the band or not...
Hagumi: It just kinda started to bug me...
Kanon: Umm, Hagumi-chan. This is just a guess, but... I think something is changing for Misaki-chan.
Kanon: Change is something that's really difficult, right?
Kanon: I think Misaki-chan is confused by that change as well.
Hagumi: Something's changing...? I guess she was more fired up than usual, but...
Hagumi: Hrm... I'm not sure I get it~...
Kanon: Umm... For example, have you ever tried a new kind of practice during softball?
Hagumi: Yeah, of course! We tried a new defensive formation recently, but everyone was in different positions and it felt weird...
Hagumi: It took ages to get used to, and it was really hard work too...
Hagumi: ... Ahh!
Kanon: Yeah. I think Misaki-chan is going through the same thing now. She's trying really hard to change, but it's not easy, so she's troubled.
Hagumi: Oh, I get it now! Thanks, Kano-chan-senpai!
Kanon: I'm sure it's going to be a good change, so I hope we can do something to help her.
Hagumi: Yeah, me too!
Kokoro: Hagumi, we need your ideas too! I want lots and lots of thoughts on this!
Misaki: K-Kanon-san... I can't keep up with these two on my own...
Others: I'm on my way!

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Chapter 4
Misaki's Affection

After desperately running around in preparation for the show,
Misaki tells Kanon about why her drive is different this time around...


CiRCLE Cafeteria

Misaki: *huff* *puff*... Everywhere is booked out... I guess it was stupid to think I could find us a place to play at such short notice.
Misaki: (I could just ask Kokoro and she'd take care of it, but I feel like that defeats the purpose of what I want to do.)
Misaki: (No, it's still too soon to give up... We always use this live house, perhaps we can work something out.)

CiRCLE - Lobby

Misaki: Hello, Marina-san. Sorry to bug you again.
Marina: Hi, Misaki-chan. You were here earlier.
Misaki: Yeah. Um... I know I already asked you, but we need to use the live house two weeks from now.
Marina: I'm sorry, Misaki-chan. Like I said before, we're fully booked out on that day.
Misaki: I know I'm asking the impossible, but there has to be something you can do...!
Marina: Hmm... Wait, I know! We have instrument maintenance scheduled that day. If we could finish early, we could squeeze you in.
Misaki: R-really...? I'll help with the maintenance, so can we use the time slot that frees up?
Marina: Of course. I have to say, it's surprising to see you so worked up about this.
Misaki: Y-you think so...? I-I'm the usual old me, it's just... It's really important that some certain people see the band perform.
Marina: I see. The band is really important to you, isn't it?
Misaki: Don't get me wrong, I just hate it when people think they can say whatever they want about us. It's not that because of anything else...
Marina: Okay, if you say so. I'll go check with the owner to make sure everything's okay, just in case.
Misaki: (The band is special to me...? I'd never even put it to thought.)

Marina: Thanks for waiting. The owner says you can have the time slot you wanted, as long as you help out with the maintenance.
Misaki: Really?! Ahh, I'm so glad~! I'd actually already asked every live house I can think of, so I was starting to get stressed.
Marina: Fufu, I'm glad everything worked out.

CiRCLE - Cafeteria
Misaki: Phew~, I need a break...
Misaki: (So much has been going on lately... We have a place for our performance, and we've worked out our songs too. It almost feels like it's going to be okay...)
Misaki: Phew...
Kanon: Misaki-chan... Can I talk to you for a minute?
Misaki: Oh, Kanon-san. What's up?
Kanon: Misaki-chan... You seem really busy these days.
Misaki: I was the one who said we should have the performance, so I'm trying to be more serious about it than usual.
Kanon: Ahaha, I see.
Kanon: I'm amazed by how active you'd been, Misaki-chan. Getting a spot at the live house for us, writing our new song...
Misaki: Yeah... Organizing our performances is nothing new for me, but... I feel it's been more satisfying this time.
Misaki: I'm surprised how different it feels when I do these things because I actually want to.
Kanon: I kind of know what you mean.
Kanon: When you do something because you actually want to, I think that's just how it feels.
Misaki: When you want to do it... Yeah, it might just be that.
Misaki: Hey, listen... the other day at school when I was with Kokoro and the others, some of my classmates came by and I kind of lied about what was going on with you guys, and I regret it.
Misaki: I guess part of me didn't want them to know that I was in a band with Kokoro and the others.
Misaki: That's why when they come to our performance, I'm going to tell them that it's me inside Michelle.
Misaki: Kokoro and the others were basically known as the school weirdos, so I didn't want to be put in the same boat as them in the beginning, which is why I couldn't tell anyone...
Misaki: But it seems like I feel differently about it now.
Kanon: I think it's a really good thing that you're changing in that way, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: I'm not entirely sure how I've changed, mind you.
Misaki: But the fact that I said I wanted to have a performance is something, I guess.
Kanon: I see. I hope it becomes clearer to you later.
Misaki: Yeah. I've gotta say though, I'm still really surprised the day has come that I actually want to perform.
Kanon: Ahaha, I suppose you must be. But when you said you wanted to have a performance, the others looked really happy, you know?
Misaki: It was kind of an in-the-moment thing for me, so I didn't really take in their reactions.
Misaki: (They looked happy, huh...? Hearing that makes me kind of feel happy too... Nah, I'm probably just imagining it.)
Misaki: I guess I must like this performing thing after all... I dunno, haha~.
Kanon: Do you really?
Misaki: Uh, hmm... I guess it's not a lie, so...
Kanon: You should tell that to Kokoro-chan, Kaoru-san and Hagumi-chan. It'll make them really happy!
Misaki: Hmm... I'm not sure about that... It's kinda embarrassing.
Kanon: Whaaat? I thought you were going to say okay...
Misaki: No way, as you know, I'm not very good at that kind of thing...
Kanon: You can say that after we finish our performance! ... Okay?
Misaki: ...?
Kanon: I think Hagumi-chan especially would like to know how you feel about the band.
Misaki: (Ahh, she was there when I...)
Misaki: Okay, got it. Thanks, Kanon-san.
Kanon: You're welcome.

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Chapter 5
I Didn't Know About This!

It's the day of the show. Before playing their new song,
Kokoro and the others have a surprise in store...


The Day Of The Show

Misaki: That's the last one... I think we managed to get everything finished early...
Marina: Misaki-chan, thanks for your help today. We were able to get our maintenance finished quite ahead of schedule.
Misaki: No, no, I should thank you for letting me ask the impossible to perform today.
Marina: Don't worry about it. Good luck with your performance today!
Misaki: We'll do the best we can.

CiRCLE - Dressing Room

Hagumi: Yaaay~! Michelle~!
Michelle: Gah! ... H-Hagumi-chan! No sudden hugs!
Kaoru: Fufu, Hagumi, you naughty little girl. Well then, Michelle, Would you care to waltz with me before we go on stage?
Michelle: Umm... I'm not big on dancing! Sorry!
Kokoro: Hrm, Misaki always disappears right before we go on stage...
Kanon: U-um, that's because Misaki-chan is actually...
Kokoro: Oh well! I'm sure Misaki is doing something for our performance!
Michelle: O-oh, that reminds me! Misaki-chan said she was busy with all the preparations!
Kokoro: See? I knew it!
Kanon: A-ahaha...
Kanon: (I-I guess this is okay?)
Kokoro: Is everyone ready?
Kaoru: I await your mark.
Hagumi: I'm good to go anytime! I'm so excited about our performance today!
Kanon: Me too... I'm a little nervous, but I'm okay!
Kokoro: Michelle, we're going to make the world smile today too!
Michelle: Yeah, we are.
Kokoro: Okay, let's go~!
Others: Yeah~!


Kokoro: Mmm~! Performing on stage is the best!
Michelle: (Kokoro seems to be having the time of her life... as usual. Ahaha, watching her makes everything feel more fun.)
Kaoru: The profound smiles of the lovely flowers in the audience adorn the stage... I cannot contain myself any longer!
Michelle: (Kaoru-san is... her usual self. On point as always.)
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai! Let's play this ryhthm together~!
Kanon: Y-yeah! Nice, Hagumi-chan!
Michelle: (Hagumi and Kanon-san are both giving it everything they've got too. Ahaha, I think we're the ones enjoying the performance the most.)

Others: I love Hello, Happy World!
Others: Yeah, they're awesome as always, huh? I just love these songs and what they do on stage!
Michelle: (The audience seems to be enjoying it too. Oh, is that...?)
Others: Okusawa-san asked us to come, but...
Others: ... Th-this is kind of amazing...
Others: Tsurumaki-san is even more energetic than she is at school...
Michelle: (Ahaha, that's probably true.)
Kokoro: Next up is our last tonight... Hagumi!
Hagumi: This song all started with something one of the members of the band said.
Michelle: (Huh? We didn't plan any talking...)
Kaoru: People inevitably set a little to the size of their own world, but... everyone is an actor in the play we call life.
Kanon: All it takes is something small for people to change the way we think and act... That's all it took for us.
Hagumi: That's why we want everyone to believe more in yourselves and what you can do! Don't ignore those small things!
Kaoru: Do nothing, and nothing will ever happen.
Kanon: Th-that's what this song is about...!
Michelle: You guys...
Kokoro: Time for our last song! Come on~!
Kokoro: ~♪
Michelle: (... I'm the only one who didn't know about the talk! I missed my chance...!)
Michelle: (But...)
Others: ...!
Michelle: (Everyone's smiling... I guess it's all good.)

Hello, My Happy World Event Story - Ending
Everyone's Smile

The performance is successful! Misaki's classmates are pleased!
What does Misaki feel after seeing this...?


After The Show
CiRCLE - Dressing Room

Kokoro: Mmm~! That performance was the best!
Hagumi: Yeah, it's so awesome! The crowd was smiling! We were smiling! Smiles everywhere!
Kanon: Yeah... It was really fun!
Kaoru: Fufu... Our new song was a great success. I hope Misaki's classmates enjoyed it as well.
Michelle: So, umm.
Michelle: Sorry about all this guys. Suddenly deciding we're going to perform and all that... I guess I put a burden on everyone, but...
Kokoro: Hm? Why are you apologizing, Michelle?
Michelle: That's because...!
Misaki: (... Oh well.)
Michelle: It's a message from Misaki-chan. She just wanted to say she felt bad for suddenly springing the performance on everyone, but she's thankful you guys worked so hard for it with her.
Michelle: Misaki-chan also wanted to say that the band is really important to her now.
Misaki: (... Huh? I didn't think I was going to say anything like this...)
Others: ...!
Kanon: Misaki-chan...
Kokoro: Michelle, thanks for telling us how Misaki feels!
Kokoro: But she doesn't need to thank us.
Kokoro: If Misaki knows has someone she wants to make smile, it's natural that we work together to put a smile on that person's face.
Kokoro: We work together to make the world smile, after all!
Others: Indeed! Yeah!
Kanon: That's right, Kokoro-chan.
Michelle: You guys...
Misaki: (Hmm... I guess the band really is more important to me than I thought...)
Misaki: (The fact that it's important to me... is probably why I changed.)
Kaoru: Hmm? Who could that be...?

CiRCLE - Lobby

Others: Tsurumaki-san! Your performance was so much fun!
Others: Yeah, it really was! I almost cried at the end!
Kokoro: Did everyone smile?
Others: Yeah! It was just... so much fun!
Kokoro: Really? I'm glad! Our band is all about making the world smile!
Hagumi: Smiles! For everyone in the world!
Kaoru: Little kittens, did you enjoy our performance?
Others: Y-yes..! Kaoru-sama... You were amazing...!
Kaoru: Thanks. You too were part of the composition of our performance. If it seemed marvelous to you, it may be because you yourself were there...
Kaoru: Ahh, it's as if you show a fire how to burn bright... How fleeting.
Others: Oh my god...
Kanon: That went well, Misaki-chan!
Misaki: Yeah... I dunno... Now that it's over, everything's back to normal, but...
Misaki: I guess I feel glad that those girls learned about the band, and that they're smiling...
Misaki: I'm glad I invited them.
Kanon: Yeah, they were all smiling.
Misaki: By the way, no one told me about the talk at the end.
Kanon: Oh, that was Kokoro-chan's idea... She wanted to tell everyone your feelings.
Misaki: My... feelings?
Kanon: Yeah. You told us your feelings, which is something you usually don't do, so Kokoro-chan said she wanted to tell that to everyone in your place.
Kanon: It seems like they still don't understand that you're Michelle though...
Kanon: Everyone was really happy to find out how you actually feel, Misaki-chan.
Kanon: Ehehe, I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed you're changing.
Misaki: Kanon-san...
Kanon: Oh, by the way, Misaki-chan. Weren't you going to tell everyone that you're Michelle...?
Misaki: Oh, yeah, about that... I think I'll just keep it to myself.
Misaki: After seeing everyone smiling like that, I kinda felt like it doesn't matter anymore.
Misaki: The girls from school gave Hello, Happy World! a chance.
Misaki: And it seems like they really enjoyed our performance, so that's enough for me.
Kanon: Fufu, I see.
Misaki: And besides, it's just too much of an effort to explain everything.

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