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Hey, Hina-senpai... Card Story - Episode

Changing Things Up



Himari: And then, Hina-senpai--
Tsugumi: Phew~, sorry for the wait, everyone. My student council work took longer than I thought.
Ran: Ah, Tsugumi. Sounds like you're working hard.
Tsugumi: I'm just glad I got here in time~. With all my work, I thought I'd be late for sure.
Tomoe: We still have over half an hour before our reservation. No need to rush over here.
Moca: Sounds like someone's as Tsugurific as ever~.
Himari: Come on, Moca~. Tsugu's working really hard for the student council. The least you can say is "Good job." You're doing great, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: Fufu, thank you, Himari-chan.
Himari: Were you doing paperwork again?
Tsugumi: No, all the documents are ready now. Today we turned them in to the teacher and explained what we wanted to do.
Moca: Is this about that one thing? You know, adding more stuff to the cafeteria menu~.
Tsugumi: Yes! I don't know if it'll actually happen, but everything's going smoothly so far.
Ran: Didn't you say you wanted to changed the lunchtime broadcast too?
Tsugumi: Yeah. We're meeting with the broadcast committee tomorrow.
Tomoe: You really are busy. Make sure you don't overdo it, okay?
Tsugumi: Okay! Thanks, Tomoe-chan.
Moca: Hey, Tsugu~. Don't you think you're working a little too much~?
Tsugumi: Am I? It doesn't feel like it...
Himari: Still, you need to take time to relax and have fun.
Tsugumi: As long as I'm with you guys, I am having fun.
Tomoe: In that case, why don't we all do something together on our next day off?
Ran: Wouldn't it be better to just let her rest? Going out is tiring in its own way.
Tsugumi: No, I think that's a great idea! Hanging out with everyone would give me all the energy I need.
Moca: Hehe~, then that settles it~. We're all gonna hang out on our next day off~.
Ran: Where should we go? I don't really want to go too far away.
Moca: Well, is there anywhere you do want to go~?
Ran: ... Not really. Shouldn't we be asking Tsugumi though?
Tomoe: Good point. We're getting together for her, after all.
Tsugumi: I'm really happy to hear that, but... I can't think of anywhere off the top of my head...
Himari: Alright, then how about I make a suggestion?
Moca: Sounds good~. Take it away, Hii-chan~.
Himari: Why don't we rent a movie and watch it at someone's house? Something laid-back like that would be better.
Tomoe: Oh, I like that! Figuring out what movie to watch would be fun too!
Moca: Agreed~. I'll bring lots and lots of snacks.
Ran: Then why don't we have it at my place?
Himari: Can we?! Thanks, Ran~! How does that sound, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: I think that's a great idea! And there's actually a movie I want to watch!
Himari: Really? That's perfect! We can all watch it together!
Moca: What kind of movie is it~?
Tsugumi: It's a documentary about some middle school students working hard to change their school. It documents their entire journey.
Tsugumi: I just happened to find the movie when I was at the library, so I've already rented it!
Moca: Oho~...
Tsugumi: Evidently, these student start by taking over the student council, and then proceed to reform the whole school for the better!
Tsugumi: Isn't that amazing for middle schoolers?!
Tomoe: So you want to watch that... with all of us? All five of us...
Ran: That sounds like something we'd watch at school...
Himari: C-come on, Ran! ... It's fine, Tsugu! I'd love to see it!
Moca: Can't we watch something more entertaining~?
Tsugumi: S-sorry, you're right! We're getting together to watch a movie, we should watch something better. I'll watch the documentary by myself.
Moca: No way, Hii-chan said she wanted to see it too~. You two can watch it together~. Isn't that right, Hii-chan~?
Himari: Y-yeah, what's the big deal? I'll watch it. It sounds... interesting. When do you wanna meet, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Himari-chan... You don't have to pretend...

Hey, Hina-senpai... Card Story - Special Episode

Time Spent With Hina


CiRCLE - Lobby

Marina: Ah, Tsugumi-chan. Are you all done with practice? I bet you did great!
Tsugumi: Thank you! We spent a lot of time here today, didn't we?
Marina: Huh? Isn't today Sunday? Why are you in your uniform?
Tsugumi: I went to school this morning to work on some stuff for student council before coming here.
Marina: Huh? You did?! But it's supposed to be your day off...
Marina: Being part of student council must be hard work. I bet Arisa-chan and Rinko-chan are going through the same thing.
Tsugumi: Fufufu, it is hard work, but it's fun and totally worth it!
Marina: Now that I think about it, aren't you the vice president? Hina-chan's the president, right?
Tsugumi: Yeah! Most of my job is creating documents and working with other committee members.
Marina: Sounds like you're the reason the council runs so smoothly.
Tsugumi: Fufu, I hope so. I also prepare any paperwork or documents needed for Hina-senpai's ideas and events.
Tsugumi: Some of them can be a bit vague or grand though. Sometimes it's hard to understand exactly what she wants to do.
Marina: Yeah, I can almost picture what your meetings must be like. What's Hina-chan like when she's working on student council-related things?
Tsugumi: Nothing changes really. She's as free-spirited as ever.
Marina: I thought so.
Tsugumi: Still, I think that's what makes Hina-senpai so amazing.
Tsugumi: Whether she's working as an idol or our student council president, she's still herself.
Tsugumi: A while ago, she told me this, "Instead of trying to fit in at school, shouldn't we be trying to make school fit us?"
Marina: That definitely sounds like Hina-chan.
Tsugumi: Doesn't it?! I think having a perspective like that is really important.
Tsugumi: That's why I hope that by working on student council with Hina-senpai, I'll learn to think like that too!
Marina: Fufu, with Hina-chan by your side, I'm sure that won't be hard at all.
Marina: If that happens... Does that mean you'll start acting like Hina-chan?
Marina: I can't even imagine that! Can you, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tsugumi: Ahaha, I don't think it's possible for me to act like Hina-senpai, even if I tried.
Tsugumi: Still, I do want to work hard and learn to be confident in myself!
Marina: Yeah, you'll do great in student council, and you'll do it in your own special way! I'll be cheering you on!
Tsugumi: Fufu, thank you!