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63 cards match the category selection:

№. 00086
Rarity2Pure Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00085
Rarity1Cool Hard Worker

Availability: Initial
Hard Worker
№. 00087
Rarity3Cool Twin Problems

Availability: Gacha1
Twin Problems
Twin Problems T
№. 00109
Rarity2Happy Good Sound

Availability: Event 2
Good Sound
№. 00149
Rarity2Powerful Ice Cream In Summer

Availability: Event 10
Ice Cream In Summer
№. 00152
Rarity4Happy Tanabata Pair

Availability: Gacha121
Tanabata Pair
Tanabata Pair T
№. 00257
Rarity3Pure Teardrops and Rainfall

Availability: Gacha149
Teardrops and Rainfall
Teardrops and Rainfall T
№. 00268
Rarity3Powerful Making Cookies

Availability: Event 23
Making Cookies
Making Cookies T
№. 00307
Rarity4Powerful An Alluring Hand

Availability: Gacha177
An Alluring Hand
An Alluring Hand T
№. 00367
Rarity3Happy Tank in Training

Availability: Gacha188
Tank in Training
Tank in Training T
№. 00411
Rarity4Pure Perfect Form, Perfect Shot

Availability: Gacha215
Perfect Form, Perfect Shot
Perfect Form, Perfect Shot T
№. 00359
Rarity2Cool Blue Roses in Harmony

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Blue Roses in Harmony (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00439
Rarity3Pure This Time, I Will

Availability: Event 43
This Time, I Will
This Time, I Will T
№. 00446
Rarity3Cool With the Rain

Availability: Gacha237
With the Rain
With the Rain T
№. 00483
Rarity2Pure Things You Can Say to Me

Availability: Event 51
Things You Can Say to Me
№. 00486
Rarity4Cool Sparkling Sea Magic

Availability: Gacha267
Sparkling Sea Magic
Sparkling Sea Magic T
№. EN_10002
Rarity2Cool To The Party

Availability: Campaign
To The Party (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00549
Rarity3Powerful A Quietly Burning Fire

Availability: Event 60
A Quietly Burning Fire
A Quietly Burning Fire T
№. 00573
Rarity4Pure The Stars I Saw with You

Availability: Gacha310
The Stars I Saw with You
The Stars I Saw with You T
№. 00608
Rarity3Pure Taking on Something New

Availability: Gacha337
Taking on Something New
Taking on Something New T
№. 00620
Rarity4Powerful Headed the Same Way

Availability: Gacha350
Headed the Same Way
Headed the Same Way T
№. 00657
Rarity2Happy Noble Rose

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Noble Rose (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00668
Rarity3Cool Serious Disciplinarian

Availability: Event 76
Serious Disciplinarian
Serious Disciplinarian T
№. 00709
Rarity4Cool Our Promise

Availability: Gacha384
Our Promise
Our Promise T
№. CN_10001
Rarity2Cool bilibili

Availability: Campaign
Bilibili (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00755
Rarity3Powerful Celebration Parfait

Availability: Gacha416
Celebration Parfait
Celebration Parfait T
№. 00766
Rarity4Pure Awe-Inspiring Poet

Availability: Gacha425
Awe-Inspiring Poet
Awe-Inspiring Poet T
№. 00793
Rarity2Cool Foxes of Fall

Availability: Event 95
Foxes of Fall
№. 00804
Rarity3Happy Friends in Crisis

Availability: Event 97
Friends in Crisis
Friends in Crisis T
№. 00827
Rarity2Happy Dreamlike Dancer

Availability: Event 101
Dreamlike Dancer
№. 00848
Rarity4Powerful Biggest Supporter

Availability: Gacha485
Biggest Supporter
Biggest Supporter T
№. 00858
Rarity2Powerful Competitive Stage

Availability: Campaign
Competitive Stage (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00893
Rarity2Cool Lofty Ambitions

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Lofty Ambitions (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 00959
Rarity2Cool Royal Knight

Availability: Event 116
Royal Knight
№. 01014
Rarity4Cool Inspiring Performance

Availability: Gacha606
Inspiring Performance
Inspiring Performance T
№. 01042
Rarity2Pure Classical Hope

Availability: Event 127
Classical Hope
№. 01078
Rarity4Cool A Binary Star Duet

Availability: Gacha671
A Binary Star Duet
A Binary Star Duet T
№. 01108
Rarity3Powerful Trembling Performer

Availability: Gacha702
Trembling Performer
Trembling Performer T
№. 01149
Rarity4Pure Rainy Windowsill

Availability: Gacha736
Rainy Windowsill
Rainy Windowsill T
№. 01152
Rarity4Happy Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha730
Special Birthday! (Hikawa Sayo) T
№. 01177
Rarity2Pure If It's You

Availability: Event 149
If It's You
№. 01213
Rarity3Happy Nostalgic Moment

Availability: Event 155
Nostalgic Moment
Nostalgic Moment T
№. 01218
Rarity4Happy To Where I Dream Of

Availability: Gacha807
To Where I Dream Of
To Where I Dream Of T
№. 01360
Rarity3Cool Thoroughly Prepared

Availability: Event 170
Thoroughly Prepared
Thoroughly Prepared T
№. 01391
Rarity3Pure For Whose Sake?

Availability: Gacha912
For Whose Sake?
For Whose Sake? T
№. 01398
Rarity4Pure Early Spring Stroll

Availability: Gacha924
Early Spring Stroll
Early Spring Stroll T
№. 01417
Rarity2Powerful Requiem to Hell

Availability: Campaign
Requiem to Hell (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 01448
Rarity2Powerful Orbital Eden

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Orbital Eden (Hikawa Sayo)
№. 01477
Rarity4Pure Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha951
Precious Birthday! (Hikawa Sayo) T
№. 01497
Rarity2Pure The Way to Shangri-La

Availability: Event 184
The Way to Shangri-La
№. 01499
Rarity4Powerful To the Old Capital

Availability: Gacha972
To the Old Capital
To the Old Capital T
№. 01582
Rarity4Happy To Walk the Thorny Path

Availability: Gacha1006
To Walk the Thorny Path
To Walk the Thorny Path T
№. 01641
Rarity4Powerful Only the Moon Knows

Availability: Gacha1053
Only the Moon Knows
Only the Moon Knows T
№. 01693
Rarity4Happy Graduation

Availability: Gacha1101
Graduation (Hikawa Sayo)
Graduation (Hikawa Sayo) T
№. 01734
Rarity4Cool One Note at a Time

Availability: Gacha1136
One Note at a Time
One Note at a Time T
№. 01762
Rarity2Cool Activate the Future

Availability: Event 226
Activate the Future
№. 01765
Rarity5Pure The Devil Hunter Overseer SAYO

Availability: Gacha1155
The Devil Hunter Overseer SAYO
The Devil Hunter Overseer SAYO T
№. 01781
Rarity3Pure Highway Under the Blue Skies

Availability: Event 230
Highway Under the Blue Skies
Highway Under the Blue Skies T
№. 01806
Rarity5Powerful Raindrops and the Sun

Availability: Gacha1196
Raindrops and the Sun
Raindrops and the Sun T
№. 01873
Rarity5Pure Swaying Scales

Availability: Gacha1244
Swaying Scales
Swaying Scales T
№. 01948
Rarity3Cool Invited To This Grand Stage

Availability: Event 252
Invited To This Grand Stage
Invited To This Grand Stage T
№. 01953
Rarity5Cool Swathed in Sunlight

Availability: Gacha1290
Swathed in Sunlight
Swathed in Sunlight T
№. 02020
Rarity2Cool Pure White Wild Bouquet

Availability: Event 264
Pure White Wild Bouquet

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