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Hina's Big Score Card Story - Episode

Desktop Pandemonium


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council Room

Tsugumi: I now call this meeting of the Haneoka Girls' Academy Student Council to order. Rise... And... Begin!
Hina: Hahaha, we're the only ones here today. You sure are serious, Tsugu-chan.
Tsugumi: We still need to follow the rules, even if it's only us!
Hina: Oh, there's that Tsugurific spirit~. Alright, time to get started then!
Hina: The results of that recent survey are in, so let's have a look at that.
Hina: First up is... this one! "The student council is always coming up with many new ways to make every day at school even more boppin'♪"
Tsugumi: Fufu, we had better do our best to meet those expectations... Whoa!
Hina: Hm? What is it, Tsugu-chan?
Tsugumi: N-nothing... Never mind...
Hina: ...? Okay, next one~. "I would like to see manga in the school library." Hey, now that does sound like a boppin' idea♪
Hina: The library does have a pretty stiff image to it, so throwing in some manga might help loosen things up~.
Hina: What do you think, Tsugu-chan~?
Tsugumi: What is that thing...? Ooo, it's like... it's looking right at me...
Hina: Tsugu-chan? Hello, Tsugu-chan~!
Tsugumi: Ah, sorry. What's happening now?
Hina: Hold on, that's my line. It's not like you to space out on the job~.
Hina: Are you feeling alright? What's wrong?
Tsugumi: No, it's nothing like that...
Tsugumi: Um! I just... noticed those figurines on your desk, Hina-senpai...
Hina: Ah, the yokai ones? Pretty cool, huh?! This one has the body of a snake and the head of a human, and this one has arms covered in eyeballs!
Tsugumi: I think... scary is a more accurate word... The ones on your desk are all staring at me...
Hina: Oh, you think so~? I thought these little guys would help bring some life to the student council room~.
Hina: Oh yeah, I figured your desk could also use some too, Tsugu-chan, so I brought extras~.
Tsugumi: Huh~?! You brought some for me?
Hina: They're a few of my personal favorites, but I think you'll like them too.
Hina: Let's see, they should be right here... Ah, found them. Here, help yourself!
Tsugumi: Aaah! Wh-wh-wh-what in the world is that?!
Hina: It's called a man-dog or something! See, it's a dog with a human face! Pretty interesting, right?
Tsugumi: N-not at all~! That creepy smile is grossing me out!
Hina: Wow, really? You sure do scare easily, Tsugu-chan.
Tsugumi: I don't know about that, but I can't focus with these things standing here~!
Hina: I see~. Fine, I'll put them away.
Tsugumi: Th-thank goodness... And I would appreciate it if you got rid of the ones on your desk too...
Hina: Aw, seriously? Alright, fine~. Oh, speaking of which, do you remember that survey from last week~? The one for the school store!
Tsugumi: Yes, the one that was a continuation of a previous survey! I'm glad we got even more responses this time.
Hina: That's the one! I made a list of a few good ideas for it, and I wanted your opinion!
Tsugumi: Wow, really?! You usually avoid any kind of paperwork... Thank you very much!

Tsugumi: I see... You certainly went all out with these~...
Hina: I know we can't include them all, so I figured we'd narrow it down to the most boppin' ones♪ Then-
Tsugumi: ... Hm? This one, and that one as well... All of these are cheap snacks with prizes!
Hina: They sure are~! Well? Super boppin'♪, right?
Tsugumi: Um, I don't know if we should fill the store with just these kinds of snacks...
Hina: Huh~? But everyone said they wanted new snacks. And won't the prizes make it even more fun?
Hina: Don't you want us to have more snacks, Tsugu-chan?
Tsugumi: I do, but you're just focusing on one type~! Besides, the students requested new pens and notebooks as well!
Tsugumi: Besides, the item you were so adamant about the other day didn't sell at all, Hina-senpai.
Hina: Huh? Those are all sold out, you know.
Tsugumi: Huh? Sold out...? What about all that remaining stock? They were even marked down to half-price.
Hina: Nanami-chan came and bought everything~. She had been looking all over for them.
Tsugumi: ... Ah! Wait, so what you brought with you earlier was...
Hina: Bingo! I got all the sweet leftovers that Nanami-chan didn't want~!
Tsugumi: So that's what happened... I'm glad we eventually sold them all, but...
Hina: See? Snack foods with prizes will sell! There are bound to be other people like Nanami-chan who will want some!
Tsugumi: You're missing the point here!
Tsugumi: Besides, the school store will never approve of a list with nothing but junk food on it!
Hina: Hmm, if you really feel that way, Tsugu-chan, then I won't argue with you.
Tsugumi: I'm glad you finally understand...
Hina: We can just wait until Halloween to put them out again~.
Tsugumi: Halloween or not, we can't do that~!

Hina's Big Score Card Story - Special Episode

Bond-Building Collection


Residential Area

Hina: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey there~!
Marina: Hello, Hina-chan. Were you out shopping?
Hina: Yeah, I stopped by the convenience store. They had some snacks that come with prizes that I wanted, so I decided to grab some!
Marina: Prizes, huh? Now that takes me back.
Marina: Why the sudden interest? I feel like there is someone else who collects those...
Hina: Ah, that must be Nanami-chan! She's the reason I decided to buy some for myself.
Hina: You see, we were hanging out the other day, and she got me interested in collecting some of the stuff that she recommended!
Hina: I'm focusing on constellation goods for now! Oh, and I think the movie that we appeared in also has its own goods, so I might get those next!
Marina: Oh, I didn't know that. I don't normally pay attention to those things, but it's nice to know there is so much variety out there.
Hina: It's seriously boppin'♪ This was the first time Nanami-chan and I had hung out since the sakura party, and it was really fun.
Hina: She sure is interesting~.
Hina: It's hard to explain, but there's something different about her~. She's not like me or anybody else, you know?
Marina: Oh? I never got that impression...
Hina: Anyway, it's so much fun getting to know different types of people! I'd love to chat with the other members of Morfonica too~.
Hina: Ah, I've got it! I already have plans to hang out with Nanami-chan over by Tsukinomori, so I'll see if we can invite the rest of her crew!
Marina: Fufu, I imagine you'll make friends with everyone in no time, Hina-chan.
Hina: That's the idea! I should invite Aya-chan, Chisato-chan, and the others too.
Marina: Now that sounds like a very exciting gathering. I can already picture it in my head.
Hina: I know, right?! I'll text everyone as soon as I get home~! Later, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san~!
Marina: Okay, have fun!
Marina: Hey, why don't we stop by the convenience store as well?
Marina: Uh-huh, I'm in the mood for some snacks with prizes in them. It's nice to get in touch with your inner child from time to time.