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Hiromachi Nanami is a first-year student at Tsukinomori Girls' Academy and the bassist of Morfonica.

She is also classmates with Touko.


Nanami lives together with her parents in a big house with an atelier, where the band practices. Her mother is a painter, while her father is a sculptor. Her parents are known for their artistic talents, but also for being quirky and odd, and as a result, Nanami doesn't want others to interact with them.[2] She also has a grandmother who believes in weird superstitions, such as "if one stands in the middle of a photo, their soul gets stolen."[3]

It is due to her parents' odd nature that Nanami yearns to be a normal girl, as she believes that being normal is the only way to get friends. However, because she inherited their intellect, talents, and artistic skills, people have had high expectations of her. As a result, others were jealous of her and she had no friends at all, especially in middle school, when she won an art contest which resulted in her deciding to hide her talented and genius nature.[4] She joined Morfonica because of the popularity of the girls' band trend.

Nanami is also a member of Tsukinomori Girls' Academy's Horror Research Club, where they watch horror movies amongst other things.


Nanami has slightly past shoulder-length light pink hair and pink eyes. Part of her hair is put into twin tails.


A somewhat peculiar girl who longs to be normal, and constantly wonders whether the things she does or says are normal. She worries about standing out and hides her true self in order to blend in. Due to the fact that she hasn't had many friends, Nanami has no idea how to stop people when they argue and such, was even willing to search the internet for a guide for that.[5]

Though she hides it, she gets excellent grades, has great artistic skills and is a bit of a genius, and tends to brush her achievements off with phrases like "it was just a coincidence" or "this is nothing special". Adding to her genius nature, she is able to do things just with a bit of research on the internet, such as arranging songs or making the accessories for the band's outfits. While pursuing the "normalcy" she yearns for, Nanami has sometimes ended up doing things that are hard to achieve normally or aren't regarded as normal, such as getting an average grade on all of her tests.[6]

Game Interactions

A list of characters Nanami interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Mashiro (icon).pngTouko (icon).pngTsukushi (icon).pngRui (icon).pngRimi (icon).pngHina (icon).png



Hiromachi (広町): Hiro (広) means "spacious", while Machi (町) means "town".

Nanami (七深): Nana (七) means "seven", while Mi (深) means "deep".


  • Similarly to Rimi, she loves watching horror movies.[7]
  • Together with Hina, she is an avid reader of the occult magazine "Supernatural Encounters".[8]
  • As of the event Iris of Secret and Youth, Nanami has started working part-time at the local family restaurant.