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Hitorigoto (ヒトリゴト, Soliloquy) is a song by Pastel*Palettes featuring ClariS, the original singer.

The full version of the song, as well as a solo version by Pastel*Palettes, are both included on the album BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.8, which was released on September 6, 2023.

Outside of the English server, it was the second Challenge Medley Song for the event Full Bloom! New Year's! Singing Contest!.

It was originally the title track for ClariS' 16th single and used as the opening theme for the anime Eromanga-sensei.

Game Info[]

Server availability JpTwKrCn
Bpm Beats per minute 165 BPM
Easy Song Level 7 120 notes
Normal Song Level 13 256 notes
Hard Song Level 20 533 notes
Expert Song Level 26 837 notes



# Songs Duration Audio
05 Hitorigoto (Pastel✽Palettes×ClariS) 03:55
06 Hitorigoto (Pastel✽Palettes Solo) 03:55
00 Hitorigoto (Game Version) 02:08

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